American Idol

Season 6 Episode 32

Top 6 Perform, Idol Gives Back Part 1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on FOX
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Top 6 Perform, Idol Gives Back Part 1
Tonight American Idol partners with Charity Projects Entertainment Fund to raise awareness and money for young people living in extreme poverty in America and Africa. The Top 6 finalists will perform for the nation, singing songs related to compassion and hope during a “Life Anthems”-themed episode. And your vote counts more than ever before, on this special night, you can help change the lives of the truly needy as the American Idol sponsors, Coca-Cola and AT&T/Cingular, along with additional partners, will donate money for every vote you cast.

Tonight's Theme is: Life Anthems

Performing Tonight are: Blake Lewis Chris Richardson Phil Stacey Jordin Sparks Lakisha Jones Melinda Doolittlemoreless
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  • like this episode, good, but jordin was the best next to blake

    Good episode, Blake sang imagine and it was very good but I was surprised the judges didn’t like it. I really liked it, I shouldn’t necessarily say that they didn’t like it, thye just want him to do a bit more than just a good vocal, Paula said she saw a new side in him but I think we already saw a new side of him on “somewhere only we know” jordin was spectacular and I mean fantastic, one of her best performances and I really liked it. Blake and her were my favorites, I was absolutely screaming when the judges said that they didin’t like blake’s. Chris Richardson sang change the world which was a terrible vocal if you actually knew the song. If they knew the song Paula wouldn’t call him sexy, my parents were commenting on his terrible vocal, his performing was good though

    Phil Stacey sang the change was was very spunky but Phil usually opens the show and they say best opener. Best opener, or your best. But they all say his best is country week. So good performance by phil

    Lakisha Jones: her last good week, but after that she walks a lonely road, good performance, but you all know she donesn’t win even though in the top 24 simon said to tell all of the contestants to pack up their bags, so good by lakisha (by lakisha)

    Melinda Doolittle: as usual, fantastic, couldn’t have been better. But where was bonno?moreless
  • It's the biggest television show on the air so it would only be a matter of time that they would resort to essentially doing a telethon. Indeed, I too took part but found that I was kinda missing the regular Idol antics.moreless

    Chris Richardson performed Eric Clapton's Change the World. I wasn't digging it. Yet, I suppose in the spirit of the show and to raise the money by getting people to call, even Simon had good stuff to say. 2 stars

    Melinda Doolittle, There Will Come a Day by Faith Hill, at first I was like, do I know this? I think or better yet I know I love Faith's version better but I'll give Melinda her props, she can sing. She made it sound like a gospel song. Hmm, Simon felt the same but was essentially drooling all over her saying that she is a master class. Sometimes I think that Melinda must remind him of the first act that he discovered and also dated back in the 80s or early 90s. 3 stars

    Blake Lewis, Imagine by John Lennon, there is something about his voice that I like. Maybe it's kinda like Mark Owen in that it has that certain something. Although he's clearly been avoiding his signature beatbox sound for weeks, I thought it was smooth. Paula at least agreed. 2 1/2 stars

    LaKisha Jones, I Believe by Fantasia, given her somewhat lackluster performances the past two or so weeks this song better suits her. I actually like Fantasia singing it better or it could be due to all the theatrics that she had on stage each time I've seen her performed it but KiKi was okay. Eh, she was alright. 2 1/2 stars

    Phil Stacy, The Change by Garth Brooks, I don't know if I can be kind or maybe I can if I just don't listen to the beginning and just don't look at him. The first note was horrid and you know if you close your eyes he almost sounds like Micheal McDonald in that he has a 'black' sound but Phil's too hit and miss and you just can't look at him! He also really slowed the song down and of course I prefer the Garth version. 2 1/2 stars

    Jordin Sparks, You'll Never Walk Alone by Rodgers and Hammerstein, she was really crackly. I know they were praising her and I really love her but you could tell that she was really nervous. She was beautiful though and you could feel that she meant it.moreless
  • Everybody stepped their game up.

    I think this night the contestants performed better than ever in this season. The theme of songs was very good, and brought out emotions in everyone of the singers.

