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  • This is the only reality show I can watch anymore--I'm a sucker for the singing contest, and deep down, I know I'm the the best critic of all.

    American Idol is the biggest marketing scam in the country, and I love it. Week after week, first trying to guess which contestants will survive, and then later getting to vote for them--it's an addiction. That being said, I've never felt the urge to buy any of the previous winners' albums. They end up too produced, and usually in a style of music I don't even enjoy. That all might change this season, with what might be the first truly talented winner: Bo Bice (well, second place is close enough). Not only is he a real musician, beyond the typical R&B/lite-rock karaoke they normally pump out, but Bo also has style and musical taste that appeals to a different audience. Maybe after several seasons of disappointing album sales the producers decided a change was in order--and not a moment too soon.
  • Keep the show so called reality show..but do not consider it the competition and wait each night to hear what Simon is going to him. One of the most honest reality shows...due to the fact the people get to vote.

    I love this show....being a music lover this is for me...and I love Simon even more!! Not one to hold his tongue...I like that. In that business they have to get used to that kind of criticism...and he is the one to dish it out!! Not always right...but that is o.k.
  • Basically a HUGE talent show. Many rounds of auditions, singing for the judges, then the top 32 American can decide. Then they all sing, American votes and lowest number of votes goes home.

    I LOVE this show. I've been a fan since the begining. This is a great show. There are so many colorful people, and so many extremely talented people. There are always so many favorites of mine I never know who to root for. I am sure if everyone gave it a chance, everybody would love it. The threee judges are so different. Sweet Paula, always has something nice to say, angry Simon, always something rude to say, then there is Randy. He actually DOES tell it like it is. (Simon claims to, but he is usually just rude) I hope you all liked my review and remember watch American Idol!
  • It's a tedious show.

    I know I'm not the target audience for American Idol (I'm just a wee bit too old and uncool). The thing is, I just cannot figure out how amazingly successful this program is. I have tried to sit down and watch it several times, but I can't stand more than twenty minutes before the channel gets changed--or the TV gets turned off.

    Most of the time, the singers are decent. It's the weak banter between the judges that I can't stand. I do have to concede that there's guilty pleasure in watching Simon rip some of the singers to shreds, but even that loses its luster after a while.

    I just heard on the radio that it's ranked as the number 1 *and* number 3 TV show of the past three years from Nielsen. Amazing.
  • A worthless show that has no meaning and is a complete waste of time.

    I do no understand why this ridiculous show is still on the air. Some of my friends try as hard as they can to explain it to me but I don’t get it. I have seen some of the episodes and each might have its fun with watching people humiliate themselves on national television, but the show itself is fundamentally flawed. Yes some of the contestants have some talent, but does it matter in the I have noticed that every one of these supposed \"American Idols\" do have a record out on the shelves, but the problem is they only made one except for Kelly Clarkson which surprised me. The sickening part of it all is that people go out and buy there one album because they were on TV. Then the part that really frustrates me is that they are number 1 on the charts as best seller or the top song. I personally do not recognize these people as being the best because they do not deserve it. They make one album and just laugh all the way to the bank with your money because you bought the shows propaganda. Plus who wants to see a british person, a washed up singer who never did good when she could supposedly sing, and some random guy who worked with a crackhead criticize Americans on there singing ability...I don’t, and I encourage others who talk about or watch this show to stop. THE END
  • American Idol, a show for all to get involved with. Families throughout all of North America watch this show as it has become an addiction. Each year more and more people vote for their favorite singers. The show only gets better as it goes along.

    In the first season of American Idol, America's seemingly top singers competed for the title as our idol. The task wasn't at all difficult, all you needed was the ability to sing and some cutting edge style. All America wanted was someone with possibility and that's what America got. American Idol's own crew of advocates helped our singers get only the slightest bit better. It seems to me that the first season was only a test trial for what has now become America's addiction.

    In seasons that followed the first, the stakes got higher and so did the shows blooming popularity. Now the singers needed to have more personal skill and talent. They were not going to be as dragged along by the show's advocates as in the first season. The judges no longer wanted mediocraty in their singers, they wanted singers who would relate to the show's audience and yet stick out above the rest. I believe that this step onward, brought forth by the show's producers and our favorite judges, was in fact a worthy one. The stakes are now higher and so the singers are better. Perhaps this will lead to memorable tallent in the future.

