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  • Cade was jipped

    Some one posted the wrong number for Cade . . . 14 . . . It was 8 . . . It must be corrected somehow

  • Glad Ryan is back!

    I loved the show and am so glad its back. The judges are better than before much more engaging and the best part is having Ryan Seacrest back who makes the show without him their is no American Idol. Don't let the me too movement dictate someones career. Its a power out of control and no one is above reproach. They need to shine the mirror on their own heart.
  • Let go of Ryan Seacrest and will come back

    I wanted so bad that he stay away and was very disappointed. My husband and I use to fast forward when ever Ryan Seacrest was talking. So now we refuse to watch the show.
  • Get Over It!

    For you people who are griping about how unfair it was and how magnificent your LaPorsha was, get over yourselves. LaPorsha didn't have the whole package and actually became quite boring. Trent truly deserved to win.

  • Trent took title.

    I just started watching Idol this year. My only regret is that I didn't start watching it 14 years ago. It was an amazing show. I enjoyed it so much on many levels. I adored Dalton, but did admit that he wouldn't and shouldn't win, at least not against this particular competition. My absolute favorite was Trent. I thought he truly deserved to win. He just keep getting better and better. At the beginning of the competition I didn't even know he was capable off singing the way he was singing toward the end of the completion.. He was the perfect student and just kept working and working and evolving I didn't actually think that anyone would be able to beat LaPorsha though. She has a magnificent voice but her music does not move me at all. She has this unreal God given talent,but did not seem to have to work for it as hard and she does not have the emotion that Trent has. He voice is beautiful and she can do lots wit her voice, but it isn't a unique "special" voice. Trent has all those wonderful characteristics. When he sang Sia's Chandelier I started crying. That rarely happens. I am truly so happy he took the title and as Jennifer Lopez said 2 episodes ago, "he deserves to He does and he did and America knows how to vote!! What do you guys think?
  • This is why last season

    Since Philip it's been a bust. Americans are awful at picking winners. Just look at Congress.
  • Happy!

    I'm so happy Trent won!! Yes LaPorsha had a good voice but it was the same thing over and over comin out trying to be a diva standing still like she was ms thang and singing the same type of songs over and over you could tell on the finale she was out of breathe singing the opening song with Trent I guess cause it was too fast for her, not to mention she had messed up when she tried singing dead or alive a few weeks ago. Trent gave us something different every week not the same ol slow stuff, I'm glad someone won who didn't have to rely on their tragedies in life in order to make people vote for him. The show is about talent not what happens in life, they are looking for the best voice not the best sob story. Sorry if I sound harsh but it's my opinion just like everyone else has their opinions.

  • Disappointed in this years show

    I watched this years show after not watching for about 5 years. I picked the final to be between La'Porsha and Trent once it got to the group of 10. As i watched over and over i was very disappointed in the way La'Porsha was treated, by Seacrest (maybe it was the choice of the producer\director). I was brought up to introduce the lady first and in more than one occasion where it could have happen it DID NOT!

    Ii was\am still am very angry when Harry was holding La'Porsha's daughter and Seacrest had the nerve to hold Trent's dog next to the baby. As a producer\director what is this saying (I assume that this was given the approval by someone). Total disrespect of Both La'Porsha and her daughter.

    On voting, I agree that I was not able to get on to La'Porsha number to vote, no message it just rang. Apparently others had the same problem. Glad this is the final season.

    La'Porsha to me is the Final American Idol

  • mad as h***

    I'm mad i watched 2 hours of this show clearly LA'PORSHA is the real winner America should be ashamed of themselves she's still going to get a record deal and i can't wait I'm buying everthing this is shameful glad this was the laat season only watched it because of LA'PORSHA
  • Worst Year for American Idol Since Taylor Hicks

    I can't believe people take this show so seriously. Most of the voting is by Millennials that vote based on how hot the contestant is and have no skills for judging talent. The final show tonight was entertaining for a change. Non-stop enjoyable music. What a pleasure not to have to listen to embarrassing effort by the judges to build up the talent of the mediocre contestants this year just in order to get ratings. Sadly, viewers listen to judges because they can't recognize talent. More than half the winners over 15 years never amounted to anything. It proves how hard it is to find true talent. I am grateful for finding Carrie Underwood, Caleb Johnson, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and the many great ones voted off like Chris Daughtry, Katherine McPhee, Adam Lambert, Casey Abrams and the very special Crystal Bowersox. This was a very tough year to watch until tonight. Really entertaining. The show needed an honest judge again like Simon Cowell. How sad is it that the two finalists were so mediocre? La Porsha actually would have won in spite of her so-so talent if she didn't turn so many viewers off with her ridiculous hair. Would you ever pay to see either one of the finalists?
  • American Idol

    I am very very angry I think that LaPorsha should win she is a great singer just like in the beginning with Kelly Clarkson. I am so disappointed that Trent won. I think that LaPorsha is way better than Trent. I bet that LaPorsha will have more record labels over Trent watch me
  • Disappointing Results

    La'Porsha should've won. I agree that I am disappointing that the phone lines did not work for La'Porsha at the beginning. NOT FAIR. Trent has talent, but La'Porsha should've been announced as the winner.

