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  • Sorry if this is harsh for someone....tell ryan to come out of the closet and the tired cat/mouse thing that he and simon has going on is really a big bore. i feel that if you all don't do something about this the show will be canceled soon

    I don't get this...this is for the directors, producers, and really the judges. All of the talent in America and this is all you can come up with...i think you all are turning american idol into a clown granted the only two that should be standing up there is paris and katherine...the rest of them are no idols at all and can never be anyones idol...I have been a fan of american idol since the first season, but now it is slowly turning me off as well as all of my friends who used to be fans of the show and now feel the same way i season the judges need to get serious about this and stop picking the average girl on the street and the boys who sound like they are apart of a tired boy band...don\\\'t get me wrong..i like boy bands...but not for a real AMERICAN IDOL hint the word IDOL not fool!
  • American Idol is pretty cool. Not many agree with me, but it is not my FAVORITE show ever, but I really do like it.

    American Idol is really awesome. I think it is nice.. To tell the truth, I think Skating and Dancing With The Stars were copied off of it. So far my picks were Season1: Tamayra Gray Season2: Kimberly Locke Season3: Diana DeGarmo Season4: Carrie Underwood Season5: Paris Bennett or Taylor Hicks. I really like the idea of making some random person with a nice singing voice a star. If they ever had a kid\'s American Idol, I would so audition. American Idol is really awesome because of its originality and cool contestants and some of them were really funny during auditions!
  • Anyone else sick of this stupid show?

    I am so unbelievably sick of American Idol. Admittedly, I was never a fan to begin with, but I would be thrilled at this point if it vanished and was never seen again. The show is formulaic and trite and nothing but a blatant copy of Ed MacMahon's old Star Search. I'm sick of Paula's lovey dovey niceness for all the contestants. I'm sick of Randy's cliche 'dawg'-speak. I'm sick of Simon's scripted obnoxiousness. I'm sick of this show taking up space on a network that could be playing shows of actual merit rather than this brain-dead crap. American Idol sucks!
  • It started an unbelievable amount of copycats

    American Idol was a gem and a trendsetter. As such it has been often immitated. Many have tried but none have succeeded in surpassing it likability. It has also been so steady as far as entertainment value and star production. That says alot about it and about the producers who keep it going and consistant. They really do know how to see and pick talent. The judges are great fun to listen too. My favorite is Simon because he tells it like it is, but Randy and Paula are all a good balance. Keep up the good work AI.
  • American Idol Review

    Here I am, 40yrs old and, for the first time since the Evel Knievel era, I am caught up in a frivolous American obsession. I can’t get enough of American Idol! I have been a faithful fan since the first season. I instantly became a fan of Kelly Clarkson. It was obvious then, she had an amazing talent. Unfortunately, she has allowed the public to pull her deep into the pop scene and her beautiful, full voice is being abused with these screechy bubble gum pop songs. That’s where the money is I guess! But, I digress.
    I have watched the good and the bad for five seasons now and this is the most talented group assembled in a single season. And in my humble opinion, ANY of the current season’s last eight, with the exception of Bucky, could have won every season but the first! I also expect this season will shatter all the other Idol seasons records by having as many as seven or even eight successful solo albums from its current contestants (even Bucky could score in the Country scene).
    But now we are only dealing with the last five. Up till now I have been pretty close in my predictions of who is going and who is staying. I think it’s Elliott’s time. While he is one of my favorites, I think it comes down to song choice. George Benson and Elliott actually are similar song stylists. So I am not sure Elliott brought anything truly new to “On Broadway”. I am not too UP on the current Pop Music scene, so forgive the question; “What the hell was that second song and why is it on a current top ten chart?” I thought Elliott had had a true Idol “moment” a couple weeks back with Queen’s “Someone To Love” and I know he’ll do well in the afterlife. But someone will be voted off and my prediction is Elliott.
    Taylor Hicks is my personal favorite this season and aside from the poorly choreographed fall to the floor (reminisant of his failed microphone stand kick during Queen week), he once again showed his passion for the performance of music. He has a very good voice and with his enthusiasm and passion, he has huge appeal.
    Paris Bennett, hmmm, there is no denying she has a great voice. I do get a little tired of Randy’s sucking up to her grandmother through her. “C’mon Dog, have some integrity!” Prince’s “Kiss” was risky in my opinion because it’s not very melodic and probably not a good choice for a singing competition. But having said that, it’s a great song to represent the era. I think she did a pretty good job with it and her fans would never be disappointed with a Prince song. Again, the second song is out of my realm but she had better luck than Elliott did.
    Chris, “Renegade”, DAMN!! Hell of a job! Probably the guy I should pick as the favorite to win the whole thing. But pitch is still an issue with him. The strained voice thing that was pointed out, is a direct result of poor singing technique. The week before with David Foster, they talked about it. Chris has so much of his voice tied up in his neck instead of in his lungs, he may burn it out prematurely. He should get with Sammy Hagar or Steven Tyler and learn how to scream properly!
    Katharine is probably the most overrated singer left. There have been Kelly Clarkson references here and there and that’s ok because she is cute, bubbly and talented. But while the others keep stretching their talents and growing each week, Katherine may have reached her limits like Ace did a couple weeks back. She has a nice voice but lacks the depth and power that it takes to be in the “Diva” club. I was disappointed in Against All Odds”, but whatever that thing she sang next, was a lot of fun! But, if she continues to choose songs that are out of her vocal ability she may be the next to go!
    Since I have gone this far, I guess I should also say that while Paula brings a seemingly innocent, optimism to the group of judges, I wish she would just SHUT UP sometimes. I really don’t think the show would lose too much if they replaced her with someone who had the same demeanor just a little more talent and the ability to think on her own. She’s the Anti-Simon, I know. It just seems like my 8 year old daughter has a better ear than Paula for what is good and what is not.
    Collins, OUT!
  • Something is happening to the idol.

