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  • Cancel This Pathetic Turd Fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    American Idol Season 13 is pathetic. I was once a a dedicated viewer until Simon left the show. By chance, I tuned in last night and observed the following: 1) The Cast is of a group of kids with zero personality, sub par singing ability and no stage presence. The bottom of the barrel has been scraped, and there is nothing left. 2) Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. The sad attempt at funny skits with the cast was hard to watch. As I looked at each contestant do their dog and pony for the camera with a stupid producer behind the camera guiding them to make asses out of themselves, I kept it's come to this. 3) The judges are fine, but you can see in their eyes as they watch the contestants that there is no talent in this group and they know that whoever wins will have a brief career at best.

    American Idol had a good run and produced a few massive stars. Once Simon left the show, so did the gravity of this one time powerhouse. Fox, lets get this turd cancelled next year and let it rest in peace before we get to the point where we can't recall the days when this show actually meant something.
  • Ha Ha that was funny making fun of the red neck!

    Gosh what a laugh it was to see the contestants wearing their hats backwards and talking like a red neck and making fun of the white boy! Next I hope they show them with afro's and talking like an African American thug rapper, or get a sombrero and yuk it up making fun of Mexican American stereotypes! Then to cap it off some good fun poking at LGBTs! Wow what fun! Just think! Then the youngsters watching the show can go to school and make this kind of fun of anyone in their school who happens to be different!! Oh but wait, that stuff isn't cool in REAL life. Seriously. You think they would practice what Hollywood preaches. I think they call it tolerance? Nah, that doesn't include rednecks, right? SHAME SHAME SHAME
  • It's... Kiddie Idol!

    With this season, the devolution is complete. It's gone from over-30 is too old to over-20 is too old. So we have a bunch of kids that for the most part aren't ready, as performers or people, for this much exposure. They don't have the tools to deal with it all. Other problems include contestants auditioning & doing early performances with guitars (&, too often, their own songs), which changes the playing field & doesn't show how they will do with cover material, or without their instruments. Having to audition & do most performances acappella, at least in the beginning, was one of the show's great levelers in the past. No wonder the Voice is kicking this show's ass - a broader age range is more interesting, all types of people is more interesting, all types of music: more interesting; judges more talented, charismatic, & interesting. And the audition process allows for the fairest, most level playing field of any of these vocal competitions. This season in Idol; the talent level is so low & the contestants so green; they're dumbing-down the themes, so far, to make it easier for them. And I'm still not getting up & going to the sofa for most performances.

    Having said all that, Sam has true charisma - he's not ready yet, either, but at least the kid has charisma & some talent - at times, when he looks at the camera, it reminds me of a young James Taylor or Paul McCartney. MK Nobilette seemed deer-caught-in-headlights for 2nd-3rd weeks but seems to be regrouping & could turn into something special. Caleb's a great rock singer. I loved Majesty Rose at 1st but she's been making poor choices. Maybe it will turn around. But it would really, really help to get judges who know about all sorts of music - or who at least have the insight & watchability of Paula Abdul or Steven Tyler. And if you're going to have such young contestants, they should be getting the kind of guidance re: song choices & vocal training that's offered to contestants on the Voice.
  • Worst Season Ever!!!!

    I am so upset with AI. This show has produced some of the best singers of recent years; Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie, Jennifer Hudson, and Candice, yes Candice. They said last season was the worst; but that was due to Mariah and Nicki conflict. Candice performed Love Song and was taunted as the best performance ever and I would have to agree. What the hell were these judges listening to this year. I can't believe it. And what is worst, these kids (and I do mean kids) think they are talented and that is the most injustice of all. They think they can sing!!!! And if they were going for no talent and an image; they should have kept the "good looking guy" Spencer Lloyd. At least he was easy on the eyes. They need to squash this season and start over. It is so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can't stand Harry

    American idol needs to get rid of HARRY. Does not fit in with Jennifer and Keith.. he is sooo arrogant and rude.. Go home Harry..
  • I love Harry but

    to say this group is the most talented since Season 1?! Not even close to Carrie Underwood's year if you ask me. And I also feel the contestants are too young. You want them to sing with more emotion, they need to do a little more livin'.
  • Affirmative Action

