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  • Here's a load of crap

    This is one show that really knows how to dumb down Americans and butcher music as an artform. Does anybody realize how many people there are in the world that can sing? A LOT! It's no rarity people. Really. These no talent assclowns are singing cover tunes as well. They don't write the music nor the melody in which they're singing. So where's the talent? Even after the winner gets a record deal do they write a single note? NO! All they do is lose a little weight, get dressed up in trendy clothes and try to sell sell sell. It's about money. Do you think a grammy award goes to the best musician in their catagory? NO! It goes to the person who sold the most. Money is a measure of talent in America and not the skill. This country has ruined music for the masses. The true artists are never heard because they receive no support from the record companies.If you don't have bright white teeth and a trendy look then you're just not marketable. It's sad that Americans let a bunch of 12-year-old girls decide what art is.

    Are you kidding me? what happened to tv? i cant believe people sit and watch this horrible show. Even the name is wicked lame, a contest to see who is the next "American Idol"? what the heck is american coming to. i certainly don't know why this singers subject themselves to these judges who dont have a clue themselves and furthermore people feel compelled to watch the outcome.
  • simon the jerk from australia can make sombody cry every week with his mouth

    never have i seen so much crap on one show why this show is so popular i will never know.its shallow and mean and just a waste of time to watch.this guy simon is so mean i don't know why he hasn't been fired.he can make somebody cry quick and for a stupid reason too.
  • I hate it!

    I absolutely, possitively HATE American Idol! I can\'t stand to be in the same room while it\'s on the television. I can\'t stand how all these wanna-be\'s actually think they have any talent at all! I know I\'m not the only one who realizes these people only try out to get themselves on tv. Like they think it\'s so great to have the attention of millions of people. I can only imagine that they have self-esteem issues and are trying to validate (did I spell that right?)themselves.
  • This sucks

    I'm sorry this show was created and hey if you love this show and are offended by this review why didnt you read the summary and my score to obviously see I hate this show. It's past it's prime..... which was the first season. They could have made it one of those shows that only lasts a season and becomes a cult classic but no they continued to humiliate real people on national television. I know it's their decision to go on the show but why not just show the people who are gonna make it to the next round instead of showing every bad entry in between? I mean its one thing to show the bad people but to also show them be insulted by Simon? I mean come on man just say they're bad and get on with it not have a monologue of insults to throw at the poor person. I cannot believe this show was even created in the first place. Why have a person get a record deal only to be shunned to the side by the next person to win the show. Please people just let it die.
  • Alternate Titles: Nationally Televised Karaoke & Auditions for Future Cruise Ship Performers.

    Alternate Titles:
    Nationally Televised Karaoke & Auditions for Future Cruise Ship Performers.

    Watch only if you want to know who will be performing at the State Fairs this year. They have provided a long list of candidates for "Where are They Now: 2010?” Not every American citizen needs another opportunity to be on TV.

    They have succeeded at selling more Coke than they have CDs.
  • It's alright if u like singing, but there's a catch to the show many don't realize.

    If you like singing like this, watch it. But there's a little catch many don't realize. Everybody thinks that people are just coming off the streets to sing, but all the people who make it near the top have had singing lessons for a long time. They make you think it's nobodys becoming something. In the end, it doesn't matter if you win or not, you're still gonna get a record deal even if you come in 10th. What happened to Fantasia, who WON the contest? She's done nothing. Not many of the Idol people from ANY season have done anything except Kelly Clarkson and that's because it was the first season.
  • In a couple of words "this show sucks a lot."

    Ever since Fox first showed a commercial for this show the first thing that came to my mind was that "what is this piece of crap".But I at leased watched one episode of it but I couldn't take it.I mean this show has horrible singers who think they can sing.This whole show is rigged.And they have three idiot judges.Another reason why this show sucks is that they have that idiot who everyone hates who host the show. The score that I am giving it is far too high for likes of this show but a 0 thats high for American Idol in my book.
  • A worthless show that has no meaning and is a complete waste of time.

    I do no understand why this ridiculous show is still on the air. Some of my friends try as hard as they can to explain it to me but I don’t get it. I have seen some of the episodes and each might have its fun with watching people humiliate themselves on national television, but the show itself is fundamentally flawed. Yes some of the contestants have some talent, but does it matter in the I have noticed that every one of these supposed \"American Idols\" do have a record out on the shelves, but the problem is they only made one except for Kelly Clarkson which surprised me. The sickening part of it all is that people go out and buy there one album because they were on TV. Then the part that really frustrates me is that they are number 1 on the charts as best seller or the top song. I personally do not recognize these people as being the best because they do not deserve it. They make one album and just laugh all the way to the bank with your money because you bought the shows propaganda. Plus who wants to see a british person, a washed up singer who never did good when she could supposedly sing, and some random guy who worked with a crackhead criticize Americans on there singing ability...I don’t, and I encourage others who talk about or watch this show to stop. THE END
  • American Idol blows!