    She slayed the season.
  • Very upset

    I have been disappointed since MacKenzie was eliminated. He can sing, he can write music, he is also very likable. That being said Laporsha should have won. Trent has got one of the worst. He can't sing, he is not even likable. Also I blame the judges for their influence on the votes. We need better judges. Also I believe that the voters mostly teenie bopper girls voting on looks more than talent. Very disappointed
  • Upsetting

    I think Trent shouldn't have won he can't even sing I think la'porsha should've won she has a great voice and it touches everybody but I hate the fact that Trent won and when his career starts nobody will buy his music.
  • Last Night's voting (04/16/2016) NOT FAIR!!!!

    I used the toll-free number provided for LaPorsha (866 436-5708) to attempt to vote for her immediately when Ryan said that the phones were now open. IT DID NOT WORK!!! Over and over again, I got the same response to dialing the CORRECT number: "Your call cannot go through as dialed. Please check the number and try your call That is the message that people get when they accidentally misdial. I did NOT misdial. For 1 hour, I got the same message. I tried contacting my local FOX TV station (WRAZ in Raleigh, NC). Could not get a human to answer the phone. Found a 24-hour number for FOX in Charleston, SC on the internet, called it and spoke with a woman there. Told her the problem. She tried dialing and got the same response I did. This went on for an hour. I wasted 1 of my 10 votes by testing whether Trent's number had the same problem. IT WAS WORKING JUST FINE!!!! Finally, at 9:58pm, my call went through. I imagine there were many LaPorsha voters who gave up trying. Think what this means for the integrity of the voting!! If Trent wins, the whole voting procedure was bogus and unfair. What will FOX Broadcasting do about this?

    I have been a faithful voter for 15 seasons. When there are too many callers at once, I would get a busy signal. Sometimes I would get the message "due to an increased volume of calls, your call cannot go through. Please try your call NEVER have I gotten the response that I got last night. So there was a glitch in the phone line that they set up for LaPorsha which they finally fixed an hour into the voting. FOX needs to invalidate the first hour of voting for both contestants--or scrap the whole night and decide it on the previous voting when 3 contestants were left. That is the ONLY fair thing!
  • What happened???

    When did AI become a platform for advertising? Movies, judges music, fox59 TV shows, cars. It doesn't feel like it's about the performers anymore. Disappointed because I have always been a big supporter of this show. It's just lost its way over the last several years. The format for running the show is just not interesting anymore. Like the producers just don't care and want it to be done. Not a strong way to go out. It should be over the top, better than any other season, and it just isn't.
  • Dalton?????

    Dalton cannot sing. Dalton cannot perform. Why is he there? He looks like a fraud, someone who is trying so hard to be edgy and absolutely doesn't have the cool factor inside of him. Seriously, frosted hair and eyeliner??? America keeps voting for him because they probably think he's cute. So typical of the voting on American Idol. Dalton makes me so uncomfortable to watch that I find myself listening to a bit of his performance at the beginning and the end only. I fast forward through the middle. Creepy kid with no sense of who he is. The voters always seem to go for guys like this because they think he's "dreamy" with his blue eyes and smile. NOT!
  • Reparations on American Idol ?

    I use to love the show, the talent, the judges, all of it. This time it went too far. It's plain for a blind person to see where the contest is going this time around. When LaPorsha sings ALL of the judges fall all over themselves with praise for her. For instance how one said they don't even see her as a contestant but like they at her concert and how she "made the song her own" when anyone who has listened to the original version of anything she sings is pretty much like the recorded version with her voice on it. NONE OF THE JUDGES EVER GIVE HER ANY TYPE OF CRITICISM ! Yet all of the other contestants are ALWAYS told how it was a bad choice of material to sing, too pitchy, not your style etc.

    It's very obvious Idol is trying to "correct" if you will that blacks didn't get the recognition at the Oscars by "giving" the title to a less talented black contestant. I thought I would miss the show, not anymore. I can't believe the last one would be a farce.
  • Judges need the mentoring !!!

