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  • I love this show!! Te contestants are all good this year it's hard to pick a winner right now. I will definitely keep watching.

    All of the remaining contestants are good. It's really hard to pick a favorite right now. Each week I find I have a new favorite. I was suprised by reading that Chris had not really redone his version of Walk The Line. I like Live, but don't have any of their music other than a few select songs. I still think he (Chris) rocks!! I think Kellie is sweet and Ace is awesome. Mandisa shows that you don't have to be skinny to be popular. I also thought she really put Simon in his place by forgiving him for treating her so cruelly at her audition. Paris is also very talented. They are all good!!
  • Love it!

    American Idol is the American version of the British television series "Pop Idol". It was created by Simon Fuller and premiered in June of 2002.
    On American Idol, contestants audition to win the title of American Idol and a recording contract. For the 2006 season, they travelled to San Francisco, Greensboro, Las Vegas, Austin, Denver, Boston and Chicago. They audition before the producers, then audition before the judges.
    After picking through contestants, the public is able to vote after performances, until we're left with one American Idol. Past winners include Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino and Carrie Underwood.
    American Idol also boasts that now stars Clay Aiken, Josh Gracin, and now TV personality Kimberly Caldwell are all previous contestants on Idol and have become very successful...and all from Season 2.
    The judges are Simon Cowell, who never fails to tell the cold truth, Paula Abdul, who counters Simon's snark with sweetness and Randy Jackson, who can usually give an honest yet kind opinion. The host is Ryan Seacrest.
    Love Amerivan Idol since it's premiere!
  • This show sucks

    This is the worst show on tv. Complete waste of tv and your time. I can't belive the show has lasted so long. The songs that are sung suck and the singers are horrible. Also am I the only one who wants to murder simon cowell( i hate that dude!). im tired of these shows, so stop creating these stupid shows! this is all i can write without swearing so now i will have to write random words so i can submit this beacause for some reason you have to write 100 words. you must buy green days cd insomniac its awesome!
  • dis show is awesome....i lurrvvveee ittt!!it rawks

    omg..dis show is soo awesome. i just dont know why the kevin dude(chicken little freak)didn't get out earlier. i mean, d other contestants r soo much better than him. well, i lyk ace young, bucky. i think kellie pickelr's rilly hi-larious. katherine mcphee is rilly good. mandisa is ok.. the others r okay too..i think taylor hicks is way too old to be in dat show. also, paula over says things sometime. lyk, even if the performance is tolly horrible, she'll say its still ok.. and simon overreacts too, he thinks everybody did an utterly mess..ok..richard-out(seacrest-out)
  • American Idol is da bomb!!!! I watch it every time it come on.I luv Peris Bennet so so so so so much.She is like a hero to me.Also Paula and Randy,dem my dogs.Simon he can be cool too sometimes!!lol!!Well american idol its da bomb and im keep on watching

    American Idol is da bomb!!!! I watch it every time it come on.I luv Peris Bennet so so so so so much.She is like a hero to me.Also Paula and Randy,dem my dogs.Simon he can be cool too sometimes!!lol!!Well american idol its da bomb and im keep on watching it.
  • addict to this also

    I love this show - from the nutty people that try out, to the bitter end of eliminations.
    I am a big supporter of Simon and have to say that in my opinion he is almost always on target with telling people how they did.

    I really do enjoy this show. ( for a reality show)
    I even get up and vote! he he lol
  • Ok......

    This show is the exact meaning of OK. Near the end it is not that good but in the beginning it is good. The beginning is funny because of the bad singers and you can have fun guessing who will make to the next round. Near the end it gets old. The singers are all good so nothing is funny anymore. It may be fun to see your favorite person there but that is about it. Some unique characters make the show interesting like Taylor Hicks (because of his personality) and Kevin Covais (well you know why). Go Taylor!!!!!

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Every year, it gets better and better. Season 1, not that great, but Kelly was AWESOME!!!!! Season 2, not much changed, except all the finalists were older and the votes were so f***ing stupid! Season 3, better, but the votes were all f***ing wrong. Season 4, different styles of music came, including Country and Rock & Roll. Season 5, the current season, best yet! I hope Kellie Pickler wins. She's worked so hard and she can get through this.
  • I truelly enjoy watching this show. It has it all: it makes me laugh,cry and even yell. 2 thumbs up for having special guest stars such as Barry Manilow. & Hey Simon is right on. Leave him alone. How else are you to learn. Love ya Simon.

    In review I would like to say I wish I had a chance every week to see the show. I enjoy the songs they sing and sometimes I whish I could sing.If could then I probably wouldn't like Simon either. I wish everyone would realize he's doing y'all a favor.
  • The show is about contestants who perform in front of judges Simon Cowell,Paula Abdul,and Randy...I forgot...

