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  • Terrible Singers

    I cannot believe this season. I have been watching the show since day 1. What is wrong with the judges this season? If Simon Cowell was still a judge, I don't think he would have chosen any of these singers. There is not one that I would buy their cd. The judges need to stop praising them so much and come down on them a lot more. We were totaling disappointed in last nights performances. I agree with the last post.

    The Voice genuinely has better singers. What is wrong with the judges hearing? This has to be the worst season so far. There is not one singer that I would call American Idol material!!!

  • HORRIBLE SINGERS!!! Are the judges hearing right!!!

    I have been watching American Idol since year 1, since Steven Tyler left, the singers they choose for top 12 are getting worst and worst. This year there is not 1 singer I would ever buy a song from, or even listen to on the radio. I have tried to watch while I am on the computer just not to feel the pain of all the horrible voices that are singing and the judges just keep complimenting them!!! What is wrong? Either we are getting bad sound editing or they are all just loosing it!! I totally agree, The Voice definitely, by far the best singers and American Idol should call it quits, honestly!!! Stop I don't want to listen to these singers, I need earplugs right now!!!
  • Worst season yet!

    are only three that can sing, and the one that's gonna win it has got quite the voice! What a shame. The teeny bopper should have gone a long time ago, along with the crazy colored hair gal that u can't understand a word she's saying and can't sing! They used a save on someone that they say deserved to you've done a horrible job this time!!!!!!!!!!!! Each season IDOL gets worse. Guess all the real singers go to the VOICE!
  • where are the black songs?

    These young contestants are singing songs from the eighties! You have Gerald lavert the spinners Al green they need to be introduced to the black song list other than motown

    I normally love it! I've watched every year. As a singer myself, I love hearing them sing. But this reason, NO one can sing. Some of them have potential, if they took serious lessons for 5

    + years but honestly... are the judges tone deaf?

    I can't stand this!
  • OMG Are all the judges tone deaf?

    This is the worst season ever! OMG Joey drives me nuts, I don't know what's worse hearing her sing or watching her dance. And what are all these contestants wearing? That will not fly in the real music world, someone needs to go to the show and boo them off stage! The judges are a joke, don't encourage them with compliments, are they wearing ear plugs while they perform? I think they are more concerned with getting publicity than doing their job and actually finding real talent. They should be ashamed of their choices!
  • joey really????

    I just don't understand what people see in her cannot sing n use the save last week on a guy that cannot sing get joey in shazeem off the show worst idol I've seen in years
  • JAX was the lead singer of my brothers band for 4 years

    This season of Idol is pitiful and repulsive. The oldest contestant is 29, and the youngest is 15. The Talent gap between contestants is clear as day and you can automatically assume the top 3 at this point. The format for advancing is very unattractive. The judges are never harsh and honest with their critique, and Harry's "Talented" shirt should be burned. JAX was previously in a band with my brother for numerous years. They performed under the name "Jersey Kidz", "Meadowland", and finally "JAX" before they broke up and she started doing solo performances. I'm so done with this season and I hope everyone gets voted off. I'll go back to watching the Voice.....
  • I've never despised a contestant more!!

