American Idol

Season 5 Episode 28

Top 8 Perform

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Bucky gave his best performance. Kellie and Ace butchered Queen's songs.

    It's ironic that Bucky gave one of his best performances in his last round at AI. The song was energetic and matches his country vocal well. Nevertheless, his stay is long overdue, and I'm still mad that Mandisa was kicked out before him. But I'd rather see Ace go actually: his slow version of We Will Rock you is easily the worst of the night. Kellie is the second worst: she totally BUTCHERED Bohemian Rhapsody with her mediocre vocal and her tiresome routine of circling the stage and throwing seductive looks to the judge. And the wink at the end of the song is hair-rising enough to make Freddie Mercury rise from the grave. I think the judges really want her to make it into the top 3 at least. Elliot & Taylor were good, with Taylor returning to his old hilarious self. As for Chris, well...I begin to get rather uncomfortable with his screaming rock voice. Katharine was very brave, but her vocal wasn't strong enough for the song's glorious moment and she ended up screaming than singing. Mandisa would've done it better...I miss her :((. Paris was a nice ending to the show...her rendition of Show Must Go On was quite powerful and original. My favorite of the night are Paris, Taylor, Elliot and Katharine. Kellie and Ace should've been gone.