American Idol

Season 6 Episode 30

Top 7 Perform With Advice From Martina McBride

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2007 on FOX
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Top 7 Perform With Advice From Martina McBride
Tonight the Top 7 finalists will perform live for the nation, vying for the American Idol crown. Top female country artist Martina McBride mentors the contestants before they perform on stage in hopes of winning America’s vote and surviving another week. Tune in to see who impresses the judges and who buckles under the pressure.

Tonight's Theme is: Country music

Performing Tonight are: Blake Lewis Chris Richardson Phil Stacey Sanjaya Malakar Jordin Sparks Lakisha Jones Melinda Doolittlemoreless
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  • doesn't suit the idols

    blake sang when the stars go blue, the version by tim mcgraw, martina mcbride says she was talking to tim and she said that tim said he wanted someone to sing that, she’s lying, bottom line, not a good performance, I shouldn’t say that, it was a good vocal, but not his best. I like blake bu ti expected more from him. Chris Richardson sang mayberry which was good but too nazily, he shook his voice too much, but good for him which isn’t that good. Actually, towards the middle of the performance it was much better, the ending was pitchy and awful, but mediocre performance in my opinion.

    Phil Stacey sang when the blacktop ends. Martina Mcbride is really a fan of him and loves him. It was his best performance and also Blaze of Glory, very good for him, before he did that I think it was Maria, Maria which was a start, every time he got better, but he was eliminated in a different week not judged on his performance, so good for Phil, good tune in my opinion, great

    Sanjaya Malkar sang something to talk about, it was literally the worst vocal I’ve ever heard, he came off a Spanish hot streak and embarrassed himself.

    Jordin sang Broken wing, grea, Lakisha great and Melinda the bestmoreless
  • Country music this week

    This week comes country music, and just like they say, country music usually saves the idols, or more like they perform well on country week, so my expectations were quite high. But unfortunately, this week I only found three people to be good. Melinda, of course, did a great job. Jordin also performed well and I think she performed best for this week, she really showed her talent. Meanwhile, Phil was another I think that did a great job. He seems to be catching up with idol finally. But Lakisha's performance on Jesus Take the Wheel wasn't that good, and like they said she was a bit like she was shouting. In my opinion this song needs to be sang smooth (piano) in the verses and a bit stronger (but not forte) in the chorus, and she made it too strong in the chorus. What Sanjaya did was a poor performance, doesn't really show that he can sing, but I actually think he could do better, he just chose the wrong song this week which made him eliminated, but if he chose songs that can show his voice he might have survived. That leaves blake and Chris, and I think Blake's song choice this week was a bit dull so maybe that's one of the reasons why he was at the bottom three even if he was good. Chris, well, for me he has charisma but for the song, well it didn't match his voice that much. Hope next week will be better when Idol gives back.moreless
  • This week, our remaining "Idol" finalists get some very helpful advice from country superstar, Martina McBride.

    First to perform for the night is Phil Stacey. Phil sang "Where the Blacktop Ends" by Keith Urban. He reveals to everyone that he feels comfortable doing country music because he does come from the south. Phil had a great performance and his performance was completely pitch problem free. Usually, when I try to find out if a contestant is having pitch problems, I close my eyes while listening to them. I did just that during Phil's performance and it was truly flawless. Like Simon said, it had personality. Personality is a very crucial part of a performance because it determines how the audience feels about your performance. Phil's performance was one of his best, and one of the best for the night, but I don't think it would really be enough to save him at this point in the competition. I say this for two reasons. First, he was the first to perform and second, people will vote for their favorite especially since it's already so late in the competition. 9/10.

    Next to perform was Jordin Sparks. She sang Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing." Martina told her not to move around on stage because it wouldn't fit the song. Jordin did so much better with the song than I thought she would. Her vocals were just amazing, and that is probably my favorite performance by her since she did "If We Hold on Together." Simon said Jordin could win the whole thing. After that performance, I completely agree. 10/10.

    Sanjaya was next, doing "Something to Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt. In my opinion it was a bad song choice. Sanjaya's reason for picking the song was really bad. I think Martina was showing sympathy when she said all those good stuff about Sanjaya. When he was performing on stage, it was like his voice never connected with the song. It was also like he never ever connected with the lyrics of the song and he never even showed that he was actually telling the story of the song. I'm glad the judges decided to get serious. 3/10.

    Performing after the train-wreck was LaKisha. She performed "Jesus, Take the Wheel" by former "American Idol" winner, Carrie Underwood. When I heard LaKisha was going to do the song, I was devastated. It was going to be a Mandisa situation again. In other words, a great talent that made a poor song choice. LaKisha's voice wasn't for the song. I really don't think LaKisha could ever pull off a country song. I knew it was going to be a rough week for one or two of the divas and LaKisha was that diva. 5/10.

