American Idol

Season 7 Episode 33

Top 6 Perform With Some Tips From Andrew Lloyd Webber

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

Syesha Mercado sang "One Rock N' Roll Too Many." Randy Jackson said, "I think you could be a huge Broadway star." Paula Abdul said, "You've brought the house down right at the very beginning." Simon Cowell said, "Syesha, that was very sexy."

Jason Castro sang "Memory." Randy Jackson said, "It was a little bit of a train wreck." Paula Abdul said, "I think it was a very wise choice for you to do this song." Simon Cowell said, "The reality was it came over as a young guy being forced by your mom and dad to sing a song at a wedding you didn't want to sing."

Booke White sang "You Must Love Me." A couple lines into the song, Brooke messed up the lyrics and started over. Randy Jackson said, "For me, this wasn't great." Paula Abdul said, "You must never start and stop." Simon Cowell said, "I think you're going to be very disappointed when you watch this back."

David Archuleta sang "Think Of Me." Randy Jackson said, "You're exactly what this show is about." Paula Abdul said, "I think it was absolutely perfect, David." Simon Cowell said, "It's just not one of those performances that you're ever going to remember."

Carly Smithson sang "Jesus Christ Superstar." Randy Jackson said, "I don't know if this was you best performance, but it was definitely good." Paula Abdul said, "I love what you did in the chorus." Simon Cowell said, "It was actually one of my favorite performances of the night." After getting Simon's feedback, Carly ran and grabbed a tshirt with the words "Simon Loves Me This Week" on it.

David Cook sang "Music Of The Night." Randy Jackson said, "Dude, that was an amazing vocal performance." Paula Abdul said, "This song just proved more and more that you are so well-rounded as a performer." Simon Cowell said, "It was too rounded off, but you made the most of the song you were given."