    The show is okay..I watch it if there's ABSOLUTELY nothing else on. The contestants are pretty funny sometimes with the way they sing.

    The main reason why I don't really like it is mostly becuase of Simon. He's so mean to people who can't sing. I'd like to see him try to sing and have someone just as mean as him to judge him.
  • Dying

    I couldn\'t stop watching this show the first season. Then it kept going and going. Now i want it to stop. Every year the talent gets worse and the show gets more boring. I think that this season should be its last season EVER! Sooner or later people will stop watching.
  • ok for one thing i think its crazy that ayla got kicked out and that ace and kevin are are still there cmon now kevin has a LISPPPPP

    i think that if there were two contestants i could trade out of the competion and two i could put bak in is ace and kevin out brenna and ayla in even though kevin is gangster but i am fine with the contestants Ace is going next week i guarantee that but if he doesnt its kevin but if its not either id have to say bucky would go even though i like him.
  • American Idol is a great show to listen to the many voices of america. Letting everything out many people try for the title "american idol". This competittion has three judges.Randy who is honest,Paula who is way to nice and then there's simon the honest

    I think that American Idol is a fantastic show. Every week I look foward to seeing all the people try to sing there hearts out just to entertain us so that we will vote for them. I feel that everyone has wanted to try out for american idol one time in thier lives. Either that or they have tried already. Or maybe like me you are just chicken. American idol has so many ways to give people of our country a job or a way to make thier lives a little better. Just think about all that and hopefully you will tune into american idol and give a little bit of yourself with a small vote to your favorite singer. Vote for america!!!!
  • Hit show? Try snore fest.

    This is what happens when millions of gullible young girls (8-12) get ahold of a cell phone, crap like this stays on the air. Sure, its spawned a few musical careers, but the show itself sucks and should have been cancelled in the first season. Basically all this is is 2 judges that sort of know what they are talking about, and one that basically says: \"You\'re scum, you suck, and you can\'t sing.\"
  • Watch american idol full of lots of fun,laughs breakdowns,tears and of course singing.The thrre judges decide the first lot but then phone lines open for you to vote.

    This is a really good show.I love singing myself so this is why i watch american idol.I dont like it when peoples dreams get shattered but i get really happy for the ones that get through.If there is one bad thing about it is that no winner has been better then Kelly Clarkson.
  • Get paula Abdul out.She is no judge. And what's with Ryan? He is mighty pleased when someone takes a potshot at Simon who is the only person one can call a judge. Let's me civil please. Yes and no one likes to hear the truth. Kevin must go

    american Idol si a show of recognising real talent. Don't waste the audience time by bringing out the wannabes. How some of them even get to the finals is truly amazing!!
    The only judge that counts is Simon. Paula is there flirting That's all she does. Does she know to judge?Come on people. We the audience is getting more discerning.We want real talent
  • One of the top seasons yet.

    This is probably one of the best, well rounded American Idols to date. There are many people that I feel could win this year. There are some though that need to leave, now(bucky, young kid). Besides those two there is no one I don't like. Personally, I think Taylor Hicks is the best and he should win it. No one has more fun than taylor hicks up on that stage, no one. Hicks just lets himself flow through the music. GO Taylor Hicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • American Idol is A complete waste of air time.

    The only good part of American Idol are the auditions. I love watching people who have no talent what so ever go on and on thinking they have a shot a superstartdum. As for the final parts of the show, they are some of the dumbest shows on tv. What is so exciting about watching people sing and have three judges saying oh that was horrible or i liked it? it\\\'s a waste of time. There\\\'s plenty of other shows that will keep you entertained way more than American Idol, like, well anything that doesn\\\'t envolve singing and pointless voting.
  • American Idol is one of my favorite shows! Every Tuesday and Wednesday, I come home from Cub Scouts and go right onto the T.V. to watch American Idol. It's an awesome show. I especially like the season where the remaining people get to go to Hollywood. Th

    American Idol is amazing! There's no doubt about it! It's the best show! After Cub Scouts every Tuesday and Wednesday, I come home to watch American Idol on T. V. I especially like the season when they go to Hollywood. That's always been my dream! To go to Hollywood and meet a lot of big stars! That would be incredible!
  • This is the best season so far...looks don't appear to be the only key factor. The "pretty people" have already been singled out in the lower vote range. Let's hope those with the maturity, experience & actual talent are recognized in the end.

    This is the best season so far...looks don't appear to be the only key factor. The "pretty people" have already been singled out in the lower vote range. Let's hope that those with the maturity, experience & actual talent are recognized in the end. This is a great avenue for future performers.
  • ...but what isn't? It is Worth watching!!! Okay, I am a 28 year old male and fan of the show, thanks to my girlfriend.

