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  • Idol needs goods.

    I think there is no point of having a show called American Idol because the worst contestants win.Last year Vonzell solomon should have won because she had a terrific voice but they picked the girl who loved to sing country music, and really nobody even likes country.But don't let me get started on Fantasia Burito.(LOL)She sounds like a husky barking for a bologna sandwich.Kelly Klarkson sounds better than her and so does marylin Monroe even though her voice was deeper than Louis Armstrong's.If you put me on american Idol and symon said something rude about me I would hop over the table punch Mr.Jackson(the fat guy) and throw symon into the wall or out of the window and then beat the mess out of his gray haired old man butt. But this year Lisa Tucker is trying to gain back the talent that she lost when Tiffany Evans beat her on the 2003 reality tv show Star search.If tiffany evans comes on the show to do a performance and Lisa Tucker comes out,expect a singing battle.But Tiffany Evans can sing but some times I don't want to hear her sing because I want to be a star like her. I am because I have acted with the greatest actors and I have sung with the best opera singers but i'm not known vocally like my sister. But tI still sing better than most of the people on the show.
  • Simply the best family show there is- American Idol

    I love American Idol.. It\'s a great Family night show that we all look forward to watching together. I love Simon! He is the life of the party so to speak.. From Begining Laughs to the very end of every season.. IT is GREAT! #1 Show in my book. I am counting the days until Jan 16th.
  • American Idol: Best Reality Show

    American Idol is a singing competition to find the next big star. It is unintentionally funny because some people actually think they can sing but can't. The judges are cool but Simon can be a little cruel sometimes. My favorite idol is Kelly Clarkson by far. Hopefully better singers wil be in the competition this season. In my opinion last season's Taylor Hicks should not have won. I will still be a faithful fan to this unique show. What else can I say I absolutely love American Idol and I'm really running out of things to say about it. Whew!
  • Need new judges - please replace Paula

    Although I rated this show past its prime - I still can't wait for the new season's premiere. I watch at begining to see the awful singers (some knowing that they're bad, the majority without a clue) and then a few episodes during the season. I usually don't tune in full-time until the very end when the judges narrow the singers down to a few. I watched last season because of Chris Daughtry - and didn't tune in to the final ( well they booted Chris off). The judges are getting tiresome. Paula alone makes the show a complete turn-off. Simon's too mean and I can't even remember the last judge's name (and he's been on this show how many years?).
  • The only part worth watching is the beginning, with all the horrible singers and their bad attitudes.

    The original idea, was...interesting, but Kelly Clarkson turned out to be the only "real" american idol. The others were picked for whatever reason, but certainly not because their America's most talented singers. They've got to be wasting more money trying to keep the show going than they're making keeping it up, it's completely ridiculous, it's not like anyone cares anymore. And about the age limit, that last guy who won didn't look like he was 26, or whatever the cut off is. Regardless of whether it's still running or not, the show itself, is over, it's nothing more than a joke at this point. Give it up, especially if you're going to put these no-talent celebrity wanna-be's on television. Quality TV seems to have disappeared and this certainly isn't helping.
  • Why bother?

    This show is completely predictable. I am positive its rigged. Why else would they never release the phone records. Paula is always high on something and acting like a total basketcase. She either laughs at everything or cries at everything. The banter between her and Simon is absolutely old old old. Randy needs a vocabulary lesson so that he can say more than \"dog\" every episode. And how long can Simon\'s endless rants about everyone in the world being horrible other than himself continue to captivate viewers anymore? This show needs to be cancelled and quickly. I refuse to watch any part of it.
  • I\'m SO totally over it! *has a rating of 3 purely because the auditions are funny*

    There are too many boring reality television shows these days...and American Idol is one of them. I did sorta like it to begin with, but I only really caught the Season with Carrie Underwood winning. Of course it's different over here, we don't have this huge promotion thing and it's only aired once a week...I think, all sorta shoved together in one night.
    I like the concept...but it's been done too many times!
    I loved Popstars (UK show - first sorta music reality thing here) but after watching one show they all seem the same and kinda boring.
    I don't really know what else I can say. The only part of the show that generally interests me is the auditions part because it's hilarious. After that it's not worth bothering with though. I prefer to listen to music by people who have had to work their ass off to get the success they have. These are the people who prove they have talent to make it, if someone has talent they shouldn't have to go on a talent show to prove it. It's just too easy. If they're meant to get there then there's no need for shows like the X Factor and Pop Idol. Of course some people can't fund a career but again, if you have talent then somebody will see you one day and realise that straight off.
    Kelly Clarkson and Will Young have both managed to skake off the 'Pop Idol' tag and have their own thing going on, but they still got it incredibly easy.
    Artists like Delta Goodrem had to work hard to get where they are. Yes, Delta was on Neighbours but many people don't realise she already had a recording contract and had released a song before that - and she deserves all of the success possible. Firstly she's certainly earned it, I mean, she writes her own songs and music! Secondly - have you heard her sing live? Bloody Amazing! All in all, it's time to stop with reality shows imo...i'm over all of that now.
  • this is probably the dumbest reality show ever!

    American Idol is lame. Why would anybody watch this. Sure I watch this show when their doing the auditons because it's funny to make fun of all the retarded people that get up there and can't sing. The show has had many seasons and has only had two successful products from it: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. What happened to the other winners? did they fall off the face of the earth? or maybe it was because they didn't have the fan base to continue, i mean how could they considering the majority of them didn't even deserve to win!!!
  • this is the worse reality show in the world

    i hate hate hate hate hate...ok i can go on like this for hours and make this more than 100 words with just the word hate like one hundred times but i will not...ok i liked this show during season two and three...that's when my family and i got into it...however in season four it seemed completely fixed and whoever got the title did not deserve it at all...season five was the worst season ever because they threw off some really good talent and then expect us to believe that america decided their fate...hogwash...that's baloney...the show is fixed...neither taylor nor katherine deserved to go as far as they did...chris should have stayed in and won...i refuse to watch this show this season and so do my it if you want but just know america may vote but those votes don't count for anything...i mean do you really want taylor representing america with the way he looks
  • The only good part of this show is when they have the people who can't sing and they think that they can and when they relize that they can't they fraek out that is the only part of the show i like to watch.

    Just for starter the only kind of music that people sing on that show is pop or country and that is a stupid move in its slef if they would include real rock then they could have so much higher ratings because i am a fan of rock and metal in my oppion the show rockstar is a much better show then american idol in the ratings alone are nerly the same and that's only the fans of rock and metal so if you are into pop and country then it is a good show for you but if you don't then it will be a waste of time for you to watch.
  • The show everybody loves to watch to see the next American slut or stud jump into the music business band wagon...

    The last thing I want to see is one more episode of women dressing scantily or men dressing "gangsta" which is promoting the violent and disease filled life style of bums. And the number of idols who get kicked off because they are of a healthy weight and not because of their voice. It is just another way society tries to bend the truth about stupidity and secular-humanistic views. Bum out Idols, you aint gettin' my support at all.
  • Take Some Singers, Put Them On a Stage and Make Fun of Them. What a Great Idea for a Show! NOT!

    This show is godawful! The only redeming factor is that it gives people a career start. But even then, they HAVE to go under American Idol and a certain record company. Its just another example of reality tv trash. The first episodes where you see the auditions tuned me out immediatly. Only a few of the people could actually sing, and all the others sounded like nails on a chalk board. Why do people audition for this grabage if they know they suck? Why would you put yourself through all the misery of people laughing at you on national tv? But hey, their all probably from Jerry Springer because they just want their 15 seconds of fame, even if it is with everyone laughing at you. And then when the show actually gets underway, with the competition and everything, you have to listen to Randy be a black stereotype, Paula be \"overly\" friendly with the contestants, Simon be a complete douche and Ryan being completely annoying. I dont know why people enjoy them. They make me want to perform brain surgery so i dont even know who they are. You can predict almost EXACTLY what they will say after a performance: Randy- \"That was real cool. Liked the ___. Blah Blah Blah But i didnt like _____\", Paula- \"I loved the ____. Blah Blah BlahYou were fantastic! Blah Blah Blah\", Simon-\"You Sucked. Blah Blah Blah You did _____ horridly. Blah Blah Blah\". AHHHHHH!!!!! *Takes gun to head* Good bye world *bang*
  • It is a great show!

    American Idol is probably the best reality show to come out of fox ever. With 20 million viewers each week it easily is the highest rated show on television. Unlike many other reality shows it has comedy. The show is actually a singing contest where the best singer gets a record deal. The audtions are actually something. There is real talent and then there's why did people actually try out for this thing. It is cut down to just a handful of people that get to go to hollywood to prepare to preform for the judges. The judges are Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.
  • One of the best reality show around. It's still as good as it was.

    This is a great show that gives people an opportunity they would not normally have. While sufing around on this site I see that shows such as "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Sanford and Son" have a higher rating than "American Idol". Whoever has those shows ranked higher ... please don't ever ask me over to watch TV. You can call and invite me ... but I'm not coming. This season is another where the person that should win did not. This marks the 3rd time in five years that the public got it wrong. Chris was far and above the best singer. Clay was better than Ruben and Fantasia did not even have to face the best singer in the finals. Victoria Londa should have won that year. Oh well, it's still fun to watch.
  • The Best Reality Show On Telivision

    American Idol is the best show on reality TV. The judges pick really good singers. Some of the people that try out for the show are very odd and that makes it very funny. The singers put on the best performances in the buisness of Music.You just cant wait to see who get's off the next eppisode and will become the next american idol. The judges have great personality's. Simon is mean. Paula Is Nice. And Randy Is The Cool Guy ( It least he think's he is cool). This show deserves and A+++++++++++++++++++++. Everybody should watch this show.

    Thank You Very Much
  • this show is getting old.

    i think this show is definitely past its prime. it's getting really old. and the show is going downhill really fast. it was a good show in the beginning, and i used to watch it all the time, but now, i think back, and ask myself why i ever liked this show. or why i ever watched it in the first place. i personally think that dancing is the new singing, so American Idol better watch out. i think shows like So you think you can dance, and dancing with the stars, are much better shows. and now, more people are interested in dance. the dance classes that i take right now are packed with people, who want to dance. i'm sorry to say, but american idol's 15 minutes of fame are OVER.
  • People compet by singing to win!

    people try out in all different states and try to get on this show. It airs world wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you compet and the judges are not friendly just ask simon cail. he's a judge himself so you better watch because to get on this show you need guts, and the right note to get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • well its ok to me i am a cartoon lover i dont care for game shows if i did i would give it a 10....

    i dont know why but i watch it with my mom and sister now i dont care for people singing all the show does is sing and then the tell them if your in or out then they choose the winner then what they dont really come out with anything or do anything you really have not heard from any of them it good if you like singing and game shows and all i give reviews on cartoons but my last review on this talked sailor moon not this show so i am just making my review right over all this show is ok if you like singing i would say tell me if you agree or not but i know you dont agree
  • The goal of American Idol is to look for new undiscovered talent in America.

    American Idol is a funny roller coaster experience. Every season, I start watching it because I think the auditions are funny, but I end up going into the top 24 and top 12 out of getting hooked to the show. It is great. Each season, you feel like you get to know the cast, and you really do. They are in your home for a five month period through your television. I don't know any family who doesn't watch it, and doesn't vote. I will admit, Taylor's victory was a complete let down, but America chose the winner. This is a must see, and it comes out in January.
  • Millions from all around America come to audition for one of the most popular music shows in the world.

    3 judges- Simon, Paula, and Randy-judge contestants based on their singing ability. They journey all around the United States and pick the better singers. Then, during every few shows, a few people get eliminated. America starts to vote for the person that leaves. In the end, the last person left is proclaimed the American Idol. This show is many people's favorites. I enjoy the singing presentations of the different contestants.
  • Show about people all over the country who want to be singers.

    I love this show! It is so awesome! The show is really good. I enjoy watching the show and voting. I was so disiponted in the last two winners though! Carrie and what his name! He looked like he was 80! He was horrible! I love Simon! He is the only honest person on the show! I love watching it! I can't wait for the next season! Expecaly since it is going to my state, Minnesota! I can't wait to see the horible auditons this year! I wonder if any one will be good this year? I love this show!

    I love this show! I like watching it because I love singing and I am hopefully going to be on American Idol someday and I'm watching to see what I have to do to be able to get far in it, also I like to try and find really good singers and personalitys in a huge bunch of people and American Idol is just really fun to watch. It is one of my favorite reality shows ther is, I like it a lot. And I have to keep on talking, and talking and talking until I have got to 100 words.. la de da de da.. ok i'm there.. lol
  • Liars on National Television.