    Chris performed right after LaKisha, singing "Mayberry" by Rascal Flatts. I think it was a good choice. The judges and numerous bloggers and message board posters tend to dislike Chris due to his "nasally" voice. I actually find the style OK, I'd have it a couple of different ways, but it really isn’t that bad. What I didn't like about the performance was his lack of connection with the song. Chris sang it with lack of emotion, and lack of passion. 6/10.

    Next to perform was Melinda Doolittle. She sang "Trouble Is a Woman" by Julie Reeves. It was an excellent performance by Melinda. It was more modern than her past performances. It wasn't powerful and it's very obvious that country music isn't her thing, but she pulled it off. 9/10.

    Last for the night was Blake Lewis. Blake sang "When the Stars Go Blue" by Tim McGraw. This was a very interesting performance for me. I thought his performance was very plain, but it was good. I guess listening to Bethany Joy Galeotti and Tyler Hilton's rendition of the song clouded my judgment. Blake barely pulled it off for me, but I sure like his performance a lot better than the original by Tim McGraw. 7/10.


    Bottom Three: Phil Stacey, Chris Richardson and LaKisha Jones / Sanjaya Malakar

    Leaving: Phil Stacey


    Perfect: Jordin Sparks

    Superb: Melinda Doolittle and Phil Stacey

    Great: None

    Good: Blake Lewis

    Fair: Chris Richardson

    Mediocre: LaKisha Jones

    Poor: None

    Bad: Sanjaya Malakar

    Terrible - Abysmal: Nonemoreless
  • Country Night with mentor Martina McBride

    Tonight's country night, with Martina McBride as to mentor the Idol finalists. Overall, I thought the show was pretty good, with a few exceptions from one or two Idols:-

    1) PHIL - His vocals were spot on tonight and he looked comfortable singing this kind of genre of music. His best performance so far. (8/10)

    2) JORDIN - Once again, a very solid performance. Didn't WOW me though, but still blew me away from her perfect rendition of the song. I really felt her singing from her heart. Fantastic vocals! (9.5/10)

    3) SANJAYA - I thought he was beginning to improve for the past few shows, but after tonight's performance, he sank back to the bottom of the barrel. The song was too quirky and his vocals were horrible. (2.5/10)

    4) LAKISHA - I was disappointed in her coz I thought she would bring it like she usually does. Her performance was just mediocre, there were no signs of the powerful voice she ever so often blew us away with. Based on tonight's performance, I'd think she wouldn't be safe. (6/10)

    5) CHRIS R - I had mixed feelings with his performance. On one hand, I liked his laid back performance. On the other hand, I agree with Simon that his voice sounded a bit nasally. I'd have to sit on the fence with this one. (5/10)

    6) MELINDA - Fantastic vocals as usual. Loved her song choice (although I haven't heard it before) as she lights up the stage every time she sings an upbeat song.(9/10)

    7) BLAKE - Very versatile singer. Loved how he toned it down to make the song sound un-country like. Vocals were just okay but great showmanship. Personally, a tie with Phil Stacey for the best male performance of the night. (8/10)

    Based on tonight's show, my predictions for Bottom 3 would be:- 1) SANJAYA, 2) CHRIS R, 3) LAKISHA

    and of coz, for SANJAYA to go home.moreless
  • American God-Awful

    American God-Awful

    It seems there are only three contestants that really belong on Idol, and the rest are like — how the bejesus are they still there? Oh, that’s right. America voted off Stephanie, Chris S., Gina – the people that actually HAVE a voice—which leaves us with the dregs.

    Jordin had the best song and therefore the advantage because she always goes full out with great vocals. I didn’t find LaKisha half as bad as Simon claimed and she didn’t appear to shout the song to me. Her vocals are top notch and earns a top place in my book. Melinda had an interesting song and naturally strong vocals, which also puts her in the top.

    Chris. Another one-note wonder. He sings high, but that’s his natural key; he has no range to speak of. He’s already proven he can’t sing low. Well . . . why not go higher? I mean anyone can sing in his talking voice. Give us some variety, Chris!

    Blake. Unimpressive. Phil. Not as hot a performance as so many claim. I think it’s exit-stage-left for him if Chris doesn’t beat him out by a squeak.

    Sanjaya. I swear he nearly fell asleep in the middle of his performance. It was like he wasn’t even trying! I got the impression he hung up his microphone for good and dragged himself through the performance—something that’s become an annoyance that he has to do if he wants to parade in front of the public with his new ‘do. Simon had him pegged on horrendous.

    From going-going-gone to some redeeming reasons for sitting through the show:

    Sanjaya, Phil, Chris, Blake, Lakisha, Melinda, Jordinmoreless

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