American Idol

Season 5 Episode 36

Top 4 Perform

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 09, 2006 on ABC

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  • Chris is good when it comes to making a song his on, cold chills. Now that is the sign of a good singer. Taylor, now that he is moving and singing again welcome to the show. job. Someone tell Katherine her lyrics. Not the best show, way off.

    Elvis, where was he at last night. All I saw was Chris, Taylor, Elliot, and Katherine. Now that it is getting farther into the competition the sparks start flying and the talent comes out. Chris definetly turned Elvis into the great and talented rocker that is in his soul. Best performance of the night. Taylor, way to dance. Now that you are back into the groove push just a little harder, and work a little more on the singing and then add the dancing. I prefer a good song, than a good performance, and a desent song. Elliot same old same old. Good like always, did his magic and just let the music come to him. Elliot will be the one to watch now. Katherine. Need I say more. she needs to learn the lyrics and try not to scream so much so that people can understand her. Katherine will probably be the one to get the boot after that. But all in all, the guys have done it again. And the girl needs just to try harder, and just have fun.
  • Last night was an amazing show. I love Elvis. I wasn\\\\\\\'t sure how the night was going to go after all elvis is the #1 American Idol of all time! Taylor came out blazing I loved both performances.Chris did well also but not his best. Elliott did good

    I loved last nights show. Elvis Presley is an american icon.
    I thought they all did very well. In my opinion Taylor did the best. I loved both songs he had chosen.he has an amazing style. I love the grey hair! I dont know what Simon is thinking I love taylors moves. He\\\\\\\'s genuine. I would buy his records in a heart beat.He\\\\\\\'s an amazing performer.I thought Chris did okay not his best performances. Elliott did very well also. Kat unfortunately is going home tonight. I like her but the guys are doing better then she is.I hope it comes down to Taylor and Chris in the finals.
    The judges as always were there disfunctional selves.
  • The Top 4 finalists sing two Elvis songs each.

    Taylor = I liked his Jailhouse Rock performance. It was lively, upbeat, and fun to listen to. I still don't like watching him perform, though. The other song, I didn't quite pay attention to it.

    Chris = I was kinda getting tired of listening to him, but after watching him sing A Little Less Conversation, I started not getting tired of listening again. The other song was okay.

    Elliot = The first song was okay, but I liked the second song (Trouble) better. I still prefer Carrie Underwood's performance, though.

    Katharine = Loved her in the first song, I love watching her have fun. She forgot some of the lyrics but managed to cover it by turning around. The second song was awfully pitchy at too big for her (I agree with Simon).

    Who goes home? Though I'm rooting for her, I kinda have the feeling Kat will get the boot. I certainly hope not, but the males were stronger. Kat's at a disadvantage given that they had a male-theme, and I just hope her fans vote enough to keep her in.
  • Top four in Elvis songs

    What did you expect when you put four talented performers all needing to do two Elvis Pressley songs. You will get some winners and some no so hot imperssonations. That is just what was delivered last night on American Idol. I think I would be planning to go home Elliot if I were you. His days are numbered. I think the other 3 performances deserve to go on. Elliot is not in there class. It is always fun to hear the three judges react like they heard three different performances. I only listen to Simon, though he is often full of it.
  • Okay episode

    Taylor: as usual, mediocore, you know, okay, but not really getting it

    Chris: good performance, he\\\'s the only one you can count on to have a professional performance

    Elliot: Best performance from him ever! I never quite got why people kept saying his voice is amazing until this one

    Katherine: Below her standard. Especially the second song, I agreed with Simon that she tried too hard on this one. Then again, it\\\'s not really fair for her since it\\\'s once again a male singer night. Get a Whitney Houston night and let\\\'s see how these guys do.Worried for her now!
  • Not happy.

    Ok, so I think the judges were pretty off tonight. First of all, I loved Taylor\\\'s first song, and Simon is absolutely crazy for STILL criticizing his dancing. He IS original and is NOT karaoke. His second song was phenomenal!

    Chris is SOOO OVERRATED!!!! I\\\'m getting so sick of him. Yes. He can sing. He has a recording voice. We get it. But it is only because he copies other artists! When has his style EVER been original?! In his second song, he sounded like an Elvis impersonator. Yeah, it would be awesome if he were the first one to do it. BUT HE\\\'S NOT!

    Eliot really stepped up his game. I thought he was incredible tonight on both songs, particularly the second. Kudos for showing personality.

    And now Katharine. I thought her first song was one of her best performances. Yeah, she slipped up, but she covered for it. She was fun, energetic, in tune, and showed off her voice. She was by no means screachy! And I have to agree that the second was over-the-top, but it\\\'s forgivable because it was really one of the first performances of hers I didn\\\'t like. I really hope she doesn\\\'t get sent home after this.

    Let\\\'s see what would happen if the theme was a GIRL artist! I mean, could they be any more unfair?!
    Fingers crossed for Chris going home!!!!!!!
  • Most everyone did Elvis proud.