    All in all, I believe the show has shaped into something that all of North America can watch and love. It gives a variety of different people the chance to compete and become a star, even for a short while. The only issue that I have with this show is that it is seemingly catoring only to those who already are popular and those who sink in with the crowd. Rarely do the judges choose someone who truly does stick out above the rest with their unique personalities and style of dress. It seems that as the seasons continue, more and more singers look and sound the same. For that small reason, I could not give this show higher than an 8 rating. It does not embrace diversity by all means.
  • Greatest Talent Show Ever Created!

    American Idol is your ultimate guilty pleasure. It is the standard by which all other talent shows are judged- and found severely lacking. The show is 70% talent 30% popularity contest. While the most talented doesn't always win- the true winner is always shown in the end- with record sales. American Idol is a massive freight train that shows absolutely no signs of going off track.

  • Sometimes good singing, sometimes bad singing, sometimes great singing. I always fall in love with someone. I do however, question whether or not the voting is rigged.

    Sometimes good singing, sometimes bad singing, sometimes great singing. I always fall in love with someone. I do however, question whether or not the voting is rigged.

    Season one I didn't watch. Season two won my heart. Season three was a huge disappointment. Season four was the best yet.

    Season four however has confirmed my worst fears; the voting may be rigged. Until major voting reform is put into place and numbers are released to the public my a reputable accounting firm; American Idol will never regain the trust of it's viewers.
  • Although American Idol discovers amazing talent with a winning format to captivate audiences, flaws with the voting system and signs of the show being fixed keep it from being a truly top rated show in my eyes.

    American Idol is one of my favorite shows. The show has awesome talent every season from the booming voice of the first Idol Kelly Clarkson to the rockin' performances of finalists Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis this past season, and many more in between. The judge Simon Cowell, from the British version Pop Idol, always has something interesting and clever to say, and the show has its fair share of scandals to keep everyone talking.

    However, there's a couple reasons why I didn't rate it as high as I could have, with the main one being that the show is obviously fixed. This wasn't any more evident than this previous season, where all signs pointed to Carrie Underwood winning long before we got to the final two. There were hints that the show was fixed before, like when Clay Aiken lost the second season and great singers like Jennifer Hudson were eliminated far too early in season three. And if the show really isn't fixed, there are true flaws in the voting system that has hardly changed since the beginning of the show. These aspects almost ruin the show, and really need to be adressed in future seasons.

    I'll still continue watching American Idol even with these faults to see the amazing (and not-so-amazing but quite hilarious) contestents and for its entertainment value. The show has done wonders to the careers of Kelly, Clay, Kimberly Locke, Josh Gracin, and many others, and I can't wait to see how the careers of Bo, Constantine, Vonzell Solomon, Anwar Robinson, etc. develop after this year. But now on, I will watch future seasons with a different attitude, that the great performers and my personal favorites may not make it as long as they truly deserve. The FCC summed it up perfectly, that American Idol is just as much of a competition as professional wrestling. But in my opinion, American Idol is definitely more interesting to watch than the latter, and one of the best shows TV has to offer today!
  • no summary

    I actually found it kinda hard to classify this show. I called it "Trendsetting", as in trendsetting "for it's time". There were so many talent shows before it that set the stage for something to finally come back into the homes of millions, like Star Search once did and still does. Now you got shows trying to copy it's formula. Amongst the talent is controversy like no other. You will either love to hate it or hate to love it for this very reason or for the choice of music that is involved. Or you are someone like me who will watch it for the talent (yes I said TALENT) and not the controversy, and a little guilty pleasure on the part of watching Simon "dish it out". But you have to ask yourself if the talent can rise above the controversy, make or break them.
  • It does get better every season IMO.

    I really like the show's raw talent. I think that Carrie was the best winner yet. The drama between the judges sometimes seems fake and then the closeness seems fake, but overall, it's an excellent show. It's really a good show for people of all ages and I think that's pretty much what it's aimed for.
  • In a couple of words "this show sucks a lot."

