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  • American 'I DULL' 2016 Celebrates BLACKS are HISTORY Month

    Somehow, once again, these judges managed to filter out most of the black talent for a lot of lackluster run-of-the-mill singers, who interestingly enough, happen to be white. Now among the ones they did choose are a few real standouts. However, they dropped a number of dynamic black singers for a number of mediocre weak, white singers, some of whom sound pretty much alike. Sadly, most of the performances are boring and karaoke, at best.

    Nevertheless, the few blacks they did choose, could very well win, if things were possibly judged honestly and fairly, based on the best talent and skill. The young black "hootie" is very, very good and the young budding "alicia keys", I think, is even better than Alicia Keys!
  • About time the judges criticized Clark Beckham

    I'm forced to conclude that most viewers this season have beans in their ears. Clark Beckham does NOT have a great voice by any reasonable standard, and he's not a great performer. He shouldn't have made the top 24, let alone the top 12. Many of his interpretations have made me wince, as have his excruciatingly ugly shouted "high If there's any bias among the judges, it's in favor of Clark, because they have not called him on singing out of tune or on completely missing the point of many of the songs. He may win, but he has neither a great voice nor any charisma, and will not have a career. The best SINGERS in the competition all are gone. The best ENTERTAINER left is Jax.
  • Idol!

    I don't know what everyone is talking about. I think this is the best season of Idol yet. The judges are great. The talent is outstanding. They don't need to show the bad people and I am glad they don't. No other top rated singing competition show does. I am so excited to watch the rest of this season
  • open your ears and eyes

    i haven't watched idol for the past lets say 4 seasons and this is my first season back and i love it.

    The range of talent , America is going to have a tough time falling in love with only one voice. I am reading reviews and yes everyone has their right to an opinion but it hurts that people cant just let talent be talent , they always have to point a finger its like "oh hes green so i that why hes on the show" i am like really , people they talent Americans have made it, be happy for them if it was you you would want the same respect for something you have dreamed and wanted all your life , so people not watching the show because of a judgment call of morals , look at your self first be like would i want to be judged for me being me or for my talent just make me sad to read this
  • Nothing Wrong With Nicki your just old ........ :)

    I am sorry but I really like Nicki shes fun and brings life to a dieing show I use to watch Idol but then got bored. when I found out someone cool, young and very different was on I wanted to see what else has change. I think that someone like Nicki is bring a younger crowed of people into watching this show.

    also I love Keith Urban !!
  • American Idol

    There is a very special talent on the show, probably the most gifted ever to have participated in the Idol. Her potential can be as Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and MJ all rolled into one! She is ready, voice is polished, confident and a dancer, too!
  • American Idol sure is lilly white this year

    American Idol is looking mighty white and boring this year. How many black singers in the top 24? -- 2.5??This is where we miss having Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the judging table. Keith Urban is okay, but Harry Connick Jr. wouldn't know talent if it came up and slapped him in the face. Jennifer Lopez picks her personal favorites regardless of talent and Connick follows behind her like the little lovesick puppy he is. Show would be cancelled for sure following this season, if it hadn't already cancelled its own self.
  • people in a singing contest! yee-haw!

    ive watched this show forever since i was little. ive loved every season and ive watched it. let me comment on the judges. Paula Abdul- mrs. positive. this crazy judge uses her seal clap to make the contestants happy. randy jackson- sup dawg?
    mr. middle here. simon cowell- hideous. mr.negative.

    i usally agree with randy or simon. i predicted carrie underwood would win in the 24 week- she has had the greatest success so far.good for her- watch this family show(not always) on foxnetwork two or three nights a week ! its just so coolio yo! i i i i i like it yo!
  • It took 15 years to discover a real American Idol

    For all of those who were fortunate enough to watch La'Porsha Renae sing Rihanna's "Diamonds" last night on American Idol just witnessed what American Idol has always been looking for...... a truly blessed singer. For those who can really appreciate hearing a song sung to perfection this was it. It took 15 years of watching American Idol to hear a song sung to perfection. All I can say is that in the future when it's entertainment night in heaven God is going to ask La'Porsha to sing for him.
  • 10
    Really!!!! i cant believe Jessica has made it this far!??? i still cant believe that america prefered Jessica over MALAYA and CJ they were and are better singers than Jessica... they should not let america do all the voting the judges should have the last the last word in my opinion because this time america is eliminating the wrong cant sing and and when she "does" she seems so fake!!!
  • A worthless show that has no meaning and is a complete waste of time.

