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  • Clayindy

    The ones that showed the bad and funny try outs. Also I think Jenny is getting a little pissed at Harry for being a pest. He is annoying. Let j-lo have her own space. I hate when ppl invade my space. Touchy feely bs.

  • A better judge

    Get this show off the need new is ok and Adam Lambert will bring the rating back up. Jennifer is a joke she just want to put people thru who can't sing shes so pathetic. She's not the only lady with a other guy is nuts not professional. Adam is in a different league from the other judges. .make Adam one of the judge's please..
  • This is the best they can do???

    The quality of most of the contestants shown are below average. If the show continues to allow J-Lo and Keith to continually allow mediocre contestants through based upon how sappy a story they can tell, versus having real talent, the show will suffer further declines in viewers. Singing talent is what the show is about and the producers seem to have forgotten that. Harry is the only one judging based upon talent and potential, as all should be doing. Keith needs to grow a pair and quit following J-Lo's lead. Someones hard luck story is not going to keep viewers tuning in week after week if they can't sing.
  • Bringood Back

    Bring back the funny contestants. I like seeing the good singers and those who go to Hollywood, but the funny ones make the it not so boring. .
  • Just a work

    At the beginning of the first show you let us see the silhouettes of the 25 that made it to the you make a contest out of and figure out who the finalists are from their silhouettes and that just might get more people make the grand prize a real good the way American Idol is now...
  • things has changed

    its old format of judging sucks..

    to gain audience they must reformat the show

    and pick a great panel of judges

    honestly when simon cowel leaves. it sucks

  • Ho Lee Fock

    Dis show suks.
  • Danny Gokey's New Album!

    Former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey is back with a brand new album!!! "Hope In Front of Me" will be out June 23rd! The single "Hope in Front of Me" is available on iTunes now! I'm so excited, I've always loved Danny's voice!! Follow him on Twitter @DannyGokey and /DannyGokeyOfficial for more info!
  • FIRE Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan thinks the show is about him.
  • Oh my....

    I don't know what to even say. I was so disappointed with season right from the auditions. I was never the biggest fan of this show, but hubby always watched it and there has been some amazing talent over the years. However, this season was abysmal. I had to start leaving the room when my hubby started watching it because of how dreadful it was. Seriously, when Caleb sang, it was like listening to a really bad Meatloaf song. When Jena sang, I felt like my ears were bleeding. I didn't mind Alex, but he was possibly the best of the final 3 (to me though, his voice was not Idol worthy). The entire show was a joke. They were looking for unique? Unique won't sell if their voices are crap. The show has had the worst ratings in its entire history, and instead of trying to shake things up, they renew the contracts for all the judges. I actually thought the show was going to get cancelled but instead, Fox in their infinite wisdom, decided to renew the entire thing, with the judges ridiculous salaries (and really, the worst judges this show has seen), and try to find the next unique talent. Hubby agrees with me and has already deleted it from the PVR. We are now into the Voice.
  • AlexFan

    These two wasn't supposed to be on the final.. Jessica was supposed to be in the final Emannuel frm florida and Alex/ where is Caleb come from? Gena didn't win because caleb was singing rock hot songs.. I believe it was pure racism that caleb won over Gena. That's my point.
  • Idol sucks to a new low

    Idol was the worst season every, instead of finding the best talent, they tried to load it with people they thought should be a Idol for a political statement. So they ended up with a bunch of mediocre singers who got voted off by the fans, then they ended up with 3 Karaoke singers. They had how many thousand audition and the top 3 they got was need to go back looking for talent instead of a political statement trying to manipulate who they want to be politcally to 13 it up voice ended up with 3 singers all very good.
  • American Scam IS More like It!

    Total crap! I am seriously SHOCKED at the judges behaviors. This show was apparently about the judges and not the contestants. The cameras should've been on the singers . There should have NOT been whispering and talking while they were performing. Instead, they should've listened to them sing. You never even saw the judges on Star Search! Some contestants, they treated like gold and others like total garbage. This is so disappointing. Tweet it out and let them know, @AmericanIdol #worstseasonever This year was bloody awful....
  • No Talent to Begin With...

