American Inventor

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on ABC

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  • People Try to get their inventions infront of a panelist of four businesspeople who specialize in inventions.

    I liked the episode but my only complaint is that this Woman who claims she has a PHD in Psychology and she trying to show her invention the tizzy tube with kids and the judges didn't like the thing and I didn't either. The show did have some humor with the Toilet and The guy with a Noodle on his HEAD.
  • I thought the show was good. I did not realize how many people are commited to thier ideas. What they are willing to sacrifice, to fulfill a dream.

    It seems that the correct usage of words has an impact on the outcome of the invention. It also seems if you are not a bubbly contestant, then you are doomed for failure.

    For example, when the bladder buddy was introduced, the judges appeared to be censors of the american language. The concept sounds great for hunters, and campers that are around other people. The emission of human waste will keep game from the area, when they smell human waste.

    For example, when the boy described his doggie cooler, he was lectured in care of the pooch. The concept is needed in the south. When I climb into my car on a summers day, It can be over 120 degrees inside of the car. Keeping the interior cool would be nice. I think this idea has the most merit of all of the ideas. I think this should be part of every car in existance. With a little rethinking, and a better design, this should sell like a solar screen for a windshield.
  • Not a bad show, inventions should get better after auditions

    Not a bad show, very similar to American Idol, but on inventions. This is a better show for the geeks who don't like American Idol =p

    The judges were very good. Of course there is the one annoying one who is the "Simon Cowel" of this group. Difference is there are four judges and inventors need 3 votes to move on to the next round.

    There were some heart warming moments, when judges would pass some one through to the next round based on passion for their invention, even though I thought their invention wasn't that great.

    Also sheds some light to wannabe inventors on how costly inventions can be. A lot of inventors have spent thousands of dollars on their inventions and the judges seem to be shocked at the amount of money inventors have invested. In particular, they claimed the 1-800 number to buy a book for $7,000 is a rip off.

    Overall, more interesting to me than American Idol. Exact same format, but different topic.
  • Good kick-off to a show with tremendous amounts of potential.

    This seems like aa forgetable concept at first, but, after watching this episode, I think this has the potential to become the next American Idol. Keep in mind that it has potential to be, yet, right now, it is not yet at its goal. It has some things that need to be cleaned up if it plans to stand tall next to its competitors, like a better judging system (four judges? FOUR?), a better background set, and a little bit in basic presentation, but with some more time and experience, this episode got me interested. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.
  • To many commercials To To many commercials thank god I have a TIVO to get past all those commercials

    To many commercials To To many commercials thank god
    I have a TIVO to get past all those commercials, other than that I would have loved to have found out about it when they were filming it I have an invention I would have love to show them and cut down on all those commercials
  • Could have been better

    Cowell was wrong about this being heartning, it was heartless. Man I watched this show tonight and it just made me feel bad. Not only that, there was not enough good to make me feel good. I like the premise of the show, finding an inventor, but the way they shot down good ideas was horrible. This isn't like american idol in the way that there is a fine line between good and bad singers. This show had many good ideas shot down. I like the premise, but I won't be watching agian. When they shot down the 14 year old's idea (good idea by the way AC in the car for your dog) it made me so sad. This was a good idea, but it was ruined for me by the horrible judges and the way they let good ideas go away and bad ideas onto the next round.
  • America tries to find the best inventor!

    I mean... the concept is okay... but all's they showed were really good ones that were rejected, and odd ones that were accepted. The show was on for an hour and they showed: A kid with a dog air conditioner, Tree trimmers that saved work, A matress container that had already been done, a lady with a dvd that helped with social skills (That was rejected! That was the best one!), and a few more others that were weird. I know that this was the first episode, but it also needs a fine tuning if they expect people to watch this.