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  • Idol needs new producers.

    I find that each year I enjoy Idol less and less. The Camera work is awful. As we at home watch the contestants singing, all of a sudden we have to see one of the judges or the the camera is back on the for a close up and then out...... Soooo annoying.

    I was big Harry fan until I got to know his personality on Idol. He is manic. One minute so serious and the next acting like a buffoon. It is hard to believe he is a member of Mensa with some of the comments he comes up with. Get more judges like Keith.
  • Idol this season

    I love to watch, but this season is very unenjoyable because the band is in the singer's face and on tv you can only hear the loud music from the band and it seems the singers are practically screaming their song out. Even at that, it's all too loud and you can't hear the voices very well. The loud band behind the singers Is probably why every single one of them are very flat or pitchy as the judges call it. I would suggest the producers, judges, try to watch it on a real tv and then they will understand. I've started watching the voice and it's much more beautiful to listen to because the singers' voices really shine. They don't need to compete with the band.
  • this is just bad

    Thankfully I can watch the voice to get my fix of talented singers. This seasons top 12 of AI is just horrible.
  • Bad production

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of this dumb format.

    The added pressure and anxiety of having to sit and wait through an entire show to find out if you are even one of the chosen from the votes the night before, but then having to sing for your supper again, to hope to get votes for your next excrutiating 'sit and wait' next week, is completely unfair.

    Every one of the judges has said something about it being a strain on them and them not really singing their they have seen them to better. If they have seen them do better and WE are the voters, how does that make it fair for the best singer to win?

    Why give them the worst chance possible to do well??

    Bad production/direction decision. BAD.

    I hope the format is changed for next season or I might not this is the very first time I have ever even thought of not watching.

    To watch now, isn't a 'fun' anticipation for them or for the viewer.

    It is hard to watch them looking so anxious and then given no time to be excited because they have to sing again to hope for more votes to stay next week.

    THEN they give this over the top, excited 'thank you' to the viewers after the whole thing is done and it looks about as sincere as when my daughter says 'yes mom' with that exasperated sigh.

    I don't like the camera shot after they perform and "beg" for votes. I still think it's a 2 night show, with the 2nd night being shorter without "filler". I miss the group singing, some highlights from the week and even the Ford commercials where you can get to know the talent better.
  • Worst year ever?

    Haven't watched the whole season this year and after seeing the top 12 I must say I' m underwhelmed. The lack of talent and the cringingly bad vocals make me glad I didn't bother with Idols this year.

    Will be watching the final to see Joey win... Maybe.
  • NICK!

    The only one I like this season is NICK. The rest all sound alike, what is up with that?
  • What is up???????

    I am so glad to know it's not just me. This year is a joke. What are these judges listening to? OMG, everyone is so off key. I only see like MAYBE 2 that MIGHT have potential. I thought the judges were suppose to be helping them improve, but all they are doing is being soft. Paul McCartney probably fell out if he saw the performance of Jet. And what did the judges tell it was his best performance yet?????? REALLY? Wow, I think I'm done with AI. My daughter and I found ourselves fast forwarding through half of the songs. Most of them were so painful to watch. I could keep going but it makes me tired thinking about it.
  • WTF?

    Seriously? I don't watch idol much but when I do I at least hear some decent singers, but this season's contestants are seriously so bad. Amateur level! There is one or two that could be good, but the rest? either they need to pick better songs or whoever is coaching these singers, need to stop promoting changing a song to make the contestants sound "unique". Uniqueness is something you already have. If they ain't got it, the song is just gonna sounds like crap if you force it. And the judges? No wonder the voice is so much more popular.
  • High School Talent Show

    Maybe they will mature into something eventually. Right now there is a lot of enthusiasm but very very very little talent!
  • What happened to Idol?

    AI just sucks this year! The judges all defer to that idiot Lopez! Those chosen to advance can not sing at all!! That girly man Keith Urban is just terrible. I will no longer watch this program as it has just lost any credibility.
  • can the judges hear?

    Half the ones they chose can not sing in tune . the other guy was right, you are not doing these kids any favors
  • What has happened?!?!

    It's like watching amateur hour at my local VFW hall. If the judges would actually critique these kids could get better. Such a shame and missed opportunity for these kids. Then entertainment industry will not be good to them.
  • Get it Right!

    Of all the talent that the judges had to choose from I can't believe this is the best they could come up with!! No talent!!! Motown night was a disaster !!!! Songs were murdered!! Got to say goodbye to American Idol!! Sad because it use to be such a great show!! Need better judges!! Keith stop kissing ass and tell the truth!!
  • Confused...

    Ok, maybe it is the poor audio that is being fed to the network, but most of the performances don't match the judges critiques. Qaasim's performance was, I don't even know how to describe it, I did not find that even remotely close to the song Jet. I did not find anything entertaining about his performance, which baffles me as to the comments made by Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. Again, it could be the lack of, or poor audio feed provided to the network.
  • Idol is weak

    I miss Simon, at least he was not affraid to tell a constant they were horrible. These judges don't have courage. Who arranges these weak performances, it's karaoki at best. The auditions were so much better. If someone is sharp or flat tell them, this show won't be around if it keeps going down this road
  • So done with idol

    This is it for me watching idol. When I saw Maddie ( I think that's her name) the blonde, and the little young guy go through, both nights, I was SHOCKED!! it's becoming a joke to watch. America should NOT be voting. That's what the judges get paid for so leave that for them. Every year is getting worse. Goodbye IDOL, , hello "THE VOICE" !!!!
  • Who's voting?