    Tonight it seemed like everyone stepped up their game quite a bit (except one person). I love Elvis, so it was easy for me to love tonight. Taylor had fun on his first song, but to me it wasn't much more then dancing (and don't kill me for this Soul Patrol) and (as Simon said) Karaoke. Then came Chris. He did ok. Not his best vocal, but he did (as usual) rock. Did his own little spin on things. Elliot was absolutely fabulous tonight. I've always liked and admired Elliot (and while my friends are busy drooling over Chris: yes, I get it, he's hot. Or dancing along stupidly with Taylor) I am sitting there wowed by Elliot just about every week. He may not win the Idol crown, but he'll definately take off in music after this. Next, Katharine did pretty average. She did not impress me at all with her first song. I thought at first I would like it, it'd be fun. But it just was not as good as the others tonight. Then Taylor came back on and stunned me to death. That was Taylor's best performance by far. He did an excellent job and almost had me in tears (well, I'm exaturating a bit). But it was still great. Chris's second song was just like the first one. I loved the run he did at the end. It was interesting to hear him stay in one key most of the song. So low. Then Elliot came back on and (even though it seemed he couldn't) he outdid his first performance. Believe it or not, I think he did the best of the night. He was 2 for 2. When I saw Katharine was going to be singing "Can't help Falling in Love", I thought, "Good. She can do that". It was cool at the beginning, but went downhill from there and she just never got it back. Aw, Kat, this was the week you were supposed to step up your game to fight to be the only female in the top 3!! All in all it was a great night. I really fear for Katharine though because this is the second week in a row she hasn't really done her best. Bottom two? God, it's anyone's guess. Probably Katharine and I don't know, Taylor? Or maybe even Chris. But Elliot does not deserve the bottom 2. I guess we'll just have to see tomorrow. But it's looking more and more like Randy's prediction of the idol being male is coming true.

    Oh yeah, gotta add it in, did everyone see Paula's face when Ryan offered to give her a one dollar bill for the dance moves she was doing? I bet they're still fighting. What a low blow though...
  • OK, Elliot= great Chris= not his best Kat= not her best Taylor= GOOD?!

    What just happened? Taylor was good tonight. Kat was well, not her best. A little dissapointment for me. I love Kat, don't get me wrong, and now she's got the "only girl advantage," but that was simply not her best. Definitley great great great vocals, a little over done the second time around, good the first, but she's been amazing in the past. Lets just hope that the next American Idol doesn't leave because of a poor arrangment.

    Down with Taylor! Down goes the weird gray haired 28 year old with bad singing and ridiculous dance moves! He will leave tomorrow with any luck! One good night doesn't make up for nine bad ones! Down with Taylor!
  • I don't know what to think anymore.

    This is a good night for American Idol, because Elvis Presley truely is the original american idol. But I still felt weird to know that my two favorites: Chris and Katharine are being dogged by the judges.

    Taylor- Last week he was annoying as heck. This week, he was moving a lot too, but it’s appropriate for Elvis Presley. And he sang pretty good. / Simon definitely didn’t like it.

    Chris- Darn it, I missed his performance because my mom called. And the judges for the most part liked it.

    Elliott- Simon’s right, he definitely is the underdog. But he definitely did well. I still can’t imagine myself wanting to by his CD.

    Katharine- Wow, phenomenal. She’s amazingly awemazing. And I did not mind the slip during the middle / I totally disagree with Simon, she captured my attention. Simon just don’t like performances with a lot of movements.

    Taylor 2- Yes, a lot less annoying performance. I don’t know if his singing was good though. Let’s see what the judges think. / And the judges liked it. Hmm…

    Chris- I thought he sang that pretty plainly. But then again, that song doesn’t really show vocal range. / The judges except Simon liked it. Chris is the only American Idol that I don’t feel silly for buy a CD from.

    Elliott- Wow, the judges love him now.

    Katharine- I thought she did great. What the heck is wrong with Simon?

    I'm so frustrated. Paris is gone. Taylor and Elliott are still on. It's just not right. That's why I'm voting for Katharine and Chris all the way cause these two are the only one still in competetion that I know I wouldn't change the radio station if their song is playing.
  • Elvis songs! So much fun....

    Tonight was Elvis! Or at least some attempts.

    Taylor: This was his element. (Go figure) I thought "Jail House Rock" was a little too excited but that is his style. "Ghetto" was a lot better and I think he will go to the next round.

    Chris: Blah tonight. I didn't feel the emotion in either songs.

    Elliott: This guy isn't going to lose this contest without a fight!! He was wonderful.

    Katharine: She had a hard night. "Hound Dog" got a little too winded and out of control. I think she messed up some lyrics but I am not sure. "Falling in Love" was too much vocally. I have to agree with Simon on that one.

    Overall, here is my rank:
    1. Elliott
    2. Taylor
    3. Chris
    4. Katharine

    I think Katharine is going home, but with only four remaining who knows?