    ...but what isn't? It is Worth watching!!! Okay, I am a 28 year old male and fan of the show, thanks to my girlfriend.

    Why is it, this show has lasted when all the others before and after it just got lost? I can't even remember the names....

    AI: takes risks, has a relationship between the host (Ryan) and judges (Simon, Paula & Randy) and Idol contestants.

    Not a big fan of the first week Auditions. The competition is where it really gets interesting and you feel for the hopeful Idols. Kelly Clarkson’s success has also made the show credible. You always think okay they win and that’s it but here is Clarkson rolling in Grammy's.

    The contestants are real and urged to show personality, style, and not just a great voice.

    Although Simon is harsh at times it is refreshing to see the judges be honest and give constructive criticism. It also gets them ready for the real world for a recording artist.
    It is not going to be this easy in the real world, this is one rare and great opportunity to skip some hardship and get noticed but don’t get too comfortable with all this. So Simon can be a blessing in disguise.
  • American Idol is a ver good show that is why i watch it every single week ever since the premiere of season 1 The person that i think has the potintal to win is Mandisa! she has a great singing voice and I don\'t think that the rest of the

    For the show american idol i would probally give it a 9.5 because it is a very good show and almost perfict however if Mandisa wasn\'t on there the show would be and 8.5 because she is the most talended contestant on the whole entire show. thanks this is Arnoldbn15
  • This is one of the best reality shows there is.

    American Idol is the best reality show there is out there, except for The Apprentice and Survivor. This proves who can and can't sing. It has been my dream to be on this show since I was in 8th grade. I love this show. My favorite winner is Carrie Underwood, who is original, and the very definition of an American Idol. She has talent, and is very confident. She's wonderful. American Idol is a great reality show. I'm hooked on reality shows, and this is one of the best. I love watching the judges critique the contestants, because it could be constructive, or harsh, but either way, the contestants get better and better. This show is great.
  • I love this show i cant wait for it to come on every week i'm obsessed lol music is my passion anyway

    Ilove this show its awesome i cant wait for it to come on every week. I'm a Paula abdul fan already ,and i do like all the judges and Ryan cecrest very much. music is my passion. always been the groupie kinda a girl anyway.its hard to pick just one i think should win they are all very good.
  • This show is terible

    I tink this show is one of the worst shows ever because it is funny sometimes at the begining of the season it is. The show is probible one of the worst At the third season. No one watches the show. Because it is terrible. At least i think that it is.
  • This is the ultimate show of who can and can't sing!

    This show rox! I mean there is awseome singing, horrible singing when in auditions, and just plain funny moments. But my favorite Amercan Idol contestants ever have been:

    1. Kelly Clarkson (Season 1)

    2. Clay Aiken and Reuben Studdard (Season 2)

    3. Anthony Federov (Season 4)

    4. Fantasia (Season 3)

    5. Ace Young (Season 5)

    6. Kevin Covais (Season 5)

    This show is awseome! Keep up teh good work contestants.
  • Pretty good.

    This is a good show. I think Taylor is gonna win because now I'm gonna list my faves: Chris Katherine, and everyone else who can sing. Kudos to them. I watch this show every day and now I think that some of the contestants pick boring songs but I'm cool with that.
  • I personally think that this year Chris is going to win he can sing really good. i have watch every season of american idol i have guess every year who has won american idol and i have been right everytime my guess this year with out a dought Chris

    chris is so talented i think that he is a big role model for my kid here in lakeside ca. chris keep up the good work and just remember that people here in lakeside ca. are on your side in this competiton and don't worry about a thing okay bro.
  • Hate it. No point to it, really.

    I hate this show, I really do. It seems to lack, point-wise. Apart from Kelly Clarkson, name one idol, Canadian, American, or otherwise, who has actually DONE something, continued to be popular.


    Year after year it's just the same thing. Sure, it's fun for a season, or two, or even three, but honestly. How many nights can you waste listening to Simon tell potential candidates that they have no talent? Watching those who didn't make it through the audition process go on and on about how moronic the show's judges are?

    And unfortunately for those of us who hate it, we can't just ignore it. It still affects us, because FOX has to move everything around, program-wise, for this complete and utter waste of both time and advertising.
  • Simon Says Do Not Pass

    Oh Simon, why are you so rude to these young stars? You can give criticism but it does not have to be so hurtful. When it comes to listening to the judges opinions, I listen to Randy and Paula and I realized that when it is your turn, it is best for me to change the channel for a couple minutes until you are finished degrading the contestant.
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