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  • Quentin Really?????


    If you were really that upset about the final two, why didn't you take their place, even better why don't you just go home. They are not the first contestants that have great voices that landed on the bottom and I am sure they won't be the last, it's the nature of the show. You have lost my respect.
  • American Idol

    I don't no who this Harry guy is but I see that he never should be a judge. He's being a ass take it easy who ever Harry is

  • Used to be my favorite show but now i luv the Voice

    Harry is being a butt as he becomes too much lately n is ruining the show! Quentin Alexander was excellent singing Lenny Kravitz! Never heard 1 pitch issue so they better get their ears checked!!!!!!
  • Need new Judges

    I have watched American Idol from the beginning, This is the worst season ever. Will not watch anymore alot of my friends feel the same way.
  • An American Idol Fan

    American Idol is trying new things this year to help boost ratings, and I give them thumbs up for their efforts, even if some of them including the light up chairs and the twitter only fan save vote aren't my favorites. I disagree with the ones saying there are no good singers. That's really not so, at all! I'm listening to the same show, and I have heard some great singing. Apparently, I just see and hear it differently, than the ones putting the show and the singers down. I saw some late night show last week, and they had a guest band, and all they did was scream and screech, I want to stab myself over and over again. I would say that at least American Idol is promoting better quality music, which is a lot better than some of these shows are. I also like The Voice too, but American Idol has always been my favorite and still is.
  • American Idol not good

    I have watched this show from first season til now. I agree with what everyone on here is saying. American Idol has been going down. I don't see any start quality in the contestants. American Idols need new judges. The judges don't really give harsh criticism when the singers were bad. I think American Idol need better judges that can criticize to point where they don't degrade them.
  • The Fix Is In

    No offense to Nick, but there must be a fix going on cause I can't understand how he continues on week after mediocre week. He's not an Idol. He's a fair singer. Geez. And in fact, except for Clark Beckham--a major talent- this is the least talented group of potential idols ever. These judges don't seem to care about voice. They care about gimmicks. Jax sometimes sounds interesting but it gets old. And that other gal Jody talks and enunciates words in a forced affected way--that's her talent... I like her style but there is nothing else there. It's 90% style over substance. This is a singing contest. Yes performance, charisma and style is important, but man, when I think of Kelly Clarkson, and Adam Lampert (who was the real winner even though not official) these guys--except for Clark are jokes. Most of the people they cut were better than these guys--except Clark. I don't believe that this is a real contest. This has to be fixed. When Jody sang "Mad World" I couldn't believe the judges response. It was the most boring rendition. All she did was nothing. She just acted sad instead of her usual perky demeanor. All I could think of is when Adam Lampert did the song--it was amazing--THAT IS AN ARTIST, not these guys. Oh how far Idol has sunk.
  • Boo hoo on u Jen!

    I love Jen, BUT she should not speak over Harry & she should not contradict him. It pains me to say she looked unprofessional and a bit of a bully:(

    Harry is the most spot on judge... that guy knows his music and has well thought out comments. Jen is 75% fluff in her comments and Keith 90%. Harry's comments give me perspective on the artists performances and I've learned from him.

    Careful idol... treat him better or you might lose him and then you're left with a pretty shallow show.
  • Horrible

    Total rubbish. I no longer watch. Producers have ruined the show
  • what i think of American Idol

    The show has really slipped over the past few years. But this year your talent is so so weak. It dosnt come close to the voice. In fact it sucks
  • Last Nights Show??

    What kind of rubbish is this NEW instant Fan Vote for elimination ? For one thing the Poor Kid "Danny" Who's Throat was ravaged with Laryngitis totally Unfair! What kind of results do you expect to get? Should of sent him home when he got sick! That along with not having the entire Viewing audience involved with this new process. Not everyone uses Twitter or any of the other Apps. Mentioned before instant (unreal) Elimination??? If it's Not Broken? Why Fix It? Respectfully Gitbox4me
  • I could go on for hours...

    I could go on and on for hours and hours about how epically bad this season is! Fortunately, for everyone who is reading this, I won't do that. What I will say is this: during the auditions and even Hollywood week, I was hopeful. When they gave us the little music video thing with all the people blacked out for the top 24, I was also very excited. They sounded awesome. I maybe we'd get the talent that we've been begging for season after season since Randy left the show. I really thought it was going to be great. But, then we got rid of the people who could actually sing. All the best singers got voted off and the tone deaf ones were saved as wildcard picks and then Qassim got the save. Seriously, what the heck are the judges thinking?! Are they tone deaf?! I sure think that most of the contestants are. I really, really hope that the terrible anxiety-inducing format is the reason for most of them doing so badly, but I just don't know anymore.

