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American Idol

Season 7 Episode 17

The Top 8 Boys Perform

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Top 8 Boys Perform
Having survived last week's competition, the Top 8 boys perform again for America. After the show, the viewers will vote for their favorites. Who will keep singing, and who will go home?

Performing Tonight are:
 David Archuleta
Jason Castro
David Cook
Chikezie Eze
David Hernandez
Michael Johns
Luke Menard
Danny Noriega

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  • the guys did well...

    The guys did pretty well tonight. I still don't like most of them...but my favorite did well. David Archuleta was boring...I really don't like him. I really don't see him ever making a good CD. Chikizie (spelling?) and Luke didn't impress me at all. The guy with the dread locks was good this week. I probably liked him more because he sang a song that I really like. My favorite was David Cook. I love the rockers and he really rocked it out. The song was awesome and his version and awesome also. I would buy that song. Overall, they're slowly weeding out the bad singers, so...better than last week.moreless
  • The guys really stepped it up tonight!!!

    Last night's show was really strong. 6/8 guys really shined. I really am rooting for David Archuleta, David Hernandez, David Cook, Michael Johns, Jason Castro, and Chikezie Eze to make it to the final 12. I enjoyed watching Danny Noriega up to this point. Unfortunately, I don't think Danny Noriega takes the competition seriously enough to be a heavy contender for the coveted American Idol title. He'll have a good career, but this is where (in my opinion) his chance stops. As for Luke Menard, I completely agree with Simon on not letting Luke pass through. He really picked a poor song to sing (George Michael's "Jitterbug"??? Are you serious???). That song is only fun and whimsical, but it gets lost in the mix of the other awesome guy singers. They're SO much better than last year's singers. I really enjoyed listening to David Archuleta's take on a Phil Collins classic. Nice!!!moreless
  • What show were the judges watching last night?

    I will say this, I usually agree with Simon's critiques. Typically, he is spot on. However, last night, I had to wonder if I was in some alternate reality. I thought that over all, the singing was okay. David Archuletta was a little shaky, but he still managed to turn in a really good performance, reinforcing that he is the one to watch. I thought David Hernandez was horrible, but the judges loved it. I couldn't figure it out. Danny Noriega was AWFUL. He looks more and more like Jessica Alba every week and it's not about his singing anymore. It's about his attitude, which I simply can not stand. Luke Menard sounded like he had a balloon stuck in his throat. I really think he and Danny Noriega need to be booted this week, but not because they were the only one s who were pathetic. The absolute most baffling comments of the night came after Jason Castro sang. I thought he was shaky and his pitch was horrid. But all the judges loved it. I had to wonder what they listened to and if perhaps there was something wrong with my television.moreless
  • Amazing night, with one major flaw.

    Last week, the top 10 guys tried to impress the judges and the home-viewers with everything that they had and for some of them, it was a success, but obviously for Robbie Carrico and Jason Yeager, it was the end of the line for them. Tonight the remaining top 8 guys are going to try to win over your votes and affection when they sing songs from the '80s.

    Luke Menard Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!

    His vocals are definitely different from what you would want to hear in the radio these days, but it isn't bad. He's a pretty good acapella singer though, and that's where his different vocals come in. His performance was pretty corny, I hate the song and I think he lasted a lot longer than he should have. He needs to be going home 2 nights from now, that's just it. He has no shot in winning and if he makes it into the top 12, he won't make it into the top 10, which will disqualify him from the tour and the best chances he's getting at a record is on the American Idol Encores album, considering they release one this season because last year's flop of a season failed to release one.


    David Archuleta Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins

    His performance was really good, his vocals were pretty good and he played the piano, yay for instruments! Anyway, yes it was gloomy, he felt like he didn't know what he was really singing. I guess that's a problem when you're a young contestant,you probably were never born when most great songs were produced and that kinda' doesn't give you a good idea on how the times were back then and you can't really compare or link the song with personal experiences, nevertheless a good vocal.


    Danny Noriega Tainted Love by Gloria Jones

    I didn't even notice what song it was until after a little while, which is kinda' a bad thing because it was a good song that he butchered. He was trying to be edgy and you know passionate I guess with the whole performance, but like David Archuleta, there is that problem when you are so young, you don't have any connection with these old songs you're singing. It was like a Britney performance, except that he actually sang - how Britney would sing if she didn't lipsing - the song.


