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  • (In my opinion) a horrible waste of time. But, a television network will mever go broke by overestimating the stupidity of the American public. If TRL is still making money, then this is a goldmine.

    If it was truly "American Idol" it wouldn't have age restrictions. It should be called America's Hot Young New Singer Idol. When a short fat guy who can actually sing wins, I'll watch. Just to tell you the quality of person they select as winners, a previous winner REFUSED to let them use one of her songs on the show (until they called her on the BS and she relented). We had (have???) Star Search and it sucked too. Last time I checked, the highest paid actors and singers in America were all over the age of 25 (AI's cut-off). Of course teens like it, you can vote via text message in a popularity contest (a real talent show has REAL judges, not a British jerk-off, an ex-Laker Girl, and the brother of the freakiest man in America). But, judging by ratings, I'm way off. PT Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute", I'd like to add that they're all Tivoing American Idol.
    Update: Short fat grey haired crooner wins. I recant some of my previous statement. However, I still believe that much like a high school student council election, it's based on popularity and not ACTUAL TALENT and I'd definitely dump any girlfriend who even ASKED me to watch it with here without offering a little sum-sum'tin in return (if you know what I mean).
  • I no longer enjoy this show...

    There should be a show that is only American Idol audition tapes! That would be great! This show is FIXED people!! Or its because of the old ladies who watch the show who only enjoy pop music!!! (no real offense to them but theyre music choice kind of stinks)
    I cant believe Goat Boy Elliot beat out Chris the most awesome rocker of the AI universe!! Come on people why watch this show!! I was dissapointed last season too when the voted off Constantine! And Carrie Underwood won!! we dont need anymore country music people i think we have enough!!
    And then Gaylord Hick (Taylor *cringe* Hicks) won this season! The only thing he will ever sing on is a Vegas show stage he sux!! I hated him from the beginning!! I think this show needs to stop before its too late...
    This show went down hill from the beginning ITS FIXED why do u think Ruben Studdard won people!! It was Clay all the way!! The only good that ever came out of this show was Kelly Clarkson! She is the only one that will ever do good I actually like her music!
    If u still want my vote next year Dont Have This Competition Fixed!!!!!! It sux when its fixed because the best people end up the worst off! Gaylord Hick needs to step down from the american idol thrown and give it to The person who deserves to win! Give it to Chris the Rocker who sounds more like Who he sang than any of the other competetors in the history of AI!!
    I refuse to watch this show next season! You wont have my vote. And u know whats even more pathetic!? This show gets more votes than the presidential elections!! What is wrong with U people You're going to vote for something? Vote for somebody good!! And this is what got this country Bush!
    lol off topic but its true!!
    Im done with my rant good bye!
  • A show that gathers the talented and the insane to compete in a contest to see who can out perform the other in mindless pop songs.

    First of all... this show would be nothing without Simon Cowell. Love him or hate him... he is a fair and blunt judge, and there is a reason he is always the third judge to speak his criticism.

    Obviously this show is not for the intellectually stimulated, the show does have an appeal. Mostly for the first few weeks of the show when you see the most god awful performances on television.

    Even though most of the talent is not seen until the final episodes of the show, even then it's not always the best singing you'll see... it is entertaining to say the least. This show will be on for years to come, and it seems to only get more popular as the years go on.
  • The first season was the best.

    I think that this show is really good. It was a really great idea and ahead of it's time. Unfortunately it isn't getting any better. I think that the first season was the best. It was a fresh new show. To me the other seasons don't even compair. Kelly Clarkson was so great and she was the best of all the American idols. She was the best in season one and those in all the seasons following. I personally think that if you put all the winners up against each other, she should win. Also I think Paula and Randy are really strange. To Paula, everybody is great. It's so cheesy. And to Randy everyone is his "Dog". I just find it strange. I still watch the show though. It's very entertaining.

    Katherine McPhee totally should have won this season.
  • American Idol is one of the MANY reality shows on TV that isn't stupid!

