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  • Clark bashing!

    What is up judges with Clark? It shocks me that you all seem very bias this year. Clark should really take it all. He clearly has the best voice. IMO you have ALL gone on and on about how great Jax is, May 7th 3 rd performance was the first " halfway" bad" ( and totally point on) critique I've heard her recieve. Yet time after time you bash Clark for no reason. This has been the worst, very worst year. The show is on it's way out. I've watched since the beginning. But, I hate the new format and what is with only 5 going on tour this year? What a crock. If next year doesn't get any better, I won't be watching. For that matter if Jax wins I will not be watching. Judges have surely set her up for the win.
  • Judges.....

    K nothing against Nick, but COMES ON judges.... The guy doesn't make the song his own! Vocally, Nick cannot compare to Clarke or Jax. Clarke blew it out of the ballpark vocals and performance with Weekend's Jax was cool and sultry as usual! Keith Urban 's comment to Nick' s last performance being it's great cuz he didn't change sang it exactly like the original! Not impressed.... Sorry....
  • Ceejay

    Clark's performance sizzled . I didn't get what the judges were saying. It was like they all had someone else in mind to win, so they resorted to Clark bashing in order to achieve their goal. That was totally wierd.
  • rayvon is american idol fix

    It no way rayvon should have beaten out Quentin and show is surely fixed it's a joke I'm done...
  • What a sham, get rid of the fan save!

    I think American Idol is awful this year. The fan save is rigged, it doesn't factor in the different time zones. It's simple, one man is on the bottom every week yet he wins during the fan save? Come on! Not everyone Twitter's either so how can that be a reflection of what Americans think. Also, get off Clark.. Each week you tell him to do something better or different and he does, yet you never tell Rayvon to stop sounding the same, terrible every week ... I've been a fan for years until I've watched this sham of a season and all the talent being voted off in favor of one time zone feelings...
  • The show period is Bias

    I use to enjoy watching this show but year after Year I see a contestant that from the beginning have been excellent get voted off because of their appearance or their way of life or beliefs and after this day wed 4/29/2015 my house will not be tuned in good day
  • Change the new way of doing show

    Hi my name is adam I live in Washington state. I like the way you use to do the results. I don't like the idol fan save cause the people on the west coast their votes don't count for the idol fan save so you are lying to America when you say that it Is live it aint live for us. Cause if it where true it would not end till 1 am on the east coast. Next year go back to how it was before and get ride of the idol fan save
  • The judges are nuts!

    I have been watching American Idol each year since Carrie Underwood won. Usually I don't get involved in voting much less post comments about the show. Tonight's critique on Clark Beckham by the judges tonight was shocking. For the first time I honestly think the show is rigged! All the remaining contestants are truly awesome, but Clark clearly has the best voice. His performances tonight were flawless and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way he performs. He does not put on more then is his style and I for one enjoy him performing overall. I'm getting tired of the judges nit-picking.
  • P O fan

    to whom it may concern I used to be a big fan of American Idol I just don't understand why is it so much prejudice on the show now you can actually see it all the blacks are gone the great singers you took off and then you guys like every Tuesday and Wednesdays you just lie lie lie and I hate all of you I think we need to get a new panel of judges JLo needs to get her line ass off and go back to trying to sing what she do bestI think the whole panels sucks we needs to stop the prejudice with the police and the judges on American Idoland everybody is not into country singing and the two contestant from 2 years ago they also suck too thank you for reading my comment please give me a remark back I would love to hear from you guys
  • i'm puzzled

    no offense to the contestant nick, but I am still puzzled as to why he is still in the running. I cannot believe that quite a few of my personal favorites have been voted off, whom I thought has been way better of performers and artist than he is, but for some odd reason he is still on here. I guess I wouldn't get to the hidden reason behind that one, so good luck to the others because I hope one of the others win.
  • WHATS UP???

    hat is up with that silly painted on x on Jax,s face....
  • Keeps getting better

