American Idol

Season 6 Episode 20

The Top 12 Perform Live

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2007 on ABC

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  • Great LaKisha, Blake, Melinda and Jordin performances. Fine example of the huge quality difference between the contestants.

    Brandon wasn't as horrible as the judges said, but there was nothing special about the performance.

    Melinda was amazing as usual, but this genre is very easy for her. I hope to see her doing something rocky.

    Chris Sligh - I think the arrangement was horrible. But he let his vocals show, something he haven't done in a while.

    Gina - Good song choice, not a bad performance. She looked nice. I'm glad the Gina fans kept her on the show.

    Sanjaya - He looked like a girl with the curly hair and . I think the song choice was pretentious. The performance was horrible, he was pitchy (unlistenable as Randy said) and his moves on the stage looked extremely awkward. Worst performance of the night.

    Haley started the song almost whispering, Her vocals sounded weak and pitchy. When she raised the volume, you could hear the melody of the song. Boring performance.

    Phil - Singing a female song again (the Diana Ross part of it), sounder weird. The vocals weren't bad, but the performance was boring at times.

    LaKisha - WOW! The best performance of the night. Great song choice, you could hear the great tone of her voice. She looked nice too, with the white gown.

    Blake - I love his voice, the arrangement wasn't really good. He looked cool and different from the all the other contestants. Very good performance overall.

    Stephanie - Didn't like the dress but she looked very beautiful overall. I love her voice. Too bad she's gonna leave soon, since people who love her also like Melinda and LaKisha, and those two have better voices.

    Chris R. - I love his voice, this performance wasn't his best, his high notes were off. I think there was too much music in the background.

    Jordin - Nice consistent vocals, she looked pretty. Good performance overall.
  • Perfect: Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks Great: Stephanie Edwards Good: Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh Fair: Chris Richardson, LaKisha Jones and Gina Glocksen Mediocre: Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato Terrible: Brandon R

    First up for the night was Brandon Rogers doing "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes. He really did not do a good job at it. It lacked a whole lot of things besides vocals. It lacked stage presence, it lacked personality and it was really, really boring. I know Brandon has this amazing voice, but he really did not show it with his version of this song. 2/10.

    Following up Brandon is fellow former back-up singer, Melinda Doolittle. She did "Home" by Diana Ross. Now, all I can say about the performance was... amazing! That performance was one of my favorite performances by her and she has done so much great performances. Melinda just continues to improve and get better at what she does. I'd be happy to see Melinda in the finale. 10/10.

    Before a break Chris Sligh hopes to impress us with his arrangement of "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie. The judges thought it was really bad, but I thought it was really good. Given that I have never heard that song before, I had no idea how much he had changed the arrangement, but I really liked what he did with the song. His vocals on the song were also outstanding though. It wasn't my favorite Chris Sligh performance, but it was one of the best. 7/10.

    Gina Glocksen came after the break and did "Love Child" by The Supremes. You could really tell that she was comfortable doing the song and that the song suited her very well. I personally thought she could have done so much more with the song than she did, but it is the first week and the nerves are getting to our contestants. I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. 6/10.

    Next was Sanjaya Malakar doing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross. I can only say one thing. He butchered that song so bad that Diana will never mentor for "American Idol" ever again. How could America even let him in the top 12 in the first place. Sanjaya can sing at all! Wow! That is all I can say. Simon was right, Sanjaya is brave. Brave enough to humiliate himself in front of the whole world. 1/10.

    Haley Scarnato followed with "Missing You" by Diana Ross. I have to agree with Simon that I did think the performance was fairly good. She might have forgotten her lyrics, but she showed off her vocal range and talent in that performance oh so well. I think she deserves to stay longer, and she just might be the dark horse this season. 5/10.

    Phil Stacey came after the break doing "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" by The Supremes. He can really sing. The performance was very average, but his voice was just outstanding. I never really liked Phil before, but with so few competitors left, I guess I'm really seeing the true talent of these contestants. Like Haley, Phil could also be a dark horse in this competition. 5/10.

