American Idol

Season 12 Episode 16

Top 10 Boys Perform Live

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2013 on ABC

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  • Charlie Askew was great!

    Wow! I couldn't believe how all the judges ganged up and Charlie. His performance was great. He is original and unique. So what if he wore an ear-ring in one ear! Artists don't need fit in into a square hole. His singing performance was great and i think America agrees because as of 1 AM pacific time I have not been able to get through to vote for him because the line is busy! And this is the first time I ever tried to vote and the reason is because I think the judges did a big huge injustice in their critique of his performance. He will be voted to remain on the show I am confident of that!
  • Wednesday

    They did not drag on as long as they usually do from performer to performer, but the talent is just not there this season. All of these performers are downright terrible at this juncture, and I do not see anyone I am pulling for or hoping improves.