American Inventor

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 107

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on ABC

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  • Three semi-finalist inventors face off. Darla invented the Niya Doll, an inspiring African-American doll who sings and speaks English, Spanish and an African language. Francisco is a nineteen year old who invented a bike for two. Jerry is a hard working

    This intense and entertaining episode of American Inventor took three of the top 12 semi-finalists and had them compete with each other to be one of the final four competitors eligible to win the One Million Dollar prize.

    Jerry Wesley, a strong and innovative man from the midwest invented a portable weight lifting workout invention. His lock and load system was fine tuned and put to the test. Jerry\'s strength and hard work ultimately turned out a solid invention.

    Darla Davenport-Powell needed a new updated song for the Niya Doll and new electronics. Darla came to T2 Design and immediately the prototype and design team got to work, auditioning young girls for the Voice of the Niya Dolland building the electronics. T2 Design composed a fantastic new rhthymic song and assembled an international choir of 30 girls and women. T2 Design recorded the new Niya Doll song in a large recording studio and had Darla play along on the bongos.

    Francisco Patino, an industrious nineteen year old New Yorker, originally from Columbia invented a bike that adapted from a one person machine into a cool looking two-person bicycle.

    American Inventor judge MaryLou Quinlan chose Francisco and his two person bicycle to move onto the finals. All three products would be great additions to the marketplace.
  • Disregarding that one-hour "special episode" that preceded this episode, this was definitely one of the more interesting shows.

    Personally, I thought that the first five episodes of this series were largely a waste of time. So many people had absolutely awful inventions. Either the ideas behind them were terrible to begin with or the "inventors" just didn't have the smarts to make them into good inventions.

    But now that the flock has been narrowed, it's really interesting to see people using their $50,000 semi-finals prize money to better their inventions.

    I imagine that a lot of people who feel the way I do stopped tuning in several episodes ago. Which is really a shame, because the engineering & design work that is now going into these products is great. That design team did an amazing job with the bike, for example.

    What made this episode better that the last one, though, is the effort put forth by the contestents. Jerry really paid attention to his focus group's comments and made just about as many changes as possible within the scope of his invention. (Too bad his presentation skills weren't up to par.) Though I don't really think much of her invention, Darla certainly went a long ways in developing her idea into an entire product line -- the progress she made in three weeks was impressive. But most impressive of all was Francisco's ability to take his design and improve on it so greatly. The fact that he second-guessed himself so much resulted in an amazingly improved bike. (Kudos to the design company as well.)

    Next week the two mentoring judges will be Peter & Doug, the two I respect the most. I'm actually looking forward to (a first for me with this series) what is to come in the next episodes. I'm especially interested to see what Janusz does with his spherical safety seat; there's a lot of interesting engineering that can be done with it. (Let's hope the show's editors think so as well.)