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  • the concept is interesting, the show is not

    Really bad show, its trying to be 'heartwarming' and 'feel good' when the woman judge cries during EVERY SINGLE presentation and theres all this dramatic music in the background but it gets to the point that its just unintentionally funny. Its like theyre trying to get audiences to cry half the show with clips of kid's sobbing after their inventions(bad ones) were rejected and people talking about how they invested their entire lifes fortunes on a piece of plastic.

    Most of the (the winning) inventions are absolutely horrible like the branch cutter, the candy in the plastic jar, the 2 seater bike that blocks the driver's view, the cupholder on the paper plate, or the portable gym thats already being blasted on infomercials. Some of the actual good ideas like the water rescue frisbee or the sandbag shovel were debated among the judges and even rejected. The 4 judges are exact counterparts to their American idol ones and just like those they can be fully described in a short sentence.

  • Good idea, awfully presented.

    As I was flipping through the channels I saw and ad for this show, and it was playing next ! It looked pretty good and I was happy I\\\'d see some interesting inventions.

    Unfortunatly, the show presents only a few inventions, and to those inventions, they have you listening to a HUGE background of the inventor, wich is usually really sad when they gave their life to this invention (wich they usually did, guess some of it is fake so we can be even more sad). Even worse, it takes about 5-7 mins to present one invention, then, AD time. Come back for one story, AD Time.
    Way too many ads for a lack of content.

    The way I think it would have been good, is if we could get a peek at many many inventions, like 1mins per inventions, to know what it\\\'s use. Then, a quick 5 seconds Yes/No from the judges.

    Go back to saying how horrible people can sing Simon, that\\\'s where I like you.

  • Absolutely one of the worst new shows to come (and I like American Idol)..

    WOW, this show is horrible.
    How could anyone find this show captivating???

    It islike American Idol without the attractive contestants, singing, and well, anything of interest...

    The only amusing thing was to watch morons show up with dumb inventions that they have invested $100K of their limited resources into. And they didn not show enough of the dumb inventions.

    Too much crying. Too much ridiculousness about the inventors lives

    And bluntly, the inventions they haveve showed so far (with the possible exception of that silly sand bag shovel (in case you are making sand bags, which I never do)), are some of the stupidest inventions I have ever seen -- even the ones they let through..

    COME ON SIMON, I expected better from you. Are you not you ashamed to have your name associated with this?
  • Could be great but its not!!!

    This show has so much potential. I love the idea but the way they go about presenting everything is just horrible!!!

    Every single inventor has some tragic story and I'm supposed to root for them and feel sorry for them, well guess what I don't!!! If some idiot wastes all their money on some retarded invention they can starve the death for all I care. What makes this show extra lame is they said yes to the blue doll thing!!!! WHY GOD, WHY?!?! They just do that stuff for attention and George Forman needs to stop saying yes even Paula says no sometimes!!!

    O ya it also has the typical mean British judge, so it automatically gets a 2.

    American Inventor is nothing more then an American Idol rip off.

    There are slight differences though, first off take away the singers and replace them with people who want to try and invent the next big thing.

    Shame on Cowell for trying to use his Idol power to create a dumb show.

    I would give this show a zero if it was possible.
  • A great idea twisted into something ugly.

    I was so looking forward to this show! How funny it could have been watching people explain and demonstrate all the wonderful things they think would make our lives better! To the inventor it\\\\\\\'s a wand and the judges would be the voice of reason telling him he \\\\\\\"invented\\\\\\\" the stick. The portable potty that the judge referred to as a shower curtain gave me hope, too. I thought the show was dragging a bit, but I held on hoping they\\\\\\\'d make it march and show us more inventions.

    But instead of inventions, the focus turned to the people. This one had a retarded daughter and that one was a kid who was hanging his whole sense of self worth on what the judges would think of his idea and that one even got the judges to cry.

    Oh, COME ON! I tuned in to laugh and maybe applaud a few good ideas, like the gizmo that fills sand bags. It was a genuinely good idea. I don\\\\\\\'t care who came up with it or how he came to think of it or what he plans to do with the money or that making the prototype cost him a marriage and a kidney! Just show me the inventions, let me hear the judges’ comments and get on to the next invention.

