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American Idol

Season 6 Episode 36

Top 4 Perform Live!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Top 4 Perform Live!
Tonight the Top 4 finalists will perform live for the nation, vying for the American Idol crown. The contestants sing their hearts out in hopes of winning America’s vote and surviving another week in the competition. Tune in to see who impresses the judges and who buckles under the pressure.

Tonight's Theme is: Bee Gees songs.

Performing Tonight are: Blake Lewis Jordin Sparks Lakisha Jones Melinda Doolittle

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  • Top Four Falls Flat! The final four doesn't make a great case for themselves when tackling the music of Barry Gibb.

    Tonight was not a great night for the Final Four. Round 1 left much to be desired. Melinda was good as usual with "Inside & Out" but failed to amaze. Blake followed with his version of "You should be dancing" that made me do anything but dance. His signature beatboxing just didn't work out and this was one risk that didn't pay off. Lakisha couldn't quite get a grasp on "Stayin' Alive." Jordin was the high point of the first round with "You don't know what's it like (to love Somebody)." The Second round was largely forgettable with the contestants making some improvements but still no standout performances. Melinda did another good job (but when doesn't she?) with "How do you mend a broken heart?" Lakisha partially redeemed herself but got a little hoarse at the end of her version of "Run to Me" but it was still a solid performance. Blake and Jordin did okay as well in the second round also but again no standout performances.moreless
  • Bad night

    This week, our "Idol" contestants take on the work of the Bee Gees. With the help of Barry Gibb, our "Idol" contestants perform 2 Bee Gees songs each. It seemed that Barry was very impressed, but the positive reviews did not leave the rehearsal room.

    First to perform was front-runner, Melinda Doolittle. She sang, "Love You Inside Out." The judges weren't so excited about her performance, in fact they didn't like it too much. I didn't enjoy it either, it wasn't a good performance at all. 3/10.

    Second to take the stage is Blake Lewis. Blake sang "You Should Be Dancing." Randy thought the beat-boxing was corny, Paula just told the whole world she was sleeping with Blake and Simon thought it was horrible. I hated it, his beat-boxing just got annoying. His performance last week was pretty good and pulled it off, but he can't keep doing it. 2/10.

    Next was LaKisha, she performed disco classic, "Stayin' Alive." This is one of the two of all the Bee Gees songs that I actually knew, so I could actually compare. It felt OK for me because I knew the song, what a relief! The judges didn't like it and Paula sugar-cotted. 4/10.

    Last to perform for the first round was Jordin Sparks. Jordin performed "To Love Somebody." It was the best performance so far. Her vocals were great, I liked it. The judges said it was the best so far of the night, and I have to agree. 6/10.

    Melinda's second song was "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?." A great comeback from the first performance. It was still a disappointing performance, but it beat her first performance by a mile. The judges said it was better as well, and Simon said the second half put her through the next round. 7/10.

    Blake performed again doing, "This Is Where I Came In." Bad performance again, taking the beat-boxing too far again. I really hope he goes, he's really starting to bug me. The judges hated it too. 3/10.

    LaKisha's second song was "Run to Me." It was a lot better than her first performance, but her last note was way off, but her performance was still good. The judges forgave her for the last note as well. 5/10.

    Jordin ended the night with a Barbra Streisand song instead of a Bee Gees song. She did, "Woman in Love." Best performance of the night, the vocal was really great. The judges agreed as well. Jordin is surelys afe for another night. 8/10.


    Bottom 2:

    LaKisha and Blake

    Going Home:

  • Exciting episode.

    Wow. For the first time ever, the four best singers in the compitition are the top four. And boy, has the ante been raised. I thought all four sounded great both times. But great isn't good enough anymore. Now they have to be wonderful each and every time. Blake and Lakisha are in the most danger tonight, but I think Lakisha is the one who should leave. I personally believe Melinda is the best, but that Jordin could be the first teenager to ever win. And that Blake will almost definatly have the best selling album out of the four.moreless
  • the beegees...hmmm...what the hell are they thinking!

    Ok so i used to think the guys from idol were smart...but c'mon...the songs of the beegees! ok so they were hot in the 70's and there guy write stuff for people...but who in the idol age demo group knows anything besides staying alive! ok so i'm really diapointed...the best of the whole night was by far Jordan. everyone else was preaty mediocre which would make me think no one is safe. it was bad. Blakes beat boxing in the first son was actually cool...lakisha bores me more and more. melinda is great but i can't see her as idol. I'm sorry also i hate randy and paula...they are fakes and hypocrits! randy first tells blake lakisha and melida that these songs don't need to be re-arranged and they are good the way they were, and he praises jordan for re-arranging it to fit her! WHAT! randy needs to think before words come out of his mouth. If he hates other style or arrements thats fine but the say a blanket statement about the songs not needing re-arranging that then praising some one for it was lame. and paula...i need not say anything about her. So anyways another waste of talent and another bad show...idol has lost what made it great. Its now just bringing back old worn music acts and trying to ressurect people. With the exception of gwen all the musicians have been lamemoreless
  • What was wrong with everyone??

    I thought that Jordin sounded good in parts of her last song, but that was pretty much it, Blake was...O.K... But he wasent really that good, I know what Simon means by his beatboxing sounding a little corny, we know he can do it, so yeah. I agree with that. I also agree that it's time for Melinda to really break out, if she doesnt, then I think she's going to go home and not make it to the top 2. I thought that LaKiesha, sounded just ok too. It wasent a really good night. I have a feeling that Blake is going home,he's my favorite, but in this point in the competion, u dont know who's going home. Look at Gina for example, she was my favorite, but she got kicked off well before she was due. I think that it's either Blake or LaKeisha's time to go. I hope it's LaKeisha, no offense to her, they are all great singers, but she really dident stand out, it just kinda made the show boring for me. I hope Blake stays in and gets his act together, or he's going to go next. Jordid and Melinda are good, but we know that. It's time for them to really burst out, and Shine. Like Randy said.moreless

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