American Idol

Season 6 Episode 20

The Top 12 Perform Live

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2007 on ABC

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  • Perfect: Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks Great: Stephanie Edwards Good: Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh Fair: Chris Richardson, LaKisha Jones and Gina Glocksen Mediocre: Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato Terrible: Brandon R

    First up for the night was Brandon Rogers doing "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes. He really did not do a good job at it. It lacked a whole lot of things besides vocals. It lacked stage presence, it lacked personality and it was really, really boring. I know Brandon has this amazing voice, but he really did not show it with his version of this song. 2/10.

    Following up Brandon is fellow former back-up singer, Melinda Doolittle. She did "Home" by Diana Ross. Now, all I can say about the performance was... amazing! That performance was one of my favorite performances by her and she has done so much great performances. Melinda just continues to improve and get better at what she does. I'd be happy to see Melinda in the finale. 10/10.

    Before a break Chris Sligh hopes to impress us with his arrangement of "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie. The judges thought it was really bad, but I thought it was really good. Given that I have never heard that song before, I had no idea how much he had changed the arrangement, but I really liked what he did with the song. His vocals on the song were also outstanding though. It wasn't my favorite Chris Sligh performance, but it was one of the best. 7/10.

    Gina Glocksen came after the break and did "Love Child" by The Supremes. You could really tell that she was comfortable doing the song and that the song suited her very well. I personally thought she could have done so much more with the song than she did, but it is the first week and the nerves are getting to our contestants. I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. 6/10.

    Next was Sanjaya Malakar doing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross. I can only say one thing. He butchered that song so bad that Diana will never mentor for "American Idol" ever again. How could America even let him in the top 12 in the first place. Sanjaya can sing at all! Wow! That is all I can say. Simon was right, Sanjaya is brave. Brave enough to humiliate himself in front of the whole world. 1/10.

    Haley Scarnato followed with "Missing You" by Diana Ross. I have to agree with Simon that I did think the performance was fairly good. She might have forgotten her lyrics, but she showed off her vocal range and talent in that performance oh so well. I think she deserves to stay longer, and she just might be the dark horse this season. 5/10.

    Phil Stacey came after the break doing "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" by The Supremes. He can really sing. The performance was very average, but his voice was just outstanding. I never really liked Phil before, but with so few competitors left, I guess I'm really seeing the true talent of these contestants. Like Haley, Phil could also be a dark horse in this competition. 5/10.

    The lovely LaKisha Jones hopes to win our votes with "God Bless the Child" by Billie Holliday/Diana Ross. I'm a huge LaKisha fan, but the performance was just boring for me. I did not like it at all. Her vocals shined, but the performance was very mediocre for me that is all I could say. A fair performance overall. 6/10.

    Another contestant who hopes to modernize things is Blake Lewis. He chose to do "You Keep Me Hanging On" by The Supremes. I'm impressed with Blake once again, but I wanna see him for once just sing an old school classic without having the need to make it modern. It could really change how Simon looks at him. 7/10.

    Stephanie Edwards did "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross. I thought she really sounded like Beyonce when she did that one. Which for me is a really good thing. I think Stephanie can really sing and I think she did really well with the song. 8/10.

    Youthful Chris Richardson was given no choice but to do an old classic tonight and he chose "The Boss" by Diana Ross. I liked the crowd interaction, but the vocals suffered a little. No doubt he can sing, but it was not his best vocal, but compared to the other contestants, best crowd interaction. Which is very important I might add. 6/10.

    Last, but not the least Jordin Sparks. Jordin decided to wow everyone with "If We Hold On Together" by Diana Ross. Single best performance of the night. A really good way to end the show. I never thought Jordin could pull something like that off. The song was so huge and you'd think it was too big for her, but she totally pulled it off. 10/10.

    Perfect: Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks
    Superb: None
    Great: Stephanie Edwards
    Good: Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh
    Fair: Chris Richardson, LaKisha Jones and Gina Glocksen
    Mediocre: Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato
    Poor: None
    Bad: None
    Terrible: Brandon Rogers
    Abysmal: Sanjaya Malakar