    This season of American Idol was a joke. Am I the ONLY one who thought none of these kids could really sing? They weren't horrible but all of them still needed practice. And the judges? Well J. Lo can't sing anyway and the other two I've never heard of. I'm guessing since the judges have no talent themselves, that's how all these kids got a chance cause if it was me no one would've made it through. And randy?! Come on! You know none of those kids deserved to make it. As far as Caleb winning well that was just a joke this season should've never made it to the network.
  • No MoreJ-low

    Sorry for dredging up old wounds but one of the most egregious acts I have seen committed by a judge on Idol was when J-lo got out of her judging chair and hugged Jena on stage, What inexcusable behavior for a judge. Ryan eluded to her disgusting behavior last night but not in a critical way. She has always been a poor contributor of relevant constructive criticism. She need s to been in the peanut gallery, not a judge. The producers have lost their way and cannot get back on track.
  • rigged

    Idol sucks. All judges seemed to do was praise Jena and say nothing to Caleb. Also Randy was all over jena

    Idol is rigged they need to just get rid of the show.
  • Worst year EVER!

    I have followed American Idol since day 1. Watched every episode, and when times were in my life where I couldn't watch first hand, I always had DV-R or TiVo to help... Here is my feedback, YOU SUCK, American Idol! I am done, this show has been a part of my life for a very long time, but it's time I be moving on! It's with a heavy heart that I discontinue American Idol from my DV-R and get my interest on something else. This year has to be the worst year I've ever seen! The judges suck, the contestants suck, the mean, raw, edge from American Idol that Simon Cowell brought is GONE! Contestants have sounded like dying cattle and gotten praise from these idiots. Sorry to be harsh, but American Idol blows now!
  • American Idol

    Soo I'm wondering why not all of Alex's songs aren't on iTunes. But most of Jena and Caleb's are.
  • Idol takes a giant leap backwards!

    Caleb has only performed one song from this century, Randy picks an INXS song for him and now KISS performing on stage? Seriously? I thought Idol was supposed to be at least relatively current. I was extremely disappointed that someone limited to 70's and 80's rock anthems made it to the final show in place of Alex. Simon would have told Caleb to sing a song written after he was born or go home. Can a person make a living singing 40 year old cover songs? In nightclubs maybe or singing on the small stage at county fairs like KISS does. They are probably paying IDOL to perform.
  • Omg she needs to go

    Jenna can not sing I honestly put earplugs in every time she comes on! Caleb, Sam and Jess are great!! alex Is OK.. Dexter was my favorite I miss him! but I think Caleb is going to win it all! but I don't know I believe it's all set up I mean get real Jenna was a wild card and now she's in the top 3 and how many good singers did they let go! if they just want someone to come up there and Jump and scream around on stage lot of us can do that! if they don't get new judges for next year I will not watch !!!! never thought American Idol would suck so bad!!!

  • stay???

    So , although I love caleb, I have been watching the voice, and not even remembering to set the dvr for idol.. seriously, giving alex, one of the most current (and good ' one of them could have made it their own.... see I havent missed as I see it, caleb should win(which means nothing), then #2 jena, then saw caleb singing dazed and confused by led Zeppelin. caleb......

  • Please say "Goodbye" to Jena

    We love Caleb and would like to hear him do a Chris Cornell song. Alex is unique, but when Jena sings we hit the mute button. Keith Urban mentioned her phrasing. It's terrible and she can't pronounce words so that you can understand what she's singing. Really bad! Her vibrato is out of control at times. She's young and has a powerful voice, but needs some coaching and shouldn't win this season.
  • Worst Season Ever !!!