    The lovely LaKisha Jones hopes to win our votes with "God Bless the Child" by Billie Holliday/Diana Ross. I'm a huge LaKisha fan, but the performance was just boring for me. I did not like it at all. Her vocals shined, but the performance was very mediocre for me that is all I could say. A fair performance overall. 6/10.

    Another contestant who hopes to modernize things is Blake Lewis. He chose to do "You Keep Me Hanging On" by The Supremes. I'm impressed with Blake once again, but I wanna see him for once just sing an old school classic without having the need to make it modern. It could really change how Simon looks at him. 7/10.

    Stephanie Edwards did "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross. I thought she really sounded like Beyonce when she did that one. Which for me is a really good thing. I think Stephanie can really sing and I think she did really well with the song. 8/10.

    Youthful Chris Richardson was given no choice but to do an old classic tonight and he chose "The Boss" by Diana Ross. I liked the crowd interaction, but the vocals suffered a little. No doubt he can sing, but it was not his best vocal, but compared to the other contestants, best crowd interaction. Which is very important I might add. 6/10.

    Last, but not the least Jordin Sparks. Jordin decided to wow everyone with "If We Hold On Together" by Diana Ross. Single best performance of the night. A really good way to end the show. I never thought Jordin could pull something like that off. The song was so huge and you'd think it was too big for her, but she totally pulled it off. 10/10.

    Perfect: Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks
    Superb: None
    Great: Stephanie Edwards
    Good: Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh
    Fair: Chris Richardson, LaKisha Jones and Gina Glocksen
    Mediocre: Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato
    Poor: None
    Bad: None
    Terrible: Brandon Rogers
    Abysmal: Sanjaya Malakar
  • Bad year for American Idol

    My contention for this episode is that everyone is taking this show for granted --- voters and singers alike. Nobody has voted for the right singers. I know because everyone gets steamed really badly about "this brilliant singer who didn't make it" or "this lame singer who slid by." People, I will say this again: "Vote, Vote, VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    That being said, I sure hope the viewers at home take into consideration about this show. There are some singers (particularly the not-so-great ones) who are forgetting the lyrics. Some don't sound so great. There are very few who are doing well. One in particular strikes "star quality" into my mind. However, if people do not vote for the right singers, then they only have themselves to blame for those quality singers going home.
  • Only Two Solid Performance, and Three Good Performance

    Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha definitely stole the spotlight last night. Both very good yet very different. I am loving Melinda DooLittle more and more these days. However, I wished that she would be more confident with herself. The way both of them reacted to the compliments thrown to them was completely different.
    The three good performances to me were just mediocre. First, we have Phil. Good vocals yet to me it was not all that great. Next, Gina. I was rather dissapointed in her. I am begining to wonder if she has already reached her climax already and there are no more tricks in her bag. As for Jordin, I felt it was good but not as good as Melinda and Lakisha. I dont see what was all the hype about her performace though. Those were Okay were Stephanie and Chris. They will definitely make it through to the top 11 and they have nothing to worry about. Except stephanie maybe. Considering the fact that without her voice, she is very dull, maybe she will be in the bottom 3.
    As for the rest, definitely not american idol quality. Sanjaya was boring. A complete and utter mess. Chris Sligh killed the song while Blake tried a little too hard. Haley??!! No!! You started off so nice but you forgot the lyrics. I was rooting for her. I was bummed. I hope she returns next week though. Fingers crossed.
  • Top 12 performs to Diana Ross' songs.

    So, finally we have the top 12 performing to Diana Ross' songs. There were very average performances on this first installment, save for 3 memorable ones. Here is what I think of all the performances:-
    1) BRANDON ("Can't hurry love") - Good song, but he didn't show any personality. I thought he was stiff and worse of all, he forgot the lyrics coz he was too caught up in his sordid attempt at dancing. (Score: 3/10)

    2) MELINDA ("Home") - WOW! Her performance blew me away! Her vocals were fantastic and this one deserved a standing ovation from me. (Score: 10/10)

    3) CHRIS S.("Endless Love") - I didn't like his Cold Play-ish arrangement. He butchered my favourite song :(. Although vocally he's not bad, I thought the whole melody was messy. (Score: 4/10)

