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  • Still out

    First the positive: surprise, I loved Mariah as a judge, she kind of reminded me of how a Pattie LaBelle would critique. I didn't think I would enjoy her, but I did. Unfortunately the show is ruined by Nicki Minaj. She's polarizing and she never shuts up. Did the producer suddenly give her the reigns as the lead judge, if so they need to take them back because she's going to ruin the show for everyone. First of all, it's disrespectful of veteran talent to be sidelined by an artist who's music I don't even admire or like. Randy has been a part of the show from the beginning and I expected he would take a leadership role, I still expect that. Plus, Nicki continually has to have the spotlight and she does this from the contestants. American Idol is about the contestant's not the judges and Ms. Minja needs to realize that and let the contestants have the spotlight. This season is going to be a rough ride for American Idol. They may not survive it which would be their own fault for hiring Nicki.
  • Judges are not the same

    Nicki is a joke. She judges people on their identity but she wears a different wig every night, talks out her nose, but judges other people on their identity. You have the legend Jackson, you have the country singer of the year Keith Urban, you have the one and only Mariah Carey and then you have the clown Nicki. What has happened to American Idol? It has gone nothing but downhill. You need to reconsider Nicki. Let's get back to American Idol and not have clowns like Nicki. If she would stop looking at the monitor and playing with her wig when she looks like a clown anyway, maybe she could pay more attention to the contestants. I pray that American Idol sees these comments from all of us. I counted that she fixed her wig six times in 3 seconds of her being on tv. Why does she have to talk out of her nose? I wonder what would happen if she stopped waiting for Keith Urban to make his comments and staring at him with a duh look, what would she say?
  • poor judging

    JLo and Keith are the worse judges, no way should a judge be acting like they are in their favorites fan club. Judges should be professional and impartial. It is no wonder why this show gets poor rating. This will be my last season until they get judges that act like professionals.
  • Darling Nicki :(

    I cannot believe that the leadership at Idol sat down and talked with Nicki Minaj to see if she had the competetence to handle the position she was given. She so obviously does not. I was not overly familiar with her before Idol but quite honestly I have a hard time watching the show with her on it. If she is getting anything close to the reported $12,000,000.00 this season, then it shows not only where Idol is heading, but out country as well. If someone as talentless as this person can make that amount of money for doing such a horrible job, we are all in trouble. The average American would have been fired from their average kob, making their average salary if we performed as bad as she does. Randy is still great, Mariah is surprisingly good and Keith is honest, funny and the perfect fit. Idol producers, please make the changes you know need to be made!

    OK, I tried, but I am saying goodbye to Idol. I tried to either mute or fast forward through Nicki, but t's stupid to have to do that. She is horrible and if I had kids, there is no way I would let them watch her. The voice is starting on Monday and I guess that is what I will watch. I have been with Idol from day one, never missed a show, but it is so bad now. Get rid of Nicki and I might be back. Sorry!
  • Nicki Minja poor choice

    I use to love watching American Idol. Nicki Minja negative demeanor is a total turn off. She does not make it fun or comfortable to watch anymore. Get a better judge and more viewers will come back to watch American Idol.
  • Nicki Minaj is a *downer* for American Idol!!!

    Nicki Minaj is a downer for this year's American Idol. I am a faithful patron of American Idol, since the insertion of this show. It is difficult to enjoy the show - listening and watching to Nicki as a judge, for such wonderful talent is frustrating! Last night topped it all off! She needs to listen and look at her own self.... Telling that young beautiful contestant that "the hair needed to go!" I've never understood how the judges feel it is their place to tell a contestant how they should dress! Is this a beauty pageant or a talent show? Nicki needs to remove herself! She is ruining the shows enjoyment. And, I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings have dropped because of her!
  • What happen to meaning of IDOL

    With the show being portrayed as American Idol, can the show explain what part of Idol does Nitki fit in? She is no idol . Just because she shows explicit parts of her body and dances in an adult show , does not make her a star. I dont care how much money she has earned! And Poor Keith, he has to sit there and have her stare at him instead of looking at the contestant. She is like a "oh, pick me, pick me"

    How can Malaya be voted out. She has good vocals next to Caleb. Unfortunately, the judges have used the only save for one of the worst singers in this year's idol leaving good singers like Caleb and Malaya with no saves. This years American Idol is like a horror movie and it really sucks.
  • get rid of Niki

    I totally agree with all-Niki should go-she is ruining the show for everyone--she acts as if she is some big diva-which she is not-cannot even compare in talent to the other 3 judges-she trys to make the show all about her and she is a nothing-she looks like a ballon with false eylashes and pumped up lips-so ugly. What was the people of american idol thinking when they brought her on board-if she stays it will lose alot of viewers that like me have been watching since the first show. Hoping the sponsors read all the post and get rid of that low life Niki.
  • nickie manaj

    Please don't be in the show next year.. you are one of the reasons that the show sucks this year.