    I loved this show the first 3 or 4 seasons. Now though it is getting kind of old. I guess if there were good singers on it would be diffren't. I mean the singers are good on this season but they all seem kind of the same. I hear them all and think to myself. Would I buy a cd for $15.00 with this person? It allways comes back with a no. I don't like american idols for a few reasons. First of all I don't think they earn there right to make a cd. They get very lucky and are good enough to win idol but I prefer bands that work for years playing around nonstop in clubs and one day get seen and signed. Secondly I don't like seeing only one member of a band. I have this problem with country as well. You see the singer and maybe all of the people but you only know about the singer. A band is divided up between the number of people you have. Not just the singer, guitar player or the drummer but everyone. People allways respond to me saying that with "they have a band they just want to show off the singer." Yell that does not explain anything. I watch Idol and like seeing who gets picked but for me goodbye Kelly Clarkson hello John Mayer,Crack the Sky and Nickle Creek.
  • This is a show to find the next best singer

    I love this show! It Is so great! I Really want to try out when i get old enough!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!! !!!Theres not much more to Say but Carrie Underwood Won last year and the First Season of "Idol" Ever the rising star Kelly clarkson won and thats how she Became so Famous!! !! !! The 3 judges Simon Cowell (Being the semi rude But Good Deep inside Judge)Paula abdul (the Nice one Everyone kisses up To to get on to the next round! And randy Jackson(with no relation to Micheal Jackson is th Not To mean not to nice Down to Earth Guy that Bases his Vote on Really how well they sing!I Personaly find this show Great!
  • Very Good

    If you don't know much about the show it is about many people who try out to be the American Idol. Many people are good and make it to the 1st round but others are very very bad. I this funny to laugh at the bad people.Now it is down to the final 5 people and any one will be gone. I think Chris is going to win. I don't know it is a gueese.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 9 8 76 5 4 3 2 1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z I'm done.
  • American Idol. In the words of Randy, "It's all right, it's all right."

    This show is a good show. But it is not really reality. Like last year one of the best guys got kicked off before that losser Scott. Thay used a site called vote for the worst. Your votes don't even count. Paula seems to act drunk on the show some times. Thay let in that crazy guy named Dave because its is not realy real. But it has its good parts. Like haveing a new idol in the wrold. Yet I give it a 50 to 50. In other words, like in the words of Randy:its all right, its all right. Entertaining enough to keep watching. I just hope in the end that Chris wins!!
  • American Idol is what Television shows are all about!But the show itself is starting to slip and get old.

