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  • people compete for the title american idol

    i think that this show was pretty good till season 4 .. season 5 was ok when chris daughtry was there..but when chris got eliminated i got soooo freakin mad!!!!! i mean then after that i rooted for elliot yamin..he is a great singer..but guess what?!??! he was eliminated too !!!! so now who are we left with but katharine mcphee..who is like carrie underwood and taylor hicks who isnt even good!!! i hate it it just so totally sucks! arghh! im getting so mad! okay so i rly dont know who i want to win..its just so annoying! well..good luck to chris and elliot!
  • who the heck wants to watch people sing for 1 hour? not me

    i never liked american idol at all but i do give the idea maker credit but now as the 5th season finishes this show needs to be cancelled. This idea works for 2-3 season then it has run its course and is time to get off the airwaves. As long as it continues to get good rarings it will stay on. As long as this show countiues the talent pool will grow samller and smaller then there will be no talent. Fox pull this show now before you have to crown a william hung type as the american idol because the talent level is so poor.
  • Seriously... it was pretty cool the first two seasons, but now it's just ridiculous....

    I don't see how so many people love American Idol. I know it is somewhat entertaining (especially with Tayler Hicks doing his gay little dances) but com'on ya'll! There is seriously NO POINT to this! After the winner is picked, everyone is talking about it all day the next day, then after that.... you never even hear the person's name until the NEXT year's season. *cough*stupid!*cough*
  • Maybe mildly interesting as a novelty in its first season, it has simply become old re-hash.

    It held little interest to me it's first season when it was all new. Each season since has been a strained attempt to recreate the previous season and try (and fail) to make it look new. The bad acts, mildy amusing the 1st season when they were all really trying to win, now are just hacks trying to be the next famous novelty like that She-bang dude. They come with scripted retorts to Simon's comments. Nothing is spontaneous.
    No one is shocked by Simon anymore. He obviously spends his hiatus with a thesaurus, scribbling new putdowns while Paula practices her look of shocked horror in her bathroom mirror, and Randy just...what DOES he do? Could Ryan be on any more shows?
    Seriously. Enough.
  • Its great. It's too close to call. :) American Idol is real! :)

    It's marvelous. Sometimes, I get confused, anyway this show is impressive to me thou. Its close to call. bravo!

    I think Hicks could have a chance to win American Idol Season 5. He's Fun and charming! He bring American Idol to be fun and become a best show since this.
  • Well, since Ace, Chris, and Elliot are gone there is really no reason to watch this.

    Those guys were the bomb and america stopped voting for them for some odd reason. You guys should be ashamed. Especially for taking away Ace. He was a Full house. (Get it? Like a full house of cards which contains Aces?" Anyways, now it's dumb. everyone knows that last week Chris was the best and they voted him off! I still hope that he gets a record deal or something. i dunno. I don't like Taylor that much, he should have got voted off right away. Cathy and Chris should have been there in the Final two.It would have been the jump off!

    Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!Ace is a full house!

    Sorry but it's true.
  • OMG I think American Idol is the best show in the world....

    Well well well.... I used to hate this show but thanks to my cousins I absolutely love IT NOW!. I give it a 10 but wish i could give it a 100...... Great Singers and funny outakes between Simon and Paula. Dog Man Randy needs to get his own show....
  • This show is getting dumber and dumber...

    I can't believe that Katharine is one of the top two. I can believe Taylor, but Katharine. I was hoping it was going to be Chris and Taylor cuz they both ROCK! But no, America had to eliminate the best rocker on American Idol so far, Chris Daughtry. I'm still watching it to see who wins. I hope Taylor wins, not Katharine. We got too many female American Idols. We need a guy this time. This is like the first season all over again. If Katharine wins, forget it, I quit watchin American Idol.It just gets screwer and screwer.
  • I have watched this show since Kelly Clarkson. I loved it so much because all of my favorites won, except last year, I wanted Bo to win Carrie won, (very strange) this year it's happening again. This is very wierd.

    Ok! This is my point! Something is not right with American Idol. They are getting rid of the real talent. This year they are making it clear to the world, no men, only Kelly Clarkson wanna bees. I guess since Kelly has sold so much and is so big, I think American Idol sold it's soul to the devil. This year the men were incredible, last week Elliot had more votes than Kat, and for some odd reason Chris a favorite left the show.. (THings that make you go hmmmm) I am so upset, if Kat wins point proven.
  • Amateur singers are fighting for a recording contract, the good, the bad, and the horrible. The winner is the American idol, and they get that recording contract, and of course some fame.