    This show has gone to the pigs. They chose to send some really great talent home and let others go through that should have been eliminated from the get go. Mackenzie & Dalton in the top 4, really ??? I'm not a professional musician but I can certainly determine who has talent and who shouldn't there. Harry is the worst judge ever. It's been well advertised that La Porsha is already the winner. Wow, nice job on slamming all of the other great vocalists that had to go home.
  • finalist is a setup.

    American idol is soooo setting this season up for la Porsche. don't know why. she is FAR from the best singer they have had this year.. the producers knocked off all the best singers to make sure la Porsche very odd. is it because their hasn't been a black girl win in a while. that would be the PC thing that Hollywood would unfair to the viewers and voters. and REALLY odd that no one on any TV show is saying a WORD about it.
  • This Show Turned Out To Be A Joke

    I am so glad this show is going off the air. For the last few years, it has been a popularity contest with who looks the best and who the judges want to win, not a matter of who has the best singing voice. It used to be a great show that promoted talent, now it is a teeny-boppers popularity contest. The present guys can't sing worth a crap, but they look good to the 12 and 13 year olds, so they are in the winning lineup. Sonia, has the best voice going out of the rest left, and she is voted off. Makes no sense. Glad you are leaving American Idol, I miss Simon who told it like it was. And, I really don't understand why the X Factor was removed, it was at least a TALENT show. Sayonara, loser show.
  • Judges cheating

    The judges have made it where the people's votes don't matter. They push who they want to go through. They keep pushing Trent who is the worst singer and performer in all 15 years, and they give him a standing ovation, cheer, hoop and holler. I haven't ever missed a show in 15 years, but as of tonight I'm not watching anymore, not even the finale. As far as I'm concerned this season don't exist and the series finale was last year.
  • American Idol

    If the judges and everyone else involved in American Idol didn't want to do the show anymore they should have just stopped and not not this joke of a season....

    Letting 2 people go each week and acting like LaPortia is the best singer in the world has ruined it all..

    Why send Tristan home when they told her last week to sing more songs like Broken Wing so she sings Independence Day and that was too old for her.. She may only be 15 but could have experienced domestic violence.. Sonika had been in the bottom by America at least 3 weeks in a row Tristan once and she goes Home???? So wrong...

    Why is the season being rushed you would think they would want to enjoy the last season Jennifer Lopez cried that she is going to miss right!!!Then why rush But then maybe they should since the judges already announced LaPortia's the winner on quite a few occasions!!

    So very sad way to end what used to be a very good talent show... Total Disgrace!!!
  • Rigged

    This show has been rigged since the beginning. When the judges voted LaPorsha through to the top 10 without competing was the first sign. Now every performance/performer receives some kind of critical criticism except Laporsha, and JLo's two boy toys. Watching the judges coddle these three is sickening, and takes away from some amazing talented singers who will, regardless of Idol, go much further than the "Chosen Ones". This season has already been decided by the show's producers and there are no amount of votes that will change their minds.
  • Why Idol is over

    What has happened to Idol? Laportia, Trent and Dalton? You could not give me a CD by any of them. Thank god it's the last year. It has been ruined for me in the last 4 years. I won't watch the end with those three. Watch the voice people sooo much talent
  • American Idol has voted most of the good people off

    The judges made a big mistake Sonica SUCKS!!!!! She will never be successful because she is horrible performer and now there has been to many talented people that have lost a great opportunity to have it squandered on her!!!!!!! Ms Lopez very poor decision!!
  • terrible season

    Once again the audience of a bunch of girl teeny boppers have screwed the show all up. The only know how to vote for the cute guys, not the best singers. I am glad I don't have to watch this another year. The best singers where the 2 girls on the bottom. The only guy that deserves to be in top 5 is dalton.
  • I've heard better karaoke singer's...

    Tristan was the best singer this season by far followed by sonyka and both were in the is the judges and the rest of america thinking. I'm glad this rigged show is done with. Tristan should have gone to the voice instead they actually know talent.
  • It's not a send off, It's a rush sign off.

    American Idol never ended before the May sweeps. Knocking off 2 every week is just terrible.

    An old fan for 15 years. So disappointed that each week someone is kicked off, they don't get to take a look back like they have always done. Is anyone even voting? I don't get. American Idol fans deserve better. If I were NBC, I would buy the Idol name and run the Voice in the Fall and Idol in the Spring, and have a super winner of the 2 shows. So many good years of Idol even with the ups and downs. But the 7 years were great. Thanks for letting me vent.