    This is what's wrong with American Idol... People decided to get a lawsuit going saying that American Idol was racist. So this year A LOT of good talent was sent home because they were white and they needed to keep the black to white ratio balanced. If you noticed, the top 30 had exactly half of them white and half of them black or some racial mix. (I think it's off by one because America voted the white guy in when they had to pick the final male contestant) Go back and look. You'll see I'm right. No, I'm not racist and have no issues with African Americans or bi-racial people... Majesty and CJ are 2 of my faves... What I do have a problem with, is keeping people that didn't sing very well, and letting good talent go home, just because they're trying to reach a racial quota. That's considered racism too! Duh. Smh...
  • Hurray for Harry!

    Harry is the only reason I am even continuing to watch this season. He is entertaining and original. I can't say that about anyone else on the show, judges or the lackluster contestants. Bring back Adam Lambert and let him sing for the entire hour. Maybe the contestants will learn something about both singing and performing.
  • A sad situation

    I have been watching AI since season one. I barely made it through the Mariah/Nicki disaster, but was hopeful this year would redeem itself. Not the case. Jennifer and Keith are kind, which I think is fine, as so many of the contestants are very young, too young I think. Harry is honest and I found I shared most of his opinions. My question is how did these contestants make it to the final 13? Not a superstar in the bunch. Yes, they all have nice singing voices, but it takes so much more than that. Caleb appears to have a slight chance of making it, but he has a long way to go. Being such a long time fan of AI, it was hard to just stop completely. I find myself fast forwarding and watching the whole show in about 30 minutes and zooming right to the end of the results show. I guess all good things have to come to an end. Pretty sure this is the end of the road for me. Goodbye American Idol. Sorry it had to end like this.
  • A Snooze Fest

    This is the worst year I've ever seen. There is no talent that compares to any of the previous years. The opening segment tonight with the contestants singing was awful. There is no one that compares to David Archuleta or Candice Glover. I'd settle for Sanjaya right now--at least he was entertaining! The method of voting also seems very unfair and weighted toward the contestants who perform early in the show. And by allowing 50 votes per medium, they can have a record number of votes without much of an audience.
  • Not An Idol

    Harry should not be criticized for his harsh words last night. He is right, the judges are looking on the stage like "what the hell happened here?" And I can't blame them. It was the most boring night of Idol EVER. These contestants are terrible. Such a shame.
  • Lost Hope. No Talent.

    There is no talent on this show once so ever.... the runner ups stand no chance to the talent from the past seasons yet alone ANY... i'm in shock.. i've never seen a season without just one catchy singer. I Won't be voting.. nor watching this show anymore .. So long american idol time to move onto The voice!
  • Poor Talent

    The talent is so poor this year, that I am no longer watching. I can hear singing like this anywhere, even when my husband sings in the shower. (and he can't carry a tune). LOL
  • Just Awful for the most part

    Show business will be just fine without most of these contestants. Most were off key and not ready to perform on television. Even the band makes mistakes at times. It's just awful. The screeching, lackluster off-key performances- the girl with the same cap on backwards who comes out and stares into space as she barely gets the words and a semblance of a tune out - it's torture. Our family had to turn the sound down on one contestant it was so horrible. American Idol has its hands full this season because they'll be up for hours trying to make singers out of most of this bunch! Too bad we can't do a vote over and bring back the ones who didn't make it but had real promise. Most of them stink!

  • Singer volume

    The Broadcast volume of the singers is too low!!!!!!

    This is a singing contest not a band contest!!!!
  • Harry is right!

    These judges did a very poor job choosing the top 12. They let go of some singers with exceptional talent (Brianna Oakley) and hung onto others with Harry is right! Almost everyone is singing out of tune! I would much rather hear singers sing in tune than listen to others try to drive home an out of tune emotion. This group are lackluster and don't hold a candle to the amazing singers from last year. I have been a fan since the beginning of Idol, but the singers on "The Voice" are proving to be of a much better calibre. I find myself 'tuning' out of Idol this year.

