American Idol

Season 7 Episode 33

Top 6 Perform With Some Tips From Andrew Lloyd Webber

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2008 on ABC

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  • Good night.

    Broadway. That can't be good.

    Syesha Mercado "One Rock And Roll Too Many" I loved it. Absoloutly perfect. Her best performance yet (lied, tied with I Will Always Love You) 10/10!!!!!!!!!

    Jason Castro "Memory" Horrible. From perfect to horrible. I hated it. Not one thing good about it. 2.3/10

    Brooke White "You Must Love Me" 1 homerun then 2 strikeouts in a row. Ugh... she started than stopped than started again and the vocals still weren't that good. I like her emotion though. 7.3/10

    David Archuleta "Think of Me" He did his usual David good. He's becoming predictable. I knew he would sing a slow song. Just crown him the winner already and make the teeny-boppers cry. 9.3/10

    Carly Smithson "Jesus Christ Superstar" Loved it!!!!!!! Carly's back with a strong performance. She did fabulous. I also like the shirt. 9.7/10

    David Cook "Music of The Night" Wow! Great job by Cook. I love it when he performs very last. Last time that happened was Billie Jean. The performance was fantastic!!! 10/10!!!!!!

    Bottom 3: Jason Castro, Brooke White, and David Archuleta
    Bottom 2: Jason Castro and Brooke White
    Eliminated: Jason Castro
  • Revealing: as in we see producer tinkering of results from a BS show in order to garner more viewers AND call/text in votes by creating an "Oh MY GOSH, can you believe he/she go voted off- we better vote next time" paranoia. ABSOLUTE CRAP!

    That we were fed the drivel that an amazing singer like Carly Smithson would get voted off (and Saisha was in the bottom as well??!! LMAO) whilst Brooke "Could I Be More Insincere" White and Jason "Fidel Would Hate My Voice" Castro stay on as if they had MILLIONS of fans is an absolute farce!!! I went from loving this show while suspecting some foul play in the "voting", to hating it and KNOWING they fix results for dramatic affect. Shame on you "American Idol". I truly hope the viewers begin to detect this subversion and do the right thing: tune out.
  • wow...that was bad...

    I'm not a big fan of musicals, but the songs are great...well, I didn't hear "great" in this episode. The contestants killed the songs! Jason was terrible! I don't understand him. Yes, he's adorable, but that's it. He's unique, but has no major vocals or musical sense. He's terrible. Brooke just fumbled bad and the others were mediocre at best. I love David Cook, and he got good reviews; I thought he sang well, but I just thought it was really weird that he was singing that type of song. I hope Idol never tries musicals again. Yikes. Overall, just a nightmare episode.
  • Actually a really good episode with 4 great performances.

    Syesha started the night. I thought she was awesome! Best performance of the night, my favorite performance from her, and maybe even one of my favorite performances of the season! I hope she doesn't go home, I voted for her a lot! 10/10

    Jason sang Memory and it was actually pretty bad. I didn't like it, and hopefully he's gonna go home tonight. I wish he would've picked a different song. 5.5/10

    Brooke was next and she messes up in the beginning and started over. Yeah that was a pretty brave thing to do, but still it kinda ruined her chance of getting to the next round. Bottom 2 hopefully. 7.1/10

    David Archuleta sang a slow song, like he usually does. I really liked it, but I want to see him sing another upbeat song next week. He was definitely good enough to get by to the next round. 9.1/10

    Carly sang an upbeat song. It was great! Definitely my favorite of hers along with Come Together. Definitely, hopefully safe. 9.4/10

    David Cook was last. I'm not a big fan of his and I think he's overrated. But, this performance was great. Really, I changed my mind about him. 9.1/10

    1. Syesha
    2. Carly
    3. David C and David A (tie)
    5. Brooke
    6. Jason
  • Not bad, well some of it was.......LOL

    I liked most of it. Brooke and Jason were disasters. Over all I think only Syesha picked the right song for her. In case anyone questions my credentials in this area, I have over 10 years experience in musical theatre.

    These would've been my choices for them.

