American Idol

Sunday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jun 11, 2002 In Season





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  • Reparations on American Idol ?

    I use to love the show, the talent, the judges, all of it. This time it went too far. It's plain for a blind person to see where the contest is going this time around. When LaPorsha sings ALL of the judges fall all over themselves with praise for her. For instance how one said they don't even see her as a contestant but like they at her concert and how she "made the song her own" when anyone who has listened to the original version of anything she sings is pretty much like the recorded version with her voice on it. NONE OF THE JUDGES EVER GIVE HER ANY TYPE OF CRITICISM ! Yet all of the other contestants are ALWAYS told how it was a bad choice of material to sing, too pitchy, not your style etc.

    It's very obvious Idol is trying to "correct" if you will that blacks didn't get the recognition at the Oscars by "giving" the title to a less talented black contestant. I thought I would miss the show, not anymore. I can't believe the last one would be a farce.