American Idol

Season 5 Episode 28

Top 8 Perform

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Queen

    I love Queen and I was excited to see what everyone would do with this theme. They certainly didn't dissapoint. Except for maybe Ace.
    As much as i love him this was NOT his night. His voice just wasn't right for the song. He took too much of a chance. it was just bad. Kellie did suprisingly well with Bo Rhap. It was great! Katharine did a fabulous job too. Her voice is amazing!! Taylor did alright too, I was honestly not suprised at his song choice though. I would've loved him singing "Don't Stop Me" though! Chris should've sung a more known song. And I didn't like Bucky's "Fat Bottomed Girls". And Paris' outfit scared me.
  • Bucky gave his best performance. Kellie and Ace butchered Queen's songs.

    It's ironic that Bucky gave one of his best performances in his last round at AI. The song was energetic and matches his country vocal well. Nevertheless, his stay is long overdue, and I'm still mad that Mandisa was kicked out before him. But I'd rather see Ace go actually: his slow version of We Will Rock you is easily the worst of the night. Kellie is the second worst: she totally BUTCHERED Bohemian Rhapsody with her mediocre vocal and her tiresome routine of circling the stage and throwing seductive looks to the judge. And the wink at the end of the song is hair-rising enough to make Freddie Mercury rise from the grave. I think the judges really want her to make it into the top 3 at least. Elliot & Taylor were good, with Taylor returning to his old hilarious self. As for Chris, well...I begin to get rather uncomfortable with his screaming rock voice. Katharine was very brave, but her vocal wasn't strong enough for the song's glorious moment and she ended up screaming than singing. Mandisa would've done it better...I miss her :((. Paris was a nice ending to the show...her rendition of Show Must Go On was quite powerful and original. My favorite of the night are Paris, Taylor, Elliot and Katharine. Kellie and Ace should've been gone.
  • nothing happened

    why are all the themes so old for the contestants? its weird because they did barry and then the fiftys and now queen. i would think that they would choose some more contemporary artists this season. and on top of that, the episode was a let down again cuz there werent that many good performances, just a whole lot of butchering
  • great

    my top 4 did great all of them Ace, even tho wass critisized, Bucky even tho I am furious he was voted out Taylor Even t simon didn't like it and Chris, the best completely rocked the house, On th other hand Kellie and PAris were both patheyic paradies, they were awful butI loved the theme long time queen fan, one of the better episodes
  • Always a Queen fan!!!!

    I thought Taylor did Queen the proudest, Paris and Elliot were pretty good and Kellie and Bucky were not bad. I felt Ace with his high voice could have done Freddie justice but chose the worst song for him yet. And I am soooo disappointed with Chris not singing anything I like,not highlighting his range. Katherine showcases her voice but songs are 50/50 duds. Several could win, not sure who I would like to win....confusing. But still can\'t miss. :)
  • This show, the final eight, was a fine example of why American Idol is turning in to one big bore. The show is now so overproduced, and the singers are so restricted in what they get to sing, that they are suffocating.


    This show, the final eight, was a fine example of why American Idol is turning in to one big bore. The show is now so overproduced, and the singers are so restricted in what they get to sing, that they are suffocating...

    Let's those contestants sing their songs and make their music. I don't really see anyone growing. Chris doesn't seem happy any more. Taylor was lost until last night where he seemed to escape his shackles and sing the Queen song he wanted. Ace started out as one of the best, and now he is one of the worst.

    I don't blame the singers; I blame the show.

  • Queen nite. Contestants sang all of the really good songs plus some more obscure ones. overall pretty good show.

    Everyone was decent last light with the exception of Bucky and Ace. The bottom two better be the two of them and ?. maybe taylor. not that he wasn\'t fine last night...i just don\'t like him that much. whoever thought of using queen for a theme is really smart. i thought it would be horrible, but this was one of the better weeks.
  • hmmm to vote or not to vote

    I was so looking forward to this night's performances as the songs of queen are incredible. I found the people who I thought would do so great did well but not great. and the ones I thought would bomb did well as well. I surprised at Kelly as she did quite well with the very big song. I wish Chris had done a more popular song by queen. I think many people did not recognize the song he did. Though he did it well he needed a big night which could have been this night as the songs of queen are his genre.. Taylor to me seemed like he had fun but just didn't cut the mustard. Waiting for the results will be hard and the results will be interesting.
  • The producers of this show made an extremely bad choice using Queen as this week's theme. But...

    Bucky and Kellie were the most surprising of the night. Each did relatively well. I'm with some of the others who can't believe Bucky's still in there. I never thought he'd make it to Hollywood. But, he was far from the worst last night.

    Chris is still my favorite to win, but he should've sung "We Will Rock You". I'd never heard the song he did before last night.

    Katharine is great, but she's over-singing way too much. And the make-up? I've seen drag queens who had on less. She's too pretty to need so much paint.

    Elliott has a wonderful voice, but the band and the background vocalists drowned him out last night.

    Paris sounded good and has great stage presence, but she's too young and that outfit last night -- what was with that "Outer Space Hooker" look?

    Taylor was simply awesome. He sings well and he was entertaining last night, even though the mic stand kicked back a little. I loved him!

    Ace should pack up -- NOW. Yikes, he was so beyond awful last night there aren't words to describe it. He gets cheesier every week. Maybe boy bands will come back in fashion, Ace old buddy. That's what I think of when I see him. Ninety-'08 Degrees anyone???
  • With the exception of Katharine McPhee, the rest of these contestants make me yawn. I don't think any of the are going to be as successful as Carrie Underwood much less Kelly Clarkson.

    With the exception of Katharine McPhee, the rest of these contestants make me yawn. I don't think any of the are going to be as successful as Carrie Underwood much less Kelly Clarkson. I used to like Chris Daughtry but lately it seems like he is too much like Pearl Jam or Creed.
  • The top 8 perform songs from Queen.

