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  • Last Night's voting (04/16/2016) NOT FAIR!!!!

    I used the toll-free number provided for LaPorsha (866 436-5708) to attempt to vote for her immediately when Ryan said that the phones were now open. IT DID NOT WORK!!! Over and over again, I got the same response to dialing the CORRECT number: "Your call cannot go through as dialed. Please check the number and try your call That is the message that people get when they accidentally misdial. I did NOT misdial. For 1 hour, I got the same message. I tried contacting my local FOX TV station (WRAZ in Raleigh, NC). Could not get a human to answer the phone. Found a 24-hour number for FOX in Charleston, SC on the internet, called it and spoke with a woman there. Told her the problem. She tried dialing and got the same response I did. This went on for an hour. I wasted 1 of my 10 votes by testing whether Trent's number had the same problem. IT WAS WORKING JUST FINE!!!! Finally, at 9:58pm, my call went through. I imagine there were many LaPorsha voters who gave up trying. Think what this means for the integrity of the voting!! If Trent wins, the whole voting procedure was bogus and unfair. What will FOX Broadcasting do about this?

    I have been a faithful voter for 15 seasons. When there are too many callers at once, I would get a busy signal. Sometimes I would get the message "due to an increased volume of calls, your call cannot go through. Please try your call NEVER have I gotten the response that I got last night. So there was a glitch in the phone line that they set up for LaPorsha which they finally fixed an hour into the voting. FOX needs to invalidate the first hour of voting for both contestants--or scrap the whole night and decide it on the previous voting when 3 contestants were left. That is the ONLY fair thing!