    American idol is really the architect and guideline for reality television. I personally like the show but it's too drawn out, I tune in and watch the recap of the singers at the end of each show, and then vote. Also the winner of this season will be Taylor Hicks. That's right I said, I said it from the beginning. Everyone thought I was crazy, No mandisa is going to win, she got cut, there is a record deal in her future. No, Chris is going to win. He obviously is going to get a record deal, and if he keeps getting even more publicity, he and the American Idol will go head to head in sales. But the winner is Taylor Hicks, why because, when people want singers, they want entertainers, they don't want to spend 30 to 50 dollars on a ticket for the singer to stand still and sing. The only people who can do that now is Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Joss Stone. Taylor Hicks will be the American idol, and if he doesn't win, which he will, he will outsell the American idol.
  • It's old, worn out, lost its interest that once had me hooked.

    Can we all at least say that this whole American Idol thing has run its course and should just look back and say "we had a good run" and call it quits? For one, it's not suspensful anymore because most people lost interest in a nationwide singing competition. For another thing, the winners - with the exception of Kelly - have yet to make it big in the music industry. A non-winner, Clay, had a good thing going for a second there and then just sorta fizzled out. I heard that Carrie is doing something big and that Bo, her runner up, just released is album. Their success remains to be seen.
  • It isn't that bad!

    The auditions can be so bad they are good. And the finale can be pretty entertaining. A few of the people here are extremely talented, like Bo last year and Chris and Taylor this year. Without this show, they wouldn't have gotten the attention for their singing talents that they deserved. Though the formula does get repetitive after 12 weeks of voting off one person at a time. Two a week would probably be better. But still, some real good singers here. It isn't just a show for preppy
    preteens as some say. Don't say it is bad before checking out the auditions though. Somebody earlier this season sang the Jigglypuff song. Now THAT is entertainment!
  • who ever thought of this must have been drunk when he did think of it

    it's true this show brings heart break to people wo are on it. i would say it makes them say "I can't do anything" but i would say you try and sing simon. you get up there and see if you any better then any of those people. i am just saying i don't like the show
  • Reality series, starring three judges, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul, along with host, Ryan who go in search of the next American Idol, who will truly shine above all the rest. With help from the viewers, they will decide who walks away wit

    After last weeks voting i was truly dissapointed with American Idol, not only with the show but with the viewers. The reality was that katherine McPhee did not sing well at all and was not voted off to go home, and instead Chris Daughtry who was obviously the next american idol should have stayed for the finale. Chris deserved to have made it through especially with katherine's singing the past show. If Katherine is not voted off this week, this show will have been a complete waste of my time. Chris Daughtry was the best singer they had in the bottom four and Katherine should have been the one to go.
  • It's totally rigged!

    Ok, so I get that it's called American Idol because America choses their Idol...but come on! It's ridiculous that someone with as much talent as Chris can be voted off because someone who's as horrible as Eliot has more friends or people who are willing to vote for him more!!!! It's a joke!!!

    It's much like the first season of Big Brother. Initially the viewers got to vote on who would leave the house, and then the producers got smart! They realized that it was an accurate vote. Someone could vote 100 times for the same person and then, even if that person didn't deserve to leave, they'd be gone because someone else knew more people.
  • A reality show with a twist. America's addiction to reality TV, drunken Paula Abdul and safe bets (ie, apparently not Chris Daugherty) exploited!

    Ok first off...what is Paula on?! I swear every show she appears just a little more drunk or drugged up. She personifies being overly happy. Without a doubt she is there simply to please the crowd...but the annoyance people have with her lies not only in Simon but the majority of the at home audience. She could be a very graceful 40/50 something...instead she ops to wear pushup bras, too much blusher, stumble through her lines, and boo Simon. I don't get it. I have to say, regardless of whether or not you like Chris, one has to admit that he got voted off because he is not the generic, stereotypical idol! I would predict him to do better in the real world than many others on this show. Paris Bennett will also do well in the real world, perhaps she was just too youung for this sw at this time. The three remaining finalists are fine, but definitely flawed. I also don't think that people give Catherine Mcphee enough credit. I watch this show and enjoy it...but cmon! May the best McIdol win.
  • Gets better every season! But I will no longer watch it! They booted Chris Daughtry! By far the best one on the show!

