American Idol

Season 5 Episode 19

Top 12 Finalists to be Revealed Tonight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • Ayla Brown was the best singer from season 5!

    I cannot believe this! Ayla Brown didn\\\'t make the Top 12!?! She was the best singer from season 5! She deserved a spot in the Top 12 and at least until the final 5! I thought she deserved to win! I cannot belive that cow Melissa made the top 12 instead of Ayla!?! Ayla was the best! What was America thinking! Luckliy, Ayla Brown will succeed in anything she does and she\\\'s already getting ready to make a CD! American Idol was only the beginning for talented Ayla Brown.
  • Finally this show will only be on 2 nights a week.

    I can't say I'm at all happy with America's choices for elimination. Of course, I didn't vote and didn't even see the women perform. I do know that in first week of the semi-finals(24) that I liked 6 girls and 2 guys. Kinnik and Ayla were in my top 6, in fact they were in my top 4. I am very happy to see Mandisa and Katharine McPhee in the top 12. I'm also happy to see Chris Daughtry and Ace Young, despite the latters bad performance this past Wednesday. Sorry, ya'll I'm not found of his falsetto. I liked him as a favorite the first week of semifinals(12), but David has quickly taken up that spot.

    I can somewhat stand Bucky, so long as I don't watch him: his teeth are not idol-like, makeover please! I hate Taylor Hicks' dancing, but can usually stand his singing, so long as I don't watch. Paris Bennett is decent, I mean she's a better Fantasia Barrino, and I was pissed that Fantasia beat out Latoya London back in fourth place. Very saddening! Kevin Covais really isn't that bad, but he has no chance at winning.

    Again, Elliott Yamin is another hard to look at contestant, so if I look away from the TV screen his voice is alright.

    Anyone I left out didn't leave a big enough impression for me to hate or like, so they will probably be heading out next.
  • Mostly we were dead-on.

    Except, of course, for Kevin. He's a sweet kid, but I just think he's a good singer compared to other 16-year old kids in high school and NOT compared to the other contestants. I don't know what happened. Is he getting the geek vote? Sorry if that is cruel.

    I don't by any means think that Gideon is the best singer, but he is a pretty darn good singer and didn't deserve to be cut last night. Also I was slightly surprised that Melissa stayed in place of Ayla, although I think neither is deserving of a top six spot.

    The judges were lucid and helpful, and overall the show was entertaining.
  • Loved it

    Bit shocked Ayla is gone, but the rest of the top twelve is great, would of rather Lisa left, but had a feeling she wouldn't thrilled for Mandisa, and all my gouys made it thru, I jumped for jump and screamed with glee when Bucky made it over Gedian, I was so scared it would be the other way when they were last two, even tho I prefer Kevin to Gedian personally, maybe he should of went instead, but except the small disappointment over Ayla loved the show love top twelve, yeah Ace.. and of course Chris and Taylor go thru..
  • I love this show, but is america racist. Gideon was an amazing singer!

    So we have this filler episode, which should only be 30 minutes long, but as long as us american idol fans continue to watch throught out the hour Nothing will change. Money talks! Bo dice made an appearence in this shows opening with a horrific voice. I remember Bo Dice being pretty good. He was absolutely horrible tonight. So they chose gideon and the brady kid. I suspected the brady kid. But gideon! Absolutely the best male voice in the competition, not my favorite but not the best.... I think american idol should vote on who they want to leave the competition rather than who they like. Kevin was the obvious vote off from last weeks show, or Bucky(im getting tired of looking at him). So long story short. Show is too long, voting needs to be oppisite, or america needs to clean their ears and open their eyes.
  • Poor Gedeon...

    I really wish that Gedeon had gotten in the top 12 instead of bucky... And Paris was really sad about it too, I couldn't find her or Gedeon when they showed all the other Top 12 finalists congradulating each other. But I was pleased with the results. But as I said before poor Gedeon and Paris...
  • What? Why???

    I agree with the first review. I was utterly shocked when I even noticed that Kevin wasn't even in the bottom 3 with votes. I'm not disregarding him, but there is a lot of talent this time around and Kevin isn't at Gedeon's level. I think the rest of the axed performers were the correct ones. I'm just guessing the song style is becomming the factor. I'm very open about music and I love all styles, but I think when America is broken down into popularity it takes Pop, Country , or Rock and looks (ex. Ace....) to win and to an extent that saddens me.
  • People talk about a Love-hate relationship with this show well this is it!

    What a horrible piece of tv! It started out with an abysmal performance by Bo Bice, last year's runner up and only got worse. I think the whole point that needs to be made here is that these shows do not need to be an hour long! Good lord and tonights show especially proved it. After america got stupid and voted off 2 of the best singers in the competition(will and gideon) the show did nothing to make them feel better. Tonights show felt cold and dull. After the contestant was booted off they didn;t even give them the trademark group hug, they just shoved them off the stage. And Ryan secrest is being his obnoxious self by trying to interview them after they lost was just plain awful. I was absolutely appaled at the lack of quality and poor choices tonight.
  • America didn't do justice tonight!

    I just can't believe that Chicken Little (Kevin) stayed and Gedeon got the boot home! What is America thinking??? He is NOT pop star material! Ppl need to vote for the one or ones they really like or else we end up with a tragedy like this one!!! The girls that left tonight, Ayla and Kinnick, were the correct two to leave the show. Will was definitely a good one to get rid of also! But come on ppl, did you hear Gedeon sing last night? Even Percy Sledge would have been proud of that one! Oh well, hopefully next week ppl will wisen up and vote off Kevin! God bless you, Gedeon!
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