    The highly popular series has been going on now for four seasons,you think they would be getting worse and worse.But the series gets better and better.The best part of the show is when Simon gets paid to mock the bad singers.Its just fun to watch.Then later on in the show the best are in Hollywood duking it out to see who is really the best.Fans of music will get the most out of this show.And non-music fans may not really appreciate it.The show is not very dramatic.But if your a fan of music you will be anticapating every Tuesday of the month so you can watch this higly entertaining show.

    Although the show is starting to slip and get very very old.
    They need to come up with new stuff or people are gonna stop watching it due to boring values.

    So far season five has sucked.There are really no good singers,some are ok but I cant imagine myself going out to buy any of there albums.

    So final score is 8.5
  • The main reason why I watch American Idol

    The main reason that I watch American Idol is to see average people become great singers just by performing in front of a couple million people. The show is great in my opinion. Of course the first few weeks are hilarious. This is because you get to watch average people, who think they sing well, sing in front of the three judges (Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell) and the entire nation, to only find out that they can't sing worth crap, yet they still try out season after season. However, it eventually gets more serious and becomes a "survival of the best" competition eventually leading to a great singer
  • I watch American Idol of one reason; The tone-deaf singers and the panel's comments.

    I have a guilty pleasure. I watch American Idol. To my defense I have to mention that I watch only the early episodes where they are sifting out the not-so-competent singers. I just love that. Knowing that I don't have a voice at all, and would never, ever attempt to prove that to the whole world - not even to my closest friends on Singstar - that I suck, gives me the right to ridicule and laugh at those that think they can sing, but can't. And while I tune out when someone half-talented comes along, I usually tune back in when the panel gives their reviews, because they are often funny. And when the participant's performance was abysmal, the reviews take a nasty, but hilarious turn. Watching Simon Cowell and company rip into the contestants, telling them they should never sing again, and finally sending them sobbing off the stage, is the best part of the show. Too bad for the poor kids who probably have been told all their life that they have a fantastic singing-voice, but come on. You got your 15 minutes of fame already. Stop crying. Here's an "I was on American Idol and Simon Cowell told me he hated me." T-shirt. Go ahead, stop crying.
  • Two worlds, Popularity Contest.

    I love American idol, don't get me wrong, but I do think its just a popularity contest. The ones who deserve to win it get voted out because, their not pretty enough, or they are a little over weight, or their parents get a ton of phones and people together and call till their fingers fall off. In a contest like this they should vote for the ones they sing the best, not the ones who look good that night. I've seen some really good singers leave, and the bad ones stay. Its just a popularity contest in my opinion, and the opinion of others I know.
  • where can young talent show there stuff without this show, i love it and can"t wait for the next show. i have my favorite and it is katharine mcp and this just has raw talent and beautiful to watch and those dark eyes just make me think young again.

    katharine to win, chris will come in second, elliott third, taylor fourth and paris will be out next week. katharine is just awesome and the voice and those good looks and great body and the sexy dark eyes looking at you and the way she looks in that camera is breath taking. i don"t pay any attention to the judges because who the blast the most gets the votes. paula is on something i don"t know what and acts strange sometimes and over elliott, give me a break tears for what. maybe she is still crying over ace leaving. kelly i like not so much for her voice but you can tell she is honest more then i can say about most people, hard life and i hope someone helps her out in life. rob GO KATHARINE
  • I think american idol is a little boring this year

    I love american idol, but i think it has been a little boring this year. everyone is ok but no one stands out as great. I still think the 1st year of idol was the best. I think Chris should win this year. Simon usually gets it right on with his judging. Paula still has her same everyone is good attitude. everyone is great and makes her cry. to unoriginal. Randy is to obsessed with the dog line. I will still watch in hope that next year it gets better. I think mandessa had the best voice and got sent home way too soon.
  • eye catching

    this show catches the minds of young artists and shows that they can try it. If they don\\\'t succeed it\\\'s okay, you still tried. I think Paula is a good part of the show because she boosts people\\\'s confidence and gives them help, Simon, helps by giving them a reality check, but it\\\'s okay, it wouldn\\\'t really be that great of a show without him.
  • i really dont feel like it was fair to kelly to be voted off this week paris has money buying her voted. all of the weeks before paris was in the bottom 3 and tonight she wasnt voted off she really sucked last night kim ohio

