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  • American Inventors

    When will this show air on TV again?
  • I can not help but keep coming back to see the inventions - good or bad!

    The finale was great, the Word Ace commercial sold me on the product as fun and a game I might play. The Anecia Survival Capsule commercial touched my heart and had me almost in tears! I think the bike will be big with teens. I am having trouble making a final choice, too bad there can not be more than one winner! I loved how each judge mentored their contestants and visited them at their homes. I also thought it was great to see each inventor be able to help with the development of the invention, testing and the advertising. I can hardly wait to see the winner and future inventor shows.
  • I think this is show is very interesting I love it! Ingnor all the bad comments I think it will be a great success!!!

    My whole family loves this show! it should be on more often! Its much better the American Idol I hate that show!! It is a relly good show screw all the bad commets they dont know what they are talking about! They want to much from tv shows! You guys are cool!!
  • Fantastic!

    American Inventor is a show on ABC that shows average people trying to create the next big invention. The show is modeled after American Idol in being their are cities of preliminary rounds. There will be other rounds and the winning invetion will win $1,000,000 to showcase and sell their invention. Watch this show and see what could be the next big invetion which everyone has to have.
  • This is SO much better than American Idol!

    This show is like American Idol, only it dosen't suck that bad and that it's more entertaining.

    In this show, judges judge people's inventions and based on whether its good or not, much like American Idol. Also like A.I., there are several rounds in which people are eliminated in each one. This continues until there's only one left.
    It's much better than American Idol, where people make a big fool out of themselves in front of millions of T.V. viewers. Here, some people show how creative and smart they are by showing the judges how they can change the technology world by inventing something.

    This is a great show and I think everyone should watch it.
  • This show is what America is all about. This show gives the average person a vehicle to use to show the world their ideas.

    America is about being innovative and pursuing your dreams. This show is all any inventor can ask for and gives the average Joe who comes up with a great idea an opportunity to become successful.

    I personally have an invention that I am trying to get into the marketplace- the shootAndstar rebounder. It is a piece of basketball equipment that enables a basketball player to efficiently practice shooting by themselves. You can see it at my website . I would love the opportunity to present my product on this show.

    Glenn E. Hudson, President
    Sporting Advantage Inc.
  • I found it quite good.

    First, off i found it to be a very neat ideal the judges seem cool i didnt like the short guy who like that whole put a kid in a cage ideal i thought that was a really creppy ideal, Also, i think that guy is like the next Simon but likes things that suck. I loved the make a snow-globe then eat it ideal that was awesome. & the sand-bag collecting thing that was really cool.
  • Hello I'm A Artist/Inventor seeking help!

    I am living in a place that is a frade of change!,

    When I come up with ways to be of help I get it is not wanted!,

    So I keep trying!.

    Now I'm working out what I have been for years and seen a person become

    And over come!.

    Here lately I have been sending my Invention's to Co. and Ceo's who I thought may help!,

    get them off the grown!.

    Then I run into more brick walls and red tape!,

    Then there are some who just want me to just give it away!.


    Being that I'm on dissebletys It make's it harder to get the words out when trying to submet!

    What I need Is some one willing to take a chance and help me to over come!

    Cause I know just as they'll see some of the 60 or 70 Inventions I have will help a lot of people

    also take business to a new level!.

    Also will show people like myself that with time and work also the beliefe to go on some one dose ceir

    for willing!.

    See I have been told I will never get these off the grown and that has been my down fall I believe that with will there is away!

    I'm willing to give to get!,

    But what I have may not be anuff the shake a hand at!.

    I know know one works for free!,

    I just (need) a helping hand!.

    will to sell a 1/2 of 1 my invention's just get started!,

    I have sent 2 or 3 to funding programs but when i try to excplan I maybe say to much!,

    I'm barely living I get a small small gov check that soon as I pay the bills I have maybe 50 for the rest of the mounth!. some times when the bills are down 200 for the rest of the mounth!.

    I would love for some one in the Business to come out see what I have and see if I'm worth any investment!

    Please Any one willing E mail me @

    President Obama But try to believe that he just did not see my ideas!

    I'm trying just as other more werse off then me!.


