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Sunday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jun 11, 2002 In Season





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  • American Idol

    If the judges and everyone else involved in American Idol didn't want to do the show anymore they should have just stopped and not not this joke of a season....

    Letting 2 people go each week and acting like LaPortia is the best singer in the world has ruined it all..

    Why send Tristan home when they told her last week to sing more songs like Broken Wing so she sings Independence Day and that was too old for her.. She may only be 15 but could have experienced domestic violence.. Sonika had been in the bottom by America at least 3 weeks in a row Tristan once and she goes Home???? So wrong...

    Why is the season being rushed you would think they would want to enjoy the last season Jennifer Lopez cried that she is going to miss right!!!Then why rush But then maybe they should since the judges already announced LaPortia's the winner on quite a few occasions!!

    So very sad way to end what used to be a very good talent show... Total Disgrace!!!