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  • This show was good but wasn't.

    I hate Pop music. I loathe every aspect of it. From the corny lyrics to the big corporations shoving it down the masses throats so no-one knows that theres such a thing as non-corporate music.

    That aside I was entertained by American Idol for 2 seasons. I didn't watch every episode but I did keep up with it because I thought that even though these "idols" were headed towards a life of complete Clear Channel control some of them actually had talent. THE american idol in my mind is Kelly Clarkson. She was extremely talented with a pretty face. I almost felt bad for her when I found out she won, but I got over it because I'm sure she's not complaining. Regardless of my feelings about the faceless genre that is radio-rock I can still recognize a talent (regardless of whether or not the possessor of this talent writes his/her own music).

    After this episode the contestants got more mundane, and with the exception of Clay Aiken no one really impressed me, ESPECIALLY fantasia. After she won I refused to ever watch this show again. This show was good for a season but now the premise isn't new. It's not as exciting and there are many copy-cat shows. And lately it's been proof of just how stupid Americans can be.
  • but i love it

    this show is so bad but you cant look away lol. randy is so dumb but sometimes he actually has an opinion. paula could be replaced by a monkey and the monkey would do a better job then paula. she is so stupid!!! Simon is the best judge there. he actually tells the contestants what they have done wrong and how they can fix it. Now i am moving on to how much i hate Taylor Hicks. or should i say hick! he is not going to have any future outside of idol he is awful. once you see the show you're hooked. im hooked
  • It's a pretty good show.

    My favorite part of American Idol is the auditions. Simon is my favorite judge. Sometimes I think Simon can be a little too mean, but a lot of the time I actually agree with him. I think it is really funny when someone is a horrible singer, but they think that they are really good. My favorite bad singer was William Hung. This year I really liked Mandisa. I was so sad when she got voted off. I liked Carrie Underwood from the year before. Some people probably won't like American Idol because it can get a little boring watching it twice a week for an hour and in the end it feels like nothing happened.
  • This show is horrible, absolutely dreadful.

    One export that should've stayed across the Atlantic! What is is about this show that's turned this nation into lobotomized, regressive hormonal teenagers? It's sick, it's like some kind of sick plague. There is nothing mildly entertaining about this show. I, admittedly, did watch the first season. I was 4 years younger, a teenager myself- and 'everyone else was doing it.' But I grew up and saw the error of my ways. This show is evil! It's some sort of strange mind control plot cooked up by the British and delivered by the evil genius of Simon Cowell to take over America. Please turn away before we have to start saying 'hail to the queen' and eating bangers and mash.

    Taylor Hicks . . . :(
  • American Idol is the best show ever!

    American Idol is the best television show ever! Ever since the first season, I've been watching every episode of this show.
    Out of all five seasons so far, Carrie Underwood is the best winner! Kelly Clarkson is the second best and the rest are soon to be forgotten.
    The best thing about American Idol is how they take a complete unknown and turn them into a superstar! Especially all the achievements of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. And the other contestants who don't win the show are given jobs they probably wouldn't get if they weren't on American Idol, like Kellie Pickler becoming a correspondent on the Tonight Show. American Idol is the best show ever!
  • It's nice to see people cry.

    Ok, I lie. I've never seen the show but i heard enough about it to get the gist of it. And I don't comprehend why people go in there and come out crying, they know that Simons in there. If you can't withstand harsh constructive criticism don't go in there. To expect anything different is suicidal in terms of the spirit. If your gonna go in there expect the worst. I know it's kind of pessimistic but at least your hopes aren't crushed by harsh words and you don't come out with tears in your eyes. Even if you win you don't have a guarantee future in the music business so really, why bother.
  • A talent show where kids sing and compete with each other for a recording contract

    I don't think that any season will ever surpass Season Five of American Idol. The contestants this year were overall more talented and more charismatic than any of the previous years' contestants, save for maybe Kelly Clarkson, but look how it's taken five years for her career to really fly. But I think that any one of the Top Twelve could make an album and people would buy it, and you can't say that for any of the Top Twelves in previous years. It's just sad that we can't watch this same group of amazing kids perform again next year, but we will be subjected to a group who will never at all live up to this season. We voted for Taylor from the very beginning, and it was just amazing to see him win. I can't wait to buy Elliott's album and Chris' album too. No season will ever top Season Five. That's my story, and I'm stickin to it.
  • Not sure that any other show describes "guilty pleasure" better than this one.