    Honestly, I've thoroughly enjoyed this season. Harry, Kieth, and Jeniffer seem intent on giving criticism and advice that will actually help contestants, not just spark controversy among the viewers. The contestants have all been so talented, it's hard to root for just one. The thing that amazes me, however, is the kindness the contestants have shown each other. The way Rayvon offered a protective arm to everyone who was standing with him during the elimination rounds; the way Quentin bravely spoke his mind when things got intense. This season, it seems like everyone involved has a passion for what they're doing. To other fans, please don't assume the worst about Idol just because your favorite got dropped. Negative reception can ultimately affect the show, even as popular as it is. For now, I'm still having a blast!
  • what in the singing world is wrong?

    i have watched every season. I am finished with the show. J Lo and her cleavage, singers who can't carry a tune, great singers eliminated. It seems the new theory on the show is if you can't sing we will try to make you a singer. If you are a great singer and perfomer we don't need you.
  • Canel this show

    I watched American idol from the start of the show. I will no longer view this bias show.. It's very clear to me that the American Idol show is bias and preferably to their liking. I have never heard so many contestants sing out of tune and receive rave reviews. The Judges are a joke. Was last night really about singing? Not! However 3 of the best singers got the boot. I am so disgusted with this show. Another viewer lost. Give me the Voice. This show elects professional singers all of which are capable of winning. Shame on the producers and these so called Judges. I'm threw. GOD don't sleep
  • Last night's show put the nail in AI's coffin for me!

    I am never going to watch this show again. I think the judges have been so wrong so much of the time that it's laughable. I do not think another WGWG should win, but they are pushing Clark. I was so excited in the beginning for Quintin and Qaasim - they were so exciting and so unique to AI - now that they both are gone, there's nothing there for me to watch. Who came up with the idea of a Twitter Fan Save? That really sucked. I think Harry Connik Jr. was waaaayyy out of line jumping on Quintin for his remarks last guaranteed him to go home last night. So stupid and so wrong! I've watched this show regularly since Season 2 and the best season was Season 4 with Carrie and Bo! It's gone downhill ever since, but I kept watching, now it's over. Gone, gone, gone!


    So disappointed that Quentin was voted off, he was probably the only contestant that I would pay money to see in concert.... He was stylistically so unique, but so perfectly suited to him. I had fleeting visions of Jimi Hendrix in his performances, because for some reason he reminded me of with his sound, but with his own unique rocker qualities. I loved when he would just let loose and rock out. He is a great artist and it is a shame that he was sent home. I think America is too influenced by the judges, and Harry called him out last week, so America responded. Bye for now Quentin. Keep pushing young man and go after your dream.
  • All Bark and No Bite!

    Idol represents EVERYTHING that's wrong with entertainment these days... all bark, no bite!

    Idol is no longer about singing... it's about smoke & fog, laser lights, wind makers, the band, the background vocals, wardrobe and J-Lo's cleavage.

    They need to lose all that production crap and go back to basic performances that EMPHASIZE the contestant's vocal ability... PERIOD!

    Idol now SUCKS!
  • miss the old days

    none of the twelve would have made it to Hollywood in the old days. the rest of this message is from lisa, jim's wife (still learning our new computer) anyway , I don't know how many of you were even born in the early days. but how many of us remember clay aiken, adam lambert, Jennifer Hudson and the incomparable colton Dixon. these people knew how to take a song and squeeze the blood out of it and take you on a magical ride. I personally don't see that this year. the best performace I can say I have seen is jax's audition. I love when she keeps it simple, on the piano with that gorgous falsetto. Spine-tingling. since I want to vote for someone I will go with jax. keep it simple. not all hard core rock all the time. play it right,less is more I think. (miss joey. she had too different of a sound but she was adorable)
  • Joey Cook Kicks it!

