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  • Glad Ryan is back!

    I loved the show and am so glad its back. The judges are better than before much more engaging and the best part is having Ryan Seacrest back who makes the show without him their is no American Idol. Don't let the me too movement dictate someones career. Its a power out of control and no one is above reproach. They need to shine the mirror on their own heart.
  • Disappointed in this years show

    I watched this years show after not watching for about 5 years. I picked the final to be between La'Porsha and Trent once it got to the group of 10. As i watched over and over i was very disappointed in the way La'Porsha was treated, by Seacrest (maybe it was the choice of the producer\director). I was brought up to introduce the lady first and in more than one occasion where it could have happen it DID NOT!

    Ii was\am still am very angry when Harry was holding La'Porsha's daughter and Seacrest had the nerve to hold Trent's dog next to the baby. As a producer\director what is this saying (I assume that this was given the approval by someone). Total disrespect of Both La'Porsha and her daughter.

    On voting, I agree that I was not able to get on to La'Porsha number to vote, no message it just rang. Apparently others had the same problem. Glad this is the final season.

    La'Porsha to me is the Final American Idol

  • Disappointing Results

    La'Porsha should've won. I agree that I am disappointing that the phone lines did not work for La'Porsha at the beginning. NOT FAIR. Trent has talent, but La'Porsha should've been announced as the winner.

    She slayed the season.
  • It's not a send off, It's a rush sign off.

    American Idol never ended before the May sweeps. Knocking off 2 every week is just terrible.

    An old fan for 15 years. So disappointed that each week someone is kicked off, they don't get to take a look back like they have always done. Is anyone even voting? I don't get. American Idol fans deserve better. If I were NBC, I would buy the Idol name and run the Voice in the Fall and Idol in the Spring, and have a super winner of the 2 shows. So many good years of Idol even with the ups and downs. But the 7 years were great. Thanks for letting me vent.
  • Tonight it hit me.

    I have been watching American Idol since I was 9 years old. In 3 days, I will be 25. I can remember the days before TiVo and DVR where you had to be in the present to see the magic before you. Back then I didn't understand the emotion as I do now. I can remember sitting on my grandmothers couch voting for Kelly Clarkson over and over again. I religiously, every week wanted her to be the best, and she was. To understand emotion is a very mature trait. I have been watching the finale of American Idol this year. It has brought me more tears of Joy for what this has done to people and the happiness of what it is doing. You have touched souls and as a viewer, you have touched my heart.
  • It took 15 years to discover a real American Idol

    For all of those who were fortunate enough to watch La'Porsha Renae sing Rihanna's "Diamonds" last night on American Idol just witnessed what American Idol has always been looking for...... a truly blessed singer. For those who can really appreciate hearing a song sung to perfection this was it. It took 15 years of watching American Idol to hear a song sung to perfection. All I can say is that in the future when it's entertainment night in heaven God is going to ask La'Porsha to sing for him.
  • Am I alone???

    I am so disappointed in these comments! Personally, I love Idol and will sincerely miss it! I don't always agree with the judges but most of the time I do. And, contrary to what some of you say, these judges are very talented and knowledgeable in music!
  • JLo, your hormones are showing. You're old enough to be his mother.

    I think JLo needs to be more professional when it comes to cute guys. Just because he's cute doesn't make him the best singer.
  • Cutting Ravon!!

    WHY choose an emotional mumbler over Ravon who sings like an angel!
  • miss the old days

    none of the twelve would have made it to Hollywood in the old days. the rest of this message is from lisa, jim's wife (still learning our new computer) anyway , I don't know how many of you were even born in the early days. but how many of us remember clay aiken, adam lambert, Jennifer Hudson and the incomparable colton Dixon. these people knew how to take a song and squeeze the blood out of it and take you on a magical ride. I personally don't see that this year. the best performace I can say I have seen is jax's audition. I love when she keeps it simple, on the piano with that gorgous falsetto. Spine-tingling. since I want to vote for someone I will go with jax. keep it simple. not all hard core rock all the time. play it right,less is more I think. (miss joey. she had too different of a sound but she was adorable)
  • Joey Cook Kicks it!

    Look out Grace Slick! Joey Cook killed it with her version of Somebody to Love! One of my all time favorite songs just got differently better! I don't care what anyone voted Joey You Are 2015 AMERICAN IDOL WINNER!! YOU brought to the table what no one else did! I can't wait to see you in concert and buy your first "album" You go girl!
  • The real Quentin revealed!