    4) GINA ("Love Child") - Mediocre and forgettable performance. A tad bit screaming at times. (Score: 4.5/10)

    5) SANJAYA ("Ain't no mountain high enough") - Vocally not strong enough to be in this competition. Although I must admit, this is one of his better performances as it showed some of his personality. (Score: 2.5/10)

    6) HALEY ("Missing You") - Another one who forgot the lyrics? Mediocre performance, but vocally not strong enough. (Score: 3/10)

    7) PHIL ("I'm Gonna Make You Love Me") - Much better than last week, but he needs to show more personality. Granted his vocals are pretty good, but he was just stiff. (Score: 7/10)

    8 ) LAKISHA ("God Bless The Child") - Fantastic performance and I could feel her emotions. Not my kind of song (coz it's a bit draggy), but she worked it! (Score: 9/10)

    9) BLAKE ("Keep Me Hanging On") - Didnt really like the arrangement. I thought he should concentrate more on delivering stronger vocals than on his dance moves. Just ok for me. (Score: 6/10)

    10) STEPHANIE ("Love Hang Over") - She sounds suspiciously like Beyonce. Vocally she's quite good, but her performance was just average. (Score: 7.5/10)

    11) CHRIS R.("The Boss") - I love disco! I thought he was the best of the guys, but he sounds so much like a JT wannabe. (Score: 8/10)

    12) JORDIN ("If We Hold On Together") - Fantastic vocals. Although I'd prefer to see her less subdued, she gave a movin performance and she looks fantastic! (Score: 8.5/10)

    My prediction for bottom 3 - Sanjaya, Brandon, Haley
    Who's going home - Sanjaya (crossing my fingers)
  • Whew. A lot of bad and some very good.

    Brandon botched “You Can’t Hurry Love” in so many ways besides forgetting the words. Simon said it right that it sounded like a back up to a back up singer.

    “Endless Love” was the worst song I ever heard Chris Sligh sing. He didn’t even get the melody right (apparently his own arrangement) which explains why Diana warned him to listen to the melody (which is really odd advice when you expect her to say something encouraging and upbeat). Melinda picked a god-awful, boring song and sung the hell out of it, which is really doing it the hard way. Diana had 12 No 1 hits and many other well-known melodies, Melinda couldn’t find a more familiar tune?

    Gina’s “Love Child” number suffered from the ghost of Diana Ross. I keep hearing Ross’ sweet voice in that tune and contrasting that against Gina’s lower vocals made for one retarded rendition.

    Weak Sanjaya is okay as long as he doesn’t have to open up and really belt it out. He’s the polar opposite of Melinda Dolittle, who belts out just about everything. Paula said it right when she said he’s got to learn to let it out with “reckless abandon.” There was a lot of mumbling with Haley’s performance, but she did prove to have distinctive vocals that outshown everyone before her. “I’m Missing You” was a perfect match for her vocals. Diana was right about the studio quality of her voice. Haley shot up several points in my book regardless of what the judges said. I knew Simon would call it right! (I’m writing this as the judges are giving their decisions.)

    Phil did a good rendition, going wide open at the right times, done the right way, but I’m just not crazy about the voice. Simon said it right about the shouting. He seems to go full out to compensate for a so-so voice.

    LaKisha wins hands down as usual. LaKisha appears to be the most natural performer, no nervousness, singing so effortlessly, no mistakes, improvising with ease. Why bother continuing, we all know she’s going to win.

    Blake did a rather dynamic performance in front of Diana, but when he came on stage, it morphed into something boring. Also, he should tuck his shirt in instead of having it hang sloppily out form his vest (even worse when he opens up his coat to show off the shirt tails). If you’ve got a fine enough body to tuck it in, flaunt it! I know the sloppy look is the style today but it only evolved to that to hide a big stomach. By the way, you never see Ryan Seacrest dress like that.

    Stephanie did a good rendition of her song, but it just didn’t stand out as anything special. It’s like I’ve heard this before. Randy expressed it the same way I perceived it.

