American Idol

Season 7 Episode 18

The Top 8 Girls Perform

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on FOX
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The Top 8 Girls Perform
Having survived last week's competition, the Top 8 girls perform again for America. After the show, the viewers will vote for their favorites. Who will keep singing, and who will go home?

Performing Tonight are:
 Kristy Lee Cook
Asia'h Epperson
Kady Malloy
Ramiele Malubay
Syesha Mercado
Amanda Overmyer
Carly Smithson
Brooke Whitemoreless

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  • I still don't like them...

    The girls still fail to impress me. They just seem terrible compared to the guys this year. I used to like the rocker girl, but now I don't. her voice is...odd...but I like her rock style and the fact that she's different. No one else stands out to me. Oh, the country girl that murdered her song....ya...that was bad. I'm a country fan and that was just not was bad. Anyways, Paula has been extra annoying which doesn't help the bad singers. Overall, just another bad episode. I hope the girls can step it up soon or else they have no chance.moreless
  • Please STOP covering Queen songs!

    Asia'h Epperson – Okay… bad song, bad outfit, but she sorta pulled it off.


    Kady Malloy - Alright… I'm a huge Queen fan! I have 2 Queen tattoos (one of them is of Freddie Mercury), and this is one of my all-time favorite songs, it usually makes me cry, but this time it was for all the wrong reasons. I scrambled to find a gun to put myself out of my misery. She was flat through most of the song. She should be charged with human rights violations. Horrible! ! !


    Amanda Overmyer - When I heard the opening guitar chords for this Joan Jett song, I figured it would be perfect for her… Boy was I wrong! She should just start an AC/DC cover band and tour backwoods biker bars.


    Carly Smithson - Good song, bad arrangement, okay performance, love her accent and tattoos.


    Kristy Lee Cook - see above, minus an extra point since I love Steve Perry's (from Journey) original vocals.


    Ramiele Malubay - How can such mediocrity come out of such a cute girl?


    Brooke White - Wow, what a great Pat Benatar song… wait, what's with this arrangement? AAARGH! Why does she sound soooo bad?! Terrible.


    Syesha Mercado - Mediocre song, decent performance.


    Kady and Brooke (or Amanda) should go.

    Why is this season SOOOO bad?!

  • This was the girls best night yet!

    Out of the last three weeks I thought last nights girls really delivered! Alot were personal bests for them I believe! 1) Asia'h Epperson (I love the fun Asia'h and I'm glad I got to see it here. I thought this was a Cyndi Lauper song, but it's a Whitney Houston song. It was a kind of a cheesy song but alot of 80s songs are cheesy! I thought Asia'h did really good, and I really wish Simon would stop compairing Asia'h to Whitney and Celine because Asia'h is just trying to do her own thing. And just because Whitney sang it, doesn't mean nobody else can't. LaKisha sang "I Have Nothing" last year during this stage and I absolutely loved it.) 8.5/10 2) Kady Malloy (Kady's best performance by a mile! Really strong vocals, yet I do agree with Simon Kady is like a Stepford Wive cause she shows no emotion when she sings. But compared to her last two performances, this was really good. But to make it to the top 12, I don't know if she will.) 8/10 3) Amanda Overmyer (Ok I have to admit, I hated Amanda the first two weeks in the competition. Because first she sang Baby Please Don't Go and I didn't understand one word, and last weeks Kansas song was a comlete disaster and terrible. But last night I thought Amanda was near excellent! My favorite performance of the night and she looked and sounded much better!) 9/10 4) Carly Smithson (Another cheesy song, this one is a Cyndi Lauper song, but Carly sang it amazingly once again. This girl definately deserves top 12, yet I agree with Simon she still hasn't found that LaKisha Jones "And I'm Telling You" or Kelly Clarkson "Stuff Like That There" or Carrie Underwood "Alone" type of WOW performance yet. Here's hoping The Beatles week next week will do it! I believe the Beatles week is next week, maybe not.) 8.5/10 5) Kristy Lee Cook (She was my initial favorite during the audition round, as I absolutely loved her Amazing Grace vocal. But she kinda of went up and down since then, but I believe that last night, vocally was her best performance. I do agree with Simon she is kind of forgetable and doesn't really stand out, and she might be in risk of leaving tonight. She would make a good country singer, but she can't perform that well, just like Kady. Although Kristy shows more emotion.) 8/10 6) Ramiele Malubay (I loved this girl week one, You Don't have to Say you Love Me performance but last week she didn't do as good and this week was much better. Yet still not great but she deserves to make it to the top 12.) 8/10 7) Brooke White (I have no idea what Randy meant by saying she brought nothing new to the song! Hello? Acoustic guitar? Slowed down the song? Sat on the stage? Made it her own? And Paula is stupid for saying that Brooke should have incorporated the band in and thankfully Simon corrected Paula insinuating she is stupid as well! And what was up with Paula after Ramiele's performance calling the audience "muts" and peanut gallery and talking forever and ever and ever! A bigger question. What is in her drink!? Anyway Brooke is unique and brings her own flavor to everything and I think she deserves to be in the top 12.) 8.5/10 8) Syesha Mercado (It was good, I guess the judges couldn't really say much about her performance because they ran out of time, because of Paula's babbling! I was kind of frustrated that Syesha didn't pick a belting song the whole time. Because she has that big voice, yet her last note was a soft one, when it should have been a big note to close the show. But it was good and she should make the top 12.) 8/10 Who I think will make the Top 12. 1) Amanda Overmyer 2) Carly Smithson 3) Asia'h Epperson 4) Ramiele Malubay 5) Brooke White 6) Syesha Mercado Going Home: 1) Kristy Lee Cook 2) Kady Malloymoreless
  • Some really great performances this time around.