    I do no understand why this ridiculous show is still on the air. Some of my friends try as hard as they can to explain it to me but I don’t get it. I have seen some of the episodes and each might have its fun with watching people humiliate themselves on national television, but the show itself is fundamentally flawed. Yes some of the contestants have some talent, but does it matter in the I have noticed that every one of these supposed \"American Idols\" do have a record out on the shelves, but the problem is they only made one except for Kelly Clarkson which surprised me. The sickening part of it all is that people go out and buy there one album because they were on TV. Then the part that really frustrates me is that they are number 1 on the charts as best seller or the top song. I personally do not recognize these people as being the best because they do not deserve it. They make one album and just laugh all the way to the bank with your money because you bought the shows propaganda. Plus who wants to see a british person, a washed up singer who never did good when she could supposedly sing, and some random guy who worked with a crackhead criticize Americans on there singing ability...I don’t, and I encourage others who talk about or watch this show to stop. THE END
  • WTF is Going On! Where are all the Black People?

    Where are the black people? That's exactly why I stopped looking at American Idol years ago. They only pick white people who have no soul and no talent. I noticed that they didn't even show the black people singing so that we couldn't see the talent that they were getting rid of. This show is so prejudice it's unfreakin' believable. Once again, I will not be giving this show my ratings, and thank goodness it's the last season! This is a soul-less piece of crap and needs to be off the air. Good riddance.
  • Go Quentin

    some people might not agree with mee but I vote for Quentin he only protected his feelings every week harry dis his singing and put down on him and harry canit even sing he might be voted odf next week but i can say he stood his ground. And i think its a racist thing because through the years only 3 black people only won America idol thars why they got a law suit against them now for discrimination against blacks. Whats so bad harry from the sam city and he dont want nobody to be better than him to c ome from New Orleans.
  • I like Nikki!!!

    Everyone trashes Nikki on this. I think she's a great judge. She's interesting and accurate. I thought she'd be a disaster and instead she's the most interesting part of the show.

    Keith Urban is very good and is great at leading off the reviews. Randy Jackson is the same as always and is getting stale. Mariah Carey is a diva. Daaaarrrrling! She says nothing and is too into her persona. Ryan Seacrest is by far the best host on television.
  • Still a Good Show

    I like this show because of the judges. Simon and Paula are still funny. Paula actually looks hotter now than she did when the show first began. Simon has changed too. He is still critical sometimes, but not as negative as he used to be. He also has developed more of a jazz vibe and lost the British accent. I do miss Randy and his catch phrases, but it is cool that the producers replaced him with Ellen Degeneres. I had no idea she was such a successful country artist with such a beautiful wife. I thought she was just a comedian. The contestants this year are pretty good. Qaasim and Joey have a good style to them. I don't really like their singing as much but I figure autotune will help them when one of them wins.
  • Can't Help Falling In Love With Jena!

    Still emotional after that beautiful song! Speechless!
  • american idol

    Why are they getting rid of all black is awful because of the bad judges who cannot sing worth a Lopez think she is all that and you know she cant even sing so why should she be a freaking Judge. All white you serious. Blacks do not have a snowball is such a disgrace. Glad this is the last year for the one mixed girl that got picked for the top 24 can sign and I hope she win and she will be the 1st one should file a complaint against this show for eliminating all the black contestants.
  • #BringBackMalaya

    bring back malayal watson !!!!! your ratings are starting to go down !$
  • I hate the judges!

    J Lo just likes to hear herself talk! She just blabs on and on pretty much saying the whole thing over and over. And Randy, he's just plain annoying! "YO, Dude", come on, we are not in the ghetto. Its also so obvious that they want Jacob to win. He's sings good, but I wouldn't give him all the praise. Randy has always done that though... he always favors the African American contestants! I miss Simon and Kara.
  • A bunch of washed up has beens telling the American public what we should consider as talent. Who needs this form of non-entertainment? Come on America let it go already!

    SIMON is banking mucho bucks from this venture and it is time America tells him enough is enough. Do we really need a variety show (If you want to call it that) to tell us what latest talent we should be looking for? The town of Hollywood is filled with people with a hell of alot more talent than what we see on this Simon filled cultural run phenom. Should we continue to think that only this show can provide the talent we need?Come on people, we don't need cash cows telling us what entertainment is! Should we wait for Simon to hit the billion dollar mark? Grow a brain and say enough is enough.
  • American Idol are a racist bunch including Randy against black singers.

    American Idol are a racist bunch including Randy against black singers. They sent the best male vocalist home tonight which happened to be black on this date 2/11 and kept the less impressive white males which were all white. I could not believe what I saw tonight. There is no other words to explain sending this idol home. I will not waste time watching this crapped in the future.