    Chris Richardson must have searched high and low for an obscure Diana Ross song, an awful selection. I didn’t care for the hyperactive performance and I don’t think the song did anything for his vocals. Simon called it right saying it was dreadful. Chris should also tuck in his shirttails. Don’t guys know how goofy they look with the shirt hanging out like that?

    Jordan wowed me. A rich, full-bodied voice, covered the spectrum. I thought LaKisha was more easy listening, but if Jordan can pick a more familiar tune that can cover the range of her talents, she’s going to be major competition for LaKisha.

    In order from bad to best

    Brandon, Chris Sligh, Sanjaya, Gina, Chris Robinson, Phil, Melinda, Blake, Stephanie, Haley, Jordan, LaKisha
  • The top twelve are dissected and their odds of going home discussed.

    Mhm, top twelve goodness. I'm probably only going to do this once or twice but I decided to do a little American Idol recaplet because of the new beginnings with the top twelve. (Oh, and go VFTWers! Sanjaya is horrible and I'd love to see him stick around and suck for a few more weeks.) And now onto the person by person review. (Oh, final parentheses. Didn't you love that Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz were in the audience? Yay!)

    1. Brandon Rogers -- Ehh, nothing special. I mean, he's good and all but he just seems to sing too low and doesn't project himself to the audience, which causes his performance to be a little boring. I'd say that, if people don't remember him, he could be eligible for the bottom three.
    3 black t-shirts out of 5

    (Oh, my word! Major Ryan/Simon action tonight! They must be having a lovers quarrel behind the scenes. Aww...)

    2. Melinda Doolittle -- Paula cries? Wow. It wasn't that moving. Anyways, onto the performace. She was good, as usual. But I really don't think this was her best performance and she can do billions of miles better. She's obviously sticking around for another week so lets hope she stuns next week.
    4 black t-shirts out of 5

    3. Chris Sligh -- Have to say, I love the song. Well, the original one. It got a little better towards the end but...are you serious? How could Chris disappoint me like this? I was pulling for him for the top six. Now? Ehk. It was really blah and his voice was bad and I'm really, really surprised with Chris. But, he'll be staying around because of all the fangirls. No way he'll even be in the bottom three. Which is a shame because I think he was even worse than Brandon. (Just as a note, I'm writing as this is going on. So who knows what the future will bring?)
    2.5 black t-shirts out of 5

    4. Gina Glocksen -- Contrary to the judges opinon, I really liked it. Sure, it wasn't the best she could do but I actually liked it. The only nitpick is that did she seemed a little too focused on pronouncing her words and was distracted from the actual vocals. No way she's going home this week. Not even bottom three material.
    4 black t-shirts out of 5

    5. Sanjaya Malakar -- Is it just me or does he look more and more like Michael Jackson every day? He's bad. And he'll get through because of VFTW. Yay for more sucky performances. (And LOL at Simon's comments. And some flirting between Ryan and Simon with the whole marine life comment and Simon giggling like a little schoolgirl.)
    0 black t-shirts out of 5

    6. Haley Scarnato -- I'm going to agree with Simon on this one. I really didn't think she was that bad. I sort of had a hope for her when she got through to the top twelve that she may be good and surprise us and she really wasn't that bad. And I didn't hear her forget her words, did you? I dunno. Hm. Maybe bottom three material but I hope she doesn't go home. I think she may still have something up her sleeves.
    3 black t-shirts out of 5

    7. Phil Stacey -- Ehh, he was okay. I guess a little better than Brandon but still not stunning. I guess I'm a little bitter because I never really liked him. But he did put in a good effort. Definitely not gone but not a front runner. (Unless all the other boys are horrible.)
    3.5 black t-shirts out of 5

    8. Lakisha Jones -- Amazing as expected. I really don't think she has any shot at winning American Idol. Remember Tamarya Gray (mhm, spelling of the name?) anybody?
    4 black t-shirts out of 5