    the whole show tonight wasn\\\\\\\'t fair at all, putting kellie down with paris it should of been paris voted off not kellie, paris family money is buying some one votes, not fair at all, you should check all the votes again and amke sure some one can count dont let any of paris family be behind them , i was so mad i called for the whole 2 hours and voted so much , i just cant believe kelly is gone but she will have such a bigger and better life after this she will be a bigger amiercan idlo then the last 4 winners you\\\\\\\'ll see she will be on tv and songs after songs
  • It is no secret that the judges, whether on their own or by agreement with the producers, are trying to influence the voters to choose Chris. I only hope that Americans don\'t let themselves be influenced by these three.

    Katherine looked and sang like an angel. The judges smoked crack in the back room during her performance so they couldn\'t possibly have heard her sing. Paula can still see her through the crack/alcoholic fog, so she compliments Katherine\'s appearance. She is not qualified to comment on the performance. Ok, maybe the judges were not off smoking crack. Maybe they just had their heads up each others a*s, because they were WAY off base with their Katherine comments.

    Elliot once again showed that he has the most amazing voice ever, and the director made sure the camera angle blocked out the view of his mouth and teeth, so we could even look at the screen as he sang. Very nice but I think not worth the sobbing and carrying on that Paula allowed herself afterwards.

    Commercial - Paula goes off stage for another snort.

    Paris - \"The Way We Were\" - when, when she was a baby? She has memories of when she was a baby and life was oh so simple then. This is a song for an old hag like Barbra Streisand, not for a young cutie like Paris. This young lady can sing, but she can\'t pick a song. She needs to turn professional so that she can have her \'people\' choose her songs.

    Taylor is still my favorite but he did not thrill me last night. He does best when he can let himself go. He looked like he had a straight jacket on and he was very scared about that. Like he knew his tics were just percolating below the surface but couldn\'t found a way out.

    Kellie isn\'t getting any smarter and didn\'t sing any better this week than last. She may go soon. I like the sound of her voice when it is on key. Last night, no so much.

    And finally, Chris. He was horrible and the judges just about wet themselves with accolades. What the heck?

    It is no secret that the judges, whether on their own or by agreement with the producers, are trying to influence the voters to choose Chris. I only hope that Americans don\'t let themselves be influenced by these three.
  • Shows How Difficult it is To Sing Well

    What American Idol does effectively is show how difficult it is to find truly talented singers on a professional level. America has been spoiled over the decades with extremely gifted performers since the 50's. This show brings back hope that, yes there are some gems out there waiting to be discovered and refined such as Katharine McPhee.

    What I don't appreciate is the cruelty of Simon and his flip flopping on performances. The man is vicious cruel at times that I find disturbing.

    I appreciate how well the show is produced and the great guest performers.

  • Only problem is America gets to choose.

    My wife and I really love American Idol but the only problem we have with the show is America (ir at least those with deamon dialers) is able to choose who moves on each week. Allowing the public to vote as often as they like each week is the biggest mistake I can think of as true talents are eliminated in favor of pretty faces, or in some cases down racial lines.
    I think if American Idol were revamped slightly to include Randy, Simon and Paula in the voting (maybe giving each judge an ability to save a single contestant once)might allow America to get right in those weeks we know in hearts they got it wrong..
  • Read Inside!!

    I love this show. I often have to skip work just to see. it. I love the music and the talented amature singers performing every single week. I also have a thing for Paula Abdul. She has been the center of my sexual fantacies for a few weeks now. I wish I was in Simon's spot. I could have a piece of her every single day. God she excites me even now as I write this!!
  • It's ok....

    American Idol isn\'t my favorite show... I don\'t like Simon and all that but Paula seems, how do I say it, fake? It\'s like she\'s just putting on an act. I don\'t know, maybe it\'s just me. But anyway, it entertains you, espeacialy the auditions. They need to make a lot of changes to it. I want to see the finally come sooner rather then later. They need to vote off 2 people a week, then it would go faster. But other than that it is a pretty good show. So the bottom line is it needs fine tuning but if they do that it would be great.

    Go Kat! Rock on Chris!
  • Watch shows with real talent. PLEASE!