    Can someone tell me why you can't submit a review unless it's 100 words long. I don't need a hundred words to state how I feel about the crap that's on television now but if you want a waste of words then here they are.
  • have no idea why this show is so popular but then I don't get reality tv in general. Seriously its dreck like this that is dumbing down the population. I don't care about this show and wish it would die already. Oh and Ryan Seacrest should die too.

    Hmm well I pretty much summed up my feelings in the summary this is serious crap reality shows are a plague that needs to be exterminated. I don't get the appeal with this, Survivor, America's Top Model or any of the other countless reality shows I watch tv to escape reality not be constantly bombarded with it. Whoever thought reality tv was a good idea needs to be tortured severely. I say that all of the reality show creators need to be shipped off to a deserted island and then left there to starve to death maybe if we are lucky they will eat each other.
  • i really dont feel like it was fair to kelly to be voted off this week paris has money buying her voted. all of the weeks before paris was in the bottom 3 and tonight she wasnt voted off she really sucked last night kim ohio

    the whole show tonight wasn\\\\\\\'t fair at all, putting kellie down with paris it should of been paris voted off not kellie, paris family money is buying some one votes, not fair at all, you should check all the votes again and amke sure some one can count dont let any of paris family be behind them , i was so mad i called for the whole 2 hours and voted so much , i just cant believe kelly is gone but she will have such a bigger and better life after this she will be a bigger amiercan idlo then the last 4 winners you\\\\\\\'ll see she will be on tv and songs after songs
  • i am not so very fond of this show. im not so much for anny reality show i belive that all reality shows shold be cansled.

    this show must be the most boring show in the world its a reality show the only good thing about this show is when simon speaks he makes it better but after the begining it isent good anny more and you cant wath the show for more than 5 minutes. i cant realy belive that so many peapole dont now that they are bad at singing i mean 70% of all who come and try out for the show say that the are the next american idol but almost non of them can sing and they realy think that they can its frightening how obliveous they are about that. plus they realy should cansle all realety shows and put more good shows on.
  • A singing compitition

    American idol sucks, There are a buch of people who think they can sing. When they get rejected they cry til they have to life left in them. Simon has gone to far, he can't make fun of someone who looks funny. He cant help that. American Idol is a joke. America votes out the best singers. Chris if more famous than Taylor. Clay is more famous than ruben. Its just dumb. American Idol is to mean to the contestants and should be ban for that. I don't apreciate the show at all. I watched it once and gave up on it. Its just... terrible.
  • Idol is not what you think...

    I watched the last episode for the next 3 contestants before wild card and i like previous years have picked all contestants. This is a producers choice not a people choice. My beef is why do they deliberately eliminate the African American Males when all the ones i have seen have talent and can blow you away. It seem every since Ruben won..the goal was not to let this happen again. I know there are times..that it is just not possible to satisfy the different taste of people but give me a break, you know the brother tonight is a much better singer than a Tatana. Give me a break..
  • It's a tedious show.

    I know I'm not the target audience for American Idol (I'm just a wee bit too old and uncool). The thing is, I just cannot figure out how amazingly successful this program is. I have tried to sit down and watch it several times, but I can't stand more than twenty minutes before the channel gets changed--or the TV gets turned off.

    Most of the time, the singers are decent. It's the weak banter between the judges that I can't stand. I do have to concede that there's guilty pleasure in watching Simon rip some of the singers to shreds, but even that loses its luster after a while.

    I just heard on the radio that it's ranked as the number 1 *and* number 3 TV show of the past three years from Nielsen. Amazing.
  • great show

    I think think wrong ones went home this deserved to b there more than Jessica! Owell she isnt going to make it much furthet she knows. It. Shes moring to watch,basically the judges had told her that week after week she doesnt care. Shes got this tude like ive plyed in Smokey. Bars i belong here. Well boo hoo jessica !!! Your. Not going to win!! Its Caleb. Then Jena !! Caleb had gave it his all from day one and has took everything. The judges has Jena has nd the rest of them.. other thn Jessica!! Lets see Lopez get teary eyed over Jessica when she does finally goes like she did when CJ left. I would love to see the judges work with that would. Be awesome! !that was suppose to say CJ deserves to b there more than Jessica! The judges continue to work with CJ that would. B awesome
  • elise testone

    im pissed of at america because i know elise is the real american idol she gives her all in every single performance and she been in the bottom three for like 4 weeks now and it don t make any sense i want america to really start listening to this girl and start voting because this girl is amazing her voice is soo unique and just give me goosebumps in every performance if she leaves any time soon i will stop watching american idol
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