    Harry is speaking the truth, and Jennifer and Keith are spending all their comment time trying to balance out the honesty of what Harry says, that they are misleading the contestants and giving them false hope, not real constructive criticism. They are telling some of the contestants that they are are doing so well, and that they love them, or their outfits, but the truth is, the chosen talent is disappointing. Perhaps they are trying to justify their choices. Overall, the song choices are poor. Not that it is always necessary to hear music that is well known, but it would be nice to hear some. Tonight there were only two popular numbers (sung by . and Emily). Some of the singers are choosing music that is too big for their abilities and in trying to 'belt it out' are derailing their performances. . Malaya, singing 'Take me to the King'. Alex is a brilliant musician but not the best voice. The best singer who brings 'it' every week is Caleb! He commands the stage with a presence, confidence and is a great performer. He sings in tune and gives an excellent performance every time. Again Harry's comment to him was right though.. he needs to become relevant to 2014 or he will end up singing 70/80's music in bars across America, to the tail end of the baby boomers.
  • Not a "High C"

    Keith Urban referred to a contestant hitting a "high C," when in fact it was only an "F," which is not a very high note for a woman's voice. A good alto can hit an "F" located at the top of the treble clef, whereas a "High C," which is well above the top of the treble clef, can only be hit by sopranos with a very good range. Pop singers generally have such limited range that they sound as though they're singing very high when they're not--that is, they seem to be struggling to hit notes that aren't really very high in the whole scheme of things. It would be nice if pop singers were more educated about issues such as the "High C" and the number of octaves in a singer's range. I often hear that a person has "a four octave range," when the truth of the matter is that a top-of-the-line singer usually has a two octave range or slightly higher--for example, a world-class soprano who sings opera would have a two-and-a-half octave range. It would be great if American Idol could do a short segment on notes and range, comparing the different contestants. This would help people determine who was actually the best singer in the group.
  • Talent?

    This show is supposed to be about TALENT! Bypassing some great voices to cram the gay agenda down our throats is a complete turn-off! This year is DONE!
  • Brainwashed

    Although the talent is majorly lacking this season, the main issue here besides production, is Harry Connick jr. He's charmed his way into making people believe his opinions on certain vocal dynamics or pitches/tones etc is " right " or " wrong. " This season looked promising in the beginning with the judges showing obvious chemistry (much more than last season), but as the season progressed I became more and more aware of how unbelievably critical Harry is in his judging. It's almost as if he's more fixated on the flaws (however insignificant it may be) of the performance like a sharp note, instead of the emotion projected throughout or the overall entertainment value. I'm a music guy, so I care about intonation and pitch as much as the next guy but look this isn't broadway. A flat note can be compromised by entertainment value. I personally don't appreciate the way he critiques in a way that directs the contestants into singing in a way that pleases him rather than themselves. They won't grow as musicians if they learn to conform to other peoples specific judgments. That hinders the creative process of music and performance which in turn will create a lot of resistance in their future in music. It just pierces my soul to see Harry tell a contestant they did poorly when they actually did great, just not to his overly analytical taste. Not to say Harry doesn't know music because he does and I agree with him quite often actually. I think Keith gets it more than Harry does. The judging thIng and music. This whole season is just tanking. It needs to go back to its roots and trim the weeds starting with the judging panel... Enough said.
  • AI Sucks with a capital "S"

    AI looked entertaining and it looked like they had great talent. I was excited. But, when it came to selecting the finals, totally messed up 98%. Only 2% had some potential talent. There aren't any quality talents or singers with great voices. It seems like all the singers needed to be trained in singing. This seasons AI was a total let down. The girls were really bad. The girl with the wild hair and the girl who sang the Katey Perry song need to go. That was just terrible. I'm watching The Voice where there's true talent. The best AI was the earlier years with Kelly, Carrie, Clay, Cook, and the last guy who sang Home. That's where you heard great singing. Also, they had great singers that they cut. I just don't know what kind of ears these judges were using to listen to these singers. No offense but y'all got it all wrong...
  • Down the tubes