    Ever since Fox first showed a commercial for this show the first thing that came to my mind was that "what is this piece of crap".But I at leased watched one episode of it but I couldn't take it.I mean this show has horrible singers who think they can sing.This whole show is rigged.And they have three idiot judges.Another reason why this show sucks is that they have that idiot who everyone hates who host the show. The score that I am giving it is far too high for likes of this show but a 0 thats high for American Idol in my book.
  • TiVo or tape it,and save several hours of your life.

    This show has the unique ability to appeal to all ages, races, and social class, which contributes to its wild popularity. Unfortunately, this popularity leads to extreme commercialism, and sponsors milk the show's millions of viewers for all they can. It airs twice a week, over an hour and a half, and I'd estimate that you could fit the actual singing-contest part of the show in 15 minutes. The other 75 minutes are a complete waste of time. The voting results are drawn out to an agonizing crawl, the endless performances get very tiring, and the commercial breaks are long and frequent. If you must watch it, tape it, so you can fast-forward over those 75 minutes for instant gratification.
  • Its a good show - lovely idea. But, its just not what it was before.

    I love the idea of your average everyday american becoming a pop star. But good Lord - get better singers. If I had encountered any of these people in the real world - they wouldn't be anywhere. I admit - some singers are good and seeing Simon Cowell tell the truth and see people hate him for it is hilarious - but still? I watch it. Just because my parents love it and I have no idea why. Its boring. Its predictable. Ryan Seacrest is just plain weird. And the contestants - not the greatest singers ever. If it was a better show, with better contestants, yes I would watch it. But not now.
  • This is a show that starts off funny, gets a bit boring near the middle, but gets your blood pumping in the end.

    I've watched every season of American Idol so far, and I must say that it never ceases to entice me to watch.

    Kelly Clarkson (so far) has been the only American Idol to find great musical success, but the sheer joy in watching this contestants grow week after week into what can potentially be one of the future's best entertainers certainly makes for a great show.

    Season 4 just ended recently with a comptetition against the country girl and the rocker, and I can't wait to see what is in store for us next season!
  • American Idol!! hmmmm... it's a good show i guess. Actually i like it a lot it has humour,facts and Simon, you can't forget about Simon the pig headed big mouth british guy. It's so funny to watch.

    American Idol!! ohh Gosh! not another boring old show but with out Simon it's a whole different thing. Judges from the lasts seasons come again and judge people who are good and who.. are not ..good ...who are NOT good at all.Well lets see what the new season has stored.
  • A show that is emotional and fun to watch. I love to fall in love with the contestants and cheer them on.

    I can't wait for next season! I love this show, I get so involved with it. I don't like much reality tv, but this show is great. It gives people with real talent a chance to be discovered. I really hope that this show stays around for a long time!
  • So, it's still on?

    I seriously don't know why I watch this show! It's so "blah".

    The judges are so bias in their opinions. The singers, well, the cast-away finalists act like they're better than anyone else. And the song choices are so terrible. For the last fours years, they've used the same songs over and over and over. No wonder Simon Cowell is always moody. I would be too!

    The only thing interesting is the finales. But other than that, not worth the time. This year I've wasted an hour and 30 minutes each week the show was on. Can't get them back!
  • pointless show, it was novel and mildly entertaining the 1st season, now it just sucks.

    the only good part about his show is the auditions. they are just so bad that it is mildly amusing. also its just a racist fake piece of sh*t and likes to make fun of asians. its says things like, they are all smart, and all have bad teeth, they are all short, and cant see vary well. its terrible.
  • Entertainment program where contestants compete for a recording contract

    Guilty pleasure was sooo true this past season.... Here I am a 41 yr old mother looking forward to Tuesday night for her Bo Bo.... You would have thought it was 1970 and I was waiting for David Cassidy to come on the Partridge Family.... The season might be over but I still have my Bo Bice screensaver on my computer....This was the best season yet....More variety in musical styles.... Hope next season brings on more Classic rockers.
  • A show for all who love music

    I missed the first season of American Idol. But got hooked when I started watching the second season. I think to really appreciate the show you have to watch it from beginning to end. From the auditions to the finale. To watch the progression of the contestants each week. To pick a favorite and root him or her on through out the progression of the show. If you really involve yourself in the show by voting and all you feel the intensity of the finale. It is also great fun to hear what the judges have to say. Simon is quite humorous at times. He can have some cutting words but sometimes actually many time he is just speaking the truth. American Idol is best watched with a group of friends in my opinion. It's the only reality show I watch.
  • I love American Idol. But I hate all of the shows that try copying it.