    Look out Grace Slick! Joey Cook killed it with her version of Somebody to Love! One of my all time favorite songs just got differently better! I don't care what anyone voted Joey You Are 2015 AMERICAN IDOL WINNER!! YOU brought to the table what no one else did! I can't wait to see you in concert and buy your first "album" You go girl!
  • Go Quentin

    some people might not agree with mee but I vote for Quentin he only protected his feelings every week harry dis his singing and put down on him and harry canit even sing he might be voted odf next week but i can say he stood his ground. And i think its a racist thing because through the years only 3 black people only won America idol thars why they got a law suit against them now for discrimination against blacks. Whats so bad harry from the sam city and he dont want nobody to be better than him to c ome from New Orleans.
  • Mediocre Idol

    I have watched Idol since the beginning. I have always loved the show. There have been some ups and downs over the years (it's been 14 seasons, people). Since the originals have left, the replacement judges have been good and bad. This season isn't horrible judge-wise, but the contestants are not the best of the bunch and I don't understand what is happening. The new twists and additions seem like desperate attempts to keep viewers, but it alienates some of the old-school fans (not everyone has Twitter or uses social media, Idol). What happened to finding someone with a great voice and letting them explore their talents during the show then leaving it up to the audience to decide who to vote on without any fancy tricks or schemes?

    Side note: Does anyone else not notice the similarity between Nick's voice and Chris Daughtry? Daughtry had better stage presence and rocker edge, but the voices are close. How could any judge not notice that? Weird.

    your vote at the end of the show is CRAP

    if you can get through

    good way of having five minutes of commuricals
  • Qassim + Joey gone? Quentin for American Idol 2015!

    United States have been watching too many zombie shows and turned into zombies with no taste in real music. Qassim is very talented, not only for his ability to perform. He has an ability to sing with soul and passion. Comparable to Stevie Wonder. Not to mention he reminds me of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. Now Joey Cook, our other favorite has left us. I'm so sad and this show keeps on disappointing my family.

    Quentin, I give you huge props for calling America out on the bad voting. That took courage, and for that, you deserve the win.
  • Our last episode!

    It is very sad that this show is so horrible now, we used to enjoy it. The contestants cannot sing, they are horribe, their off key, and ruin every song they sing. You hear one of these contestants sing off key to the point you don't recognize the song, then the judges tell them how wonderful they are. Seriously??? Who would pay money to hear any of these people sing in concert?
  • Tonight is my LAST EPISODE TO WATCH!!! I refuse to watch such disrespect be tolerated on national TV!!!

    I was highly disappointed in the way that backwoods Thug Quentin Alexander was allowed to should have been immediately dismissed and NEVER allowed to return to ANY televised shows. Obviously he was coached by someone on what to say before returning to the stage, but it was TOO LATE.... He had already shown his TRUE COLORS!!!! To start with, I'm still wondering HOW he even got as far as he did?? He has absolutely NO TALENT.. Seriously, I laughed when he first started performing. He can't hold a tune in a bucket!!! This is suppose to be a show about Teen "IDOL'S". DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT YOUR TEEN THINKING THATS THE WAY YOUR SUPPOSE TO ACT????? I don't ever comment on these shows, and I had to figure out how to find a area to express my distaste and total DISGUST!!! I don't know how many viewers see these post but I sure wish enough people could rally together and get this horrible kid booted back to the back alleys of New Orleans were he needs to stay.... (No disrespect to New Orleans. I Love the City, all Cities have their share of Bad
  • quentin is terrible

    quentin is a real winner been watching from day one idol i will never watch idol again take that dam hog ring out of your nose or go back to africa where u came from he is terrible

  • The real Quentin revealed!

    Quentin's bad attitude and arrogance were displayed for the whole viewing audience to see tonight. As Harry said if the show was so whacked and he was so upset why not let his friend have his spot. Hope this week is the last we see of him. I have wondered week to week why he was still a contestant. Talk about no talent! I think he dug his own grave tonight! WAY TO GO QUENTIN!!!!!
  • harry is an a#$hole

    Everyone but harry knew what Quentin meant.
  • Quentin Really?????


    If you were really that upset about the final two, why didn't you take their place, even better why don't you just go home. They are not the first contestants that have great voices that landed on the bottom and I am sure they won't be the last, it's the nature of the show. You have lost my respect.
  • American Idol

    I don't no who this Harry guy is but I see that he never should be a judge. He's being a ass take it easy who ever Harry is
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