    American Idol is one of the many reality shows that isn't about having to eat bugs, or being hooked to a boy/girl, or living in a house with other people, or the being locked up in a tunnel, losing money by the seconds. American Idol is about singing to become the new name in America. I agree with all winners but Taylor Hicks. Kathrine Mcphee SHOULD HAVE WON!!! I missed Seasons 1 & 2, but I liked the winners. Season, 3 on, I haven't missed one episode. American Idol is the now likeable show that everybody can agree on! !
  • A show that has lost its touch

    This used to be a great show.........when it started a little while into the 2nd season I started to hate it and only watched the auditions to hear the sucky ones. but after a while I found out, All its about is people singing! But at least it is not as bad as "So you Think you can Dance" which is only people dancing and I completely dispise it. I think fox shoulda caned it after season 2 since it got too repetive after it and I am to depressed to watch it anymore. I cant beleive that this is beating great shows and you are just watching people sing! I could go to a concert or WATCH a concert on TV for that! Cancel it now retards at Fox.
  • Haven't seen it and don't plan on seeing it!

    I blame this show for inspiring Australia to make a horribly dull reality show I hate to call "Australian Idol", a complete piece of garbage that has no right to ever be created and is way overrated.

    If American Idol is twice as good as Australian Idol, it would be rated zero (I failed maths but I believe 0 times 2 is 0).

    Therefore, I automatically assume that this show is terrible nd if you saw the Australian version, you'd understand my judgement.

    I urge this show to get cancelled and then there may be hope for Australia's version to follow its footsteps.
  • After the first season, I just couldn\'t get myself excited about the show.

    American Idol is the most watched show on television, but the show is currently unwatchable for me. My favorite part of American Idol is the auditions, where the bad singers (whom I\'m not much better than) provide great comedy. I just don\'t see the entertainment in watching people doing a near flawless job singing. I think they should replace Ryan Seacrest because he\'s boring, replaceable, and the show needs a new face to be host. The judges are great. Once the finals begin, Simon\'s commentary is the highlight of the show. I\'m sure that the show appeals to many because of their audience\'s attachment to the contestants, but that just doesn\'t happen for me. I\'ll still watch the show every once in a while, but I definitely think the show has lost its appeal.
  • OH MY GOD!How did I miss 4 seasons of a show SO great???

    First of all THIS SHOW ROCKS!
    How could I have missed the first 4 seasons??
    Put together this show will always add up to HILLARIOUS drama, I mean, one nice judge, one semi mean semi freaky judge and one cool realistic judge!Plus a bunch of wacky to sofisticated contestants!
    The beginning is ALWAYS hillarious, when you see all those SUPER horendous singers and of course a few undescoverd talents.The judges always have their ups and downs in the weirdest ways(especially simon and paula), and to top it all of there is always the pain steaking drama and confusion of the dreaded results!
    Could it get any better?
  • American idol has stared many new shows...

    American idol the show that has started on to making newer shows to compete with it. American idol is such a popular show that when people voted for the winner of season 6 it got more votes than any us president (ok thats just sad)Every since the third season of the show people have been trying to creat new show to be better than american idol like... dancing with the stars,skating with celebrities,americas got talent,americas grearest inventor, and many many more shows. Many people will continue to try and make a show better than american idol but i dont think they ever will.
  • I like it but....

    Okay, I think that American Idol has become a bit over rated. This show has lead to even more reality shows just like it and I think it is getting annoying. I know, I partially like it because it is a singing show but honestly, I have been in a choir for four years now and trust me, American Idol finds people who can sing, but dont even know how to read music half of the time. (No offense to any that do). Maybe they made this show to make people cry when they fail because half the stupid people who go on the show think they are going to make it. HELLO! There are like millions of people who try out. OMG! But anyways, kudos to the show, yet still annoying me.
  • As I'm sure you all know, American Idol is a show in which people all over the US try out to be the ultimate, famous American Idol! They eliminate out the contestants until they have a group of 100, then 24, then 12, then down to one. THE winner.

    This season surprised me. I just knew in my mind Taylor wouldn't win. I guess my mind was wrong. When it got down to the final two, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks, I knew Taylor would win. Katharine had been in the botton two/three alot and all of my friends were rooting for Taylor. But all in all, this show really entertains me. When it gets down to the top 12, I love to see how wonderful and talented these singers really are. Ryan Seacrest pulls out all the suspense we can possibly take on Wednesdays when someone gets voted off. Especially on the American Idol finale which only happened a week ago, the whole show was about two hours long, not including the preshow! Anyways, I love to see a rising star make their beginning.
  • Excellent programme but didn\\\'t quite turn out how I expect :)

    I'm not sure whether it's just my personal taste or not, but what on earth happened to Chris? I can't believe he got voted off! He was my favourite and going by what I've read and heard I'm not the only one who thought he'd become the next American Idol! Having said that, out of the two that was left I much preferred Taylor rather than Catherine -- she had a good voice but too much vocal gymnastics.
  • I think American Idol was good except for one thing!!!