    Quentin's bad attitude and arrogance were displayed for the whole viewing audience to see tonight. As Harry said if the show was so whacked and he was so upset why not let his friend have his spot. Hope this week is the last we see of him. I have wondered week to week why he was still a contestant. Talk about no talent! I think he dug his own grave tonight! WAY TO GO QUENTIN!!!!!
  • harry is an a#$hole

    Everyone but harry knew what Quentin meant.
  • Need new Judges

    I have watched American Idol from the beginning, This is the worst season ever. Will not watch anymore alot of my friends feel the same way.
  • Still a Good Show

    I like this show because of the judges. Simon and Paula are still funny. Paula actually looks hotter now than she did when the show first began. Simon has changed too. He is still critical sometimes, but not as negative as he used to be. He also has developed more of a jazz vibe and lost the British accent. I do miss Randy and his catch phrases, but it is cool that the producers replaced him with Ellen Degeneres. I had no idea she was such a successful country artist with such a beautiful wife. I thought she was just a comedian. The contestants this year are pretty good. Qaasim and Joey have a good style to them. I don't really like their singing as much but I figure autotune will help them when one of them wins.
  • American Idol still enjoyed by some!

    I have read the many reviews regarding Idol's low TV ratings; however, my husband and I still find the show very entertaining. The remaining contestants might not be the strongest vocalists and maybe the more experienced musicians hear things I don't, but the show gives individuals a chance at following their dream. We see people from all walks of life, we connect with their stories and their passion for music. The judges used their one save of the season on a Fantastic performance! Quassim (sp?) might not be the strongest vocalist but he sure can entertain! Jennifer's performance the other week was so incredible that I can watch it over and over again. It was mesmerizing! In addition, having someone like Boy George mentor the contestants was amazing! I grew up listening to Boy George and loved seeing him put forth a sincere effort to help the contestants. I was disappointed that some didn't appreciate the advice but loved that Jennifer brought it to the contestant's attention that one should have an open mind. The disrespect angered me. I also loved that Boy George didn't hold back from giving feeback. Another mentor that I loved was Adam Lambert. I love Harry, and Keith and their quirky demeanor. Perhaps the show is fixed or the outcome is not we desired; but it's entertainment! I have been exposed to different types of music that I generally might not listen to and have come to learn that I enjoy a little bit of everything. Xfactor was another excellent show that people didn't appreciate. I hope we don't lose American Idol as well. I threw everything out there and have rambled on. Hope that my admiration came thru. Thank you!
  • Heart Tuch

    These kinds of younger contestants are usually vocal tracks from your eighties! You might have Gerald lavert the particular spinners 's environmentally friendly they should become released for the african american track record apart from motown. 96V9

    Wow I'm extremely disappointed with the judges wasting the save on someone who has ABSOLUTELY

    NO CHANCE OF WINNING!!!! I think it was harry who said best performance of the night. LOL! Yes he moved around the most and seemed comfortable on stage b/c he realized he was about to go home, so he gave it a good final memory show and wondered toward the crowd. So what!! He has absolutely no singing ability! The only reason he didn't sound worse is b/c he slowed the song way way down. and even then it was average! Now when someone who can actually win has a bad week there's no save left. That guy you saved will be long gone and the save wasted for nothing! In the future don't waste the save unless the person could actually win! If this guy wins the show should shut down and never try again that's how awful that guy is. He should of been gone at hollywood week, but since he moved around like a moron you kept putting him through wow he dances lets forget he cant sing!!Thats apparently the new american idol i mean hell even that daniel sevy or whatever made it through why??? He to should of been out at hollywood week. He could of greatly benifited from 2 or 3 no's until his nuts drop and he might actually be good but we won't know until pueberty!!!! get it together judges harry i think you've gone soft there is no reason you agreed to use the save the other two are the bleeding hearts you used to be able to be objective but not TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!And what a dumb set up they have you have to hold your breath to see if you made it another week then get up and sing it ruins the performance. Thats whats missing this year, why there aren't any breakout stars they're all to nervous and hell i'd be to if i couldn't breath till my name was called!!!!! And that stupid after song segment where the aweful singers talk to the camera's lose it already its stupid and i dont need to be told who to vote for! THEY ALL SUCK!

    I think Idol should of kept Sarina_Joi, she seems like she was the only one besides Tyanna who had some talent. It was a mistake to let her go, those judges should of saved her, Harry, YOU suck. You get up there and sing, who made you king of good voices. I think we all have our own opinion on what talent should sound like. It takes these kids a lot of guts to get up and do what they gotta do to be the idol. Most people are afraid. Great Job to all the contestants. J-lo's dress looked a lot like a huge drop of milk, lol,. otherwise her performance was alright. Her song sounds like some kind of motivational hit. FEEL BETTER NOW!
  • Danny Gokey's New Album!

    Former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey is back with a brand new album!!! "Hope In Front of Me" will be out June 23rd! The single "Hope in Front of Me" is available on iTunes now! I'm so excited, I've always loved Danny's voice!! Follow him on Twitter @DannyGokey and /DannyGokeyOfficial for more info!
  • Worst Season Ever !!!

