American Idol

Season 5 Episode 28

Top 8 Perform

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ryan greets us and tells us what we already know, this will be their greatest challenge yet! We see the 8 on their way to meet Queen, rocking out to their music and a retrospect of the band.

First up is Bucky singing Fat Bottom Girls. He isn't doing to bad on this, I like it!! He made it Country Rock.

Randy liked him thought it was a great way to start the show. Paula liked him too. Simon thought it was just mediocre, the song was bigger than him.

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Ace takes on the classic We Will Rock You. Ok, so Ace isn't Freddy Mercury. He gave it a good try.

Randy says it was just alright, karaoke. Paula liked he tried to change it a little although pitchy in the middle. Simon thought it was a complete and utter mess.

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Kellie is up next, brave girl singing Bohemian Rhapsody. She certainly looks the part, love the black and the boots.. Not bad, not great.

Randy thought she worked it out, he was entertained. Paula thought it was truly ambitious but she worked it out. Simon tells her she is a brave girl, she made it work.

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Chris should shine with Innuendo. Queen loved working with him. He really brings it on!

Randy tells him he delivered, it was great! Paula loves him, of course. Simon tells him there is a reason the song was never done live by Queen, it is just an ok song.

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Katharine is singing one of my all time favorite songs, written for The Highlander, Who Wants To Live Forever. I didn't think it was great, not what I expected from her.

Randy liked the fact she changed songs, but it was a big song and she was in her element. Paula and Simon agreed.

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Elliott tackles another big Queen song, Somebody to Love. Wow, he really handled it well. Great song choice.

Randy loved it, said he had that Freddy Mercury tone. Paula loved it, of course. Simon said it was the hardest Queen song and he pulled it off.

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Taylor is another one who changes his song, from We are the Champions to Crazy Little Thing Called Love, so he could dance more. Gotta give it to him, he is entertaining.

Randy says Taylor is back and he is kicking, it was hot. Paula thought it was crazy, loved him. Simon says, it was ridiculous.

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Paris rounds out the night with The Show Must Go On. The band loves her. Holy cow, she is great on this, looks the part and her voice is terrific.

She gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Randy syas she worked it out. Paula tells her to keep on rockin. Simon found it all a little weird.

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