    So i been watching American Idol sense season 1 and every season so far was awesome. I have been watching this season to sense the first episode and have to say by watching it on maybe it i different from what the judges are hearing to what I am hearing on but so far have to say the judges made many mistakes. during the show where they pick the top 30 half of those people who made the top 30 should not have been there and people who got cut should have made it. After seeing who the judges picked for the top 13 was crazy because out of the 13 they got many picks right but seeing it on tv and hearing what the contestants sound like and there song choices at least 5 out of the 13 should not be there. There are a at least 4 women that made the top 13 who it sounds like all they do is scream when they sing and its not even singing. I am not trying to be mean but hearing it on Tv 4 of the women who are on there are absolutely terrible . Going by there performances Majesty, Malaya,Mk, Alex and Sam should not be in there. There were Many way better people then them. I cant believe America let Kristen go. She has an amazing voice compared to other contestants. Com on America. The judges made there choices even know many of them were bad but now it is up to America. Lets get this right and not screw up. Really listen to there voices and realize who is good and who could perform. Com on America
  • The last nail in the coffin...

    ok so I been watching idol from season 1 episode 1. The only time I stopped watching was mid way thru season 9 - when the combo of Kara and Ellen was just too painful to listen to and watch and to add to that mess was the fact that the talent was slim... I never felt Kara added anything substantial and altho I like Ellen adding her to the mix as a fourth judge was just not a good move. I did tune back in for the last two weeks because Bowersox was always a favorite. But this year I have to say its unbearable... between the judges who all are sooo nice... even tho harry seems to speak the truth a bit more often, no one really tells it like it is ( where's simon). The other thing that is bothersome is that the contestants seem to have talent but it has disappeared - its just too hard to watch. In addition the new format narrowing it down to 30 and then having only 20 perform, then teasing another 5 and 5 didn't even get to sing - what's the point. Pick 25 from the start - have them all sing. The other thing is that the judges are making these decisions off of performances that the public doesn't see so there is no way for us to understand. Eliminating people because of a rehearsal - just doesn't make sense. How can we invest in a singer if we don't see the performances judges are judging from? Its the same with how they condense Hollywood week. All of a sudden someone they been doing human life story footage on is walking out the door and you never saw the bad performance. The real nail in the coffin was the fact that you can now vote 50 times for each artist even before the singing starts.. WTF? is this a singing competition. I cant imagine giving someone 50 votes and then 40 minutes later they forget the lyrics and sing the entire song off key. I mean does anyone remember Sanjaya and Lazaro. This new voting strategy has proven that the creators of Idol only care about social media and popularity. Talent is at the bottom of the list - probably why ratings are tanking - they lost their core objective - talent.. Farewell American Idol, such a shame you used to be a singing competition. Guess we'll leave that to "the voice".
  • Worst EVER!!!!

    This is the worst American Idol Top 13 EVER!!!! It's been driven by Harry Connick Jr. He hates anyone who has a powerful clean toned voice. Always mentions they are belting. AHHH NOOOO!!! Yes, some did but they let go sooooo many great talented people. I was floored but saw a pattern. I like Harry but definitely not as a judge. Keith and J. Lo just followed. I couldn't believe it. At least tonight they stood up and disagreed with Harry for once. Last week a power house singer (sorry cannot remember her name) sang and Harry said it was a bad performance and that yes the audience was going to clap when she went for the high note and belted. They always do he says. Well, she deserved the crowd excitement. It was great. So when Harry reviewed he got booed and well he should've. Audiences are smart and have great ears now and he was wrong. I knew then she would not make the top 13. I could go on about a lot but I won't. I will say though that they should've kept all the top 10 guys and sent all the girls home. None are good some are passable.

    As for Randy Jackson mentoring, well bring back Jimmy. I really don't think and never did think Randy would do a good job.

    IDOL IS GOING DOWN. It started out looking good and I liked the new feel and easy going style of the panel. It was great, but let me tell you, one judge had WAY WAY too much influence and screwed it up.