    David Archuleta - Music of the Night.
    Jason Castro - Any dream will do
    David Cook - The Lady's Got Potential
    Syesha Mercado - I agreed with her pick but I would've prefered to hear her sing "Memory".
    Carly Smithson - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
    Brooke White - With one look

    But I did enjopy seeing Idol do a show like this, I hope they do Sondhiem next year.
  • Goodbye Yellow Brooke Road . . .

    Syesha did a great performance as usual. The judges said "you finally showed personality." What are they talking about? She always shows personality.

    Dreadlocks did a completely amateurish rendition of "Memories". As amateurish as his ukulele performance three weeks ago when he bought it and played it for the first time on Idol. He had no range, not above, nor below. Whispers the low notes because he can't make them. It must be nice to be lazy, vocally limited, give amateur/unrehearsed, untrained, unhoned or sponteneous renditions and still be allowed to perform week after week.

    Brooke was terrible, whispering on low notes because they're not in her usual yodel range. She also gave herself a second chance to start over when she forgot the words, something no one in the history of Idol has ever been able to do. And then she picks a filler Evita song to boot! Battin' a thousand, Brooke!

    Archuleta was unimpressive, plain, blah, as usual. Randy raves about it "It was the bomb!" Simon found it pleasant but forgettable. I find all his songs forgettable.

    Carly picked the best song and it was great when she could remember the words. David Cook. It was pretty good, not "amazing" as Randy goes on, but sounded rehearsed, honed and professional. I expect Brooke will be given the hook this time around.
  • Gonna be a hard one this week

    To me I'm glad I had recorded this no DVR, because Jason's performance I could not stand I fast forwarded through his. If there is one thing I'm sure of is that Jason and Brooke are both going to be in the bottom three, and Brooke will be lucky if she isn't sent home this week. My favorites of the night were both David's. I loved David A. version of Think of Me, I'm a huge fan of The Phantom of the Opera, and Think of Me was my favorite piece from the musical. David Cook sounded like he belonged in the musical, it was like alright they should redo the movie but this time instead of Gerard Butler have David Cook do the role, he was excellent tonight. Carly and Syesha looked like they had a lot of fun with their songs tonight, Syesha's performance was an excellent way to open the show tonight, and Carly's reaction to Simon's approval was funny, she ran over and grabbed a shirt that said Simon loved me (this week). Tomorrow's results show is giong to be a tough one because there has to be the bottom three, and I'm sure Jason and Brooke will be in the bottom three, and one of them will be sent home, if one of the other four are sent home it will remind me why I never really tuned into American until Idol Gives Back and the finale.
  • Mostly really great performances.

    The top six perform with the help of Andrew Llyod Webber. Before seeing their performances, I'd like to say that Syesha looks smashing with that new hair do, David C. would make an awesome couple with Lacey Schwimmer, and I hope Brooke does well, because she needs to big time.

    Syesha is up first - The hair do, the dress, the piano, and just the entire performance was great. Nice vocals as well. I don't think she's leaving after that. 9.2 out of 10.

    Jason is second - I didn't like it at all. Not one bit. Mediocre vocals, boring performance. Paula was just being... too critical. I pretty much stopped listening one minute into the performance. 5.0 out of 10.

    Brooke is third - When I saw that first part, I was just, "oh, my, god". I was so... ugh. I thought the performance the second time was vocally... okay, but the emotion I saw from the performance was really believeable. Just forgetting the lyrics this far in the competition will hit her hard though. *prays that she'll be safe* 8.5 out of 10.

    David A. is fourth - Aww, he did amazing. His sisters are also very cute. After Brooke's screw up, he is staying safe. Perfect vocals, ok performance. 9.1 out of 10.

    Carly is fifth - It was pretty good. Vocals were there, performance was good. Not my favorite from her, maybe not enough to keep her out of the bottom three. She's smiling though. 8.8 out of 10.

    David C. is sixth - David once again shows off his superb vocal talents, and that he is such a versatile singer when coming to singing a variety of songs. 9.4 out of 10.

    My predictions for the bottom three are Brooke, Jason, and Carly. My gut feeling is telling me Brooke will leave, but I really, really want Jason to leave instead. All around it was a pretty good night.