    Last night the top 8 sang songs from the 70\'s rock band Queen.

    I must be honest by saying that Taylor is my favorite and I thought he did great. I just love him, and his energy.

    I also think that Catherine did very good as well.
    Kelly also sounded decent.
    Elliot surprised me. I usually don\'t like his voice, however I thought he sounded alright last night.

    This is a tough one to guess, but I think either Paris or Bucky will be going home.
  • 8 contestants try to stay alive in the competition.

    I really loved Taylor Hicks, he is always entertaining ... Katherine McPhee was beautiful and right on in the moment. I still do not care for Kellie .... and Elliot is damn GOOD!
    As always, Simon's critiques are abrupt and to the point. But he did like some of the performances and that was encouraging.
  • Interesting show... I really did not know what to expect...

    I think the contestants did pretty good overall. Queen is one of my absolute favorite bands, and I honestly had no idea how the contestants would do trying to pull off one of their songs. You can't even come near to Freddie Mercury's exceptional voice (he also had such vibrant stage personality and charisma), but I knew it was going to be fun seeing the contestants try.

    Bucky - "Fat Bottomed Girls" - Great song choice for him! He put his country spin on it, and I thought he did really good. Not my favorite performance of his, but he got the crowd going and put effort into the song.

    Ace - "We Will Rock You" - I said to myself before the show started that I hope no one chooses this song because it will come off as cheesy on American Idol. I wanted to scream when Ace picked it! I love Ace, but come on, this is not a song to showcase your vocal talent. He looked hott as ever, lol, but the song was just not him.

    Kellie - "Bohemian Rhapsody" - She blew me away. I honestly thought she was the best of the night. Simon was totally right when he said she looked like 'Night of the Living Dead' though (haha), but she rocked the song.

    Chris - "Innuendo" - Great vocals, but there wasn't a strong connection between the song and the audience. Wish he chose a different song. Still my fav person to win the competition though. :)

    Katharine - "Who Wants to Live Forever" - Brilliant song choice. She did good/okay. Some parts were screechy and pitchy, but I liked when she sang in the lower keys.

    Elliot - "Somebody To Love" - Wow, he did great. He looked very sharp tonight!

    Taylor - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - Thank God he changed his song from "We Are The Champions" to this!!! This was beyond perfect for him. It showed his true personality. I thought he did really good compared to his last three performances. I couldn't stop laughing when his kick missed the mic-stand! lol

    Paris - "The Show Must Go On" - Wow, I LOVED it! She rocked it.
  • Shhhh! Listen very carefully -- it's the sound of Freddie Mercury writhing in his grave! Queen is a very tough choice for the AI contestants, but a few of them did manage to serve Freddie fairly well tonight.

    Shhhh! Listen very carefully -- it's the sound of Freddie Mercury writhing in his grave! Queen is a very tough choice for the AI contestants, but a few of them did manage to serve Freddie fairly well tonight. My favorites were Chris, Katharine, Paris, and Elliott. (Elliott for his vocal only -- his performance was pretty lackluster.) Chris was great, but I don't think the song he chose will really connect with a lot of the AI audience. Katharine was a bit out of key a few times, but overall I think she did great -- she definitely has charisma! Paris really commanded the stage tonight -- I was happy for her. (One of the few times I actually disagreed with Simon! Even though the only comment he could muster up for Paris was that it was just "weird" for him, I give her credit for really getting out there and giving a heartfelt performance.) The other four ranged from horrible to mediocre.

    Worst Lighting: Kellie -- made her look like Tina Yothers.

    Most Awkward Moment: Ace in the film clip with the Queen guys when one said something like, "Not to my song, you're not" in response to Ace's arrangement suggestion.

    Second Worst Awkward Moment: Taylor when he missed kicking the microphone, so he had to kick it again to knock it over.

    Most Deserving To Go Home Tomorrow Night (IMHO): Bucky or Ace.

    [ASIDE: Does anyone else wonder what SImon said to Paula when he grabbed her hands to stop her from clapping after one of the performances?]

    Overall -- no FANTASTIC performance that was a classic or memorable AI moment, but it was fun show with some good moments.

    It's all over, Freddie -- rest in peace now!
  • I felt rocked!

    Bucky- I’m sorry but what is Bucky still doing on American Idol? Actually, he wasn’t bad tonight. This low voice really fits the song. / Oooh, Simon didn’t think much of his performance. But I thought he was better than he usually is. But still, I don’t know why he’s still in the running.

    Ace- So my two least favorite start off the show. And he didn’t do bad either. / Wow, Simon really, really, really hated it.

    Kellie- God, I love this song. But she started out really weak, then the middle got interesting, and then she ended really weak again. But I think her outfit really made the song/ She the judges were hesitant about her singing it, but they liked the outcome.

    Chris- I like his bravery for choosing an obscure song. I don’t like the song though. And so through most of the performance, it felt like he was screaming. I’m pretty sure the song is meant to sound screamy like that, but still. Didn’t like it at all. / Simon was absolutely correct, bad song choice, he could have done something really awesome and memorable tonight, but he didn’t. But he’s still my favorite of the guys.

    Katharine- Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. / Her choices in song have always been better than the others.

    Elliott- Never liked him. But he was good tonight / Overall good comments from judges.

    Taylor- So I’m pretty sure I don’t like any of the guys except for Chris. Taylor just gets way too annoying sometimes. / So Simon thought he was ridiculously drunk.

    Paris- she looked so sophisticated last week. Now she looks like a prostitute. But I think her song performance is very entertaining. / Simon wasn’t impressed.

    Overall- a lot funner than the last two weeks.