    I'm not sure why I loved Season Five so much. And the thing is, I never really watched this show very much before this season. My wife and I usually watched the first few episdoes to see the rejects, and then that was it. But for some reason we both liked Taylor from the beginning and couldn't stop watching the show. And then, Queen (one of my all time favorite bands) appeared one week, so that helped a lot. But I even VOTED this past season! I'm not sure if I'll continue all that for Season six, or if I'll even watch every single week, but I do hope that the contestants are as likeable and interesting (for the most part) as this past season.
  • Survivor meets Star Search with a British host.

    Absolutely awful. It\'s just awful. Popstars came from this show, some good some became obscure. People might be crazy about this show, but I don\'t. I don\'t like the Survivor meets Star Search format. Like the apprentice, the only good thing about the show is when Simon Cowell says something awful to a losing contestant. It\'s all about that, and everything else fills time. Not something I want to watch, i don\'t get what makes people go crazy over this show. I\'m sorry, I\'m just not buying into this fad. Star Search with Ed McMahon is lot better than this show, even though it is less popular.
  • This reality show focuses on talented people all around the United States. The goal of every person is to sing their best and appear in Hollywood in front of millions of people. The judges grade the contestants on their performance and how they sing.

    This is my #1 show that I enjoy overall! There are points in the show where it's entertaining and a laugh at the same time. I appreciate watching the judeges (Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell) discuss their opinions on these talented people. The show gets exciting each week!
  • Stupid, Boring, Rude....

    This show would be great if it weren't for the fact that the judges are so mean. I mean there right when the people who can't sing really can't sing. But do they have to be so.... yuck.... mean. I use to wacth it only becuase my friends liked it. I mean who wants to wacth someone get hurt? What if that someone was you. Then i'm sure you wouldn't like this show of Stupidity. I just hope i never hear of this show again. But if the people who totally love it, Please feel free to disagree, Becuase not all people think alike.
  • boring.but funny

    If the singers are good on american idol then it is a good show. the audition episodes are by far the most entertaining episodes of the seasons but can get dull sometimes. Simon cowell is mean to most of the contestants but this is what makes the show just that little bit funnier. it's an okay show but i don't see why 27 million viewers are tuning in to watch it but it can be very enjoyable or very dull depending on who is singing on the show.

    overall: good show but it can be dull at the most of times.
  • cool show


    American Idol Summary:
    Based on the British series Idol, this twice-weekly Fox Network reality series followed a pair of aspiring young singers, from first audition to their ultimate brush with superstardom. Out of 100 auditioners, ten finalists were selected per 90-minute episode by a panel of judges including singer Paula Abdul and music executives Simon Cowell (a carryover from the British version) and Randy Jackson). Of these ten, two winners per episode were deemed worthy to appear in a live half-hour telecast the following evening. At the end of the series, the two "final" finalists competed for a top-dollar record deal. The series' "entertainment" value was manifested in the audition process, with the three judges being as cruel and devastating as possible to the rejects (one girl, protesting that she'd been taking singing lessons for three years, was coldly advised by one of the judges to sue her teacher). American Idol: Search for a Superstar debuted on June 11, 2002. Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
  • American Idol is an OK show.

    OK- So American Idol is the only thing you hear about in January. When is it going to start? Who is going to win? How mean will Simon be this year? But, when you really think about it, American Idol isn't too great of a show. It's the publicity, chatter, and the possibility of becoming a big star that makes it so popular. Yes, I do keep up with the Idol news, but I'm not one of the shows biggest fans. I also believe that some of the people who won in previous seasons and who made it as far has they did really shouldn't have. Sometimes, it's more of the attributes of the person that make them the winner- and not their voice. Yes, sometimes I do think that America is right in choosing the winner. But, when you truly think about what American Idol really is- It's a glorified talent show. The beginning part is extremely entertaining. Yes, there are some really good singers who do have talent. But, yes, there are some people who really don't have a knack for singing. But, because of them, the beginning part is really something to look forward to. The middle is... chaotic. You have a lot of contestants in Hollywood-and it's quite confusing seeing so many faces- you can't keep up!!!! The end is either good or bad- depending on how America votes. I believe that the judges really do a good and accurate job of sifting through all of the potential idols and picking the best ones. (And YES- I do like Simon- he can be a bit harsh- but he's honest.) But, sometimes the votes are astonishing- and you can't believe that the best one went home- Look at Chris Daughtrey for an example. But, on the other hand, there are just some times when you know someone needs to go- and the votes show that all of America knows it too. The finale is sometimes interesting and sometimes a waste of your time. It depends on two things: The final two- and how long FOX drags it on for. If there's a lot of things in between the announcement of who the winner is- I don't enjoy it nearly as much. So, all in all, American Idol is just OK. It depends on many things. Is it worth watching? In my opinion- no. You can find the information anywhere and in the end- It's not too entertaining. But, if your looking for something to maybe give you a laugh, and you're a bit bored- American Idol may be just the show for you.
  • I got two of my favorite singers from American Idol./ This show has gone down hill from season three.