    9. Blake Lewis -- While I don't think it was Blake's best performance, it was pretty good and I liked how he made the song his own. Big difference (as Paula said) between was the Sligh-sucker did and Blake did. I do have the agree that the vocals could be stronger and we've seen him do stronger. So do stronger, Blake, do stronger. Shoe in for next round. And isn't he just so gosh-darned cute?
    4 black t-shirts out of 5

    10. Stephanie Edwards -- She was a strange one tonight. I thought she had really good vocals but I don't know... It just seemed blah to me. I have to agree with what Simon said about showing the goods but failing to deliver. She's probably safe unless something surprising happens.
    3 black t-shirts out of 5

    11. Chris Richardson -- Ick. I don't like Justin Timberlake and I don't like him. Sure, he's charming but he looks like this one kid on my school bus who is really creepy. He seems to do the same thing every week and every week it's bad. Blah. I hope he's in the bottom three but he won't be because of the crazy JT fangirls. Damn them.
    2 black t-shirts out of 5

    12. Jordin Sparks -- Aww, this song brings back good memories of Land Before Time. -sigh- Anyways, a more subdued performance for Jordin today but it really worked out. er vocals are amazing as usual and I could not only feel emotion in her voice but see it on her face. However, a few of the looks she gave looked a lot like the ones Cinderella used to give me at Disneyland to make me feel like the only person in the world.
    4 black t-shirts out of 5

    Overall, a good night and I'm excited for the results show tomorrow. Hopefully the top eleven brings even better performances than tonight. Should be a damn good show!

    Top Runners: Gina, Melinda, Lakisha, Blake, Jordin
    Bottom Three (Mine): Brandon, Chris (x2!)
    Bottom Three (Probable): Brandon, Haley, and some wild card. Peraps Phil or (hopefully!?!) Chris Sligh
  • Top 12 perform LIVE for the first time!

    This is what I thought of the top 12 performances tonight......

    Brandon: He wasn't that great tonight. I mean you can blame part of the performance on nerves, but might I also add hes used to performing on a big stage like that, so he shouldn't be that nervouse, and in my opinion he forgot the words because he forgot them, I don't think it was because of the nerves. And I think hes going home tomorrow night.

    Melinda: Absoluty adorible, and in my opinion I really don't like the songs she sings, I think its because I really don't like those bluesy kind of songs. But it doesn't matter, she doesn't put me to sleep, she can sing anything beautifully!

    Chris.S: Not good. I don't think hes going, but he should put back on his glasses because that lost some star quality, and I didn't like the song choice for him, even though he sang it good.

    Gina: She was good, I think she took on a song she probably wouldn't be singing, because Diana Ross is not her style of music, and made it her own, and sang it great. But now I am noticing that she does mumble some of her words in the song, but the good thing is she doesn't make it that noticable.

    Sanjaya: Oh Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya, what are we going to do with him? The good thing is though he wasen't that bad tonight next to Brandon. I think Brandons going home tomorrow night, but that means sorry to say Sanjaya has to go next week hands down, if its definatly not this week because of Brandon forgetting the words to his song, and making it forgetable.

    Haley: I love Haley, because she has a beautiful voice, but shes too emoitional for me. I wouldn't want an American Idol in my opinion to keep crying after every little thing. But she does have a wonderful voice, and may make it a lot further in this competition then what we think.

    Phil: I like Phil, he has a great voice, I just don't like the songs he has picked, I feel like if every week he picks an excellent song to fit his excellent voice, he will make it to the finals!

    Lakisha: Perfect, beautiful, and wonderful! Thats all I have to say about this star. But I just want to mention to American that not to vote for her weight, but to vote of course for her voice. Because may I add what happened to a woman named Mandisa last year, she got voted off when she made it to the top 9 I feel it was because of her weight!

    Blake: I don't care what the judges said about Blake Lewis. In my opinion he took a Diana Ross song and made it his own. I feel if he would have sang that song like Diana Ross had it, he wouldn't have sounded that great, but since he did the song in a way that best suited him, I feel he did it excellent! And it was a great idea!

    Stephanie: I have to agree with the judges on this one. She sounded beautiful, but pumped us up for something that never happened. But to put a side that one high note she didn't do in the performance, she still sounded great, and I liked the Diana Ross song she chose as well.