    And with that

    I pray that one day I'll be able to put forth the happyness and joy I trying to become and helping others who feel there just a number and there life is worthless and who's out trying to do good things

    and getting lost in this system of whos the better I pray I pray That the lord heres my calling out to his glory and to his or her grace I pray he opens that some one who here's that feeling I pushing out

    I pray for that man who I tryed to give that 2 cent to and that last doller i had and went with out so they'll be able to pay that gas bill I pray for the needing and all the people who had to go with out I pray lord I pray Some one here's me Befor its to late!,

    Mae you all be blessed in God's name


    sinserly StChristopher E Chesley. may your show be a
  • Phenomenal just phenomenal (really great)

    If this is a reality show I would be surprised. This show is a great one compared to anything I have seen before. It accurately displays the American dream that so many people have. The judges are fair about how they judge peoples inventions, the people have some good inventions, granted there are some that seem a bit odd, that could help people these days, and the presentation are: educating, funny, and show us how hard people work to be entrepreneurs and try to be good inventors. That makes this how in my mind is all around great. There is a big furture for this show. Most of the inventions I saw on this show (the ones that suceeded) are some of the things I think many people would want. The only things that I can see in this show are the stupid inventions that some of the people who appear on the show come up with, the drama after people who lose or they win, really I just want to see what other people have invented, and the last thing is the judge who is an inventor himself, if he does not like he just has to downgrade the person and the invention. I mean give the person a chance, unless they strike first, if you don’t like the product then just say you don’t like it. This guy took the dream from a kid, a kid, and then he goes and tries to motivate the kid. That there is just crap. I hope that kid comes back and proves him wrong in what the judge said.
  • Though it seems at first like Simon ran out of ideas, this show proves to be an interesting and entertaining idea remeniscent of American Idol.

    It seemed interesting. That was all I could say for this show when I first saw the commercials. Then came the pilot episode. The TV was on anyway, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out. What I saw surprised me.

    The mix of emotion, laughs, and arguments provides Idol fans with another show that follows in it's shadow, and those who aren't a fan of American Idol now have a show of a diffrent concept, yet a similar (and still working) system. It has its rough spots; they still need to clean up the presentation a little, but this is based on the first episode of the show, so this is no time to talk about the minor querps.

    All around, this is already a good show, and I'm interested in seeing where its high level of potential will lead it.
  • Hey, I wish I thought of that

    Good show. What the hell happened to it?
  • please help me

    I have 3 great inventions but I do not have the money or resources to start them please help me simon
  • great

    this show is funny especially the bald panel guy. but the funniest part is the inventions like the top 10 dumbest inventions i laughed my butt of and i can\'t belive the approved the invention by the british person with the disposable sheets pass paper. that little boy with the dog air conditioner was cool and awesome the other inventions somethin somethin. I\'m not sure whowon this year but i remember seeing a guy with a big white mustache at the last minute. i didn\'t really understand the learing one thats a toy with colors a learning one. thank you for reading my review
  • Don't get me wrong...

    I think that this is a great show. I think that it's heart warming and inspiring. I've actually cried watching the show before; imagine that. Because this really is a show about the people, for the people. But I don't think that it was thought out well enough when they got into it. For starters, the editing is screwed. The editing squad must have been faded while doing the editing because sometimes I'm just like cmon! This is ridiculous. The flow is just off. Also the host? The wanna be Ryan Seacrest? Obvously they couldn't get the real Seacrest but don't try to make a copycat either. Please, get a 300 lb overweight short fat red haired dude from East Russia...I don't care, just get someone different. It's definitely a good show overall and I hope it's back for another season; but hopefully they'll take the proper measures to edit it better. And hopefully have a bigger pool to pick from. I can definitely see this show being much better next season.
  • Don\'t worry, EVERYTHING is going to be alright.

    Reasons I watch this show.... 1. Its clever . 2. I love the inventions wacky, clever, good or bad. 3. I like he judges and I want to see the best invention. American Inventor is a show about judges finding the best new invention out of hundreds!!! Its intersting and I watch it every thursday. I love to see the stupid wacky inventions and the cool ones and the judge\'s reactions! I love this show!!! Its my new favorite and anyone would like it if they loved American Idol or Supernanny. Those or good shows to!
  • Great show, provides a public service and bound to stir up the entrepreneurialship in anyone who watches it. Still needs a bit of work but heading in the right direction.