    I remember when they would make the person going home sing at the end of the results show. I always thought that was in poor taste. And, 90% of the time the person didn't do very well because their emotions were all over the place. What they are doing to these contestants this year is very similar. They're desperately trying to boost ratings, but they seem to have forgotten that the thing that will boost ratings the most is having ACTUAL TALENT on the show.

    One more thing I want to say before I shut up, is that I really don't think they need teenagers on this show. I think 15 year olds should be at home with their families, going to school, not worrying about making it into the big time. Generally speaking, teenagers aren't ready. Why have an age limit of 28? Is that to insinuate that after 28 you're a has been and there's no longer a place for you in the entertainment world? I think people would rather hear a talented, and well trained 30-something on the show than a no-talent, unprepared 15 year old any day. I think they shouldn't be eligible to be on the show until they turn 18, just my opinion.

    With all of that being said, I'm incredibly disappointed. I think Idol has run its course. When Simon was on the show it was a singing competition, now it seems to be an artist competition. And, apparently artist means that you dress like a moron and can't carry a tune in a basket.
  • American Idol 2015

    I hate the new format of Idol this year. It feels rushed and doesn't give us time to get to know the contestants. Bring back the results show. The new system with the chairs and the judges comments before each performance is awful. And can someone tell J-Lo to put on some clothes please? Our family has stopped watching because of her inappropriate choice of dress - as a role model for all the young girls and children that watch this show and as a mother she should be ashamed of herself!
  • Still a Good Show

    I like this show because of the judges. Simon and Paula are still funny. Paula actually looks hotter now than she did when the show first began. Simon has changed too. He is still critical sometimes, but not as negative as he used to be. He also has developed more of a jazz vibe and lost the British accent. I do miss Randy and his catch phrases, but it is cool that the producers replaced him with Ellen Degeneres. I had no idea she was such a successful country artist with such a beautiful wife. I thought she was just a comedian. The contestants this year are pretty good. Qaasim and Joey have a good style to them. I don't really like their singing as much but I figure autotune will help them when one of them wins.
  • Great

    I think this years American Idol is great. I like the characters. They are memorable, they each have an identity and are artists. So they don't sing perfect, watch the boring voice. At least after its all over I can remember something about these participants. Cheers
  • Not good

    Am I the only one who thinks Qaasim had a HORRIBLE voice? I can't believe he's still on the show. He's an entertainer but can NOT sing.
  • Shame on the judges!

    Shame on the judges for putting Daniel Seavey into the top 20 this year OBVIOUSLY exploiting the cuteness factor over his vocal readiness for such a vocally challenging endurance singing competition. Shame on his parents for valuing momentary FAME over his long term best interest! This is supposed to be a SINGING competition for people that are ready for a career in music and all that implies NOT a show about exploitation to increase ratings!! Now young Daniel will have to go on tour with damaged vocal chords-causing probably PERMANENT damage!! Where is the real talent this year? Clark and Rayvoni are the ONLY singers ready for the vocal demands of competition and touring! Why do the judges I sister on telling terrible singers that their songs were great when they are TERRIBLE! They are trying to justify why they chose these average (karaoke) singers over THOUSANDS of BETTER singers! Shame on the judges!!!
  • American Idol SUCKS

    I agree with every one that posted on here, American Idol SUCKS this year, BRING Simon Cowell back, at lest he knew how to pick some one who can sing, every one the Judges picked this year don't even know how to sing, they can not even stay in tune, they sound so bad it hurts to hear them try to sing, use to our whole family use to all get together to watch American Idol, it USE to be really good, NOT ANY MORE.
  • American Idol still enjoyed by some!

    I have read the many reviews regarding Idol's low TV ratings; however, my husband and I still find the show very entertaining. The remaining contestants might not be the strongest vocalists and maybe the more experienced musicians hear things I don't, but the show gives individuals a chance at following their dream. We see people from all walks of life, we connect with their stories and their passion for music. The judges used their one save of the season on a Fantastic performance! Quassim (sp?) might not be the strongest vocalist but he sure can entertain! Jennifer's performance the other week was so incredible that I can watch it over and over again. It was mesmerizing! In addition, having someone like Boy George mentor the contestants was amazing! I grew up listening to Boy George and loved seeing him put forth a sincere effort to help the contestants. I was disappointed that some didn't appreciate the advice but loved that Jennifer brought it to the contestant's attention that one should have an open mind. The disrespect angered me. I also loved that Boy George didn't hold back from giving feeback. Another mentor that I loved was Adam Lambert. I love Harry, and Keith and their quirky demeanor. Perhaps the show is fixed or the outcome is not we desired; but it's entertainment! I have been exposed to different types of music that I generally might not listen to and have come to learn that I enjoy a little bit of everything. Xfactor was another excellent show that people didn't appreciate. I hope we don't lose American Idol as well. I threw everything out there and have rambled on. Hope that my admiration came thru. Thank you!
  • American Idol needs to go back to it's roots, and The Voice is dumb

