American Idol

Season 7 Episode 12

The Top 12 Girls Perform

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on FOX
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The Top 12 Girls Perform
Of the 24 semifinalists chosen last week, the Top 12 girls will perform for America for the first time. Then it's up to the viewers to vote for their favorites. Who will survive and who will go home? Performing Tonight are: Joanne Borgella Kristy Lee Cook Amy Davis Asia'h Epperson Alexandrea Lushington Kady Malloy Ramiele Malubay Syesha Mercado Amanda Overmyer Carly Smithson Alaina Whitaker Brooke Whitemoreless

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  • The top 12 girls rock!

    My number one favorite of the girls this season is Joanne Borgella. To me, she became my favorite through all of the auditions and Hollywood round, now to me she didn't make the greatest choice singing I Saw A Little Prayer For You as her first song. I did like her the most out of all of the girls during this first sing off (couldn't think of a word to describe it). Joanne was the one who I called in and voted for. My second favorite is Kristy Lee Cook. She is definitely a country girl, I loved her rendition of Rescue Me. She did very well for having broncitis. Not many people can work through being sick like that and still give a good performance. Now Alaina Whitaker reminds me of Carrie Underwood in the way she looks. She looks a lot like Carrie Underwood, now I like Carrie to an extent, I'm not a huge fan of Carrie's take on country music, but Alaina only impressed me a little bit. My last favorite for this season is Brooke White, I don't know what it is about her but I do like her and her song choice.moreless
  • the girls don't impress me...

    I was excited after the boys last night. They did really well and then...tonight. The top 12 girls...they were terrible. I don't even remember one person that was good. I kind of like the rocker just because she's different, but still. None of the girls can sing near as good as the boys. I was thouroughly dissapointed. Part of it might be that I've always preferred male voices to that of women, but still. Paula was annoying again. Seriously, she needs to just shut up. She is so obnoxious. Overall, not a good episode. I had to fast-forward through some of the performances because they were so bad.moreless
  • Best talent ever?!

    Maybe it's the producers fault for choosing 60's night, but most this night performances were really boring and cabaret-like.

    Very few of the performances were any good. My favorite was Amanda Overmyer with "Baby, come back home". Her voice is so unique, and she's REALLY an authentic rocker, unlike pop start Carly and Robbie. Other good performances were from Syesha Mecado, Alaina Whitaker and Ramiele Malubay. I was surprised when I liked Brooke's performance. I think the producers and judges are over-hyped about her, and she doesn't have that great of a voice. But, her performance was really sweet. It was a great song choice for her.

    Regarding the eliminated girls: I don't think Joanne was that bad, she should have stayed. I discovered that I really don't like Asiah's voice and that Kristy can't always deliver.moreless
  • Errr...

    Last night we saw the guys singing their lungs out to the songs of the '60s. Tonight we will see the top 12 girls competing for America's votes and to get one step closer to becoming the American Idol.

    Kristy Lee Cook

    I liked it. I at least thought it was good. I don't know why I liked it so much when the judges didn't like it at all, I really believe I'm going to be a very bad critic for the rest of these performances so just watch out.

    6.5/10 (I'm sorry, I actually thought it was good)

    Joanne Borgella

    Shoot me. I even liked this better than the previous performance. I mean, she had all the energy and her vocals were great. I guess her execution was just a little questionable, but I liked it better than Kristy Lee Cook's performance.

    7/10 (I think the guys' bad performances yesterday made me music-deaf)

    Alaina Whitaker

    It gets worse.I actually thought it got better! Oh no, but at least this time the judges agreed with me that it was a great performance, well at least Randy and Paula. Simon thought it was only good. I find it hard to believe she'll get that far because she looks so much like Carrie, and the world only needs one country girl hogging all those Grammys. Oh, and when Ryan commented on her shoes... how awkward was that? Way to get rid of those gay rumors!


    Amanda Overmyer

    I hated her performance initially. I mean, she was never my favorite to begin with, and when she started mumbling her lines, it didn't help her case with me at all. Towards the end though, I started to really like her performance,and it was actually quite good.


    Amy Davis

    A very boring and mediocre performance. The only thing I appreciated was her OK vocal, which I knew she had for quit some time now. Did I mention that it was boring?


    Brooke White

    She sang the same song as David Cook did yesterday, and both of them have been my favorite from today and yesterday, so I guess the song is good luck?


    Alexandrea Lushington

    Her performance was amazing, as far as vocals went it wasn't really that great, but hey, it was pretty decent.


    Kady Malloy

    I LOVED her vocals. I mean, I really do. Disregard all the Britney stuff, U really liked her vocals on that song. I don't understand why the judges didn't like it. I mean, what is wrong with a serious performance?


    Asia'h Epperson

    Best performance of the night and the vocals weren't bad at all. I'm happy with her performance, it was really fun to watch.


    Ramiele Malubay

    I am impressed with the amount of talent that can come out of a little girl like her. I never really expected much from her before, and I actually wondered if she was going to be lacking, but the judges really liked her, I liked her too, so that's pretty good.