    Let there be no mistake, when it comes to money, making a lot of money, nothing will bring you more of it than the rights to intellectual property. The recent T.V. show “American Inventor” has quite possibly, unknowingly, tapped into a resource that may well accelerate discovery and the development of new technology. Some of the negative hype that I’ve read, regarding this show, comes from people that don’t have the vision to see beyond the ends of their own noses and quite possible belong to that unimaginative segment of society that truly believe that, “everything that is worth inventing has already been invented. To me this is with out a doubt quite possible the most valuable use of television since television was INVENTED that I could imagine. People take for granted all the labor saving life enhancing devices they can pick up at their local department stores, but many don’t stop for a moment to consider how it got there in the first place. There is no question about it that the show has room for improvement. First off would be the excessive focus on the sap that’s spewed out by tormenting us with every individual’s hard-luck story, not a positive thing to focus on. I as an inventor, along with my whole family, would like to see more of the ins and outs that inventors have to deal with when trying to bring a product successfully to market. Protecting patents is a key concern when exposing your ideas on T.V. What if anything are these producers doing to protect property rights of these eager would-be inventors? Great idea but needs polishing.
  • Great show but the judges lost a great one. What were they thinking. The kid's invention....Come On!

    Great Show! The judges made a huge mistake on the kid. I\'m a pet owner that would love something like that. How many times has any pet owner gone some where to walk the dog and forgets to pick something up from the store. Its something that would be convenient. To know that your pet is safe and comfortable is peace of mind. I believe its a concept that has huge potential and simply just needs to be modified. Its an idea car companies should run with. What a shame.
  • I love seeing new inventions

    Being a consumer who always loves to get the newest items on the market, I love this show. I love being able to see new items that can make our world even better! I wish they would spend more time showing some of them though, I have seen many products that they only gave a few seconds of air time to that I think would have went very far. I am getting excited for the second season of this and hope to not see stupid inventions such as a bow wrapped around a women, this is not an invention, it is just wrapping paper!
  • The concept is great. America was founded by inventors, and America was built by inventions. It seems that many of the so called inventors get up there and whine, and snivel, and cry when their invention do not make it. Grow up, wake up, and quit whining,

    Excellent show.
    Great concept. It motivates the viewer to invent. We are going to see some nice inventions come out of this show.

    We are also going to see how stupid some people really are, and how foolishly they look when they tell the world they pawned their wedding rings, and/or spend thousands on dufus ideas, such as fart filtering underwear!

    Most of the cry babies on the show think that their invention is the one, when in fact, proper marketing, buyers market, and need is what makes a good invention.

    I have a patent on a product, and I know what it takes to get a product to market.

    Nice show.

    Andrew St. Wilson

  • From the show on 3/23/06, overall I think they know how to judge accurately. But Mary Lou,what is wrong with you? The red bow freak out was insane!Take a zanex or go home and enjoy your husband.

    Mary Lou was totally over-reacting to the RED BOW lingerie.I wore something like that for my husband years ago & he loved it. I just wish mine was as easy to untie. Mary Lou has ISSUES! I am conservative and I would buy one for fun or a special occasion.
  • ....

    so basically this show is just like americas got talent and american idol. 3 judges judge someone whop comes up and tells them wat their in vention is. if it suks, they leave. if its good, u get money to make it even better for the next round. i think is funny what some of the people bring in expectin to go to the next round and the way some people reacty from gettin rejected can be hilarious at times too. its interesting to see objects that might be part of 2morrows technology and objects that are a joke to humanity.
  • This show has some good potential for helping some lucky soul get their invention into the market.Although some of the ideas are way off the wall, it makes this show worth watching,LOVE TO SEE THE JUDGES TRY NOT TO LAUGH

    Some of the ideas are from less than gifted people, but this show is much better than most of the programs the networks force us to endure. I really enjoy watching the judges try not to laugh directly at some of the contestants. While some of the ideas are very good, More often than not these people have not had their ideas screened by a respectable party before making fools of themselves on national t.v.I like this show however I think George Foreman has as big a heart as his biceps, (never wanting to hurt anyones feelings) when some of the folks clearly should not have even tried out for the show.
  • Too bad to see people get their hopes up after spending thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on their pet projects just to be humilated for the sake of ratings.