    This has to be the worst set of contestants ever. The judges did a horrible job of picking talent. They seemed determined to pick singers with quirky voices or contestants with emotional stories instead of true vocal talent. And to make matters worse, the decision to shift away from songs that appealed to various generations to only songs that appeal to the teenyboppers has resulted in a loss of the older viewers and a continued decline in ratings. These judges need to go and the producers need to feature music from prior generations from time-to-time in order to capture a larger viewing audience. Another season or two like this current season will undoubtedly kill this show.
  • Confused

    If you do a little research you will find that reviews of these judges are overall very good. A matter if fact, there are many reviews that state this could be the best judging panel they have ever had. All this said, I've been an avid viewer of Idol since season 2. If this is the best set of judges they have ever had, and let's be honest, it's not, they've never been able to replace Simon, but let's stroke those reviews who's and say it is the best ever assembled. Um, how does it go? Proof is in the pudding? This top 10, now in the final 3, easily the worst group of singers in this history of this show. Who does that fall back on? Ah, yup, the greatest panel of judges ever assembled. I see quite a few people bashing Caleb and this confuses me. There was another guy, oh yeah, Adam lambert who was very similar is singing style and has made a very good career for himself on the back of idol (fact he did not win was a joke where is the kid that one that year, does anyone even remember him?) anyway, Caleb is a throw back heavy metal 80s-90s rock which I love! I Am a Caleb fan and I think he could carve a career out like Daughtry. Gina? Look, Jessica was a good singer but had next to no charisma and this late in the game that goes a long way. I am pretty confident it will be Gina and Caleb in what should be an entertaining finale. However, my confusion?? All of you who say The Voice is a much better show and that on that particular show the judges are not biased, ahhhh do you watch the show??? I love the voice but that's exactly what the judges are and they admit it! They pick their contestants and have their own team, so of course they are biased toward their team! Seriously people think before you write. I agree the show is a much better program than idol at this point in time, but to say they are not biased is crazy.. Finally.... I love J LO'S short mini skirts.. Sorry, she is piping hot folks and still has it... Those legs are crazy hot...

    I don't watch to see J Lo and it's only recently someone can't get past their erection to actually move the camera to a contestant. STOP SHOWING HER OR WE'LL STOP BUYING YOUR SPONSOR'S PRODUCTS.
  • Can't Help Falling In Love With Jena!

    Still emotional after that beautiful song! Speechless!
  • 10
    Really!!!! i cant believe Jessica has made it this far!??? i still cant believe that america prefered Jessica over MALAYA and CJ they were and are better singers than Jessica... they should not let america do all the voting the judges should have the last the last word in my opinion because this time america is eliminating the wrong cant sing and and when she "does" she seems so fake!!!



  • American Idol Judges Definition: Twisted Logic

    You almost feel sorry for the crop of lackluster, talentless kids on AI this year. But who do we have to blame for the worst lineup in AI history but the judges themselves who caved in to the PC racial and gender forces that are determined to make the show about diversity instead of talent. Before you throw the racist card at me, consider that some of my favorite singers on the voice are African American, Latino and female. But for AI this year any racism was directed at some impressive white contestants who were sent packing by the judges to create this so called fair cross section of contestants.

    Now the judges are saddled with them and I can't take any more twisted logic from Harry, Jennifer and Keith. When Harry doubles down on his, "This is the best group of contestants in Idol history," two weeks in a row, he just lost me as a former fan of his. And when Keith declares, "Baby, it doesn't matter if you hit the notes if you put enough emotion in it, baby," he lost me, again as a former fan of his. Keith is clearly ensconced in defying logic as he continues to support minority contestants over talented contestants such as Candice over Angie Miller. It was pitiful to see his nit picking of Angie and slobbering stand up worship of Candice. Finally we have Jenny Lopez, the sleazy agenda driven diva, who's agenda is to promote herself as if 15 million isn't enough for a musically challenged soft porn artist who judges idol contestants based on the size of the "goosies" she feels that the performance gave her. I have just deleted AI from my DVR for the first time since season one and it's sad but the devolution of music it continued to lob out weekly had to stop. All the silly stunts and props and even Billionaire Ryan Seacrest can't save this show. Most of the contestants that "The Voice" sends home are vastly superior singers than what remains on a show that once had a sense of excitement, a modicum of values and the biggest fan base on television~
  • Idol!

    I don't know what everyone is talking about. I think this is the best season of Idol yet. The judges are great. The talent is outstanding. They don't need to show the bad people and I am glad they don't. No other top rated singing competition show does. I am so excited to watch the rest of this season
  • Bye Bye Nicki

    Love the show please get rid of Nicki !!!!! Mariah is the one to keep ! Mariah is a Queen !
  • GET RID OF NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am tired of Nikki on Idol!!! If she is on for another season I will not watch it all!!! The other 3 judges are great!!! She is the worst judge ever!!! Her attitude to everyone and everything is awful!!!! She is disgusting!!!!!! If IDOL wants better ratings they should get rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She IS the reason the ratings have dropped!!!!! No one else!!!!
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