American Idol

Season 5 Episode 32

Top 6 Perform

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on ABC

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  • Katharine sang the song I had hoped Paris would sing, and successfully delivered it in her own way. Unfortunately the judges were de-pimping her. Paris was good but the song was pretty boring, while Chris raises the bar.

    OK Kat, I admit that you can sing and that you've cleverly made Whitney's song your own. You didn't go off-key, you successfully managed the pitch problems and you were unfairly treated by the judges. But please don't put that agitated and defensive look next time they're talking to you, OK?? It creates an impression that you feel you're better than they think, and it doesn't look good even when it's true. And looking around at your fans and winking at them for support really doesn't make you any humbler either. But America loves you, and you do well indeed, so maybe it's not going to be a problem. And your duet with Andrea was nice too.

    Next come Elliott. He sounds so powerful and soulful tonight that Paula's moved to tears. Foster was hard on the finalists and I think it brings the best in them. Then comes the nightmare that is Kellie Pickler. Even Foster said she sounds like a robot. Ouch. Her falsetto in the middle of Unchained Melody sounded shrill and painful, and she repeats it again tonight. The only good thing is one long powerful note that happens before the high pitch. Even Paula doesn't have anything nice left to say. Poor Kellie...she looks as if she almost cry when Simon bashes her unmercifully for butchering his favorite song. Luckily the music cuts him off.

    Ah, Paris. The only girl with most powerful voice left. Even Andrea admits she has vocal range as good as his. I had hoped she would sing Kat's song, but alas, she picked the oldest and most boring song after Kellie's Unchained Melody. Paris sang Babs Streisand's The Way We Were, and even though she impressively belts out the notes in the second half of the song, the first half is so boring I almost fell asleep. Randy and Paula are only lukewarm about it and Simon doesn't care. One thing is certain though: that girl can hold notes longer than Kat without going pitchy or off-key. Too bad she never gets the recognition she deserves: she can sing as good as Whitney and will still end up in the bottom 3. Sorry for sounding sarcastic, but that's the truth. Apparently people weren't impressed at all with her magnificent rendition of These Foolish Things.

    Taylor sings one of the songs I often hear, but his performance is bland compared to previous ones. His vocal's OK, but not so wowing compared to others. IMHO he should be in the bottom 2 instead of Paris. Hmm the judges are uncharacteristically harsh tonight. And Simon looks so PISSED when he's cut off again, this time by Paula, who apparently forgot to take her medicine again.

    Lastly, Chris. Andrea and Foster give him great advice of rehearsing while lying on the floor. That allows him to sing from the diapraghm instead of his throat (gasp! you're a singer and you don't know about that?). It makes great difference and it shows tonight, although I wince a bit when he belts out his rocker voice a bit in the middle. God what's with Paula one point she cries, at another she bickers with Simon and now she proclaims her love for Chris.

    overall, not as classy as last week, but still OK.