    I don't know if there is a bigger waste of time out there. People aren't wathcing to see them succeed, they want to see who fails. You vote against not for some one. To bad that this is the height of their careers. Stop wasting your time and read a book, help the homeless, throw pies at your living room wall. Any of those things would be better for you mentally.
  • Who is the next American Idol-- the nations biggest unfound musical talent.

    So personally I always love the first seasons of every TV series. No matter what. And although many can argue that American Idol has lost its quality, I beg to differ. I think the competition has grown a lot stronger. I mean come on Justin Guarini? I'm sure any of these singers in the Final six could beat him in a heartbeat.

    Overall it's still something worth to watch if you enjoy music
  • More than just a late night at your local karaoke's music baby!

    American Idol has been entertaining America for years now, and will be for many years more..The show is so popular because it attracts two genres of people, those who want to see the 'Next American Idol'...and those who want to see them fall flat on their faces..Which ever side of the fence one sits, the show has become one of the hottest reality shows in history. Mention the names Randy, Paula, and Simon and anyone can tell you they're the 3 ruthless judges the contestants must impress to get their big break in the industry..but that's only the foot in the door, once they get past the 'make or break' Hollywood week, it's then left up to America to phone in and vote for their favorite performance. The contestant with the least number of votes is sent packin'..The last one standing after the countless rounds of themed performances is then crowned the next 'American Idol'..very addicting show, it should come with a warning label that could lead some into Idol Rehab! 12-step program coming up! ~KD Out!
  • After Watching the First Few seasons all i thought was good was Simon. He is the best part of the show

    After Watching the First Few seasons all i thought was good was Simon. He is the best part of the show. The people can\\\'t sing and all they get are good compliments from Paula and Randy. The first few weeks which are the tryouts are ok but after that they are not good
  • This show needs to be cancelled NOW.

    This show is a complete waste of time. I honestly have NO idea why this show has high ratings. Its so OLD and boring. And now because its so boring...they bring out a new show, "American Inventor"? These shows are for people with no lives. If you want to hear my opinion on great shows here they are. The only good show's on Television are currently LOST (which is the greatest show known to man), Alias, Surface, and 24. I can't believe people actually waste there time watching this show. It better be over soon, cause this show is horrible!
  • It is going downhill!! Total waste of money that could be used for shows that are worth it...

    American Idol is such a bad show for me! I mean it has lost its novelty, the "plot" is sooooo boring and the producers are just looking for something to keep the show going. I totally get that it has such a high rating- it has definitely earned a certain audience.. but I mean the show is about nothing and all they do is mock the people.

    And talking about mockery- how can three judges that barely know about music be considered to judge? I mean it's Paula Abdul and two guys that came out of nowhere without surely knowing hoe to differentiate soprano from mezzosoprano! How can they judge people (and in majority teenagers) when they themselves barely get the hang of music?!
  • Getting tired of this show...

    I hate Ryan, I hate Paula, and most of all I hate this show. I think that the first two seasons were alright. I mean Kelly was a good contribution to music, and the second season was also good. However now it seems that the winners, don't go anywhere. I mean you never see Rueben anymore, and I don't have any clue where Fantasia went. Before long winning the contest won't mean anything...

    I do like Chris Daughtry though, and I think he has a good future ahead of him. Also, I heard Creed offered him a spot as lead singer... I hope he accepts.
  • American Idol is a show where contestants audition to get on the show and try to win a recording contract. The viewers vote on who their favorite singer is and the judges comment on the performances.

    This show is starting to get really old. I used to watch it and I thought it was amazing but now it really is boring. The first season was really popular and the winner of the first season, Kelly Clarkson, is still making money and records and is probably benefited from this show more than any other American Idol winner. The second season finale with Rueben Studdard and Clay Aiken had the highest number of viewers but then after that the show just started to get old and worn out. The people trying out in auditions were so awful that I am beginning to think it is staged. It so dramatic and unreal how bad this people are, they think they can sing but they really can't. I think they are paying these people to sing badly. The show may also be rigged because in the past some really great singers are the first to go. This show may be just a popularity contest about looks and not vocals. If the American Idol producers want America to continue watching their show they better come out with a bang next season and add some sort of twist!
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