American Idol

Season 12 Episode 32

Top 4 Finalists Compete Yet Again

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2013 on ABC

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  • Top 4

    This week's theme on American Idol featured contestants performing a song from 2013, and a song from "Great American Songbook" standards. I am guessing the latter refers to songs from the days of singers not even waiting until after their concerts go get drunk and actually drinking while on stage?

    The night began with Angie Miller performing "Diamonds". We all know that Angie has a powerful voice and usually good command throughout, but the arrangement did not seem to suit her strengths here. The never-ending Nicki Minaj vs. instruments battle continued as the judge talked about the piano, although she admitted to liking it tonight, when I found it to be distracting. Angie also performed "Someone to Watch Over Me" which was a bit of a letdown as well.

    Amber Holcomb's first song was "Just Give Me a Reason" which is ironic as it does not provide a reason to prevent you from changing station when listening to the radio. The performance was solid, albeit forgettable, and not Top 4-quality. Her second song was "My Funny Valentine" which also did not seem to suit her voice as well as it could have.

    Candice Glover performed "When I was Your Man" and while judge Keith Urban pointed out how singing it word for word did not make sense, it was the strongest song at that point of the evening. Her second song was "You've Changed" and was strong, but not one of her better performances either.

    Kree Harrison opened up with "See You Again" which is loved by Carrie Underwood fans and disliked by those who aren't (a number we all seriously hope is the majority). Her second song was

    "Stormy Weather". Neither proved to stand out with the audience.

    The show closed with all four performing "Wings" together, in a cheesy moment that would make Joey Fatone feel okay about himself while looking back at old clips of The Singing Bee.

    Considering these are supposed to be elite singers it has to be viewed as a disappointment. Hopefully next week's format of the producers and judges choosing songs seems to work out better for the remaining contestants.

  • Hattttttttttttttteeeee Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys know you wrong for getting rid of the girl tonight!!! You got it wrong it's so sad you guys get rid of great talent for no so hot talent because of looks? What is it? You guys never get it right how long has it been you guys lookalike you will be having another Jennifer Hudson situation! It's sad! People with real talent barely wins and every year the same ole look alike person wins that's why your ratings will drop and has dropped and will continue to drop until you become fair and stop rigging these shows!!!!! No way views watching would have kept the big teeth girl in the red on just because she plays piano??? Really she should have went home longggg again and I bet you American idol will make her win if she does I will never watch again!!! And by the way Nikki sucks!! Please lose her and send her fake self back where she came from she has no business on this show!!! The worst!!!!