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  • Quit watching Idol

    I thought I would give Idol another try, but once again they disappointed me, no wonder why it is the last season the judges don't know good talent! For example LA'PORSHA RENAE should not of got to the top 24 there were so many others better than her just because she has big hair and may be likable, she can't sing.

    so we quit watching once again.

  • American Idol sure is lilly white this year

    American Idol is looking mighty white and boring this year. How many black singers in the top 24? -- 2.5??This is where we miss having Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the judging table. Keith Urban is okay, but Harry Connick Jr. wouldn't know talent if it came up and slapped him in the face. Jennifer Lopez picks her personal favorites regardless of talent and Connick follows behind her like the little lovesick puppy he is. Show would be cancelled for sure following this season, if it hadn't already cancelled its own self.
  • american idol

    Why are they getting rid of all black is awful because of the bad judges who cannot sing worth a Lopez think she is all that and you know she cant even sing so why should she be a freaking Judge. All white you serious. Blacks do not have a snowball is such a disgrace. Glad this is the last year for the one mixed girl that got picked for the top 24 can sign and I hope she win and she will be the 1st one should file a complaint against this show for eliminating all the black contestants.
  • WTF is Going On! Where are all the Black People?

    Where are the black people? That's exactly why I stopped looking at American Idol years ago. They only pick white people who have no soul and no talent. I noticed that they didn't even show the black people singing so that we couldn't see the talent that they were getting rid of. This show is so prejudice it's unfreakin' believable. Once again, I will not be giving this show my ratings, and thank goodness it's the last season! This is a soul-less piece of crap and needs to be off the air. Good riddance.
  • Cowboy

    These judges are absolutely blind they not only can't see talent they also don't know what it sounds like or the cowboy would still be there they keep saying its a female season well it is becoming apparent. So why don't they just tell all the guys to go home and stop wasting there time. By the way cowboy if you ever see this try out for the voice they are not deaf and dumb.
  • What the heck!

    Once again you got it wrong. The cowboy who sang Keith Urbans song sang it better than him. Is he gone because he wasn't wearing his lucky hat or because the judges are stupid. The Voice has it going. They recognize talent and not looks. I was really looking forward to watching him progress on the show. This is why this is the last year. No accounting for lack of judgement. For as many years they have been on there are only a few true winners. Idol sucks!

  • American idol

    The show sucks this year!! Some of the people who made it thru ain't even that good. I'm very disappointed.
  • judges

    judges are terrible esp. the woman judge!
  • American Idol

    It continues to get worse. Judges are a joke, boring and putting talentless people through. Glad it's the last season won't be watching.
  • Disgusting. Ashamed for everyone involved

    This show isn't real at all. It's a giant puppet show. The judges are not judges. They are celebrities there to make the show look legit, when in fact everything about the show is fake. The contestant gets a yes or no from the producer. Not the judges, and they choose who is going to win before they even audition.
  • A bad show with bad voters.

    Let's get this clear right now: This show is BAD. The show's main problem is the demographic and voting audience, not to mention the incorrigible decisions of the judges. Season 13 was my final season and it seems 14 was the same for many people. The majority of votes go to "cute" teenage boys who may or may not possess any true singing competence. The judges are hypocritical (Bashing 13's Jess Meuse for not moving but not doing the same for Sam Woolf and Alex Preston who were much less interesting,) the votes don't go where they should, and it all feels fake.
  • Heavenly Joy

    Why didn't we see this amazing little girl in the judges cuts shows???
  • This show really should be cancelled.

    I used to watch this but not anymore. One of the reasons was because of Randy Jackson and SIMON FREAKING COWELL leaving. Another reason is the contestants themselves. Here's what I mean.

    In the auditions, most of them that don't make it to Hollywood curse out the judges. Like seriously? That's just immature. Some even just sound cocky before their audition saying they're gonna win when they won't.

    Then it's said that this show is rigged. Now I haven't watched this season, but I'm just now hearing that a guy named nick has lied to the judges and he still won. Well if the votes are fixed I'm not surprised, or America had become stupid. Hell, CHRIS DAUGHTRY didn't win that season he was on (I think it was 7 or 8).

    Overall, I'm glad I watch AGT over this.

  • I am so tired of this show. American Idol is outdated, outplayed, and cheesy ( for lack of better words ). This show should be cancelled.

    I am so tired of this show. American Idol is outdated, outplayed, and cheesy ( for lack of better words ). This show should be cancelled.