    All night long is playing with her hair.. and every time Maraiah start talking, nickie's eyes start rolling. so rude!!!

    Did you see when she asked one of the contestant if he is married? when he said yes she kicked him out? Lol She is a joke.

    I miss Jennifer Lopez

  • Get rid of NIKI

    Many, many people all can not stand Niki. Young and Old! She is ruining your show. The people I know who have always watched the show are saying they are not wanting to watch it anymore. She is just to ghetto. The show would do better with Judges. Check your ratings since she has been on. Keith and Mariah are great. Jackson was great, but he is changing just by sitting next to her. I can't stand the show now. Changing the channel.
  • American Idol

    Horrible show, you blew what was a great thing. Can't even watch anymore. Changed channel every week so far. Can't take Nicki's voice, attitude and immature nature. Was a big Mariah fan, but she is not showing a humble or nice side at all. Does she forget she came from Freeport Long Island???? We will not be watching this season at all and almost everyone I know feels the same way.
  • What the What???

    I like many of you have watched AI since the very first year. I am so very disappointed this year that most of the people the judges are putting through would never have made it out of Hollywood week in seasons past. It has been hyped up again and again as "The best ever talent in 12 seasons" what a load of crap. There are SOME talented people but not nearly the talent that has been shown in past seasons. What are the so called "judges" listening to? With the exception of one "judge" the others are not putting people through for their singing ability clearly. Zonette????? Are you kidding me???? I cannot believe they put her through - however; there are others that are just as bad they have put through. They keep talking about the contestants "back story" and how touching it is - back story?? I thought this is a singing competition not a pity party? I may or may not continue to watch this season - more likely I will not watch because it is unfair to contestants that got cut and shouldn't have however; the only reason I would watch is to see the terrible, untalented, poor pitiful mes voted off right away.

  • Please remove Nikki Minaj

    I have been watching American Idol since season one. I have attended many of the tours and consider myself a true fan. I cannot for the life of me figure out why they would have someone like Nikki Minaj as a judge. She is awful and I am embarrassed for the show's name. Please, if you are reading this and you are a producer, please, please please remove her. I can not watch another show with her on it. Her comments are inappropriate and her judge of talent is ridiculous. I am not sure what kind of Idol will come out of this. Love the rest of the gang but I cannot take another show with her.
  • Nicki has to go!

    agree with the comments about NM being a poor choice and think her attitude is dampening Mariah's contribution. Mariah seems very muted and it's probably b/c she can't say anything w/out a smirk or obnoxious, arrogant comment from Nicki. I loved the camaraderie between the last panel - JLo, Steven Tyler, and Randy. Bitching and bickering does not make for good ratings. Producers what are you thinking? and why 4 judges - it's 1 too many opinions. Something has to change or you're going to lose my viewership. best case scenario - fire Nicki. You don't need her.
  • Nicki, was the worse!!!!!!

    I saw the show last night. I don`t beleve I will be watching it any more. The lades are so in love with themselves its sick. Mariah, (which I always liked) looks like if she moved her face would break, and Nickie, ask so stupid. My 10 year old grandson has more smarts then all of her whole body. The guys where great. I really liked the show when Steven and JoLo was on board, but I know that was something you didnt want to do. I dont know if the way the girls were acting was planned, but if it is it back fired.
  • "I Luh You Poppi" In the Bottom 2

    I agree with the judges concerns and comments. In particular; JLo. She is the biggest culprit on the panel in engaging the other judges in; high school, girlish, whispering, talking and laughing when contestants are performing. Are you kidding me? How rude and disrespectful is that? Do what you get paid to do. Sit, listen, watch and provide professionally, objective feedback. The judges certainly can be a ratings draw and when appropriate can add entertainment quality to the show. However, not by behaving like disrespectful, attention, monger narcissists. JLo and her stupid "goosies" needs to go home with Sam!!
  • Worst Season Yet!!!

