American Idol

Season 6 Episode 11

The Top 12 Boys Perform

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on FOX
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The Top 12 Boys Perform
Of the 24 semifinalists chosen last week, the Top 12 boys will perform for America for the first time. Then it’s up to the viewers to vote for their favorites. Who will survive and who will go home?

Performing Tonight are: A.J. Tabaldo Blake Lewis Brandon Rogers Chris Richardson Chris Sligh Jared Cotter Nicholas Pedro Paul Kim Phil Stacey Rudy Cardenas Sanjaya Malakar Jason "Sundance" Head.moreless

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  • The top 12 boys show started out terrible and I only think there was four or five really good performances.

    Rudy Cardenas- 4/10 (Very karaoke and I couldn't understand one word he was singing.) Brandon Rogers- 7/10 (A nice, solid performance although I liked the beginning better than the middle and the end.) Sundance Head- 3.5/10 (Very bad, a boring and very disapointing performance.) Paul Kim- 3/10 (Worst of the night, very bland, no originality.) Chris Richardson- 7.5/10 (Finally someone has revived this show! A very good performance.) Nick Pedro- 6.5/10 (It was pleasant, decent.) Blake Lewis- 8/10 (The best of the night so far, your vocals were spot on.) Sanjaya Malakar- 6/10 (I didn't hate it, I thought it was decent, not great but decent.) Chris Sligh- 7/10 (A very good performance, alot of energy.) Jared Cotter- 7/10 (Vocally it was kind of nasally but I liked it. You sang it very well.) AJ Tabaldo- 6.5/10 (A nice surprise, AJ the ladies love you and you have a good voice.) Phil Stacey- 8.5/10 (The best of the night, although the beginning was not very good, the middle and especially the ending was amazing!)moreless
  • The show was great but the singing was bottom of the barrel!!

    These poor guys....they are clueless what they are up against with the girls!! They are going to really have to "bring it" if they expect to survive. Most of the performances were mediocre at best. Rudy's was cheesy but hey, it was fun to watch... I thing he had the most fun. Chris was good but the song a bit strange. And Chris may have blown it with his Teletubbie comment. And Paul Kim...what exactly was he singing??? His version of Careless Whisper was awful. He had nowhere near the passion in his voice that that song deserved. The rest of the guys...well, they were ok but nothing that I'll remember forever. Phil has a nice voice & so does Jerrod. Blake is cute is and so is AJ. But nice voices and cute looks don't win the prize. Keep working hard, guys, if you expect to surpass the girls this year.moreless
  • meh...

    it was okay. i preferred the girls, as they were better. my opinions .

    Rudy: i think his was ok at best. not the4 right song choice.

    brandon: ok...moderate

    sundance: WTH is he still doing here! hes occupying a spot someone better could hold.

    paul kim: fair...glad to know some one from san jose is here. (thats where i live)

    nicholas: ive seen better.

    blake: well, this guy can do it all. sing, beatbox,...sing.

    sanjaya: sanjaya,sanjaya, sanjaya.... i likehim, and his auditions, but i dunno, after his performance.

    chris R:well, he sung it a tad weird. i don't hate him, but he didnt pick the right song.

    Chris S: well, hes my second favorite, and the second best of tonight. loved it.

    Jared:not much original...

    A.J.: better than some boys, not the best...

    Phil Stacey: ended it with a bang!

    well, im sure we willsee better of them later. the few i think are up for leaving:

    sanjaya,sundance,rudy, jaredmoreless
  • I voted for five different guys!

    I voted for Rudy, Sundance, Chris the one who looks like Jack Osbourne, Blake, and Phil. Randy and Paula were easier to please than Simon. That's for sure. I found it funny how much Ryan and Simon bickered. Simon called Ryan "sweetheart" but that's not gay That's just a bit of British humor. I think that Paul Kim and Sonjaya deserve to get eliminated on Thursday night. If not both of them, then I guess the guy who sang Michael Jackson could get axed. He wasn't too good. Sadly, I think Sundance could be in jeapordy. I'm giving him a chance though, because I believe he will bring it in the future. Tonight, I shall watch the ladies.moreless
  • What a waist of time...

    this was not a good night. All male performers were or below average. I was very dissapointed in Sundance head, and the only two who were okay were Blake Lewis and Phil Stacey. I hope the girls are better than the guys tonight, otherwise i don't want to watch this season...

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Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis

Runner-Up (Season 6)

Haley Scarnato

Haley Scarnato

Eighth Place (Season 6)

Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers

Twelfth Place (Season 6)

Gina Glocksen

Gina Glocksen

Ninth Place (Season 6)

Melinda Doolittle

Melinda Doolittle

Third Place (Season 6)

Phil Stacey

Phil Stacey

Sixth Place (Season 6)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Simon (to A.J.): I count that as kind of a theme park performance, not a very popular one.

    • Simon (to Jared): I don't think anyone's going to be waking up tomorrow morning going 'What an incredible vocal performance!'

    • Simon (to Chris Sligh): I kind of felt like I was at some kind of weird student gig.

    • Simon (to Sanjaya): The irony was the most-used line in that song was 'I don't want to bore you with this' and it was without question the most dreary performance we've had all week. How long was that, a minute and a half? Sounded like an hour.

    • Simon (to Blake): You are the first person who's come out tonight and actually sounded like someone in 2007. Everything else could have been 20-30 years ago.

    • Simon (to Paul): I would suggest you put your shoes on next week. It's too much, always not wearing shoes, or whatever. It's a singing competition.

    • Simon (to Sundance): Tonight you were like Dad at a wedding.

    • Chris Sligh : Sitting in that room with 10-15 thousand other people in Birmingham was pretty crazy, especially because we had to sing "Sweet Home Alabama" about 37 times, I didn't like the song to begin with, but now, if I ever hear it again I'll probably go post.

    • Simon: I don't believe in patronizing people; I don't believe in lying, and you have to be honest.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Paul Kim becomes the very first person to perform on the Idol stage in bare feet.

    • Ironically, this is the 200th episode, so its funny they start the important part of the show on the 200th episode.

    • List of Songs Sung By The Contestants:

      Rudy Cárdenas - Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group
      Brandon Rogers - Rock With You by Michael Jackson
      Sundance Head - Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues
      Paul Kim - Careless Whisper by Wham!
      Nicholas Pedro - Now and Forever by Richard Marx
      Blake Lewis - Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
      Sanjaya Malakar - Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder
      Chris Sligh - Typical by Mute Math
      Jared Cotter - Back at One by Brian McKnight
      A.J. Tabaldo - Never Too Much by Luther Vandross
      Phil Stacey - I Could Not Ask for More by Edwin McCain
      Chris Richardson - I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw

    • This is a 2 hour episode.


    • Chris jokes saying he doesn't sing Il Divo or Teletubbies, when Simon criticized him. Simon found the group Il Divo, and produced a song by the Teletubbies.

    • Chris Sligh: "Only one of us is going to be up there singing 'Do I Make Your Proud?'"

      This is a reference to the song by Taylor Hicks, which was his Winning song last season.

    • Nicholas Pedro adopted the phrase "Vote for Pedro" to appeal for votes, a phrase made famous by the film Napolean Dynamite.