    Okay I really liked this season of American Idol but i think Chris Daughtry should have won i was so mad and sad when Chris left American Idol and Ryan was so mean having Chris hopes up that he was going to stay and then he says that he his leaving but other than that it was a great season especially the finally.
  • You gotta love this show!

    Ok, Taylor Hicks was just crowned Season 5 "American Idol," but should he have won? Why was Chris Daughtry kicked off? American Idol can be like a, yes this will be strange, but..., it can be like a soap oprah. Paula and Simon fighting, suprising and contoversial kick-offs, horrible singing, the crying (cough, cough... Katherine McPhee's father, even though Katherine McPhee should have won American Idol when up against Taylor Hicks), and the "Oh My God's! But, hey, that's Reality Television and you gotta love it. You've gotta be hooked to this show, week after week after week.
  • Don't we all sing in the shower?

    Everyone wants to be a rock star... or pop star... or opera singer, I guess. And American Idol is where all the people who want to do that go to make their dreams come true. I've only watched for a few seasons, but it's usually good for a laugh, and once they get down to the final 12 ... or maybe the final 8 or 6, the singers are usually fairly good. Sometimes the voting is strange, and people get voted off when they probably shouldn't, but then again, people like Ashlee Simpson are pop stars... and she can't sing at all.

    The show is pretty good, the only complaint I have is when they drag out the results shows, and make them an hour. That's just too long for one tiny piece of information, and it's ridiculous. Yet I still watch... I just don't tell my friends that I do!

    I really do love this show but it makes me mad that the people who shoud win only ever last until the top 3!! And then they get voted off! Elliot was the best of the final 3 and I cant beleive that he was voted off! I am very disapointed!!
  • WOW! i ant believe taylor won

    WOW! i cant believe that taylor won i thought that katherine would win but i dint like them that much i really like ace, buckey and chris i got really mad whene they got voted off i started wacthing american idole in season 4
    i wanted bo to win last year but he did really good i hope someone will give chris a recored deal cause he is really good i also want buckey and ace to get a record deal too they\'re really good i love rock music i hope it comes to dvd i already got the cd season 5 oncores thats why american idol is really good i bet next season is going to be even better
  • Getting boring now

    I think that after the fourth season the show started to go down hill. I thing it needs to change. I was happy thought that Taylor hicks won. I just think American Idol is boring. I only like to really watch the bad people and the finale because it's the same thing over and over.
  • This piece of trash deserves to not be cancelled, but KICKED off the air.

    I can\'t believe that anyone watches this horrible, unintelligent, untalents piece of crap that is American Idol. No one, and I repeate, NO ONE on this show is ANY good at singing. It\'s all a big hoax. I turned it on last night just to see what the big fuss was about the old man who spazzes like a rabid hog and the woman who is just kinda there. They were absolutely HORRIBLE. Niether could sing, Especially that horrific rendition of I\'m having the time of my life. People really need to stop waisting their time on this show and do something else than encourage all these foul, talentless people to sing. Please do not give me anymore Clay Aikens, Rubens, whoever won season 3, underwooods, or ugly grey haired men with no voice like last nights winner (Kelly Clarkson is good however). The music scene is already populated with talentless pop starts and sex symbols. Why must we deal with these pathetic excuses for singing too.
  • America has no is not what it used to be due to what you young Americans like.

    Well I think and really believe that everytime this country does not know is a shame to see a old looking man win tonight.what is going on America!,look at him he should of not been even on the show.he looks older then Elton John for peeks can a young girl fantazize about a man like that.I don't know good luck with your idol I just know good music and a good singer and hicks met none.last year fantasia won she sounds like a kid on helium.,horrible.well this is who you pick it is no wonder music is losing it's taste.
  • One of the best reality shows in recent times. This show isn't as much about exploitation as it is about achieving the pinnacle to fame. The Judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Adbul make this a great show, and along the way we have seen amazing

    I probably got hooked onto this show after Kelly Clarkson won the American Idol for the first year ever. I watched this show continously from the second season onward. The Ruben vs. Clay battle was amazingly historic, and I really got hooked onto this show. Sure Simon Cowell's judging is a big draw to watch this competition and his interaction with judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and of course host Ryan Seacrest is very fun to watch. Although I used to think this show exploited this show to show the worse singers (Because there are alot of them), but I was wrong that was FOX. American Idol showcases the best talent from all over the United States. Plus with intriguing backgrounds for each of the singers in this show, it is so easy to pick favorites. I was disappointed after Season 3, when Carrie Underwood won the American Idol because I felt it was the worse season of the show, but this year has been going great, and instead of going country and pop, the show brought in elements of rock which only enhance the show. Really the best reality show on television, heck the best show on television right now is American Idol.
  • Good show but I\'m pretty sure that the judges should have more of a say in the end results.

