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  • I think you were to harsh on the lady with the 2 kids, with the tantrums, to be degraded like that on tv, it was to mean.

    I think you were to harsh on the lady with the 2 kids, with the tantrums, to be degraded like that on tv, it was to harsh. I think the judges clash. I think the one in the hawaiian t-shirt is to harsh from his own experience, and the judges panel should be more respectful,not to make assumptions so quickly.
  • Though it seems at first like Simon ran out of ideas, this show proves to be an interesting and entertaining idea remeniscent of American Idol.

    It seemed interesting. That was all I could say for this show when I first saw the commercials. Then came the pilot episode. The TV was on anyway, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out. What I saw surprised me.

    The mix of emotion, laughs, and arguments provides Idol fans with another show that follows in it's shadow, and those who aren't a fan of American Idol now have a show of a diffrent concept, yet a similar (and still working) system. It has its rough spots; they still need to clean up the presentation a little, but this is based on the first episode of the show, so this is no time to talk about the minor querps.

    All around, this is already a good show, and I'm interested in seeing where its high level of potential will lead it.
  • If there was a show that makes you feel bad this is the one...

    Man I watched this show tonight and it just made me feel bad. Not only that, there was not enough good to make me feel good. I like the premise of the show, finding an inventor, but the way they shot down good ideas was horrible. This isn't like american idol in the way that there is a fine line between good and bad singers. This show had many good ideas shot down. I like the premise, but I won't be watching agian.
  • i disagree with the judges on their decision concerning the kids in the "tizzy" things.

    i think the judges were way off and not willing to see the possibilities with the idea at the very least. i am a mom of 4, all between 21mo-2 1/2 yrs apart. my boys are very rough and when they get into a fight, it's no holds barred. they are close enough to my size now that when i step in between them to stop fist fights, i risk getting a "last hit" meant for one or the other, or them not being able to stop mid-swing.they are not adhd/add, they've been tested for it. something like those "tizzy bubbles" would be ideal for my kids. they could get their frustration out towards each other without hurting each other or my house!! you're not punishing the child, but giving him a safe way to vent. talking abt. feelings doesn't work for all kids, some need outside the box thinking to help them learn to express their feelings. i would add a chat session on top of tizzies so the kids would be able to calmy talk abt. what happened in a positive way. i see no abusive characteristics in those bubbles.its not a cage, like the judges think. even if people wont consider the tizzies for temper tantrums, think of what else they could be used for. how about the kids that have uncontrollable seizures and end up severly harming themselves or worse ? something like this could be used, if say, a parent knows a child has one at a certain time each day. well, 10 mintues or whatever before "seizure time" the child could be placed in there and while the seizure goes on, the child would be safe from braking something or worse. i think the idea, at least, should be looked into more and see what happens. give it a chance at least.
  • It's decent, but are studio execs this desperate?

    Just like that 14-year-old boy seen at the very end wants his dog conditioner to hit it big time, American Inventor wants to be to inventions what American Idol is to up-and-coming pop stars. And just like that boy; whom was turned down to his massive disappointment, this show isn't wildly successful.

    It's nice to see a high-profile reality show that isn't the same smutty, artistically-challenged, Booze N' Broads© garbage. And having one about inventors would be really nifty... but a reality show about inventors using the American Idol formula? Is that even practical?

    And it doesn't help that I found most of the inventions displayed to be either confusing or so nonsensically worthless that I thought I was watching a satire. Throw in some rather disturbing moments like that psychiatrist woman and her punching bag thingy, and you have a prime example of how bankrupt studio executives have become these days.

    I'll continue watching since the concept intrigues me, but I will not be surprised if this bombs in the ratings and gets canned sooner than later.
  • I found it quite good.

    First, off i found it to be a very neat ideal the judges seem cool i didnt like the short guy who like that whole put a kid in a cage ideal i thought that was a really creppy ideal, Also, i think that guy is like the next Simon but likes things that suck. I loved the make a snow-globe then eat it ideal that was awesome. & the sand-bag collecting thing that was really cool.
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