    I was so gad to see some previous comments that were blatantly honest, and not censored or deleted. Finally a platform to speak your unbridled opinions, lol. Ok to start off, i'll address the the title of my comment. I have literally never despised a contestant more than Qaasim Middleton! Ever since Hollywood week, he was one of the people i was praying for to get cut each time. Harry actually hit it on the head, calling him out for being "all performance", so you could imagine how confused i was when they used the save on him, given the fact that even his "sing for your life" attempt was nothing but "all performance". Furthermore, I just can't stomach looking at the guy. Always licking his lips, and walking around brooding, and staring hard into the camera and to the crowd like he's some tough guy. The kid weighs about 140 pounds soaking wet, and 25 pounds of that is his dreads. Did anybody notice how every time someone performs, he has to run up and aggressively hug them. Did anybody notice the week prior when Sarina-Joi (who didn't deserve to to go home) sang for her life, and Qassim was literally stomping on the ground and screaming "save, save, save"? C'mon, like any of those contestants really want that save used on anyone besides themselves. This dude clearly always tries to be noticed. Like he wants us to see him always over-congratulating a fellow contestant so we notice him and say "hey that Qaasim sure is a supportive competitor, wow what a good guy" NONSENSE people, it's a ploy to garner fans, and votes. He is exactly what it would look like if Predator, and an orangutan had a baby. Ok enough about him, lets move on to Quentin. Although i don't hate him, i do think he's pretty phony. He's doing his best to be Lenny Kravitz. He's not a terrible singer, but a major case of image over talent. Once i heard the judges gush over his outfits during the audition process, i knew he was going to go way overboard with the whole thing. Ok Joey Cook, she's actually a good singer, but all she has is that one style, there is no versatility. She doesn't seem to have the ability to belt out a God sakes, will someone please tell that girl to brush her teeth and shave her damn armpits!! Daniel seems like a real sweet kid, but he's nowhere near ready, and it i will be rooting for him not on the show, but for his career. Tyanna, i think singing wise she is one of the best this season, but i have to agree with a previous commentor that when i see her, i too am waiting for her to start singing Afro Circus, i pee'd a little when i read that, lol. Rayvon Owens, good singer, but lacks substance, and there is no entertainment value with him. Adanna, shes not bad, but she doesn't capture my attention, or keep it. OK Maddie Walker, her best attribute is that she is a stunningly beautiful girl, and i am 100% sure that is why they changed their minds during final cuts. She absolutely does have talent, but it is strictly in the Country genre. She could go far if she stays Country. When we were watching her perform, i turned and said her, and her performance seemed very pageant like, and 2 minutes later, Harry actually used the exact same words. Although i am rooting for her, I don't think she will win, however, i think she has all the necessary ingredients and will eventually be a Country Star in a few years. Jax Jax Jax, i liked her in the beginning with her unique voice, but honestly it's already gotten old for me. I was rooting for her in the beginning because of the uniqueness and how like myself, her father was a NYC Fireman, but seeing that she had a crush on Qaasim, instantly soured my opinion on her. Is she talented? definitely. Would i root for her? Never. Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani. In my opinion these 2 are the best, on a devastatingly weak season. I think they are both very good. In Nick i think he can become a star after the show if he leans towards the Chris Doughtry style more, as for Clark Beckham, with all things considered, like audience, politics, and voting, I think he wlll end up winning the show, but not really having a great career afterward like the majority of past Idol Winners. These are my opinions so far, if you agreed with them, great minds think alike, if you didn't, well you are entiltled to your opinion, but keep it to yourself, lol

    Wow I'm extremely disappointed with the judges wasting the save on someone who has ABSOLUTELY

    NO CHANCE OF WINNING!!!! I think it was harry who said best performance of the night. LOL! Yes he moved around the most and seemed comfortable on stage b/c he realized he was about to go home, so he gave it a good final memory show and wondered toward the crowd. So what!! He has absolutely no singing ability! The only reason he didn't sound worse is b/c he slowed the song way way down. and even then it was average! Now when someone who can actually win has a bad week there's no save left. That guy you saved will be long gone and the save wasted for nothing! In the future don't waste the save unless the person could actually win! If this guy wins the show should shut down and never try again that's how awful that guy is. He should of been gone at hollywood week, but since he moved around like a moron you kept putting him through wow he dances lets forget he cant sing!!Thats apparently the new american idol i mean hell even that daniel sevy or whatever made it through why??? He to should of been out at hollywood week. He could of greatly benifited from 2 or 3 no's until his nuts drop and he might actually be good but we won't know until pueberty!!!! get it together judges harry i think you've gone soft there is no reason you agreed to use the save the other two are the bleeding hearts you used to be able to be objective but not TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!And what a dumb set up they have you have to hold your breath to see if you made it another week then get up and sing it ruins the performance. Thats whats missing this year, why there aren't any breakout stars they're all to nervous and hell i'd be to if i couldn't breath till my name was called!!!!! And that stupid after song segment where the aweful singers talk to the camera's lose it already its stupid and i dont need to be told who to vote for! THEY ALL SUCK!
  • Enough Already!