    American Idol is a great show. I am sooooo glad that Carrie Underwood won because I love country. It does get better every year and I've watched it from the start. I don't get why everyone hates Simon. They say he's mean and it's stupid! Simon is just being honest!! And Paula...after last season I dont like that much any more because she does so many things that annoy me!! And Randy I think he is cool. I mean I don't always agree with him but he says alot of things that make sense to me.
  • I was upset with the fourth season finally because the did not show the past american idols.

    It is not good or funny anymore. The beginning of the show on the fourth season was not funny, I think they need a new set of judges, if not a whole new set of judges just replace paula. The drama of the show and the humor needs to increase. What's up with the celebs on the season finally, if your going to do that at least put people that are popular for teens not only people that are in there 70's or whatever, I did not even know those celebs. Another thing does anybody but me think that the resent american idols should have been on the finally? This show has now became wack.
  • The part I watch, and not all the time, is the auditions.

    I really can't see the point this show. The first half of the season is 90% bad singing, which makes me wonder why they came on in the first place. Then the rest is all singing, voting, singing, voting. Now much of the singing is original either. This may be my opinion verses the loads who love the show, but not everyone loves it together.
  • utter crap

    this show is nothing but utter crap. why? Cause the winners are already chosen before the show begins. this show is nothing but a setup in which talentless people compete like morons. who gives a crap about who our next american idol are. They are getting less and less popular. The only person you see now is kelly clarkson... what happened to clay, ruben, fantasia. they're not popular no more. This show is crap.
  • I watched about half of this season, and it was preetty good.

    This was a pretty good season, but it has not changed from the last three seasons. What really annoys me about this show is the try-outs. People suck on purpose just to be on TV. I just want to shoot those people. 99% of the people who are bad are fakes. If you think back at one of the other seasons, you can barely remember some of the singers because American Idol never changes. The best part is probably the try-outs when the judges tell off the bad singers, and Paula says stuff like, "Well, he's not the best singer in the world. But, he does have something special". Okay, that can sometimes get annoying. The bottom line is, its an OK show. Im not watching the finale though, Lost is on. Hehe.
  • America votes for one of the millions of competing singers to get an expensive record deal and inadvertantly makes this singer and its 11 runners up famous in some way or another.

    This show is cool because, instead of other boring realities, it allows anyone in America to partake in the shows outcome. Millions and millions of singers compete to be chosen as the "American Idol". Once the competition is narrowed down to 12 contestants, these top 12 form a fan-base and are signed to a contract for years.
  • What sane person dislikes american idol?????

    Oh... American Idol is only one of the best shows to ever appear on the tube! I can honestly say that this show is so perfect that it sometimes terrifies me. I cant express how many sleepless nights I have spent wondering who came up with this amazing piece of televised success American Idol rox. The only problem on that show is PAULA ABDUL!!!
  • Each season is a new low.

    I would have rather watched William Hung then watch the final American Idol episode, I ended up watching Lost which was running a competition with the finale. Lost is tons better then this show, and Carrie Underwood beat Bo Bice, which makes everything a lot worse. William Hung is the American Idol we all need! Simon Cowell seems to say the same thing over and over again, and he probably works on his insults on the toliet, and whenever he thinks of one he writes it down and tries it later on a poor soul that auditions. Let's take a pencil and stab Simon with it, and Paula is just a freaking loser. Get her off the show.

    Randy's okay.
  • A high school talent show broadcast, only instead of a high school, it's the brillant program directors at Fox.

    This show is a pointless cheap high school talent show. Actually that is an insult to high school talent shows. I tried to watch this show in it's first year and from time to time, but it is for more painfull than any root canal could ever be. Pure Drivel!
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