    People put too much into this show, its such a fake reality show, nobody ever sings well and the show is getting to predictable. The only American Idol who has and ever will benefit from this show is Kelly Clarkson ( GIVE HER PROPS! )

    ***2015 Amendment I still am sick of this show, glad to see its finally coming to an end. I still stand by the desire for it to end. However, I would like to correct myself and say that many contestants over the years were and still are phenomenal talents. In addition to winner, Kelly Clarkson I must say that I will be forever grateful to AI for helping Carrie Underwood reach the rest of the world as well as a slew of other top 20 finalists.
  • Scott Borchetta needs to go!

    This was the worst year ever for American Idol. We would love to see Jimmy Lovine or someone else back. It was so clear that Scott Borchetta did everything he could to skew the vote to his record label BMLG (Big Money Label sorry.. Big Machine Label Group!) Lovine would not be vindictive when the Contestants disagreed with him. It was so Blatant what Borchetta did to Clark Beckham in the last 3 shows! It was all about Borchetta making money off Jax and I can't say so much over Nick. He is good but he is 30 and has limited staying power! If Cry Baby Borchetta is on for the final season I for one will not watch and am going to start a petition to have him removed for the coming final He should be investigated for what he did along with his company!
  • I'm still in shock!

    I'm still in shock that Clark Beckham didn't win American Idol. He was far superior as a musician, vocalist, personality, performer, not to mention his drop dead good looks. Scott is the one who needs to be fired. And I was very disappointed in the judges allowing Scott to sway their critiques.

    I'm still pulling up You Tube to re-watch his awesome performances several times a day. American Idol will rue the day they picked mediocre Nick over Clark. What a fiasco. Boo!!

    Nick winning American Idol was like Chris Allen winning over one of the best Idols Lambert.

    Nick's a nice guy, but I wouldn't spend a penny on him. his facial expressions when he enunciates the words, drives me up the wall. What a joke, quit letting little girls pick their fan favorites vs. having the best singer win, like Clark vs. Jax the way it should have been. Nick shouldn't have been in the top 12.

    He never sang a Ballad, so I could analyze the complete voice. Another disappointed Idol outcome.

  • Nick LIED TO AMERICAN IDOL 2 TIMES !! A I, WHY let him get away with itClark should have won !!!

    clark should have won, i believe American idol is fixed... nick is not a good singer at all.. and ALSO HE LIED ABOUT NEVER AUDITIONING BEFORE AND HE LIED ABOUT BEING IN A BAND.. WHY DOES AMERICAN IDOL ALLOW HIM TO GET AWAY WITH LYING TO THEM ? this show should be no different from any other talent show, auditions.. for example miss america , if miss american lied to the judges or donald trump, or the producers, then she should not be the winner, correct ? so nick who i think is a joke, should be fired as the american idol.. HE IS A LIAR, LIAR.. who lies at an audition and gets away with it, and he is laughing at everyone.. why should he be able to do this & get away with it.

    come on think about it..... he should be punished for lying to a great show like american idol.. so now he is laughing at all of you , and is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • American Idol Season 14

    American 14

    I've been following American Idol for most of the 14 years it has been on television and have never seen so much talent as was on this years show! In particular, in my opinion, CLARK BECKHAM stood out hands above all the others for he is a multi talented 22 year old who plays incredible jazz,rock,folk,blues pianois an unbeiievable guitarist who covers every style to its highest leveland is a supreme vocalist (listen to his rendition of Ray Charles "Georgia on My is in my mind Ray Charles,Billy Joel,Harry Connick Jr. all rolled into one performer at the tender age of 22!

    He should have won last night's American Idol but he did other guy was good but could never cover the styles Clark could for Clark is Multi-talented and I hope who goes on to great things for the music business needs people like him!

    I understand (I think) why America did not make Clark the winner,but I won't go into that. The final two for me would have been Clark and JAX!

    Clark Beckhamyou are an inspiration and I know from where I speak as a professional arranger,composer,instrumentalist,vocalist & producer for over 50 years!

    Well, that's my take on American Idol 14th Season.

  • Im sure Jax and Nick are nice... but come on..

    It was embarrassing and almost painful to watch Jax and Nick perform alongside the likes of Clark. Im sure they are nice people and both are probably marketable - but their voices are cringeworthy. I tried each week to give them another chance to impress me ... but their voices are just not good - they would be good at a little bar in a small town - but not on Idol. They shouldn't have been in the top TEN THOUSAND in my opinion. Idol was lucky to have Clark be a part of the show. He is a true musician - and his voice is RIDICULOUS. I can't wait to get his album & see where he goes after this.
  • American Idol Over Time

    Jax should have won. Idol is sexist. Notice how rarely a female wins. It's always a white boy. Simply because he was born male. So wrong. So not fair. And I'm upset with Fox for running the show over 2 hours. I set my DVD until 9:05 & I still missed some of it.
  • Happy Nick won

    It was really entertaining and awesome until the disgusting dancing and nasty songs that were sung. This is a family affair and the display of nasty dancing really upset us. My nine year old grand daughter got up and began to imitate the dancers so disappointing. The back it up song is totally nasty and the other one too. I love music and I have watched every one of the shows. I will miss watching it. Just remember how many little boys and girls are being influenced by this show.
  • Where have the voters with good rock taste gone?