    Asia'h – Good performance, just not stupendous. I think it's getting a little ridiculous for Simon's argument that she picks Whitney Houston or Celine Dion songs and she's not good enough to fill their shoes is getting a little weary. Asia'h picks songs that were made famous by famous people. What else is she supposed to do? B

    Kady – Lousy song choice, uninteresting. If she didn't leave last week, this song ain't helping. I do like her embarrassing story, though. C

    Amanda – Much better than last week. Lots of energy and attitude, good arrangement. B

    Carlie – Puts a lot of energy in the routine, but seems like the same thing over and over again. B-

    Kristy – Nice tone and performance, don't care for the song. Simon gave his typical kiss of death sentence that she would at best make 10th place. B+

    Rameile – Sweet-sounding voice, good performance, nice look. I don't know what Randy was babbling about re lack of confidence Paula is so incoherent, what prescription drug is she on? – A

    Brooke – Really nice performance and vocals, not too fast, not too slow. She made the song her own. Somebody put some smelling salts in front of Paula. I don't know what she's talking about anymore. A

    Syesha – Good embarrassing story. Another great performance, easy listening vocals, maybe even better than Whitney. Best performance of all. Someone enter Paula in rehab. A+

    I don't know who to choose this week, there are so many good performances. Even though Amanda did well this time around, I think cumulatively her score is low and it's a little too late. So to she and Kady-you are the weakest link. Goodbye!moreless
  • Better, but still not great

    The judges left me baffled on Tuesday night with the guys, but tonight, they got it a little more right. There were actually a few standout performances from the ladies for the first time, in my opinion. Brooke and Kristy Lee were both fantastic; they both put a new spin on 80's classics that fit their own personal style. Brooke's performance of a Pat Benetar song was phenomenal. I think she is definitely one to watch. As always, Carly was just great. She has the whole package - the Amanda Overmeyer did her thing once again, and while the judges seemed to like it, I just can't see her being able to have a stand out recording career. I think people would tire of her voice very quickly - like after one song. Idol has to get it right this time or their reputation may be finished. They can't afford another Ruben or Fantasia. For that reason, I have very little hope that this season's winner will be a girl. Once again, they proved tonight that they just don't have the same level of talent as the guys. Of all of the performances tonight, I thought that Carly, Brooke, and Kristy Lee were the only ones deserving of the top 8 ladies. I have no idea who will go home tomorrow, but I know who I'd really like NOT to see next week in the top 12. We shall see.moreless


Tenth Place (Season 7)

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Finalist (Season 7)

David Cook (XXII)

David Cook (XXII)

Finalist (Season 7)

David Hernandez (II)

David Hernandez (II)

Twelfth Place (Season 7)

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer

Eleventh Place (Season 7)

Syesha Mercado

Syesha Mercado

Finalist (Season 7)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The judges seemed overly energetic tonight. They must have goofed off a bit too much though, because after Syesha's performance each judge only had time to say two words as a critique.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Simon: (on Ramiele's performance) I actually thought it was very old-fashioned. I'm not jumping out of my chair on that.

    • Simon: (on Amanda's performance) If I'm being honest, I thought it was fantastic. You absolutely nailed that song. It was the perfect song for you.

    • Simon: (on Asia'h's performance) Last week it was Celine, this week Whitney. At best, it was second-rate Whitney Houston.

  • NOTES (1)

    • List of Songs Sung By The Contestants:

      Kristy Lee Cook - Faithfully by Journey
      Asia'h Epperson - I Want To Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
      Kady Malloy - Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen
      Ramiele Malubay - Against All Odds by Phil Collins
      Syesha Mercado - Saving All My Love for You by Whitney Houston
      Amanda Overmyer - Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett
      Carly Smithson - Drove All Night by Roy Orbison
      Brooke White - Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar