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  • Hehehe... this show ROCKS...

    Well, I gotta say, I am in love. My friends got me watching this show and I am never going to be the same. I am saving up to but the Taylor Hicks CD. American Idol is really hitting hard in the ratings. Plus, they now have Barbies and a bourd game! I really, really, really enjoyed this last season. I loved it so much. Hehehe... Maybe I was joking about that whole "My new best friend thing"... Winx Club is more of my best friend. Hahahaha... So anyways if you havent watched this show I highly recomend it. It rules.
  • A good show but its going downhill fast, I mean last years winner should have been Catherine Mcphee also Simon gets off bashing on these kids.

    All in all its a good show, very funny to see Simon break these people's spirits and Paula always try to be the good person and Randy say dog, dog, dog, dog, dog. ^^

    Season 1 was my favorite although I don't like Kelly Clarkson much.

    Anyways I can't wait for season 6, hope its as funny and good as the passed 5 seasons!
  • good but it needs some fine tuning.

    maybe it's just me but maerican idol loses all of it's glory when it's not airing. i was watching an old episode the other day which i normally love watching when it's on but . . .the magic was gone. it's more fun when people fight about who's going to win and talk about the funny auditions, etc. one of the things that might make it better like if everyone sung a different genre every night. like on so you think you can dance. somebody would sing pop, another country, jazz, someone else sing R&B and another person sing a great love song. after awhile the theme nights get boring. i don't think they're boring when they're singing one certain artist. like QUEEN. that was a goodd night.
    all in all i really like this show. especially the auditions. it's worth tuning in. but it needs some fixing up. it's a little rough around the edges
  • A pretty good show for what it is

    American Idol was the first show to make a game show of that kind popular. After the first season of American Idol there spawned many other shows that did the same, or similar thing. I was never really a big fan of shows like this. However, i have seen a few episodes (or parts of them), and although they dont grasp my attention and i end up changing the channel i would go so far to say that its a good show. i mean it seems to have everything from the contestants singing to Simons jokes. Over all i recommend people atleast trying it.
  • A contest to see who is the best singer in America. First, people audition, then, they keep taking people off until they have 24 people. Then, veiwers have to vote to see who is the next American Idol.

    I really like this show. Every year during the auditions, I pick who I think will be the next American Idol, and every year I'm right- until last year. Last year I picked Katharine McPhee to win and Taylor won instead. I think Katharine should have won. It can get kind of boring sometimes when they're not announcing the winner. Simon is mean but he is almost always right. I think they're supposed to cancel the show in two years but Simon has a contract for like ten more years so I don't know if it's true. I like this show.
  • Singers who aspire to break out into the music business battle it out to be the newest undiscovered talent in America. This is American Idol!

    Let's admit it, you can't not watch American Idol. It's like an accident that you can't not watch. It's just pure entertainment that get's you hyped up and emotionally invested in the "characters." First there's Ryan Seacrest - the host - who does a great job of being the master of ceremonies. Next are the judges who are annoying/amazing in their own ways: Randy Jackson who says "Dawg" most of the time and offers some advice; Paula Abdul who hardly makes sense most of the time; and Simon Cowell who provides the acid, yet perfect, comments about the singer's performance.
    Of course, the most important is the contestants themselves. From the awful to the great - they are given their seconds of fame and the audience loves them for that time.
    Added all together and you may not get quality viewing, but you'll get great entertainment. You'll be addicted to this show in no time.
  • I haven't watched that much of it.

    OK, This show is definatley a great one. It has guest stars, competitition, and Great drama. I love this show, and greatly wish it would come on Everyday, and there could even be Marathon's, and Much more! I love this show, I love the competitors, but I'm p!ssed that Taylor Hicks won! Or did he? I don't remember...
  • I guess Simon Cowell thought of it.

    American Idol is its own unique show. Other shows by Simon Cowell haven't made that good as American Idol. At the beginning of each season, it is absolutly hilarious with all those poor people that try out and think they are really good singers, but really stink. But then the show gets more serious and less funny because now everyone who is on it, is a good singer. They sing well. But the grand finally is pretty neat and I guess it is also fun to check out. So check out the show some time.
  • American Idol is just not as good as it once was.

    I used to adore American Idol and really look forward to watching it on Tuesday/Wednesday. But this year, I rather dreaded it. I know what you're thinking, and you're right...nobody forced me to watch it and I could have stopped. But there was still that true AI fan within me, and every part of me really wanted to be entertained like I was a few years ago. So I go on watching it, bored to tears and cringing whenever Mikalah Gordon and Scott Savol come on the screen, when the truth hits me...this just isn't the same. I begin to realize that last season (Season 3) and espcially this one can simply not compete with the first two. They are just not as entertaining and I have a harder time really liking some of the contestants (see above). I thought the higher age allowance this year would make a difference, but it ended up making it worse. Not to mention I was disappointed at America's choice of fluffy Carrie Underwood, who is, in my opinion, the weakest idol yet. Anyway, I guess AI's steady regression is making a faithful fan lose interest. All I can hope for is a better season in 2006 that results in more interesting contestants, less meaningless scandals (Paula + Corey?), and a stronger idol who can really grab my attention.
  • Ok people come on you nerds who still watches this stupid show. Seirsouly if i ever watched this show i would hate my self.

    Come on people this show is past its prime. The first season, people actually liked (I don't know why they would like it) it but it was never even that good. After the first season its lost its thunder. No one even likeed it in the second season. Now there going to do 3 more seasons if oh my gosh, if i was fox i would drop that show and try to add a new show like Supernatural or Lost. And the only supposed american idol that did anything was Kelly Clarkson. The show should have called it quits after the first season. Now the show is just being lathargic, they take anyone that can talk. I don't know why people still watch it but you can't change how dumb some people are.
  • As far as reality shows go, you can't really find anything much better.

    When you look down at it and really, American Idol is ultimately the most influential, and one of the finest, reality shows currently on air. It features a panel of judges who actually know what they're talking about, picks out fine talent for their competition, and most importantly, gives everybody an equal chance. But hey, even if you hate the show, what's better than watching people embarrass themselves on live TV?

    However critics and other luminaries of the reality show genre constantly put the show down because a good percentage of its fan base is composed of teeny boppers who obsess over the show and somewhat ruin its name. If they would ignore this one aspect of the show and get down to what it is actually made of, they'd discover that this is purely good television.
  • This show is decent. i think its kina getting old though.

    I used to watch this show a lot. i briefly watchd last season, but now im lke getting sik of it. its been going on fore a while..n i think it should lke end. its just not that funn of a show anymore. im looking foward to seeing the new season when it see if its going to bee any better this season. anyways..this show is okey..n thats al im going to say. :)
  • This is the best talent show EVER!!!!

    I love this show. It's funny to watch people audiction but even funnier to watch the judges fight. I love it I dont know why but it's such a good show even though as the season goes on it really doesnt get all that interesting I still love it. One reason I really like this show is because when my family watches it we basically make it a family night thing like we all go and watch it together it's fun to do that because it helps us to bond a little bit more. I love American Idol and I cant wait until next season.
  • it's good.

    American Idol is a good show. I think it is a great way for beginning singers to get out there. I just don’t like the judges. Well Randy is good he is probably my favorite judge out of the three. He is honest without being rude. Randy doesn’t copy anyone because he is the first judge to say anything. Paula will either copy Randy or just say the singer was great. She is usually standing up and dancing around during the performance of the contestant when Randy and Simon are sitting and listing. I sometimes think Paula is too busy dancing and cheering to truly listen to the performer. Her opinion of the performer can alter the votes of America. Simon knows how to sell a good show. There is a fine line between rudeness and instructive criticism and Simon almost always crosses the line onto being rude. There are other ways to get your point across. Taylor Hicks is my favorite winner of all the seasons. I really think America made the right choice there. His hair is so hot. LOL. The only problem now is too many other shows are based on American Idol. Once during the summer I remember 3 different shows just like American Idol being on the same time on the same night. It’s crazy.
  • Singing...

    this is personly one of my favorite shows but my favorite parts is when they show the people who are bad but you will never forget them..this show will probaly go on for a lot longer and the singers they pick are excellent!!!...most of the people on this show i think are better than most singers who were not on the show..this show is number 2 on my list of top 10 show on tv in the winter-spring line up...can wait to see whats coming up next season..hopefull tons more of great singers to come from this show..excellent show!!
  • Its a love hate relationship between me and Idol.

    Wow. No matter how much I dislike the annoying judges (which I will get into later) and the whole premise of the show, it pulls me in and entertains me every season. True, I'm totally bored with it now and probably won't tune in next season, but the fact that it somehow keeps reeling me in makes me dislike it even more. Here's what I dislike:

    The Judges. Simon Cowell was most definitely conceived on the wrong side of the bed. He does it just for the ratings, or because he's invented his own little character for his use on American Idol. Paula Abdul is high on drugs and rolling around the desk as if she is uninterested with the competition half the time, and somtimes her face is just so stony looking that I can barely believe the flesh is alive. And don't get me started on how weird she acts with Simon. Randy Jackson is just annoying. Dawgg dude feelin it and all his other stupid words. I can't stand his stupid manner of speaking. He just thinks he's so awesome or something, I know it.

    The Competition. Let's say I was a person who had worked ten to fifteen years to earn a PhD. Then a year or two later, a television show comes out where people can compete to earn a doctorate in less than a year and begin performing surgery a month after the finale. I'm pretty sure hypothetical me would feel the same way as the many music artists who have had to chisel their way to the top and overcome many obstacles for so many years who have heard of this show. Now, random unknowns can compete to make tons of money through a television show in nine or so months, gaining status through an unfair voting system (where the same person can vote for a contestant a thousand times for all we know). Not fair. Six out of ten.
  • this show is BORING

    this show is incredibly boring. everything about it. they can't think of anything new like survivor and those kind of shows do to make it more different and exciting. all it is "la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la"
    year after year. it used to be good, when it was new.
  • Oh, dear.

    There are those who say that for something to be this popular, it must be good.

    I would answer them with, "A lot of people also get the flu every year."

    The world's most insane karaoke contest draws countless would-be stars to subject themselves to the judgement of three people, only one of whom has anything resembling talent or personality. The latter would be Paula Abdul, who happens to be the individual who brought the universe MC Skat Kat... so maybe I should forfeit my respect for her too.

    In any event, the other two are music industry hacks. Usually, the less said about this type of person, the better, although I will go out on a limb and say Simon Cowell is one of the rudest people ever, and this is coming from someone who used to ride city buses every day. If you unplug your television set from the wall and watch that instead, it will probably be more fun.
  • I love this show!

    I think American Idol is a great show. I've watched every season so far from Kelly Clarkson to Taylor Hicks. Randy Jackson is a very cool, outgoing person. He tells the truth and makes the contestants feel good. Paula Abdul almost all the time agrees with Randy and almost all the time loves the performances. Simon Cowell - Most people think he is so mean to the contestants but he is really telling the truth and giving good advice. So yeah, maybe he sometimes does put it in a mean way but hey, thats how he is. I love this show and can't wait until it starts up again!
  • A great show for people to show off their singing talent.

    I started watching American Idol the Season Carrie Underwood won. She is a wondeful country music singer. I bet half the people were shocked that a rocker got outvoted by a country musician. Don't get me wrong, Bo has a good voice too. I am not pleased with last seasons winner. Taylor Hicks basically danced his way to the top. Katherine on the other hand sang her way to the top. I bet no one knew that she was struggling with bulemia (sp?) while competing on American Idol. That to me is a great accomplishment. You'll laugh, cry, hit the TV and curse Simon out on this show. It's great!
  • It's been a while since the first season of American Idol started and ever since it hasn't been the same Idol i feel in love with.

    I belive Americna Idol is getting Worse but, repeated each season. Its the same each season its starting to get old and when things get old they get worse and annoying well at least when it comes to televison. American Idol needs to find something new for American Idol. I find American Idol to be boring now, with Randy still the same, Simon the one people love to hate, and Paula the nice one. Its like COME on. Who really wants to sit down watch an hour of Simon being rude to the contestants? Not I. Lets face it, American Idol has lost its touch and is going down hill FAST. The only good season was the first one.
  • it's really not that bad.

    This show is actually really cool! I think the idea of it is fabulous, and the show, awesome! It gives real, ordinary people the chance to become a star! And who becomes the star, is a all up to you, yes you. Cool huh. Alot of the singers you here about today were probably on american idol, or tried out for american idol. Singers such as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and many more. The show judges are Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy (i don't know his last name.) You may think Simon Cowell is mean, but believe me, he speaks the truth, but he could be nicer about it! Paula Abdul is a softie at heart, she is really nice! And Randy, is the cool dude, dude!
  • people are having a chance to live out there sing dreams and one will win on american idol

    this is great! the try out s r just halarious and sometimes really great. the try out s r my fav . the n the real competiton starts its enter tain in and the critism ( good or bad ) is really great! and it is 0 o 0o o0 o 0o0 o0o o 0o0 o0o0 o0o0o 0o0 0 o 0o0o 0o suspen se full at times and it great that in the end you the vi ew er get to choo se wins i think it s a won de er ful show for the whole family to enjoy!
  • I feel this show is fixed. I have watched this show from the beginnig. I feel the show showcases the person they want to win.

    I have watch this show since the beginning. I really enjoyed it. I was really disappointed when Ruben won. I watched all the shows again and realized how they showcased Ruben in all the commercials. I was shocked by the way they focused on him. I got the feeling that simon wanted Ruben to win because he was easier to promote. I kept a positive attitude and decided to watch it again this season. I Couldn\"t believe what I watched. Simon Randy and Paula made it real clear who they wanted to win. I almost think they were told in advance who they were suppose to promote. I was so disappointed that I will probably never watch that show again. The sad thing is it was my favorite show.
  • The show is full of talented contestants who would sign off 2 years of their lives after they win American Idol.

    We can all agree that the show has really good talent and we can't argue with that. I just have a few problems on the show. The way they hype characters too much on the 1st few auditions, actually helps the contestants get votes in the later parts of the competition... I beleive all contestants making it to the next round should be given equal air time and hype. One more thing would be the judges. In my opinion, Simon Cowell is the best judge of the 3. Randy is ok... but they should get rid of Paula and make Randy the nicer judge. Paula is so annoying to me, if the contestant does not do well, she wont be honest... she'd just comment on their fashion (example would be Kellie Pickler on Season 5). The voting system isn't all that great either... why not just make it one hour of voting or even 30 mins? 2 hours is way too much and they use that amount of time to get more votes to brag about. Especially the contract I highly disapprove of that states that the Idols can't perform in public 'til after the tour, ofcourse we all know the lovely Kelly Clarkson didn't follow this rule, and Idol did not tolerate it so she was sued. It is also too long for the Winner to be under contract for 2 years... to be in American Idol's control for 2 years is way too much. Season 2 was probably the season where fans didn't get what they wnat, and that was Clay Aiken winning, which caused season 3 to go down because viewers decided to boy-cott the show once Clay lost. The 1st season was all Kelly, no one stood a chance. Season 4 was really great with Carrie and Bo being the final two. Season 5, the fan favorite won and that was Taylor Hicks. I hope they make changes for season 6, because the talent is great, the shows are great, but the little things aren't.
  • American Idol is a reality competition to find the best singer in America. Sounds fun, right? Wrong, this show honestly went down hill two years ago.

    Like I said in the summary, this show lost its luster with the conclusion of it's third season. It's not even that effective, of the five idols only two have been successful: Kelly and Carrie. I say this because our second season winner Ruben Studdard hasn't had a hit single since 'I'm sorry 2004', outdated by two years. Before the release of her Lifetime movie, Fantasia made a CD, with songs I've never heard on the radio, though perhaps I'm listening to the wrong stations, and modeling for jean commercials. Taylor's doing pretty well, but he hasn't officially reached super status as it seems Kelly and Carrie have.

    Perhaps you're wondering if I'm bashing this show so badly, why I classified it as a trendsetter. I chose that classification simply because thanks to this show that gets worse every season, we now have America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, American Inventor, Hell's Kitchen. It seems you can't escape, everyone in the world seems to think they have the best idea for a reality show that ends up being a terrible and obvious reproduction of the other. I want to see more sitcoms and less reality reproductions. The upcoming Celebrity Duets is an obvious throw back to Skating with Celebrities. Which I think we all know was Dancing with the Stars on ice.

    While these shows are entertaing, they're really just a one-time thing. In my eyes, watching these talent competitions each season is like seeing a favorite movie twice a week, every week, all year, every year, it gets old and becomes uninteresting. I didn't watch the first two seasons, and I enjoyed seasons three and four, but five was too much for me. It started out a great show, I just wish it planned on ending sometime soon.
  • I miss AI!

    Last season was my first watching the show. My best friend told me how funny the auditions were, and all of my co-workers constantly talked about the show in past seasons, I just never got into it. I decided to watch the night of the first audition, and I never missed a single episode all season long, even while traveling a lot for work. This show is truly one of a kind, because although many reality shows have attempted to mimic the style, none have actually offered what American Idol does. I ould watch a new season as soon as the old one was finished and never get tired of it. From the auditions to the final two, the show keeps you guessing and offers something that everyone can enjoy. Bring on season six!
  • A show about people trying to win a record label. It\'s so easy to become a celebrity. You can become famous for singing horribly.

    I can understand why people hate this show. Everyone think that they can sing, but they can\'t. That shows how much it takes to bring out the stupid in everything. Who is Randy Jackson? Honestly, I have never heard of him until I sw this show. Paula Abdul is too nice. Simon Cowell is basically only famous for doing this. I only watch thus show when they\'re doing try-outs. Why? Because it\'s so funny!
  • It just keeps on getting better.

    I must say, I never really got into American Idol until season 5. I watched about half of seasons 1 and 2, and a few episodes of each of the other seasons, but season 5 I watched them all. I'm not sure what drew me in to this season, but I'm glad I got hooked. There was a lot of talent this season, and you can't go wrong when you have a "Queen" night. I was sorely disapointed when Chris didn't go all the way, but it was a refreshing change to see an oddball like Taylor win it all. My top 3 faves were Chris, Elliott and Katharine. I'm sure they'll all still have great careers. I must say, I'm actually looking forward to season 6, lets hope its as good as season 5!
  • The idea of american idol, i don't find to be very interesting.

    I especially don't like that fact of others being voted off the show either! Thats kind of rude! The objective of the show bores me. Some of the singers, don't even deserve to be on the show! But I'll watch american Idol if i go over to a friends house and they want to watch it, but overall, i don't watch it at home. I've seen a few episodes and theres only been a few times when i liked it, but i prefer to watch other shows like "the amazing race" or "what not to wear." Yeah, a short review, but i don't hav time to write a full one. Overall, its midly interesting at points.
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