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  • its an interesting show as long as there are cute guys in it. however, theyve already voted off all the cute guys. and i will never forgive them for voting off jon peter lewis.

    the auditions can be funny. whiel watching the show, i grew to really like and really hate some people. of course, as usual, all the people i actually liked got voted off before even making it to the top 12, so i was very disappointed. and i miss jon peter lewis and believe that he should make an appearance on a future show on day when he releases his singles \\\"stories from hollywood\\\" and \\\"turn to grey\\\" and \\\"what\\\'s wrong?\\\". in my opinion, jon peter lewis was the best contestant american idol ever had.
  • Amature singers are selected to compete for top spot and a recording deal.

    Great for the whole family. The intrest in this show lies in fact that the tv audience has an active role in selecting which of the singers moves on to the next level. The show is therefore unpredictable. Add to that the dry realism of judge Simon Cowell and the more charming subjectivity of Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and the show has found a formula that works.

  • Let the man speak!!

    I think Ryan and Paula should let Simon speak his mind without interruptions. It is SO annoying when Paula interrupts him. Simon NEVER interrupts Randy or Paula...and when Ryan skipped over Simon Thursday, it really pissed me off! Let the man speak people! He just says what everyone else is thinking anyhow!
  • Thanks but no thanks

    I'm at a loss for words. Karaoke is bad enough but when you add a huge topping of cheese.... .Well you get a very cheesy show. If this train wreck had some talent like the Inxs show did It might be something. I just don't get the appeal of this Karaoke show.
  • I luv this show it is just something about this show that makes me want to watch it and for this year 2006 a girl should win american idol because the girls are on top of thier game this season and the boys are alright but they are falling off

    i like american idol my favorite judge is all three of them because simon keeps it real and is outspoken like me and paula is so sweet and caring not like myself and randy is just cool and laid back. i\'m like that sometimes i am glad the twins are off the sow because they were annoying and thinking they stars already complaining about every single thing thats why they got locked up for forging so i am very upset with you all because u kicked the light skinned blck girl off the show ( i dont know her name ) i likedher and all but that didn\'t not mean that she was my favorite
  • What??!?!??!??!!?!?!?

    I really honestly don't get this show was kind of weird. I just don't see the interesting part of watching losers get into celeb's it's th wrong thing to happen in the world. I really thought it was ok but the layout was not the best they should make it private don't host it on tv that's my opinion for this slightly crappy tv show thats totlly my review for this that's all I have to say about this.

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  • If you've checked out any of my other reviews, you'll know that it doesn't take much to impress me...

    American Idol is very influential and encourages those who don't make it to keep trying. If I could sing, I would rather sing in the shower than on stage and have to listen to Cowell. I think they have a better format this year with the 3 nights a week. It gives the contestants a bit more time to prove themselves.
  • It's a family programme for us, family watches it and I watch it as a follow-up to the gossips, ha ha.

    While so many of the friends and family of the contestants may find Simon's remarks a little too harsh or too direct, I personally think he is just speaking his mind and honest . I find Randy is just being polite and sincere but Paula is saving herself from the contestants supporters, being nicey wisey and agreeing almost all the time with Randy. Most of her comments don't run too far from Randy. Simon makes a good judge!
    Last year America voted for Carrie Underwood although I thought it would be Bo Bice,guess rockers are not too popular here, this year I have faith in Chris Daughtry, fingers crossed ;-)
  • Another reality show but on this one your singing your way to be the next American Idol.

    Take Simon, Randy, Paula, Ryan and add some very tatlented singers from around the U.S. and you got American Idol. I enjoy whatching it although it is on to much like three times a week its way to many. For me Simon makes this whole show better cause w/o his comments it would just be a show about peoplke singing but he makes it funny.
  • American Idol is a good watch on most occasions. An array of personalities and social classes seem to have this in common and can relate; maybe for some for the first time.

    American Idol: a great opportunity for the average joe/jos to be discovered, to receive constructive criticism and may be a reality check.

    Most contestants are serious about there pursuit to become stars, but lets face it, some need to change there career paths, goals, and dreams. Ha!

    This show gives upcoming stars and wanna-bes a vague insight into what being a star entails. To be in the spot light, working all hours learning songs, genres, and a demanding schedule. A miniscule experience compared to living the life 24/7.

    American Idol is a show that families, friends, and co-workers can become involved in. Many offices hold pools as to who will be the next person booted and who will be the American Idol. Opens a door to conversation where participants are able to relate and partake. It is amazing that such a show could bring people together in this way. To discover others have the same interests and thoughts as oneself. (especially with people you would not otherwise converse with)
  • Put it in the trash where it belongs

    Worst show EVER. I can't believe that people seriously watch this. Who really wants to see a bunch of idiots from around the country embarrass themselves on TV?

    This show actually makes me wanna be sick. None of the people who have won the show have actually made something of themselves with the exception of Kelly Clarkson.

