American Inventor

Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 108

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 04, 2006 on ABC

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  • Three semi-finalist inventors face off. Jodi, a mother from Wisconsin, invented the Headline It - a headliner that lies between the head and a wig, hat or helmet and absorbs sweat. Bobby invented a tonerbelt exercise device. Ed invented an electronic wor

    American Inventor is a new competition reality show which first chose 12 semi-finalists from thousands of amateur inventors across the United States.
    Each of the 12 semi-finalists were given a budget of up to $50,000 dollars to take their idea, work with a professional prototyping company and design and build a working prototype. The money also was to be used for a focus group, packaging and branding, as well as testing of the completed new prototype.
    For four weeks, three semi-finalists at a time, presented their month of hard work. From the grouping of 3, only one inventor would move on to the final round and be eligible for the One Million Dollar cash prize.
    American Inventor judge, Peter Jones chose the electronic game to move onto the finals. Peter Jones said it was a difficult choice, as Jodi\'s \"Headline It\" product, which she developed with T2 Design, Peter felt could not be better. Peter complimented all of the inventors on their inventions, hard work and new prototypes.
  • My second-least-favorite semifinal round

    While this episode was better than watching Mary-Lou Quinlan's relatively crappy picks plunder along, I wasn't that impressed with this episode's crew.

    The tonerbelt was the worst to have to watch, I think. This whole exercising-at-home-is-easy market is just SO saturated; every time this episode that I pictured the tonerbelt winning I cringed. Add on to that the fact that TWO design companies couldn't really add much to it and it was just a boring segment.

    The headliner was more interesting than I thought it would be. I always thought that the invention was impressively unimpressive. The firefighter demonstration was quite effective, but Doug had a good point: The cost was too high. To a cancer patient wearing a wig every day maybe not; but I would imagine a firehouse would have to go through 200 of them a month or so. No fire chief would be willing to pay $1 a pop.

    The Word Ace didn't have much about it change. Add to that the fact that -- though teachers might -- parents won't shell out $50 for a game they don't think their children will use, and we have a simply uninteresting episode.

    But still, it beats the first five episodes.