American Inventor

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 102

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on ABC

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  • I think the judges need to open there eyes a bit. The things I would buy, they didn\'t even give it a chance.

    In the real world where people actually walk there dogs and have to pick up the poop, I would buy the schalobascooper and I would also buy a couple of the bras for women with implants. I think it would be a great seller. And your crazy not to accept the life frisbee. that could save a lot of lives on float trips, canoe trips, pools, lakes. I would really buy a few of those and keep in all cars and boats and lake houses. If there is a way to contact these people I would like to know. I want to buy, NOW.
  • Sweat Absorbing Wig Insert

    Most of the judges failed to see the true potential of the absorbant wig insert aimed at females suffering from cancer treatments.

    This is a fantastic "invention" - not just for those suffering from hair loss. Its real marketability is for sports people who wear head gear and sweat! As soon as she introduced it I thought of hockey (as in Ice Hockey) - if this product was available today I could sell thousands!!!!!!
  • Garage inventors get a chance to show their inventions with the chance to win support for their project.

    Here is a show with a lot of potential, but at this point not quite living up to it. It is the same format as American Idol where people enjoy watching others make fools of themselves. I was hoping with this show we would see some smart ideas from interesting people. This is not the case. The judges are not giving us much insight as to the process of the inventor either. One lady came on with a over-sized ribbon for a bra and with a quick pull she exposed herself to everyone. It was a little shocking and funny, but the female judge flipped out and lost it. I thought that was a lame attempt at raising the ratings. Another show just playing down to the dumbest common denominator and trying to get us emotional about nothing.
  • Citizens of Chicago bring forth both useful inventions and over-the-top flops.

    This show is intriguing! I especially liked the woman's invention of wig inserts and her compassion for women who have undergone chemotherapy for various carcinomas. I wanted to feel compassion for the man who went after his dream of making "Bullet Ball" an international success, but I had to consider the "common sense factor" behind it all. Who gives up a steady and at least semi-lucrative job for a piece of wood and colorful balls? I wished (for his sake ) that he would have thought of what he was getting himself into, but in a land of absolutely ridiculous ideas and over-the-edge insanity, this show really fits in well... square peg in a round world? Absolutely.
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