    American Idol is in the last weeks of the season. The talent this year is the worst I have seen. In years past, the contestant were showing they were ready to record albums and step out to perform in concerts where they are the headliners. The group this year, I'm not sure what their styles are and it doesn't appear they know. They come across like someone performing at high school talent shows. It also appears the judges picked this group to satisfy a certain group of people. That's fine, but the problem with this group is they don't have real talent. It doesn't matter what your preference of music is , a good sound is a good sound no matter what you sing. Also it would be nice if the judges use there time to give the contestants the feedback they need instead of time spent on themselves and there antics (unprofessional). Every season they say it's the best season yet. Who are they trying to convince, and I know there's not as many votes going in as Ryan say there is. This should be the last year for American Idol. The talent on American Idol does not come close to the talent on The Voice.
  • End of a ERA

    What has happened to American Idol? All it took was ONE bad Manaj .She Needs to go!!!!!!

    I can't stand listening to her talk out her nose. And, all the rude comments she makes to the other host's.

    Sad to say, I am done watching this season...

    "FOX" You better wake up and fix this before its to late!!!
  • This is just wrong

    PLEASE get rid of Niki. She is ruining this show! This is first time since American Idol is on that I don't want to watch it because of her lack of professionalism. What a shame!
  • American Idol #1 Seriously?

    I think that is because those of us who have been loyal from the start only keep watching; hoping it will get better. It is absolutely horrible and every week it gets worse! Keeping people who should have been sent home. And sending home true talent because Minaj doesn't like something about them. I really thought Mariah would make an awesome judge, but she keeps letting Minaj get the better of her. Leaving out the contestants. This is no longer American Idol, it's the Nicki and Mariah show. Had American Idol started with these judges in the first season, I would have stopped watching after the 1st episode!!! Can't wait till X Factor begins!
  • nikki

    we have watched this show for years but nikki has to go she is ruining the show you are losing fans every week she is not for this type of show and a disgrace to the younger people.
  • Ditch Narcissistic Nikki!

    American Idol is no longer a singing competition - it's the Nikki Menaj show. She dresses to distract viewers from the actual judges and creates discord with her histrionics. She is unprofessional, mooing over the cute guys and asking them whether they have a girl friend - sort of like Isaac Mizrachi asking female stars at the Oscars what underwear they had on. Hint, hint, he hasn't been on the red carpet since. She has yet to make an intelligent comment about the singing. What kind of judge is she?

    Idol doesn't need four judges - three have worked fine for lots of years.

    It doesn't help that Idol now shows 3 commercials per competitor and gives more time to backstory than singing. This is a singing competition, remember?

    It may be time to stop watching American Idol, aka the Nikki Menaj show. After so many seasons, it's time to watch something else. Anything else.

  • Minaj makes a horrible Menage!

    Randy's great, Keith Urban seems down-to-earth and interested in the contestants, Mariah might be tolerable if the producers would tone down the Diva Act, but Nicki Minaj is detestable. Her fake, self-focused behavior and mean baiting of some of the contestants are disgusting! She's RUINING this show!
  • Nicki

    Nicki has got to go now, what are the producers thinking. We were fans of the show however this year with Nicki on the show it's unbearable to watch, what is wrong with her, she is very dis-respectful, she makes faces ande rolls her eyes when the other judges critique the contestants. Please, please give her the money and let her go, the show can go on with three judges. I just don't know why she was ever chosen to be on the show, she is a NOBODY, I guess the producers do not care about the raitings.
  • It hurts to watch

    Niki makes this show a joke! We have looked forward to watching it every year. Not this year. Niki has ruined it. We mute the TV when she starts to talk. I go wash dishes or something so I don't have to look at her. She has to go! Pay her off and let us enjoy the remainder of the season.
  • Biased Judges. Not Professional

    Why are judges standing while singers are singing? Acting like they are teenagers at a concert. Not fair to other singers. Judges are there to judge. PERIOD! Pay attention and learn from Harry. If your professionals, act like it.
  • Get rid of Nicki

    I love Keith and Randy, but there is only so much they can do with Nicki in the room. I also like Mariah a lot, and it is evident she is trying to keep herself under control with Nicki's constant crapfest going on. All Nicki does is make strange faces showing off her jealousy whenever someone compliments Mariah. Why is Nicki taking charge so much? This is not her show, it's Randy's show, let him lead! Nicki is not a fit and I beg of you to dump her before the live shows. I have watched from season 1, but i am not enjoying this bickering. Even where there have been judges that were not my fav, it was OK becuase the show was still enjoyable. This is not.
  • Very disappointed

    I found myself getting so extremely agitated while watching AI this season. Niki Manaj is so immature. You guys are showing more of the cat fights than the contestants. I watch the show to be inspired by people going for their dreams. Unfortunately, American Idol is turning out to be one of the worst reality tv shows this season.
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