    Seems like ever since Dave Cook, everyone wants to rearrange perfectly good songs. Problem is, they suck at it! Come on, already! Just sing the songs and SING THEM WELL! Who is producing this crap?! Isn't there anyone telling the contestants, "hey, that probably isn't going to work?" Or is there some moron telling them it will? Who is helping them pick songs?! I can't watch/listen anymore. I literally get one line into each song and have to FF to the next, equally bad contestant! My ears are bleeding!
  • extremely poor talent this year

    I enjoy watching the men sing but there is no stand-out talent. I like both quentin (for his occasional awesome interpretation) and Qaasim for his great theatrics. A few of the girls are good but again no standout and a few terrible. The guys are a bit better. But NO one is super consistently talented in their performances. I just don't get it. I like the judges but I think they make these kids think they are much better than they are -- that does not serve them well at all. It's surprising how many compliments they get for their average-to-lousy performances.
  • American Idol

    Jennifer is so desperate to show her breast, it cheapens the whole show. Please realize the show is not about you.
  • Still disappointed

    I quit watching americn idol a few years back after what I thought was a few BAD decisions on the judges part and J-Lo and her flirting with the young men was right in our face.... but I had the tv on and happened to here Clark Beckham singing. He is a very talented young man. I wish the judges had not wasted their save last night..... too many others have more talent and are more deserving and it may be needed later on.

    I think Idol should of kept Sarina_Joi, she seems like she was the only one besides Tyanna who had some talent. It was a mistake to let her go, those judges should of saved her, Harry, YOU suck. You get up there and sing, who made you king of good voices. I think we all have our own opinion on what talent should sound like. It takes these kids a lot of guts to get up and do what they gotta do to be the idol. Most people are afraid. Great Job to all the contestants. J-lo's dress looked a lot like a huge drop of milk, lol,. otherwise her performance was alright. Her song sounds like some kind of motivational hit. FEEL BETTER NOW!
  • sucks!!!

    Wow. This season is horrid

    ... what are the judges hearing? They all suck! And most of the girls look gross and the black chick looks like the zebra with the afro from madagascar -waiting for her to sing afro circus and joey looks like shes on her way to a kids bday party as a clown.. whats with the girl's particularly joey and jax constantly rubbing/scrunching their hair as they sing?!

    Absolutely thee worst show- no talent dirty ugly looking kids this season.

    Oh and why does keith urban shake one of his shoulers when hes trying to groove when someones singing?! He looks like a fool.

    Quentin singing the adele song was horrid! Ruined her song!
  • TOO MUCH SKIN among other things!

    J Lo is really starting to bother me! Tonight, She especially showed too much skin in THREE different areas! Too much boobs, too much of her legs, and even bare skin in her mid section! And then to tell Nick he needs to show how HOT he is a couple times (all while he has to stare at those boobs tonight)! I think she was trying to bring home the point of him thinking how hot SHE is. Too many teeny boppers for her to dress like a slut!! She shouldn't be dressing like she is at her concert. It's Primetime TV and lots of kids watch this show!! She also YET AGAIN interrupted while Harry was talking. I had to rewind 2-3 times and still couldn't make out what he was trying to say. AND I HATE THIS NEW FORMAT!

    This year, my top 3 are Clark, Tyanna and Jax. Speaking of her super unique voice, tonight "Movie Night", I WISH she would have sang "To Sir With Love" from the late 60's. Would have been SO good, but IF she or any of her famly sees it will come to be some other night!

    The next 3 that need to little Daniel, Rayvon, and Maddie!