    I got two of my favorite singers from American Idol (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood). American Idol comes up with some really good singers.

    This show has gone down hill from season three. Last season I knew for a fact Katherine McPhee (or Chris) deserved that title over Taylor Hicks.
  • Search for talent has become fun.. And i like to think, there's hope for those who do not have connections in the music bussines.

    I have admit, when i first heard about this show i just though it will be another premanufactured show as all reality shows at the moment. Then i started to watch for mere curiosity. I was really surprised about all the talent that is not found on the streets.
    I just think the chances and opportunities for those who really are talented and can follow their dreams. It's entertaining, we can see all the raise of a natural star. Because all the contestant who advance evolve for good.
    Now i can say what acomplished for this show to have a Grammy winner in Kelly Clarkson the first american idol. This show it's been so succsesful now we have Latin American Idol. It keeps same quality as the original Idol.
    Well lets wait for the new star to become.
  • I love American Idol

    I have watched American Idol since Carrie Underwood won. I love her. I also love Taylor Hiccs. I thought he would win ever since he made the top 24. I think that the show is rigged, because Chris Daugtry, and Constinine Maroulus (I'm a bad speller) sould not have been voted off.
  • It's getting really boring, but i have to sit and suffer through it because my parents love it.

    The only reason I watch it is because those episodes where people audition are so funny, especially the one wehre that crazy chick from north carolina was cursing out Paula, saying that she couldn't even sing and she don't know how Paula can be a judge when she hasn't done anything in over 20 years, (actually more like 14 years, but i guess no one wanted to tell her that in case she wanted jump on them too).But anyway once it gets to the top-whatever it is- it gets kind of boring, this year wasn't as bad as last years because this one had Taylor Hicks who's really funny with that soul patrol thing so I managed watch almost all the shows.
  • This show gives people a chance to show their singing talent.

    This show gives people a chance to show America what they have got. Paula, Randy, And simon are the perfect judges for this show because they know what America is looking for. Simon can sometimes be a little rude, but other times he is nice. Carrie Underwood was my favorite winner so far because I like country music. I don't know how I will like Taylor Hicks until he gets a song or CD out. He is a pretty cool guy and has a great voice. I think he would be a pretty good country singer in my opinion. I will always continue to watch American Idol every year.
  • This show started getting boring after the second season.

    I must admit, I was a sucker for this show during its first and second seasons. But then, more seasons came along and it started getting boring. The auditions are funny....but that\'s about it. I really could care less about the voting results :P My friends agree on that too....
  • not my favorite show, but it is watchable.

    being the reality junky that i am, ill watch any show even though its not my favorite. american idol is watchable and sometimes even enjoyable. the best part is judges not the singing, its always fun to see what simon is saying. american idol reached its peak with chris daughtry. without him the 5th season would have sucked. there are great music sometimes but the most of it is just about people making themselves look like donkeys he he he. i honestly do believe that america has talent and lots of it. and kudos to ryan for being the best tv host for american idol
  • Cool! The best!!!


    Cool. One of the best shows ever in all the world!!!

    If you want something good, check this show out. This classic
    reality show shows funny things, real things and obstacules that you realy need to face in life.

    The best show, I repeat!!!
    Good show for all ages and there are prices for everything. Better woman singing performance male singing performance, and
    all of this in joke. See the last episode of the past season?
    Puck n' Pickler was the best!!!

    Many people got the chance to get their talent out. That is what makes this show, one of THE BEST!!!
  • I love American Idol!

    But when Chris Daughtry was voted off instead of Katherine McPhee (Who by the way messed up her words)I got so angry! I even cried!

    I like American Idol, it gives people the chance to get off to a great career, one that they might have never dreamed of!

    The auditions are funny too, all of the people that "aren't the best singers" who try to audition anyway...I love their hearts, BUT some get a little childish...oh well!

