American Idol

Season 6 Episode 2

Seattle, WA Auditions

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2007 on FOX
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Seattle, WA Auditions
Auditions continue from Seattle, WA in this special 2 hour episode.

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  • average. go stallworth!

    Wow, only 15 people made it too Hollywood. It was good but also kind of sad because some people thought they were really good. Simon Cowell said Seattle was the worst city ever. Simon Seattle has the least amount of Pollution, murders, and a lot more. And the winner and runner up came from Seattle, Simon. Eventually, Simon said thee was talent in Seattle after Blake’s final performance, “this is my now”. But the winner, Jordin sparks was from Seattle. Bottom line: go Shalandric Stallworth! He rocks, I can’t ielive he didin’t make it. go stallworth, he's the on ethat sand in the finale.moreless
  • A complete waste of time.

    Other than the two kids who were in the Special Olympics, I have to say that this was the worst of any preliminary audition show in the history of "American Idol." While I do laugh out loud every episode, I feel as though the episodes are repetitive.

    I cannot believe that so few people made it through to Hollywood. I think that only a few of these were shown. I wish the producers would have shown more of the talented contestants. I know that we will have a chance to see them in the Hollywood shows, but I would really like to see just what made them shine in the eyes of the judges.

    Watching the judges make fun of clueless wannabe singers is funny to a point, but when an obese or physically, not beautiful person comes on screen, you just know that the chance of them making the cut is slim to none. Yes, there are exceptions, but more often than not, they have just been put through so that Simon, Paula and Randy can poke fun at them.moreless
  • Extremely disappointing!!! Train Wrecks versus True Talent...and the Train Wrecks win!

    I personally know enough FANTASTIC singers to fill an American Idol show 'until it's brimming over with AMAZING talent. It is so sad that the "train wrecks" have taken over the limelight, and truly talented singers never get showcased. I also personally know some of the most fabulous singers you'll ever meet, who blow people away time and again whenever and wherever they perform. Some of them have tried out for American Idol, and have never gotten past the initial pre-screening, which is obviously done by people who don't know true talent when they see it...or just don't care, because they are trying to fill the "train wreck" positions to make what they think is a better show. In reality, a better show would be to see a large number of INCREDIBLE singers, and maybe a few of the scary highlights, rather than the other way around. Had any of these people I know actually been allowed to perform for Randy, Paula and Simon, they would have blown their socks off, and the viewing audience would have been graced with some unbelievable talent. Maybe they will re-think their show strategy in the future and create a show that's really worth watching.moreless
  • Poor Seattle!

    They made the town seem like a freak town, which I know they're not but once again they didn't really show the people with talent who actually made it, they show mainly the rejects because that's what we all want to see

    OH! But my favorite was that one boy Sanjaya. That kid was to cute for words, he was shy with the most adorable smile. It's like his sister couldn't believe he had the better voice and he was the favorite

    Was this the episode about the "Bush baby?" b/c Simon wasn't really nice to him, yeah he sang off tune and he looked diffrent but that was harsh but at the same time you go into idol knowing what you're getting yourself into, it's no diffrent then last year, and some people don't realize they're making fools of themselvesmoreless
  • Auditions consisting of the good, the bad, and the creepy!

    If you thought that auditions couldn’t get any stranger, take a look at this episode. This is got to be one of the most bizarre auditions that I have watched on American Idol.

    First off, we have ‘the hotness’, who couldn’t sing well, and definitely shouldn’t have ‘the hotness’ entitled on her. Next we have the mother who had a bad cold, who I feel should have just listened to her husband, instead of thinking she could be the next ‘American Idol’. I did like Melissa, the one who Simon commented on wearing a net, and she did sing better than the others, but I guess they disregarded her because of her looks.

    Among the ones who got selected, I thought that the Indian siblings were very talented, as was Jordan, who sang the Celine Dion song. I didn’t think the DJ guy was that good, but he got selected anyway. I’m glad that Thomas, the guy who tried his luck for the third time made it, because he sang very nicely. I was also pleased that Anna, the tall one got selected and not rejected for her height.

    Finally, there were the strange ones. People, who haven’t been to Seattle, must think that the residents there are lunatics after seeing this episode. We saw Darwin and her mother (getting confused over which one was which since they look alike) with Darwin singing a pathetic version of ‘Don’t cha!’. There was the 27 year old software engineer guy, who was just plain weird. It was torture just watching this guy for 5 minutes singing ‘Unchained Melody’. Let’s not forget Kenneth and Jonathan. I actually felt sorry for Jonathan, since he really looks disabled, and people shouldn’t mock at physically challenged people on television. Kenneth however, who Simon referred to as ‘bush baby’, was really annoying. He couldn’t sing, and showed way too much attitude to be even taken seriously. Singing wise, I think the ‘red’ guy was the worst and not to mention his attitude problem when he couldn’t take no for an answer.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the judges ever returned back to Seattle after this debacle. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch.moreless
Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis

Bound to Hollywood

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Shyamali Malakar

Shyamali Malakar

Bound to Hollywood

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Sanjaya Malakar

Sanjaya Malakar

Bound to Hollywood

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