    Letting America vote is failing when people like Qassim get voted through. He has the ability to scream verses and run around like a crazy person. Sure, they should command the stage, but they should have some talent for singing as well. American Idol is so very disappointing.
  • Idol is not what it use to be "The rise and decline of American Idol"

    I use to be a avid fan of American Idol. But recently American Idol has gone downhill, present mediocre talent. Simon would never sign off on the talent American Idol has provide over the last three years. This year American Idol female and male singers are really pathetic this year. You have maybe Two female singer that has some talent. Tyanna Jones and Loren Lott are two powerful singers. Most of your female singers were flat, sharp and all over the place. Alexis Gomez out of key, Joey Cook was Awkward and very difficult to watch, Sarina Joi Crowe off key and nasal, Adanna Duru destroyed "Hello" and Jax Cole is trying to be too cute instead of entertaining, attractive but need direction. I could not recognize the song. These girls took Motown standards and made a joke of them. They really need to go back to the basic and stop trying to make the song their own. They are too young to understand how to make a song pop! It was really bad and sad. What a shame, I use to really like IDOL, but the talent you have this year is like going to a High School Talent Contest, what a shame. American Idol might want to watch the "Voice" , they have some real talent.
  • What happened to Ryan's wardrobe?????

    Why the worn out denims and boring Tshirt??? At least be savvy about your boring casual look. Being the "host" should set an example with a fabulous wardrobe. The new format with his less than casual look is distracting and not up to par with even the contestants and judges. Please go back to what you used to wear. So much more appealing on you and makes you look like you're on the "live" show and not at rehearsal.
  • New Format

    Do NOT like the new format for American Idol at all. Doesn't give them a fair chance at performing to find out and run to the stage. Also hated them all waiting in the wings. Let each performer have their 10 seconds without all the others mugging around! Also, hated that Riley did not make it through. I hope their is a second chance at some point. He was better than several of the others. A huge miss for me tonight. They also need to bring back a comment forum on .
  • Forfeiting American Idol

    Don't get me wrong, as a 45 year old male I understand that American Idol is more about the "look" then the "voice," but today I watched something that made me forfeit watching the show. When the judges called back Maddie Walker to sing off against Rachel Hallack I was sick to my stomach, as they talked about Maddie have something that set her apart when we all could see that the body tight stocking she was wearing showed off her assets!! Brutal! Rachel's voice was sooo much better and to see that obvious of a bias based on looks was sickening. Idol you have lost a longtime fan. Sad. Goodbye Idol . . . not that you care.
  • Rachel

    I cannot believe what the judges did last nite to Rachel last night! That was so wrong. I feel they should call her back and let them fight it out on stage. Rachel was soooooo much better! What were they thinking!!!!!

    Big Mistake guys!!!!
  • judges stink

    Tonight (2/18) the judges had already decided to pick Rachel Halleck. They had thrown off the previous contestant. In all their glory they bring back on the thrown out contestant and make Rachel (who was supposed to be picked for top 24) have a sign off!! This was totally unfair, very confusing for Rachel ( who was the better singer). Someone needs to fix this mess. If I were Rachel I'd be heading to an attorney's office. No wonder I like the Voice better....
  • Blew it again.

    American idol stop stacking the competition. To many tone death individuals getting thru to the top 24. The "Lousianna Lady" was the next Sam Bailey of country music. Shut your mouths and open your ears. Lousianna Lady is this years winner. Stop tickeling my ears with tone death people and their sad stories. It's called life, don't give them a crutch or shoulder to cry on. It's suppose to be "talent" competition not a baby story. I'm not downloading any music for another year. I rather watch the x facor UK. Fluer East last year was amazing. Ben was tone death and won. But Fleur was awesome with Something I Need. And your show is Something I Don't Need or waste my time watching when you can't see Awesome Talent in Lady Louisanna.
  • Bring back Heather Lee!

    Where were their ears tonight??? I do not personally know any of the contestants, but my husband and I were both shocked when the judges kicked off a girl named Heather Lee who sounded amazing tonight and they put through a girl in a black dress that was in her group that totally sucked. The judges got that one wrong!!! We thought for sure the girl in the black dress was gone. What a shocker and disappointment! Bring Heather back!
  • .

    I really think they need new judges without a soft heart, bring back Simon cowell!!
  • Bring back the freaks

    My favorite part of this show use to be watching the people who thought they were wonderful and turned out to be pathetic. There use to be a whole segment of the finale when they brought back the worst of the worst. What happened? Did everybody lose their sense of humor. I will give this show two more years tops YAWN!!!!
  • Somethings the better

    LOVED last nights show. Harry is superb and giving good advice without humiliating anyone. Keith and J lo are great. All three have good energy!!
  • Bring Back Simon!


    is no judge of talent. Last week they didn't accept a girl who sang with a paper cup. Too bad she had a qualtity voice and the judges didn't know it. Her boyfriend had a very average voice and they voted him on. Harry clowns around far too much and is irritating. This used to be a quality show but there are no professionals with these judges. Adam Lambert was much better than the other two. If you don't have good judges, you get mediocre talent. What's up with the producers of this show that they don't realize this?
  • j. lo is a joke.

    J. Ho isn't going to give talented, young pretty girls a chance. I still love Harry(former Louisianian) and Keith. I saw her say no to a very talented young lady, but say yes to a less talented young guy. I don't know why she is even judging a singing competition? I have more talent in my pinky finger than she has.
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