    Chris: A dance song that fitted him the best. I think his voice was a little shakey during the performance though, because of the nerves. But he was still great as always!

    Jordin: She sang ABSOLOUTLY beautiful tonight! I feel she took what Diana Ross said to her about touching the audiance with that song, and thats exactly what she did, but even better! She took me on a journey with that Diana Ross song, and I feel like I was on a cloud with that girl Jordin. Way To Go!

    So over all it was great tonight! I really did enjoy it. But I'm hoping for a better theme next week but no offence to Diana Ross because she truly is a beautiful singing classic!
  • Stinkeroo...

    Holy cow, is it just me or was that one of the worst episodes this season? I heard two of twelve singers actually sound fairly decent. One was above average, another just average, and the rest made me want to break my television. Has America ran out of talent for this show or what? Maybe the producers ought to take a break for awhile to let some future stars come of age before going on a nation wide search again. Yeech. Over and over again I hear the judges congradulating LaKeisha and Melinda on their professionalism and talent. Maybe everyone else should just pack up and go back to their day jobs.
  • Jill and Michael give their stream of consciousness for tonight's performance, along with their picks.

    [Please note this is a stream of consciousness from our viewing of American Idol]

    Idol starts out by patting itself on the back for all the talent they've discovered.

    Diana Ross is the guest mentor. Brandon is up first. Diana thought he was good. Sang "Can't Hurry Love" Not much soul in his voice, sounds like he is singing along to the band and not leading them. Not much personality on stage. Randy thought it was boring, said he sounded like a backup singer, forgot the words. Paula said it's not easy being first, said he did many things right. Simon said it was predictable, dancing was terrible, said he was like a background singer for a background singer.

    Melinda is next. Ryan asks a question from a viewer, What's the hardest part of the competition? Melinda answers the dress and the heels. Simon takes the opportunity to insult Ryan. Ryan tells him to stay out of his closet. Simon responds by saying he is out of the closet. Diana gets goosebumps from Melinda's singer. Melinda sings "Home from the Wiz." Has a very deep soulful voice. You can feel the passion in her voice. She looks surprised after her song. Randy said it wasn't his favorite of hers. Paula is crying. Simon asks why Melinda is crying. She says she has never heard such a response. Simon said she made a boring song great. Reminds him of a young Gladys Knight.

    Chris S. says he and Diana have the same hair. He is going to sing Endless Love. Changed around some of the chords to make it more modern. Performs with no glasses. There is not much power behind his voice. Sounds like he is just singing the words rather than feeling them. Randy says it sounded like Coldplay, said it was mess. Paula said he worries that he is trying to be too hip and cool. Simon thinks Chris turned the song into a drone. Gina is star struck. She is going to sing Love Child. She said she sang it when she was four. Diana tells her to pronunciate. Got a nice tone to her voice. She struts all acorss the stage, enjoyable performance. Randy says it wasn't his favorite, he is a Gina fan though. Paula says Gina is much better than she did tonight. Simon says it was okay, not terrible not fantastic. But it was a good song choice. Diana says Sanjaya is love. He says it is like learning from Van Gogh. She says he has a winning element in his spirit--and it's not his hair. Sanjaya comes out with some permed hair a la Justin Guarini. His voice is very soft and light. Having some trouble hitting all the right notes. Really bad ending. Randy is speechless, not in a good way. He says it was not good, almost unlistenable. Paula says he is the sweetest soul, but he didn't let go. Simon says if you hear a wail, it is Diana. The only thing similar was the hair. Simon says Sanjaya is brave, since he is so young. Haley talks with Ryan, says they drink a lot of water backstage. Ryan reminds her that there is always Coca-Cola. Singing Missing You because she thinks it will show emotion. Diana says her voice was a recording voice, not a stage voice. Indeed her voice is very soft, but it also has a very sexy sultry quality. She forgets the words. Randy says she sounded nervous and he is shocked. Paula first tells her she looks lovely, but she forgot the words and the pitch was off. Simon said he didn't think it was that bad. He thinks she had real prescence, looked like star.