    I really cant\'s stand this show. These judges are really lame, but they don\'t really have anything to do. They just sit there. They don\'t even decide who leaves, and they barely have any influence on who actually leaves. The only reason they are on this show is because when it first started out it was a nothing show and they got people whose careers were in the crapper and had no way of getting out, and after it got big, the producers couldn\'t get rid of them because then it would really have been true and the paula would have killed herself from no job.
  • Pathetic excuse for entertainment. What's the point of having the worst of the worst on a show just so the viewers can laugh at them?

    I watched parts of a few of these shows, and I just don't see the interest people have for it. Three judges that are clueless about actual talent, and their only goal at the beginning of a season is to purposely rip apart people without talent.

    The networks really need to give up on reality shows...
  • Ive said before and Ill say it again.

    Cancel This show.This show is crap.Whoever thought of bringing this show to America needs to be killed in the most painful way.All this show is is a way interactive karaoke contest.I dont get what people see in this show.Its the same thing each year,crappy singers who think they can sing but cant,scandels for some contestents,people saying the vote wasnt fair,and Ryan Seacrest teasing the audience with the results till you want to kill him. Why does this show exist?

    This show should have never been invented!People singing,big freakin deal,if you like music don't waste your time on yhis show watch one of the music channels!Only time I liked the show when William Hung sang.But there are two good things about this show 1 is to here the people who can't sing because it's funny and 2 just to here what Simon says.
  • The auditions and Simon are the only good things about this show......And even the auditions can be painful, see how we have to put up with Ryan Seacrest....(And i guess anyone gets a star on the walk of fame now.)

    Without airing the Auditions, and having simon on the team this show would suck......Ryan seacrest is purely annoying, not funny, and just dumb.......i guess anyone gets a star on hollywoods walk of fame now a days......i mean come on, in 60 years people who be like, ooo luther vandross....the beatles........and.......ryan seacrest? who the heck is that!........LMAO......come on! And besides Kelly, the rest of the winners on this show become forgotten easily! In another few years this show will hopefully go off the air.....or take like a fifty year hiatus.......and to all you people saying other shows are copying american idol......american idol is nothing close to an your research people!
  • boring as hell

    no point. Take a couple of wanna be Pop singers make them sing pre selected songs have the worst win. I mean William Hung what was that. She Bang She Bang. I didnt know how long he would be on for. its pathetic. Now the judges. Paula learn to be meaner nbody will make it anywhere if all you do is give posotive feedback. Be more like Simon. He is the only one of the judges that speak the truth. He tells the truth when he sais that was y awful. Randy you act whiter than Seakrest who is more than likely lived a life his parents spoiling him his haircut shows it thats like 100$ thats pathetic. Fox need to get rid of this show and not evan think about a next season it SUCKS
  • Another reality show that disappoints

    In what I saw of this show prior to 24 (Fox's only highlight of Tuesday evening when in that timeslot), I was severely annoyed. A basic carbon copy of previous reality shows only making pop music the objective. I don't like pop music because for one thing it's not music, just untalented pretty boys/girls trying to sing. While Simon's bluntness is amusing, he quickly loses favor in my eyes seeing as this whole thing is his vision. I also didn't appreciate Fox giving this show extra time (24's time at that) to stay on the air because they were running over. If/When this rigged travesty is cancelled, I'll no doubt be a much happier viewer.
  • watching people sing, a real good idea!

    this is the best show ever, I mean, we get to watch people sing! we watch good and bad singers, do you know how exciting it is when the final day comes! if anyone can't tell I'm being sarcastic. Do they have to show a contest about people singing, couldn't they just have it without being on air. also they are extreamly sad when they don't win, hello! the odds are like one in a million! it is also extreamly boring to watch people sing, at least thats my opinion. hence, in my opinion this is very boring and pointless.
  • I absolutly hate and can't stand this show. It is an outrage to real musicians and singers.

    I absolutely can not stand this show. I don’t see the point. So let me get this straight they take anyone off the street that they feel sing great. Then they put them through the audition process and then proceed to take them and put them through a tournament where the winner will receive a record deal. My One and only complaint about this is what happens to the people with the real talent that can write there own songs or even there own music. What happened to people actually play musical instruments and making a song that they loved enough to release and put on the radio because it was the music they wanted to make? What happened to real bands? It all ties in with this reality show crap they put on TV and most idiots just watch it because they think it is neat well very few people care about Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood and Million cared about John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix and they did not need a television audience filled with teenage idiots to cast their vote for not who sings the best but who looks hot in what outfit. I think it is an outrage to the music business, I think it is an outrage to musicians across the country. People that have had to pay their dues and work their way up the ladder probably feel the same it is a copout sure these people can sing real good but when it comes to entreating the real people and writing their own stuff none of them have I clue.
  • utter crap

    this show is nothing but utter crap. why? Cause the winners are already chosen before the show begins. this show is nothing but a setup in which talentless people compete like morons. who gives a crap about who our next american idol are. They are getting less and less popular. The only person you see now is kelly clarkson... what happened to clay, ruben, fantasia. they're not popular no more. This show is crap.
  • pointless show, it was novel and mildly entertaining the 1st season, now it just sucks.