    This show will go far I hope, it can keep fulfilling dreams! Just look at Kelly Clarkson, she is doing great thanks to American Idol!
  • A hit show at first but has lost intrest in the past season's

    Gets boring more and more as the season continues the only good part is the begining where people can not sing.WE can know predict what the judges will say as the show last,Paula is getting harder when her personalty is nice. Randy is to wanabe thugish to judge a singing conp, and Simon carrys this show on his back. The crowd in the back always seem to like whoever comes up the sing whatsting it boring to a tv audience and th efact that the judges (the real singers) dont pick the winners is getting bad to. People who know nothing about singing chose Ruben over Clay and so on.This is a show I see only going 2 maybe 3 more seasons because people will start seeing what I see
  • You can be an American Idol! But this show may have some twists!

    American Idol is a great show! Reality TV is a big part in this show because for us at home watching it, it's great entertainment, and for those performing, it's a big competition and it could get them rich if the are, or come close to being the next American Idol. Even if you think you have the best voice in the world, you might not be the next American Idol because, like in season 4 and 5, there were some major twists. In season 4 there was a singer named Constitine and he was voted out, and in season 5, there was Chris. These where greast singers (most may think) but the got voted off. That's right, real people can vote! It starts off as many, many people, but at the end there is only 1 American Idol!
  • I wouldnt say american idol is bad but the winners are only popular for a little while and then no one knows what happens to them.

    ya the show is popular but the only thing is the winners only become famous for a short time and no one knows what happened to then. the only 2 that actually made it and did well was kelly clarkson and carrie underwood. the rest are unknown. i would say american idol is ok. but no point at all.
  • Great, but the voting and theme shows stink.

    Well, I see that most people think this show is about average, but I think it is great! However, there are two main things that bring the score down for me, the voting, and the theme shows.

    First, the voting. I truly wish America would get a brain and stop breaking my heart every year. Season 3-Jennifer Hudson. Season 4-Anwar Robinson. Season 5-Chris Daughtery. Come on America.

    Also, the theme shows. The theme shows really detract from the show for me. I like it when it\'s rock night, but can\'t stand country night. The theme shows beg the question, why don\'t you just let the singers sing what they want? I mean, when they make their records, isn\'t that what they\'re going to be doing anyway?

    All in all though, this show is still fantastic. I love hearing the bad people sing during the auditions, and love debating (yelling) with my family whether so-and-so should have gotten in. Also, if you\'re a reality show fan, how can you not love one of the reality tv pioneers?

    For all this, I give American Idol a solid 8/10.
  • American Idol...we're out to find the next amazing and famous singer. Judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul along with host Ryan Secreast watch as we crown the next American Idol!

    This is such a great show for everyone to watch. My whole family watches it together. I love Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. I personally think that Chris should of won. I did not like the way this past season's voting has gone. I wish I could go on the show and scream at all those American's for not voting! Hopefully noxt season will be better.
  • Along with most of America I love this show!

    I absolutely love American Idol! I watch it every year.
    I love Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarksen. They are the best and I was so happy that they both won on there seasons. I actually have Carrie Underwood's cd Some Hearts and I listen to it all the time.

    American Idol is really popular in my school. Like everyone watches it. The day after a episode thats all anyone is talking about. Me and my friends sit at the lunch table and talk about who we like and don't like on the show.

    I really enjoy watching this show and I can't wait untill next season.
  • A power house that is rapidly loosing power

    American Idol.

    Those words strike fear into Rival network\'s exces hearts you can launch what ever show you have against it and your show will get beat.

    NBC tried putting the world\'s best athletes in an event called the Olympics against a group of amature singers and the singers one.

    The show and it's three judges remind me of the third reich.

    Think about it you got Randy playing the role of Herman Goring
    Paul Abdul as a sweet Ava Braun
    and you guessed it Simon as Hitler.

    These three and this show have gone on to dominate the airwaves for five seasons now.

    It has become the shining example of \"Reality\" TV showing people what they wanna see. People don\'t wanna see a bunch of men and women on an \"island\" in the middle of nowhere like on Survivor we all know that show is taped next to the sound stage where the Price is Right is flimed. People wanna see nobody\'s become somebodies like Carrie Underwood.

    But the show is starting to show it\'s age. When will this dragon be slayed who knows. but it maybe soon.

    If the show is to be canceled anytime soon I guess that means we would be stuck with it's spin offs.