    It might have been a good show for the first season or maybe even into the second but I personally think it should go.

    Fox needs a better show than this they seem to out due themselves every year with an even worse idea at reality TV.
  • I LOVE American Idol!!!!!

    I have watched American Idol since season one and it seems to me that it gets better every season. I love the whole concept. Each part has it advantages. The audition's showcase both the best and worst audition's of the season. That's when I usually pick my favorite's and the Hollywood round is a good place to get to know the contestant's better. My favorite part is the voting. America gets to be the judge's. We get to decide who stays and who goes. We get a chance to change people's lives. Not to mention you get hear some of your favorite song's with a twist. I would definitely recommend watching American Idol.
  • Well tonights show was pretty boring for me until I saw Mandissa perform.

    I am an American Idolatic and have been pretty dissapointed with the performances of the Top 24 so far this year. I sat watching the Top 8 females give decent but boring performances, wanting to change the channel, but scared I would miss something. Thankfully I didn\'t turn because I saw what I felt was \"the performance\" of the season. I jumped out of my chair and danced as she sang (didn\'t want to sing along because then I wouldn\'t hear her)and my faith in American Idol was renewed.

    Mandissa rocks.

    You go girl!!
  • Though we sometimes have so suffer through horrible music, like karaoke, none of that is here...mostly.

    Hosts Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell set out to find the best singers in the US, having them sign a million dollar contract in exchange for their voice (they become the next "American idol"). They start by going around the nation, holding auditions for anyone who wants to try, then they invite whoever they think are the best singers (usually about 200 approximately make it) to Hollywood, where they audition again, only to have even more of them eliminated, then finally the final rounds of the competition, where the contestants sing in front of millions of viewers, on TV, and then get voted for. It's an interactive show, to say the least. It amused me, though not my favorite show, and keeps me entertained at what Simon Cowell will say (you've seriously gotta check it out). I give American Idol a 9.6/10
  • i think the show is a waste of my time though i dont understand why ppl are obsesed with this not so great show it only deserves a 2

    i once found nothing on so i decided to watch this its not what i thought it would be that is good i hate it.its a waste of time and a bit harsh i must say on the people who participate and i could not imagine myself in their shoes.
  • “I don’t mean to be rude”

    I have to admit, that the talent this season is a lot better this year than last year. But this year has been getting me a little bored, and annoyed. First of Simon has been getting out of my nerves saying “I don’t mean to be rude” every other contestant. Paula has always annoyed me by standing up and clapping once the audition was terrible. But this show is very entertaining other than that.
  • It\'s played out,lets put this show to rest.

    Its about time to get rid of this show and all shows like this. I hate it when people think they are so much better than other people and then make fun of them. This is not entertainment but a place to view other peoples lack of talent. I would like to see this show dropped and something with more entertainment value take its place.
  • Why is this show so popular?

    The only reason this show got a 5 is because the only good part of this show is the auditions. After the real competition starts, it's boring. Bad talent or no talent is interesting and funny. Watching people that may have talent is dull. I'd rather listen to someone that made stardom on their own. I just can't understand why this show is so popular(except for the auditions). There are enough "pop stars" to begin with. It seems almost anyone can come out with a record these days. But at least they do it on their own. Whats the point of watching or picking a new "idol" to hear? I think this show is a complete waste of time, better spent on something else other than drooling on a new up and coming and falling "celebrity".

    It's a sad sad thing that almost all Americans spend too much time screaming over famous, or in this case, soon to be famous people instead of concentrating on themselves. That is probably why everyone is the same, and American culture is as lame as it is now.

    Thanks to stuff like this, my school's talent show was a rather pity joke. The only "talent" there was consisted of singing, dancing, or rapping. That was it. This was every act. What happened to the real, unique, individual talent? I mean anyone can sing, dance, or rap. Maybe not good, but everyone can do it. It takes talent to do other things like ballet, gymnastics, tap, or something strange that only you can do. You know, the things that are now known as the "Lost Arts".

    I bet a 17 year old was probably the last person you'd expect to hear this from, but I am me. I refuse to accept American society the way it is. And that's why I'm here. To show that individuality is not a bad thing.

    Remember, this is just my opinion. I'm not trying to persuade anyone, or talk bad on those who do like this show, except those that watch it solely for the reason that it is popular, and not of their own interest.
  • Great talent contest. A real reality show. If Seacrest was gone would be a 10.

    A reality show that is real. Not a show with a million conspiricies. A very well run organized talent show. If you suck America sends you home, plain and simple. Seacrest has got to go. The pathetic insults he give to Simon isn\'t working for me. It would be better if he just said nothing when it comes to that.
  • Tonight, March 2nd, I wasn't sure I was even watching a true evlauative experience.