    Syesha Mercado

    It is funny how there is only one black girl this season who does soul. I mean, like Joanne said, she may seem like she does soul, but she doesn't. Asia'h also didn't do any soul and so did Alexandrea, so Syesha has got no competition this season and it is safe to say that she'll be in the top 8.


    Carly Smithson

    Girl you have the vocals and all, but the performance was so boring. I couldn't stand it, honestly. Thank God for actual good singers.


    Best: Brooke White, Asia'h Epperson and Alaina Whitaker

    Going Home: Amy Davis and Kristy Lee Cookmoreless
  • Some good, great, and not so good performances.

    The top 12 girls performed last night, and some of them were great, good, and not so good.

    First up was Kristy Lee Cook. She sang Rescue Me and she also had bronchitis. I thought it was pretty good, especially with being sick. 8.0

    Next up was Joanne Borgella. I never heard her sing before this, but I thought she was okay. Not that good but not that bad. 7.5

    After Joanne was Alaina. She looks so much like Carrie its not even funny! She's really good though. Her performance was great too. 9.4

    Amanda, the rocker, was next. Personally I don't think she is that good. She is overrated in my opinion. 7.0

    Amy's performance was boring and forgettable. Not good in my opinion. The worst of the night. 6.7

    Brooke is also overrated. I didn't think she did that good. She's okay though. 7.3

    Alexandrea was next. Like Joanne, I haven't heard her sing before. But her performance of Spinning Wheel was awesome. 9.5

    Kady was next (the impersonation girl). Her vocals were really good, but she didn't show her personality at all. Like Simon said, "Night of the Living Dead". 9.2

    Asia'h was up next and she is one of my favorites. Her performance was great, but not my favorite of hers. One of the best of the night though. 9.6

    Ramiele did amazing. Really, she was the best in the fast few days. 9.8

    Syesha (the one that lost her voice in Hollywood) sang next singing Tobacco Road. She did amazing as well. Her vocals were incredible and the last note was really good. 9.7

    Carly closed the show. Randy said she was the best out of the boys and the girls. I disagree. She was good, but not really good. 8.8

    I am anxious for the results tonight. Hopefully this will be the results:

    Jason Yeager

    Garrett Haley

    Amy Davis

    Amanda Overmeyermoreless
Alaina Whitaker

Alaina Whitaker

Eighteenth Place (Season 7)



Tenth Place (Season 7)

Alexandrea Lushington

Alexandrea Lushington

Nineteenth Place (Season 7)

Danny Noriega

Danny Noriega

Thirteenth Place (Season 7)

Colton Berry

Colton Berry

Twenty-First Place (Season 7)

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Finalist (Season 7)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Many of the girls were really sick tonight.

    • Two of the songs sung tonight were sung by the boys.

    • Before the start of season 7's competition, it was revealed that one of the Top 12 Girls (Carly Smithson) was already a professional singer. She previously recorded with MCA with combined production and promotion costs of $2 million. The album, "Ultimate High", flopped and she was released from her contract.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Simon: (on Alexandrea's performance) It reminded me of some terrible '60s musical.

    • Simon: (on Kristy's performance) I thought your performance was robotic.

    • Simon: (on Brooke's performance) There are times tonight I feel like I'm in some commercial for washing-up liquid in the 1960s.

    • Simon: (on Kady's performance) When you do Britney, you're brilliant. And then when you do you, the light goes off.

    • Simon: (on Alaina's performance) I hated the song - if you can make a song as awful as that sound OK, when you get a decent song, you're going to be great.

    • Ryan: What's the name of the universe you live in?
      Simon: Hmm?
      Randy: Exactly, Ryan. Exactly.
      Paula: The Black Hole.

    • Ryan: Just wanna go back to last night's show, Randy. I have to pull out my notes here-- you said about the guys, "You can definitely blow; You worked it out; You moved me, baby and We love dogs, we love dogs. Must love dogs."
      Randy: Dude, you gotta love dogs, right?

    • Ryan: Sometimes I wonder if Simon is in the music business for real or if it just this persona.

  • NOTES (4)

    • List of Songs Sung By The Contestants:

      Joanne Borgella - Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick
      Kristy Lee Cook - Rescue Me by Fontella Bass
      Amy Davis - Where the Boys Are by Connie Francis
      Asia'h Epperson - Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin
      Alexandrea Lushington - Spinning Wheel by Blood Sweat and Tears
      Kady Malloy - A Groovy Kind of Love by The Mindbenders
      Ramiele Malubay - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield Syesha Mercado - Tobacco Road by The Nashville Teens
      Amanda Overmyer - Baby, Please Don't Go by Muddy Waters
      Carly Smithson - Shadow of Your Smile by Tony Bennett
      Alaina Whitaker - I Love You More Today than Yesterday by Spiral Starecase Brooke White - Happy Together by The Turtles

    • The contestants will perform a song from the '60s

    • The Moment of Truth is pre-empted tonight.

    • This is a 2 hour episode.