    David "Caden" Hernandez It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Pandora's Box

    His performance, I agree with Simon, was not as good as last week, but his vocals were really good, it was like he could actually pull off that Celine Dion song (made popular by her actually). The performance was creepy though considering the rumors circulating about him, see http://www.votefortheworst.com , but other than that it was a pretty decent performance. It was so awkward when he said "I love you" to Paula Abdul, as if he shouldn't be saying those three words to a woman? Again, see the link. After pressing the link, now watch his performance again, "And when you kiss me like this and when you hold me like that..."


    Michael Johns Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

    Compared to last week it was a pretty good performance. It didn't stand out too much though, his vocals were pretty good, he didn't seem fake, he connected with the song, so it is a pretty good performance.


    David Cook Hello by Lionel Richie

    Strange song choice, but he made it work with his amazing arrangement. He has been my strong favorite since the very beginning of the top 24 and possibly ever since his first audition. Can we have an all David top 3? That would make for a very decent top 3.


    Jason Castro Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

    My problem wasn't on the performance or anything, but more on him not using a guitar. I know the judges told him not to, but he didn't do anything that he could have done with a guitar. He was just sitting there and then stood up after a while, not too flashy at all, but I guess that shouldn't affect my grading.


    Chikezie Eze All the Man That I Need by Whitney Houston

    As usual, amazing vocals, but last week's performance was so much better. This song was too big for him, but considering the Whitney-ness of the song, he did an OK job. I guess song choice is one of his primary problems right now, but he's a shoe-in for the top 12.


    Best of the Night:

    David Cook and Jason Castro

    Go Home Already!:

    Danny Noriega and Luke Menardmoreless
  • top 8 boys sing.

    the top 8 boys did a good job. you know theres always someone who stinks, and someone who stands out.(these arent in order)

    Luke: I dont really get him. this was a better performance, but he's turning into the sanjaya of 2008. 7/10

    David A: I dont think this kid's as good as everyone says he is. nonetheless, he did a good job tonight. like simon says, he should try less depressing. 8.5/10

    David H: He did really well, i thought. thats as much as i can say. 9/10

    David C: This guy has been good. no guitar next time though, please. but hes a pretty good rocker, and he mixed it up, which means he'll do a good job on music. 8.8/10

    Chikezie: I havent thought much of this guy. another R&B/Soul singer. so, he did alright. 7.5

    Jason: He did surprisingly well without his guitar. i thought it was brilliant.not quite perfect though. 9.6/10

    Danny: Ive thought of this guy as a bit...weird. spunky though. anyway, he was pretty off rhythm. i didnt really like it. the fact that i liked the song and comparison saves him though. 7/10

    Michael: he did really well. good soul/rock singer, and he sung that song great, minus the end. 9.7/10

    overall, great entertainment. really, though, i think the 4 best are the 3 davids and michael. jason's looking top be a dark horse. chikezie is alright. im not a fan of the other 2, so i think its a tie between chikezie, danny, and luke. DEFINITELY luke should go home.moreless


Tenth Place (Season 7)

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Finalist (Season 7)

David Cook (XXII)

David Cook (XXII)

Finalist (Season 7)

David Hernandez (II)

David Hernandez (II)

Twelfth Place (Season 7)

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer

Eleventh Place (Season 7)

Ramiele Malubay

Ramiele Malubay

Ninth Place (Season 7)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Simon: (on Luke's performance) I thought it was weak, a bit girly. There's no chance you're going to make it through, I think, to the final 12.

    • Simon: (on David Archuleta's performance) I think you've got to be careful. You're 17 years old ... and it's starting to get a bit gloomy here. Lighten up a little bit.

    • Simon: (on Jason Castro's performance) The Jeff Buckley version of that song is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I loved it. ... I think it was absolutely brilliant what you just did. You're getting better and better.

    • Simon: (on David Cook's performance) I think Lionel Richie would be very proud of that, and I really, really hope you'll be here next week.

    • Simon: (to the audience) You can boo all you want.
      Randy: Keep booing, keep booing, keep booing. (audience boos loudly)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Both the guys and girls talk about their most embarrassing moments during their video clips.

    • List of Songs Sung By The Contestants: Jason Castro - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen Michael Johns - Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds David Hernandez - It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion Chikezie - All The Woman I Need by Luther Van Dross David Cook - Hello by Lionel Richie David Archuleta - Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins Danny Noriega - Tainted Love by Soft Cell Luke Menard - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Goby Wham!

    • This week's songs are songs from the 80's