    Some how American Idol screwed up. Chris Daughtry should win and was favored to win. I think that he was robbed and am starting to think that it all set up! Everytime they get someone with some really good talent they boot them off! I liked AI only cuz of Chris! And will no longer watch it because he is gone. But I do want to wish all the luck to Taylor Hicks .... since he was my second fave! Good luck dude! your going to need it... you are good and i am sure they will kick you off too!
  • This show is about finding the next best singer in America.

    This show hit really big in the first season. It kept so many people watching and in suspense about who is going home. As the seasons kept going though I thought it go kinda dull. Its not interesting anymore. after having so many it just loses its interest. I don't even think people care about the winner after the show is over. Although it does give many people good oppurtunities, its just plain boring now. I would not sit and waste my time. Find something else to watch this show is going downhill. I do admit at the beginning it is funny to watch the people who can't sing but, still its not worth watching.
  • American Idol is fantastic, It brings out the best of American talents with a lot of free spirit. God bless America.

    Fantastic Show, I think the show needs 2 more judges, preferrably, one younger judge and an older judge with jazz music background. It's a great show, but think of "AFRICAN Idol" that will be colourful. The next level should be African Idol, and then Europen Idol, Australian Idol, etc, then we can have World Idol. Anyway keep up it up the whole World is watching
    Gboyega Adelaja
  • I actually like this show.

    American Idol is not as popular as it was in it's earlier seasons, however, I think it just keeps getting better and better. Every season brings more and more talented singers and the excitement of them might being the next "American Idol". I think this show is very exciting. The only part I don't like is the audition parts in the beginning. I know, this is most people's favorite part and for some the only part of the show they watch, but I am not most people. I think it is pretty cruel the way some of the contestants are treated in these rounds. I really feel bad for some of them, but then again I guess the judges have to be honest, but all in all it is a show worth watching.
  • When it's good it can be great, but when it's bad....awful.

    Very uneven show. I suppose some of that cannot be helped, since you never know how well any particular singer might perform, and sometimes the genre/artist theme does not suit everyone. Overall, though, some great singers have come out of it.
    The interplay between the judges can be distracting, especially since their opinions don't even count in the later stages. And of course, people like to hate Simon, but in reality he is the most knowledgable and usually spots the problems with song choices, ranges, etc. Paula seems to like everyone, and she cries too much. Randy is a great musician and producer, but he has his favorite styles and it shows. Calling everyone 'Dog' is getting old too.
    This particular season (5) has been painful at times to watch, but some of the themes were great. In particular, the Andrea Boccelli Love songs and the Rod Stewart American songbook were excellent entertainment, and of course we got to see them perform too.
    At the beginning of each season we get to see people trying out who have no business on a stage anywhere, anytime. But we also get to formulate our own ideas about who we think can make it. IMO, they should tweak the rules a bit and let the judges have more say in who wins, and Ryan has become a bit redundant, except when he announces the voting. Still, if you like one or more contestants, then you will be inclined to watch it.
  • waaaaaaay past its prime..never had a prime..pls cancel this ..pls. .. pretty please?

    err cancel it..this program has run its course and is long overdue for cancellation .. as recent ratings clearly indicate. the only decent thing left to do in order for its fanbase to have fond memories of this show if any is to pull the plug on it.. Do it PLEASE..
  • The show has become a disappointment to America, and a disgrace to all.

    Ameican Idol in its fiveth season, is finally convincing viewers that the show is rigged, and their voting system flawed. Will AI survive? The producer of the show, Ken Warwick denies, denies, and denies all rumors. Frankly, no one expected him to admit to wrongdoing, or about the flawed voting system. I am certain, he is breaking a few laws, by his decieving the viewing audience, in America. However, America is getting a bitter taste in their mouth, as the truth is revealing itself. Ken Warwick needs to go back to London, England, wherever he is from, and take his shows with him.
    He is a decietful person, and he knows it, America knows it, and God knows it. America has proven we are not as naive as you thought we were. To think you could continue in your success of AI show, is beyond me. He has hurt alot of people and displayed our talent people as one big joke. Go Home, Ken Warrick, take your lies with you. Until then, I am praying that the Lord will convict your heart for what you have done, for money, for riches, for fame. All this will not get you to heaven, and you can not take it with you. So, all you accomplished is decieving America with your AI show. Sorry, but we woke up, we must have been it asleep. Therefore, when your ratings hit bottom, and they will, you can pack up and leave, with your tail between your legs.
  • This is really getting old!