    I am glad to see Clark in the final. Nick is a good singer but he is nowhere near as good as Jax. If the majority of voters had any good rock musical taste Jax would be the next Idol. Hate to detract from Nick's win, but Clark was clearly better. Check out his duet with Michael McDonald. Clark and Jax should have tied for winner. Another reason I lower my rating for Idol is their consistent failure to finish their finale in the allotted 2 hours. And a big thumbs down to my local Fox station which started the local news at exactly 10PM thus cutting off the end of Idol. I had to go on-line to find out who won.
  • Something ruined Idol this year

    I've watched AI for 4 years now. For the past three years I've picked the winner early on, and in 2012 I picked both of the finalists early on. I thought some of the judging was harsh but I always thought the judges were being honest. This year, I picked Clark early on. Nick wasn't one of my favorites--I wouldn't have guessed he'd be in the top 12. The judging was unbelievable. Nick made every song he sang sound the same. I thought his best number was the Springsteen number because he did a good impersonation of Springsteen, which was what it sounded like. Last year the judges kept trying to get Caleb to change it up: sing something slow, sing something soft... This year they let Nick go on week after week singing fast and loud. I didn't think the judging was honest at all. I think having the record producer as the vocal coach was a huge mistake. He probably decided whom he wanted to produce and bent the judging to his will. He chose awful songs for Clark when he had the chance.

    Shame on you American Idol, anyone that knows anything about a TRUE NATURAL musician clearly knows from "Georgia" to "When a Man Loves a Woman" CLARK BECKHAM is hands down so far advanced from ANY of the other contestants, I am pretty sure the producers, the judges and the many many Beckham supporters know that. American Idol, you have lost your intelligence, your integrity and a ton of viewers, simply by not being honest and following the almighty "dollar" well the joke is on you, CLARK BECKHAM WILL SUCCEED and flourish, he is a very handsome talented and spiritual young man with a God given talent to share with the world. Continued success Clark Beckham, keep your feet on the ground and never lose site of your gift. One more thing, this is to Ms. Lopez, Mr. Urban and Mr. Connick - get off the proverbial fence, I do hope the money was worth it, because not only did you jeopardize your integrity, you very well could have hindered your very own careers by the choices you made, when all three of you stood up with the entire audience on not one but TWO of Clark's performances you all knew at that moment he was special and would and SHOULD win this "SO-CALLED" competition. I am very disappointed that you did not stand up for what you KNEW was the right thing to do. I actually feed bad for you guys at this point, because I know you knew better..........
  • Judges comments and behavior indicated an agenda.

    Clark was clearly better. The judges behavior and comments during the last several weeks clearly showed an agenda was in play. I didn't have to watch the season finale to know Nick would win.

    I watched the show all season, and by the end of the season I had enough emotional capital invested in the show that I wanted to believe the best person won (even if I didn't agree with the voting outcome). It didn't happen.

    This is my first time commenting on a TV show.
  • I am done

    After watching American Idol since the beginning, this will be my last year. A girl has no chance of winning and it doesn't matter how talented she may be. It's been 11 years of the same profile of a guy winning. What's up? I'm going over to The Voice.
  • What a Waste

    I cannot BELIEVE Jax had the lowest votes. The female population needs to stop voting for the cute boys and vote for the best, most original artist. Nobody sounds like her. So many other singers just like Nick & Clark. This show hasn't produced a standout artist since Carrie Underwood.

    Unfortunately it's all about who they can market the way THEY want to market am so glad that Im not the only one on here that has seen all the signs they are pulling for Nick to win...... Last night when they showed the American Idol Silhouette, it was Nick and not both of them, but tonite at the beginning they showed both of the in the silhouette ..... Also everything I've read on social media seems to be hinting to the fact that Nick has it in the bag, even though Clark out sang him....... So if Clark wins tonite, it will be a shocker, but if he doesn't I think he will be better off. Good luck Clark either way, I think you are soooo good and you have an outstanding career ahead of you.
  • Is this a fix?

    This is my first season watching this show. Is it always this way? The song picked for Clark was so much weaker than the song picked for Nick. I felt so many others were better performers that Nick but he did a great job on the final song that just fit him. The song given to Clark didn't show off his fabulous skills and voice. It seemed they were doing everything to make sure Clark wasn't chosen. I hope the audience saw through this and picked the multi-talented Clark. Georgia was breathtaking.
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