    Phil is up next, his only goal is to get the song right. Up on stage he really gets into the song, really playing to the audience. Really sings the final note and the audience loves it. Randy said he gets the boys vocal award of the night. Paula said it needs to be a little more uptempo. Simon says Paula is wrong, the tempo was good. But he thinks Phil is shouting the big notes.

    Lakisha is singing God Bless the Child, even though she has never sang it before. She is almost oversinging it. She also messes up her lyrics. Randy said she didn't overdo it and that it was sensational. Paula says her heart comes through when she sings. Simon says she's got it. Blake says he likes to listen to underground hip hop in his spare type. He took the song and trying to put a modern flair on it, rearranging the beats to You Keep Me Hanging On. He's got some good moves on stage, not just standing in one place. He's got the audience on their feet, clapping. He is doing a pretty decent job, adding some falsetto. Randy says he is a huge fan of Blake, but the he doesn't need to Blake-ize the song. He can let the classics be the classics. Paula thinks he could have put more vocals on it. Simon says he didn't get it. But he says Blake will be fine. Stephanie will be singing Love Hangover. Diana wants her to have a sexy quality. Stephanie takes the stage. Wearing a very fun and lively dress. Looks really great. The band is a bit too loud, so it's difficult to hear. She forgets some of the lyrics. Randy makes a note of this. Paula said it was a bad arrangement. Simon said it sounded like an intro and she choose the wrong song.

    Chris R. is singing The Boss. He says he doesn't get star struck, but this was different. He was afraid he was butchering her song. He takes the stage, his voice is naturally higher, so it works really well for the song. He jumps up on the table behind the judges and the audience loves it. He's got a great stage prescence. Chris has definitely taken the Justin Timberlake comment to heart. Randy said it was half and half. But Paula said Chris was the best of the guys who modernized the song. Simon said the vocals were dreadful. Diana tells Jordin Sparks to tell the audience the story of the song. She says Jordin has star quality. Jordin is singing If We Hold on Together from the Land Before Time. Jordin looks goregous, much older than her 17 years. She has a few pitch problems, but does a really great job with the song. It's a very sweet and almost intimate performance. Randy said she made it a three girl race. Paula said she is beautiful and is a breath of freah air. Simon said it was bit gooey, but a very good vocal.

    Jill's Pick: Gina
    Michael's Pick: Melinda
  • Review

    I liked tonight's theme of Diana Ross songs, I thought it was a good selection for the first week. I wasnt able to watch all of the show because of the new **** dolls show, however I did watch a little bit and here is what I thought about what I saw.....I thought the back and forth scenes between Simon and Ryan were comical, with Ryan seeming to get the better of Simon in the scene that I can remember...

    Brandon Rogers- D+, for this stage of the competition I didnt think that his performance was anything that should have been top 12 able. I think Sundance should have been in his place without a doubt and I dont think that Brandon will be around next week...

    Melinda Doolittle- A, Nothing much else she could have done right. Amazing I thought. She will win this competition if she keeps on singing like that...

    Chris Sligh- C, It was okay but I didnt think it was one of his best songs. I think that he made an incorrect song choice. I think there was a better song he could have chosen, but I was not feeling "Endless Love" from Chris...

    Gina Glocksen- B, I thought it was good. I agree with the judges that it was a little forgetable and not her best song, but the song choice itself was good and I thought her performance was better then all of the boys I saw tonight...

    Sanjaya Malakar- D, Why is this kid still on this show? He should have been elimnated the week of the top 24. There was a time and place where he was my pick to win, but ever since the top 24 started he has been awful. Time for Sanjaya to hit the road...

    Haley Scarnato- C, I thought she could have picked a better song. I wasnt really feeling the song she sung. It was more of a low beat song, which didnt really fit the theme of the night I didnt think. still better then the boys I saw sing, hopefully she'll get better next week...

    People I didnt get a chance to see sing...

    Blake Lewis
    Chris Richardson
    Phil Stacey
    Jordin Sparks
    Lakisha Jones
    Stephanie Edwards