    This is getting so old!!!!!! How do people still watch this show? This was the best show on television, but it isn\\\'t any more!! Unlike other reality shows (Survivor, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race etc. etc. etc.) This show is the same every season. I mean, I\\\'ll admit, I was in love with this show the first few seasons but at this point I\\\'m bored. Theres no twists, changes of directions or suprises. Besides who the contestants are, nothing ever changes, and that rareley changes also. I mean think about it, Every season theres a southern girl (Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood) A R&B singer (Ruben, Fantasia, Mandisa) people that loes but do well anyway (Bo Bice, Clay Aiken, Kimberly Lock) and eventually, the losers end up on broadway (Diana Degarmo, Frenchie) I would recomend watching the first few episodes with all the bad people and the last episode but twice a week is just too much for me.
  • ReCount??? No Way

    I heard on the news that some people want a recount. If this happens my family, myself and almost everyone I know will never watch the show again. Chris and his fans need to just bite the bullet and move on. Doing something like that will just be like the Bush election a joke and not worth watching anymore. Leave it alone.
  • american idol is when people try out to be the next american idol. they go to differnent city to find the next american idol. there are sucky people and there are good people. they go in rounds and elimate people. the last episdode they crown the american

    the show sucks really bad. all they do is sing for 1 hour what good is that. i rather see dora the exploer then american idol. i really hate the show. i gave a good score who really hates the show. i almost gave it a 1. then the next day it takes 30 minutes just to elimate 1 person. what the hell. it only take like freaking 10 minetes to elimate a person. only 1. the show really is not good. this is my opion u might like this gay show but i dont. dont get mad at me for saying this.
  • This is a great reality show.

    I like American Idol simply because there's singing involved. I love to sing and I get some of my inspiration from the previous contestants. When I turn 16, I might audition if I still didn't get a record deal before that. I want to be a singer and actress some day. But I like watching this show because I like how the contestants sing their song choices. Each one is completely different from the other. I like the fact that America can actually vote for who they think should win not just what a few people think. This might also be a great opportunity for someone who wants to reach their singing career, just like me!
  • Why do people watch this show?

    when this show first came out i am sad to admit that i actually watched it. but by the second season, the only part i even barely liked were the auditions. funny. who doesn\'t like laughing at people who think they can sing but are make everyone\'s ears bleed?
    now, even during channel surfing if i accidentally leave this on too long or if im waiting for the show after it too come on, i have trouble staying focused on this worthless show. it pains me to watch a show with idiotic morons (yes, i only needed to say one of those words, but this show deserves both), ignorant judges (sometimes) and contestants, not to mention self-centered brats and annoying hosts and voices.
    After this pretty nasty review you\'re probably wondering why i bothered; simple: i\'m bored and like to speak my mind.
    I really don\'t get why so many people watch this show, but i probably never will. different people like different shows.
  • Two words: "Why bother?"

    I don't understand how millions of Americans can sit down and watch this show. If you want to listen to good and bad singers go to a karaoke bar. This show is highly over rated.

    Why do they have judges when it's the people who decided who stays and who goes? The judges are just there to give opinions and I'm pretty sure no one cares what Simon thinks. I think he gets pleasure of putting down people and once in a blue moon he says something that's nice. He comments on how people look and dress. Simon is not there to give fashion advice, he's there to listen to people and give his opinion on the songs the people sing and how they sing it.

    There are really great shows out there that don't get the respect they need. The shows would if people would wake up and realize what a waste of time American Idol really is.
  • Great Show

    Everyone is dissappointed with Chris\\\' departure however, I feel Katherine is being treated like crap. She is the only Idol contestant left who has a full range of vocals in her and is the \\\"Triple Threat\\\". I think it was unfair to have 1 female left and choose Elvis songs and then tell her it was her worst ever. I would like to see the guys sing Madonna or Barbara Streisand songs and see how well they do. Katherine can sing, act and dance. If she dosen\\\'t win Idol, it will be dissappointing if we don\\\'t see her publicly elsewhere.