    the only good part about his show is the auditions. they are just so bad that it is mildly amusing. also its just a racist fake piece of sh*t and likes to make fun of asians. its says things like, they are all smart, and all have bad teeth, they are all short, and cant see vary well. its terrible.
  • this show is a waste of time watching.

    This show is just a waiste of your time to watch. I watched it the first time that it ever came out but it seems like ever since then it has gone down hill. It\'s hard to believe that a lot of this stuff isn\'t just set up. I don\'t even find it funny anymore. I think that they should have stopped once the first sesson was over.

    the killed the show after the second season...the thrid season ppl really didnt know how 2 sing or dance... most of them were ugly....the culdnt take critzem which if ur gunna be on that type of show u need 2 be able 2 take the judges crtitzem and work on it so that next time they will have something good to say

  • Not worth Watching

    Not worth watching just public embarrassment from a OCD British stuck up perfectionist its disgusting! and it sounds like it will be on for ever how many american Idols are there going to be 25 thats just plain stupid! please cancel this show soon i can\'t take it its horrific! just go away!
  • This show should have ended a long time ago

    This show is horrible. It's the quest to make a bland new pop singer who will make uninspired generic pop songs. It's disqusting to see jow our culture has sunk to this level. I don't see why anyone watches it, but then Britney Spears and Dave Mattews Band Cds are best sellers, so I guess or most people have pretty low standards for the music they listen to.
  • a very bad show about tons of people trying to make an album for singing in front of the lamest judges ever

    B-O-R-I-N-G...Y-A-W-N this is the worst reality show around. who wants to waste their time listening to a lot of people, who a lot of them can't sing, try and impress a bunch of nobodies? sorry iono how its still on the air. this simon guy think hes hilarious but hes annoying as hell. Turn this show off!
  • Somehow it lost it's way

    I loved this show the first few seasons but somehow its lost something. It seems overwhelemed by its own trappings. There is too much extra fluff now. It's no longer fun and has actually gotten tedious to watch. Look at what has happened with the winners after Kelly. Kelly deserved her spot - she took it and ran with it and was indeed star caliber. After that the winners have not really had what it took to become singing sensations. I actually stopped watching a third of the way into this last season. There was nothing appealing or interesting for me anymore.
  • amercain borefest

    all i can say is that i hate this show there is no way 25 million viewers watch this crap. i beleive the rating are false and fox should be sued for reporting false ratings. i hope abc puts up dancing with stars against american idol. hopefully that will sink that so called high rated american idol.
  • Can we please end it already???

    Please lets just end it. I admit i watched the first season...i loved kelly clarkson, but after that, it should just end. Every season produces a winner that no one cares about after their 15 mins of fame. You cant really produce American Idols after you produced one and she is successful, but like the other idols each season, are like bullets into ths show and just waiting for the idiot public to stop calling 911 to bring this show back to life. Let it die!
  • Yet another factor of what is wrong with social america.

    This is one of my all time most hated shows EVER. I mean sure everyone watched the first one b/c it was new and a novelty. But I was in Europe when they had it over there and it was WAY better then the American Idol. I mean do they really have to do one after the other. And do people not realize that these people who win don't do anything with their lives. The only American Idol thats had a career after Idol is Kelly Clarkson, thats it. You don't hear anything about any one else that has won. Its just a waste of time and good air time. Not only that but these winners are only in the spot light for 15 minutes and then are lost along with the rest of the flock.
  • Slander, Defamation of Character, and Simon!

    As censorship is the way of today's TV, I can not understand why Simon is not censured or not removed from the show. These individuals trying out for this show are Americans first, and human second, and should not be subject to the type of Slander and defamation that he hands out frequently like candy.

    Although I’m am trouble by all his slanderous statements, and the way he defames individuals characters, possibly to make himself feel better, I found it extremely hard to watch him tell a young man to shave his beard, as he would be a better female impersonator.

    Does Simon know that Hate is not a Family Value? It is my hope that the LGBT community and our intolerance for hate will call upon the network and our alliances to remove him from the show, as his attitude and his lack of respect for other humans makes me sick.

    Maybe he should be deported back to the country from which he came from, like the others that do not respect our way of life and the American People.

    Mike B. - Reno, NV
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