    I agree worst season of IDOL ever bu I am tired of those like "The Voice" then saying how good that show is. That show is also a big ZERO. Idol will always be the best but somewhere it has lost it's way. Go back to the beginning. Simpler is better! PS... Quit calling Jax Cole "Jax" as if she deserves a one name title. That is what makes Idol pathetic this year.
  • Producers have ruined this year's Idol

    The producers have mucked this show up big time. They choose the contestants (don't ever think the judges are calling the shots when it comes to who ultimately gets on the show) and unfortunately, these contestants just aren't ready. What's worse, the producers and vocal coaches advise the contestants on how to approach the songs, and I think they're either missing the mark or these kids aren't coachable, OR they're not getting the time they need to prepare good performances. The producers are also responsible for the sound balance which is terrible this year. The band is too loud which causes the contestants to force their vocals. Put it all together and you've got the worst Idol ever. I feel bad that the judges are being blamed when they're not responsible for the show itself. The only reason I even watch this year is because Harry's funny and he also sincerely wants to help them. It's too bad he has no real opportunity to do that. Idol needs to take a page from The Voice, where the production is stellar. The sound is amazing and the artists are phenomenal singers to begin with and only get better because of the amazing coaching they get. So The Voice is an enjoyable ride that's over too soon, unlike Idol, which is downright painful this year.
  • Horrible picks!

    I'm not sure what's going on this season for american idol, but it seems like the actual vocalists are getting eliminated and the people that cannot even sing in tune are saved and moved on. I've been a fan each year, but getting ready to stop watching because it's too painful! Harry is the only one that seems to give good critiques and Jlo is ridiculous!
  • Its time to kill American Idol.

    I am a professional sound engineer and producer that cannot take it ANYMORE. It is time to cancel American Idol or re-vamp the show from ground up. This is NOT AMERICAN IDOLS bring back Simon Cowell.
  • Daniel seavey SUCKS

    He should not be up there with the rest of the contestants. I will not watch anymore because obviously this is all fixed. Hate idol now!!!!!
  • Painful to watch

    The singers are so pathetic on the show this year and I thought they were just as bad last year which brings me to the conclusion: Harry Connick can't pick talent to save his own career. When he got on the show I figured with his expertise in music he would help the talent level. Boy was I wrong, what a joke all the singers are. They all look and sound so immature I feel embarrassed to watch, I really feel like an idiot trying to watch it that I just won't. The voice has another group of super talented singers this year and I am fixing my damaged ears listening to them after such bad singing on idol.

    I am so disappointed in American Idol. What the heck happened to what was once a great show. I used to love that show - even when The Voice was first introduced and I liked that show as well - I still thought Idol was great. What I always hated and still hate is the stupid themes. Who gives a CRAP about 80s music, 90s music, and Disco. Why do they theme these shows? The outfits Wednesday night (3/25) were horrendous. And David Hasselhoff taking off his shirt and trying to be sexy to the younger voting audience? I'm sure many little girls were throwing up in their mouth like I was - and I'm 62!. Why don't J-Lo, Keith and Harry tell these kids how hideous they look on stage. When you dress like an idiot and sing poorly on stage, people are going to think you're an idiot. Why don't the Idol coaches take note of the fact that on The Voice, the judges actually CARE about their contestants and actually MENTOR them in the GENRE they will eventually sing? My husband and I now watch IDOL for the comedy factor, and that's sad.

    I have watched American Idol since its first season. It has been painful to watch it self-destruct! This season has reached an all time low! The talent is very close to zero! There is not one singer whose record I could even listen to from the beginning to the end, let alone buy it! The whole feel of the show has gone from a genuine talent contest to circus acts. It is insulting to the audience to hear the judges praise certified howling. And the contestants look terrible, poorly dressed, and lacking presence.

    The Voice has it together. What has happened to Idol???
  • This season is the worst EVER

    These judges should all be fired!!!! They obviously dont know what talent show has become a freakin refuse to watch this show this season.
  • Wow, this season simply sucks.

    All of the contestants this year have a hard time singing an entire song without missing up. The judges did a terrible job selecting contestants. After a few weeks in Hollywood, it would appear that the contestants spend more time picking out stupid costumes than they do preparing for competition. Fire all of the judges or this show is doomed.
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