    Too bad to see people get their hopes up after spending thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on their pet projects just to be humilated for the sake of ratings. I mean, sure, make fun of the guy with the peeing raincoat or whatever it was. But the kid had a good idea. I'd like to see a list of the products pitched that didn't get it and information on how to contact them. I'm sure there are people out there who might invest in their ideas. At least they would have something to get out of the experience and to look forward to.

    And has anyone noticed the GoogleAdwords on any search for American Inventor are the same scams that the Bed Buddy lady fell for and dropped $12k on something already on the market?
  • You won\'t find any breakthrough inventions or anything, what you will find are contestants with a lot of heart and belief in their dream. My only beef is the drama and how, in the first round, if you gave a good cry, you were automatically qualified.

    You won\'t find any breakthrough inventions or anything, what you will find are contestants with a lot of heart and belief in their dream. My only beef is the drama and how, in the first round, if you gave a good cry, you were automatically qualified.

    Ok, that last part isn\'t exactly true, but with a lot of contestants it felt like it. \"I\'m gonna vote yes because you remind me of my aunt\" for an old woman who showed up with paper? The business guy told her it was ridiculous but everyone else gave her a yes.

    Ok, this show is original and the contestants come up with some great ideas to help with everyday-life, sports, cooking and personal higiene.

    DON\'T WATCH IT if you\'re looking for technological breakthrougs.

    WATCH IT if you\'re a creative person and want to see ingenuity at work OR just want to get a good cry. :P

    I\'m giving it a not-so-good score, but I love this show. But can\'t help being honest, sorry. Doesn\'t deserve more than an 8 because a lot of the time you feel like the judges are crazy or the producers are more interested in the inventors than in the inventions. Sometimes the show feels a bit \"fake\" and the music is just TOO powerful. You can instantly tell when a \"cry moment\" is coming.
  • pretty good show

    pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show pretty good show
  • This Show is ok but....

    The show is an ok show but it is not what i thought it would be, but this is the first show. I think that the judges turned down some good inventions like the dog fan and a few others. Most of the peoples inventions were interesting to see but most of the things people came up with some inventions that did not make sence like the first one on the show. the one where the man came up with a jacket to put on when you got to pee. Who in there right mind would put on some think that looks like a shower curtin and then pee right there in the middle of public. Another stupid invention was the one where that dude came up with car covers that you put on your car. Really i could not under stand anything that he was saying. That one woman tried to come up with something that has already been made and i bet she felt stupid when they told her that. I think that one fat judge is not to good of an judge because he does no want anyone to be as good as him if he thinks he is good. On the next show i hope that there is an invention that i think that i can use because all the ones that they passed on this show are the ones that i dont use. I could not belive that some people would sell their house and every thing just for a shot at this show.
  • *shrug*

    Not bad, not great, but not bad. It's fairly interesting. If nothing else it's fun to see the useless crap these people think will actually sell.
    However these constant stories of how this invention is all they have, they lost their how, job, etc. it's kinda annoying, it's sad, but, c'mon! No one should gamble there life on an invention!
  • medicine cabinet stop! On YouTube

    This show is great but for this old Army Vet. And my patent pending medicine cabinet stop it has been a long and costly road and even great ideas like mine will never make it unless someone out there believes it also it will only be in mine and a few home until the people go to YouTube and see how it belongs in your home also!
  • Neat inventions!

    I'm glad our world still appreciates inventors. They put their whole lifetime of work into creating something for the world to use. This show makes the difference for scientists and inventors and passionate dreamers out there. Good vibes come from this show as well as inventions!
  • The show is interesting, but it could be better.

    When the first season started I was very excited. I just loved seeing all those nuts contestants with their crazy inventions. It was so cool! But as the show went ahead, the show got worse. Then there were those specials. Annoying specials. All about the auditions. All the inventions showed in the specials had been aired in the first episodes. It was boring. The inventions weren't that good. Most of them were poor improvements of things that already exist. The contestants were desperate people. And the semi-finalists' inventions were far from great. They didn't know how to use the prize money right. Well, it was funny to see how they did it! Some of them didn't spend the money the way they should. I hope season 2 goes better than season 1.
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