    Chris - Didn't sing through his nose as much, great song choice, I think his best performance so far.

    Melinda - Another rock solid performance, the vocals were on pitch the whole song. She's ready to record an album and standing in the limelight.

    LaKisha - I really liked her version of "I Believe", I don't think Fantasia did it any better.

    Blake - I don't know, maybe he showed some emotions but it was the most boring performance of the night.

    Phil - I liked his previous performance (on Country week) better, but it was a very solid performance, strong and clear vocals throughout. Still, it wasn't exciting.

    Jordin - I'm not a big Jordin fan, but Oh my God! That was her best performance, and (I agree with Randy) one of the best performances on Idol ever. She was AMAZING! Best performance of the night. Great vocals, lots of emotions, WOW!moreless
  • wow.... since sanjaya left, they did a great performance

    first up was chris. he did his usual, and performed it kinda out of his character. but in a good way. he did great. A

    second was Melinda. great as always, but she and lakisha sound too much alike. however, she sang great. and she was original. B+

    then came Blake. this wasn't all that great. it was fine. however, now i see why he was in the bottom 3 last week. hes beginning to lose his touch. nevertheless, it was decent. it made me feel emotion too. B

    Lakisha,lakisha,lakisha. shes beginning to lose her touch as well. she doesnt seem to be getting much better. she did alright at parts though. B-

    then along came phil. last week he did great, and this week hes almost great. he put soul into it, and performed it great. i dont see why hes the VFTW pick. in fact, none of these top 6 deserve that. phil did awesome. B+

    finally, jordin. contrary to everyone elses opinion, i dont think this was quite as good as they say. it was really good, but not perfect, i believe. A-

    have no idea what the bottom 3 will be, but i think LaKisha's gonna be there.

    i did like the Idol gives back...but think about it. with 9 million poor people in america, and maybe 30+ million in africa,i doubt even 100 million dollars can truly get every person what they need.moreless
  • Only one good song tonight - Jordin's

    OMG Chris is as bad as Sanjaya. He sang the song in his usual timid, weak, fearful way. Here’s another guy who’s incapable of going full out, even if the place went up in flames and he had to yell “Fire!” As I recall, “If I Could Change The World” has a lot of opportunity to hit some really high notes and Chris sang it flatly through. This is where that squeak-toy voice of his is supposed to shine and all Chris proves is he doesn’t have it in him. Someone take away the mike and give the guy a bullhorn. Listen to the original recording artist to see how that song is REALLY done.

    For the first time Melinda demonstrates she has the range of a singer, at least in the beginning of the song. I heard some feminine highs and a range of pretty notes rarely sung by this singer. Then she went full out and stayed there. I get tired of a person yelling throughout the entire song on one note. However, she has genuine singing vocal chops and is worthy of representing an Idol.

    Oh, unremarkable Bland Blake didn’t break stride tonight. Yes, he’s got a quality to the timbre of his voice. Unfortunately he has no idea what to do with it. No variety, no imagination, just an endless drone. I became aware the song was over when I unconsciously realized he stopped singing. LaKisha – my favorite who has a voice that outshines all (as far as I’m concerned). Unfortunately she picks unmemorable songs that do nothing to show off her vocals. It’s as if she’s so above the others, she has to pick a poor song to even out the playing field. Oh, LaKisha, you are the worthiest, most talented singer of all, but I don’t think you’re going to make it, babe. Phil – Such emotion, such all-out, such a so-so voice. I could listen to him for about 60 seconds and then say I’ve heard the entire song. He bellows the lyrics the same way, over and over, CONSTANTLY. At first it sounds impressive, but would you really want to listen to it again? Jordin – well here’s our winner as far as I’m concerned. She consistently shows range, variety, possesses rich vocals and goes full out. She’s interesting to listen to every single time and has everyone’s undivided attention. To me it’s a no brainer. She did her usual fantastic job tonight.

    In order from gone-horribly-wrong to Idol-worthy

    Chris, Blake, Phil, Melinda, LaKisha, Jordinmoreless

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