    This has to be the worst set of contestants ever. The judges did a horrible job of picking talent. They seemed determined to pick singers with quirky voices or contestants with emotional stories instead of true vocal talent. And to make matters worse, the decision to shift away from songs that appealed to various generations to only songs that appeal to the teenyboppers has resulted in a loss of the older viewers and a continued decline in ratings. These judges need to go and the producers need to feature music from prior generations from time-to-time in order to capture a larger viewing audience. Another season or two like this current season will undoubtedly kill this show.
  • Honest Fair Judges Jena a shoe in

    I think the judges have been very fair this whole year. Giving their honest opinions and trying to do what is best for the contestants. Randy needs to go away however, he is past tense and adds little to the show. Jena has the most talent and potential IMO, Caleb is interesting, kinda like a Bob Seger type and could front a good band, if he has song writing talent the skies the limit for him. Alex, as a musician is the most talented, but he is simply a parrot when it comes to his voice. I picking Jena, but Caleb puts up a decent fight.
  • I am shocked

    I am shocked that most of the reviewers think cj can actually guy is tone deaf always out if tune AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED IMMEDIATELY. A trained ear can hear cj's pitchyness - his raspy / gravelly voice no big deal. That cj voice is the easiest to produce. The judges are very very good. Jena is a musical genius and she is ferocious on the stage. Wow I am totally SHOCKED. I hate this site...
  • Great Season

    You bunch of whiners. This is a great season. There were slow points and not all of the Top 10 were that memorable, but there have been some OUTSTANDING performances! Caleb and Jena's performances last week were as good as anything the show has ever delivered - and I loved Adam's work. Also, in reply to the 'troll' below... in fact, I think the judges and the final group rocks. Fantastic, don't miss it.
  • Confused

    If you do a little research you will find that reviews of these judges are overall very good. A matter if fact, there are many reviews that state this could be the best judging panel they have ever had. All this said, I've been an avid viewer of Idol since season 2. If this is the best set of judges they have ever had, and let's be honest, it's not, they've never been able to replace Simon, but let's stroke those reviews who's and say it is the best ever assembled. Um, how does it go? Proof is in the pudding? This top 10, now in the final 3, easily the worst group of singers in this history of this show. Who does that fall back on? Ah, yup, the greatest panel of judges ever assembled. I see quite a few people bashing Caleb and this confuses me. There was another guy, oh yeah, Adam lambert who was very similar is singing style and has made a very good career for himself on the back of idol (fact he did not win was a joke where is the kid that one that year, does anyone even remember him?) anyway, Caleb is a throw back heavy metal 80s-90s rock which I love! I Am a Caleb fan and I think he could carve a career out like Daughtry. Gina? Look, Jessica was a good singer but had next to no charisma and this late in the game that goes a long way. I am pretty confident it will be Gina and Caleb in what should be an entertaining finale. However, my confusion?? All of you who say The Voice is a much better show and that on that particular show the judges are not biased, ahhhh do you watch the show??? I love the voice but that's exactly what the judges are and they admit it! They pick their contestants and have their own team, so of course they are biased toward their team! Seriously people think before you write. I agree the show is a much better program than idol at this point in time, but to say they are not biased is crazy.. Finally.... I love J LO'S short mini skirts.. Sorry, she is piping hot folks and still has it... Those legs are crazy hot...
  • I Stopped Watching Years Ago

    They really should put this show down like the wounded animal it is. I stopped watching when they had that no talent hack J-Low trying to critique actually talented singers the first time and haven't missed it since. After all, you know the formula, you have to be a bit of a sadist to enjoy the misery of others.
  • last year for me

    I am a 50+ year old female, and I was familiar with very few of the songs this year and I was not impressed with the song choices. I think the judges were trying to hard to be entertaining and it took away from the show. Harry was picking people up and saying inappropriate things for a family show. All those short dresses Jlo wore, for what? The show is not about her. I always record the show and watch it later, this year the last few shows I just fast forwarded and watched bits and pieces, last night I did not watch it at all. I just checked the internet to see who got kicked off. Worst show yet. New judges needed they picked the worst talent think I can find better things to do with my time than to watch this boring show. This is so sad cause I was a big fan and a voting van....................
  • i hate jena!!! & ugly jlo & the whole show!

    The show the judges and jena sucks! Horrible waste of time.
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