    I like the show but it seems like they should let the judges decide on the next American Idol and NOT the people of America. We kinda mess the whole thing up by voting more than one time. The show would be better if they restricted people to only vote ONE TIME for only ONE PERSON. I have voted for more than one person before and I\'ve voted for the same person more than once but i still think that the absoloute BEST singer in the competition would win if the judges voted only or if we only voted once.
  • Contestents sing their way into the hearts of the viewers who vote for them.

    Ok this show i watched last night and well i only watched it to see what all of the fuss was about and i really dont like it. Ok yeah i caught myself complaining as i watched it because i thought that Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson were amazing and have amazing voices but these 2 finalist have no voice and i think that neither of them should win. I dont get the point ot this show at all, i mean there are so many other shows out there that are so much better, like SUPERNATURAL for an example and i still dont get the point of why so many people are obessed with this show.
  • I loved it from its first season and now its time to get married. One of my Top Best Shows of the century!

    American idol has everything from your classical dramas to top professional singers, and its all there in front of you. I am at all awed by seeing those long time top music legends such as Stevie Wonder, Led Zepplin, Barry Manilow, Rod Stuart and the amazing Clive Davis giving advices and teaching these young people the ropes. I love it. I give it a two-thumbs up. The only thing that I regret is investing when I had the chance. So there you have it! American Idol Rocks! AAA+++
  • It's time to cancel this show!

    This show seems to be going down hill everyday. I stopped watching after the first couple of episodes. The only good part is watching the bad singers. Of course hearing Simon trashing everyone is always a great source of fun. This show is just not offering anything anymore. Maybe we have run out of singers. Maybe they need to up the age and give some of the people who have been trying to make it for a long time a chance to compete. Maybe they should change the name and just find the best preformer. Oh.. wait that would be that other show, star search. Oh well, I guess its time to send this show to join Star Search.
  • A great show that gives everyday people an opportunity to become a star.

    A great show that gives people an opportunity they would not normally have. While sufing around on this site I see that shows such as "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Sanford and Son" have a higher rating than "American Idol". Whoever has those shows ranked higher ... please don't ever ask me over to watch TV. You can call and invite me ... but I'm not coming. This season is another where the person that should win did not. This marks the 3rd time in five years that the public got it wrong. Chris was far and above the best singer. Clay was better than Ruben and Fantasia did not even have to face the best singer in the finals. Victoria Londa should have won that year. Oh well, it's still fun to watch.
  • people compete for the title american idol

    i think that this show was pretty good till season 4 .. season 5 was ok when chris daughtry was there..but when chris got eliminated i got soooo freakin mad!!!!! i mean then after that i rooted for elliot yamin..he is a great singer..but guess what?!??! he was eliminated too !!!! so now who are we left with but katharine mcphee..who is like carrie underwood and taylor hicks who isnt even good!!! i hate it it just so totally sucks! arghh! im getting so mad! okay so i rly dont know who i want to win..its just so annoying! well..good luck to chris and elliot!
  • who the heck wants to watch people sing for 1 hour? not me

    i never liked american idol at all but i do give the idea maker credit but now as the 5th season finishes this show needs to be cancelled. This idea works for 2-3 season then it has run its course and is time to get off the airwaves. As long as it continues to get good rarings it will stay on. As long as this show countiues the talent pool will grow samller and smaller then there will be no talent. Fox pull this show now before you have to crown a william hung type as the american idol because the talent level is so poor.
  • Seriously... it was pretty cool the first two seasons, but now it's just ridiculous....

    I don't see how so many people love American Idol. I know it is somewhat entertaining (especially with Tayler Hicks doing his gay little dances) but com'on ya'll! There is seriously NO POINT to this! After the winner is picked, everyone is talking about it all day the next day, then after that.... you never even hear the person's name until the NEXT year's season. *cough*stupid!*cough*