    Was is it me, or did Paula seem absolutely high? I have always appreciated her approach to the process, but tonight was embarassing. I felt horrible for the contestants and was embarassed for IDOL. What in the world is happening? I though they were making an effort to keep this show respectable, and tonight it just felt off the wall.
  • The show tonight was great entertainment. The only flaw was Paula. Was she ill, on medication, or what?

    Tonights show was right on target! The public is casting their votes for the right people to be eleminated. My only concern is with Paula. She was acting very strange tonight and I am wondering if she was taking medication or what? She was slurring words and her comments were really stupid. I have never seen her like this and it distracted from the show. Shame Paula.
  • Ok american Idol we all know great show hot guys good singers who could ask for more? American Idol is cool but it's hard for me to choose just one singer that i like so i don't!

    ok so i like this show and don't yell at me but sometimes i agree with what Simon has to say. he's blunt but without him we wouldn't get to hear the "devil's advicate" I don't really favor Randy he doesn't seem to have much originality. I personnally like chris and david. David's just got that "Aww he's so cute factor!" while chris has wild loud and fun on his side. Ok now this is 50 words long to so Bye!
  • I think Talor Hicks is a nice person with a great big heart.I wish him the best and hope he keeps up the great singing.Sorry but you have got to many to pick from this year.I like Talor after that it's the girls.Good luck will be watching.

    I think it great you guys are like a family it\'s wonderful.Now simen needs to get married his little girl would have him purring like a cat.I cried my eyes out when clay alken got second place.But I have bought every CD even his christmas one.You are number one show.
  • THESE KIDS DONT LOOK 16 OR 17 they look much older

    The other Seasons were very good but this on is wierd .These kids dont look 17 or 16
    they look much older. Ive never seen a 17
    year old to look like that.The one named
    Gedeon Mckinney is like 18 years old but he looks like 25.
    Other then that the show is nice
    to watch.
  • I can't get enough...Seriously, I can't!

    I am head over heels for this show. It's like a drug, because if I have to go without it I get really sick, sluggish, and depressed. It sounds extreme, but it's the truth. It never ceases to be exciting, and fresh, and the longer the series goes the more I can identify music terms myself, "pitchy", being my personal favorite. The best part of course being, that the viewer gets the vote. They place the power in my hands! Will dancing with the stars do that? I think not.
  • i am not so very fond of this show. im not so much for anny reality show i belive that all reality shows shold be cansled.

    this show must be the most boring show in the world its a reality show the only good thing about this show is when simon speaks he makes it better but after the begining it isent good anny more and you cant wath the show for more than 5 minutes. i cant realy belive that so many peapole dont now that they are bad at singing i mean 70% of all who come and try out for the show say that the are the next american idol but almost non of them can sing and they realy think that they can its frightening how obliveous they are about that. plus they realy should cansle all realety shows and put more good shows on.
  • American Idol started off great, with a dream based reality show where singers, became stars. But after the first 2 seasons, the show is now just milking it. And its getting really boring and repetitive now.

    American Idol started off great, with a dream based reality show where singers, became stars. But after the first 2 seasons, the show is now just milking it. And its getting really boring and repetitive now. Hopefully this is the final season of the show, because if I have to see the comercials for this show each and every year, I'm going to burst. I'm sick of this show!
  • Ill give it to you, the frist season, was nice and fresh..but geez, stop already GOD!

    Alright the first season was innovative and clever. i liked it and i enjoyed it. but after that i started to see tis true colors. Personally i think the show is totally scripted, they tell Simon what to say, like come on. And i hate it how people go up to sing and say\\\"OMg I cant believe Simon said that, that *** ***** **** *** how can he be so mean?!\\\" GOD shuttup! have you never seen the show before? of coruse hes supposed to be mean and an ass just shuttup. but even then, i think contestants are scripted. the creators probably jsut hire some ppl to do crazy stuff. like seriously..who would do any of the things these freaks on the show do? probably desperate actors that need som pety cash. doenst even deserve more words..
  • good

    i really like this show. my favorite idol so far has been carrie underwood. plus i am from oklahoma too but that is not why i like her. the first time i heard her i thought she was great and i did not even know she was from oklahoma yet. in the third season i liked diana degarmo better than fantasia. this year in the girls i like paris bennet and in the boys i lihe ace young. i also like melissa and gideon. in the boys i liked patrick. i wish he had not been eliminated. i like jose "sway" but not in the falsetto voice. i like him in his regular voice.
  • Really entertaining!

    This show is reallly entertaining. I think that the best part of this show is when the people are bad and they get so mad when they don't make it. Hahaha sucks for them. They show is also good though when it the top 12 and stuff like that. I hate it though when they are like and we will find out who will be voted off after this. When they do that you are just like ahhhhh who will be voted off?? And then when someone you liked got voted off you don't like it but oh well. I love this show its awesome! I like some of the lines that Simon uses. They are really funny. I love how hes just like that was horrible. If I was him I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face when saying that! Haah. American Idol rocks!
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