    Nobody is great on this show the last several years. No one has given me "chills" with a performance since David Cook. Not only was he a great singer, but he always truly "Made it his Own"!!
  • Worst American Idol Ever

    This has been the worst season yet. The best singer is Clark, and they shouldn't have let go of Adam Ezegelian, he was also one of the best!!! This is not a karaoke show. Where is Simon and Randy when you need them? I wonder what they think of these singers now, but then again, they wouldn't even have chosen most of these singers in the first place! What a joke.
  • TOO much cleavage- no longer a family show

    This family is done- AI lost 5 viewers tonight 4-EVER!! Jennifer Lopez's outfit exposing all of her cleavage and practically her breasts- SHAMEFUL!!!!
  • America what are u thinking

    The show is for singing talent not being cute! U guys have let some good talent go and keep voting for that lil boy because he is a lil cutie that still hasn't even broken puberty yet his voice is still squeaky
  • American idol

    Show sucks this season. I like the judges but the talent is weak. The Voice is way better this season and more entertaining.
  • This has gotten bad

    The judges suck. They picked the worse pool of talent. I really don't understand why they are doing this. This show is love to hear vocal talent so there is no reason why this show isn't good year after year. The judges lie to these kids talking about this is the best talent we have seen. You gotta be kidding me. Check the first 10 seasons. Making the top ten used to be an elite accomplishment. Now it's a joke. They need to bring back Simon and randy to maybe bring back ratings. I'm about ready to pack it up. If that little boy makes it past another week I'm shutting this down. I just can't.
  • American IDULL....

    What the heck happened to AI?? It used to be such an entertaining show and I still want SO MUCH to like it but I think I'm done. It's now trying way too hard to be entertaining, which it's doing a fair job at, but the singers are TERRIBLE!! If the mediocre production at least had talented singers this would still be a good show, but sadly that's not the case this year. I would be much more interested if the judges were HONEST and said "Duuuuuude, that performance was not good. You really need to be better to be on this . But when they're saying "you could have done a little better, you have it in you, bla bla bla" the show really loses any and all credibility. Imagine what Cowell would be saying about the performances this year!!!

    I'm 100% convinced whoever the winner is this season will be at best a 1 hit wonder, not even "15 minutes of fame!"

  • terrible

    They need to take this show off . It sucks. I can't believe they used a save. Worst singers that i have ever seen. The voice is so much better.
  • the judges suck

    What's going on with idol? They r putting people on the show that should not be there. People with real talent r getting cut so some no talent non singing bozos can make the show. Take tonight for example i think they let the tone deaf audiance influce thier vote to keep the non singing tone def worst contest I've ever seen on the idol stage. All the judges should be fired and bring the show back to the quality it was before. Till they do I'm never watching the show again. I'll watch the voice where they have real judges and real talent
  • the show sucks!!!

    I think if u do not improve you will be off the air and that would be too these kids pick good songs and for crying out loud dress them properly. They are kids dont know to dress dont let them pick the nonsense they are wearing after all this is show business no wonder after winning they cannot nake it on the world stage
  • What is going on with this show???

    First of all I'm really disappointed in the contestants this year. I don't know what's going on but they all sound out of key, pitchy yet the judges are saying good/great job. Are they hearing things different then what we're hearing in TV Land? It seems like Harry is the only judge who is giving sincere reviews and being totally honest with each singer. I'm pretty sure this will be me & my son's last viewing. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm having to mute the sound when they are singing because they are so pitchy or flat sounding. Could this be the stage? The person(s), coaches responsible for helping the singers pick their songs or helping them practice. I really hope someone from American Idol really reads this and things change. I rarely ever take the time to write a review and sadly I'm writing this one cause things are just not good this season at all!!! By the way Quentin, so far, is the best singer. He really takes to heart the song and lyrics while singing. Great stage presence all around. Hope he makes it all the way!!!!
  • Get rid of Harry and Jennifer

    Has Harry ever said one good word about any of these singers, this show is going down the tubes the judges are awful except for Keith Urban this show isn't even fun to watch anymore every year I give them the benefit that it will be better but its just the same SAD.
  • Awful talent?

    This show and the contestants are awful!!!
  • furious

    I only person at work who still thinks idol is good show. This year sucks!!! We not looking for an already star , judges are suppose to help them grow into a star!!!! Judges suck !!! And if that 15 yr old cutie pie who can NOT sing doesn't get the boot am done with idol !!!!!
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