    I WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE WATCHING!! too bad enjoy these shows.
  • very bad american idol

    There is no wow in American idol this time I am turning it off judges are puppets.
  • Harry is not relevant

    I cannot stand how awful the producers are for American idol. From the choice of horrible Harry to create unnecessary and time wasting drama to the ridiculous audience noise this season - so very similar to the worst part of xfactor (and the reason I had to stop watching). Completely annoying. Shut up audience. I did not tune in to listen to non stop shrill screaming. Harry connick was the WORST mentor last season. Completely out of touch with today's music. Seriously what has he done lately? I have actually paid to see him in concert at wolf trap. Nobody wants to hear any of his songs newer than what he did for the Harry met Sally soundtrack - because everything since has been forgettable. Come on idol - that was 30 years ago!!!!
  • Judges scared to judge, 2014 singers barely good for karaoke

    The judges try to stay on the live audiences's cheers, thus they are mostly not judging and not being critical. Not one judge called a performance bad all night (probably discouraged by the producers), but there were MANY BAD performances. The winnowing down to this final group I largely missed, but the final 12 or 13 would not have even been close to making the show in years past. Seems like Idol is no longer screening for singers but instead looking for children that middle America will support per what they want America to look like or be?? - BUT THIS IS ABOUT FINDING GREAT SINGERS! They should go to professional judges (Gamble & Huff, Clive Davis, Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder) people who have a proven track record for finding exceptionally talented singers, and the pro judges should be weighted over the public in voting (judges votes = 3/4 of total, public = 1/4) - so that all of the 'political correctness' and 'kind of person' bias can be minimized in picking winners and who moves on. Amazingly in 2013 Idol ended up with a deserving winner who can really sing ... but it seems very doubtful 2014 will end that way. Also, judges need to judge for real (Simon had it right back then, not so on X-Factor) poor performances and contestants who are obviously not ready need to be told the harsh truth and eliminated. Idol (and The Voice too) should raise the minimum age to 19 ... saving the too young teens from the harsh & proper judging. None of this will probably happen, but all of it should. No one in the final 12 of 2014 really should be a winner of this competition. Peace!

    - . J-Lo never could sing (she can hold a note but that's it) and should have never been a judge. Keith has moments but generally is way too nice to be critical. Harry as a guest last year had good input , but now he is trying to be nice and 'liked' and his judgement has gone out the window. Get some pro music producers to judge like Valerie Simpson, Rachelle Ferrell, Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, etc. And no judge including celebrities is worth over a million ot two to do the judging. J-Lo gets $17 million?? No wonder the judging and show are going to pot ...
  • Cheap antics that are intentionally hurtful

    Why is American Idol just being mean this year? And the folks in the final group are just not very good. I'm not going to watch this season. It's so, well, bad!
  • No longer a fan - I tried

    I watched Idol with a open mind. But I will no longer watch it again. The Thursday cut process was ridiculous. Spencer and the Bria should have made the wild card. The new process of out they do it is ridiculous.

    JLo is great

    Keith is Awesome

    Harry is good buy to critical. He's not you shouldn't give harsh feedback without a good explanation. Some of the words and comments he does use. even America doesn't understand the heck what he's talking about.

    Anyway I was so upset that with Thursday. That I'm no longer watching Idol. I Was So Excited When It Came on...

    Really excited about the chemistry of the judges. But the new process sucked the life right out of everything.

    So I'm no longer watching Idol!!

  • televisionilove

    I am so mad at American Idol right now. They sent home a lot of great talent. I have decided to not watch this season. Harry does not know what he is talking about. Please replace him next year.
  • DISGUSTING AGENDA now for sure!

    American Idol is disgusting. The "ladies" are loose; the obsessive marketing techniques imply that we Americans are nothing more than mindless little creatures who can be persuaded according to how well something is promoted; and the horrible SHOVE of total transgender/gay wickedness is just too much!!! Dx

    It's supposed to be a small-town talent's road to success in a cute little musical show, not another view into the heart-wrenching lost debauchery of Hollywood!!! Ugh!
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