    Please the only judge that tells the truth is the guy that you guys say is "Way Harsh" Simon. And fat Randy looking like a bull frog. At first I was like okay this is a show worth watching. I only watch it when they are doing the auditions because it's usually funny. I remember when Simon said to this girl "You look like the Incredible Hulk's wife!" I started laughing I had to use the bathroom. But besides Simon being funny and telling the truth this show sucks! Some of the people that became an American Idol can sing but other than that I hate this show.
  • I got hooked the 1st season

    Ameican Idol used to be my most favorite tv show. But as the season went on I got bored. All you see is the same thing over and over again. I got to the point where I only watched the last part few mintues when someone got voted off. I still watch it. Espically the auditions cause I like to laugh at the people who make a fool out of their self.
  • This show hasn\\\'t been good since Dunkleman left.

    Not that he was what made the show. American Idol had a lot going for it it\'s first season, but enough is enough. How many people can we give recording contracts to who don\'t even do anything with them? I honestly can\'t figure out who watches this show anymore. For all those who are, the bandwagon has sailed and I ask that you please get off it so that we can get this show off the air and make room for other types of quality programming. As I\'ve said before, it was good, but its had its time. Thanks for bringing us Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, but its just gotten old.
  • Why bother?

    I must say that the first couple of seasons of American Idol were ok, but after 5 seasons this show is so past it prime. American Idol to me is one of those shows that just won’t die. I mean come on; this show is nothing more than a bunch of cookie-cutter teeny-boppers trying to get famous the easy way. It really bothers me to see some of these people do well when they really didn\\\'t have to work all that hard to achieve it. Most celebrities have to fight and claw their way up, but these kids just get a ticket to fame. One of the other major negative issues with this show is the fact that over the years it has became less about the talent and more about the scandal and the nastiness of the judges. All in all this show has mutated into nothing more than a grossly perverted circus freak show that exists solely to exploit and poke fun at people for the sake of a few dollars and some ratings.
  • Great Show...

    This is a reality show worth watching. I started watching this show towards the end of 1st season and have been watching it ever since. Some great talent has come from this show and keeps getting better every year. The judges also make the show fun and interesting to watch, and Simon Cowell is the judge I love to hate. The good, the bad and the hilarious from the auditions are also fun to watch. This show will never get old, it will just keep getting better. The only downfall for me was that I couldn’t vote for my favorite, being Canadian. But then, something good happened, from American Idol came, u guessed it….Canadian Idol! Now I am able to vote for my favorites. I am looking forward to another great season of American Idol.
  • i dont care what they all say

    american idol is one of the few shows i make a point to watch every single episode of, and vote on if i can. the interaction in who wins really keeps my interest, plus the fact that i simply love music. some of the songs are old, and yes, some seasons can be somewhat of a stage production, but the bottom line is that this show does what it intends to do, which is produce stars. probably the only winner i would really call an "idol" is kelly clarkson, although carrie underwood and clay aiken (who as we all know, should have won) are still notable figures in music. some winners we've never really heard from again after the show, such as ruben studdard and fantasia barrino. and i won't even get into the debate between whether taylor hicks or katherine mcphee should have won the last one, because in my opinion the undisputed winner was chris daughtry. he was the best singer EVER on the show. i couldnt help but love his voice and every song he sang, and i worship the person who made a chris daughtry imix on itunes! sure, sometimes paula, randy, and simon, who we love to hate, can seem fake. but there have been moments in this show, and i think as long as music is new, it will never get old. and how i do love the good, the bad, and the hilarious from the auditions!
  • this is the kind of garbage that gives tv a bad name. desperate people willing to prostitute themselves for fame in front of the assembled american hordes. wretched, ignorant and disgusting.

    only people who lack intelligence, creativity and any sense of what is classy watch drivel like this. fools following whatever pap the network feeds them. mindless and without the ability to think for themselves. watching people desperate to be famous do overblown, cheesy renditions of songs that i couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t stand by the original artists is not my idea of entertainment - more like my idea of what slow torture must be like. this dog doo of a program is totally and completely banned from my home. this sort of intellectually insulting smegma should be stricken from planet earth. all copies of it should be gathered up and shot into outer space for the good of future generations of humans.
  • Awesome show!!

    The first season that I ever watched this show was the season that Fantasia Burrino won and I have been hooked ever since. This is one of the best reality shows that I have seen. Well,I can't say that I watch many reality shows but of the ones that I do watch,this is my favorite. I like how Paula is the nice one and tries to give a fair chance to every contestant and that Randy tries to be himself. Of course, then there's Simon,whose brutality honest personality has won himself many enemies.But,we love him anyway. I hope that this show gets to stay for a few more great years and we get some other great American Idols.
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