    Well, I gave the show two hours of my life that I\\\\\\\'ll never get back and that\\\\\\\'s more of a chance then the show gave any of the inventors. I\\\\\\\'m going to give it a \\\\\\\"no\\\\\\\" and don\\\\\\\'t think there will be any problem finding three more to go with them.

    Too bad, the show could have been so funny.
  • I watched american inventor for the 1st time on 7/19. This is the stupidest show on tv now. How can intellegent?? people vote for a tea maker & foil wrapper rather than the wallbanger or the deaf kid??

    American is lazy enough without making easy to do things even easier. For heavens sake, a tea pot & a leftover wrapper!!The door jammer can save lives & the deaf kids invention can help lots of deaf people. That British guy said it would cost to much money to mass produce. Well how much does he think one Cop's life is worth?? I thought even George would have enough sence to vote for things to help us & not make us lazier. I will never watch this stupid show again & hope it goes off the air soon. Maybe they will put something on to help the needy people!!
  • The judges have to have a fight just to keep it interesting? And they make it seem like a soap opera. Do not watch this show!!!!

    I don\'t really get it. Why do these judges have al of these fights? I bet they are paid to do it just for people to still watch it. Also, half of the inventions are not even inventions, more like improvements to modern day things. Even the inventors are crazy:

    \"Ohhhh, I spent 12,000 dollars on this bed that already exists\"

    \"I...sniff.....spent..100,000 dollars..sniff...on exercise equipment...My LiFE DePENDS oN THiS!!\"

    \"I am 14 years old, and I am bragging to the judges because I made a pretty doggy air conditioner. Ooohhh.....(drools)\"

    Do not watch this show!!!
  • Show is just about the judges. They should have called it, "Judges show off."

    Horrible. Would be a good show if it weren't for the judges trying to steal the stage at every possible opportunity. The little fat one has a napoleonic complex. They all just compete with each other to see who can say the most shocking thing. I thought the show was supposed to focus on the inventors.
  • One of the worst shows ever invented.

    I can't believe that a show this half-baked is allowed to air. American Inventor is a boring and mind-numbingly awful exercise in which hopeful inventors take their products before a panel of judges.

    First of all, these judges are horrible. They pass on the stupidest things while they stonewall on products that should be no brainers. They think that an edible snow globe will change the world, but a solar powered device that provide free electricy won't? Who are we kidding here?

    American Inventor's two hour opening episode was about an hour and a half too long while focusing on too many terrible inventors and their terrible products. Let me just come out and say it... the similarities to American Idol are too numerous to mention from the format to even the personalities of the judges.

    This could very well be one of the worst shows ever invented.
  • America- Get over yoursleves.

    Wow let find the next invention. It's a hammer. Let's go on to the television. SMASH! Great that all...

    No Tv show that shows you people inventions Is good in anway so get over yoursleves! If you wanna see good invention just watch your computer and there you go. watching thousands of lightbulds is more funner then watching people judge a invention. Just go to a science fair and you won't have to worry about this stuff!
  • This is the only show that makes money off people's misery and pain and life's dedication with a lack of respect and caring. Sometimes the hosts do not have the deceny to wait until the inventor walks off stage before the laughter breaks out. Disgusting!!

    The reputation of the newly "politically correct" United States is mirrowed in this show. While not being able to pay homage to all inventors, these inventors should at least be respected for the hours and money they have spent working on their life's projects. Just because you have an (ahem) engineer's degree means very little compared to being decent and respectful to these people. At least wait until they get off the floor before the smart remarks, laughter and sarcasm bursts forth, okay? One of the poorest inventors is worth a hundred of the hosts .... too bad. It could be a decent show otherwise.
  • What makes American Inventor different from American Idol? Simply the word. The took out the singing and put in inventing. All the drama and stupid judges remain.

    I had hopes for American Inventor. I always enjoyed seeing crazy patent diagrams and the old TechTV program "Invent This!". But when American Inventor aired, it did not meet my expectations. I liked seeing the people's inventions, but all this stupid drama brought the whole show down. We get to hear the whole life story of these contestants. And then we get a long, drawn out, overdramatic judging section. Out of an hour of programing, we get about 10% good inventions, 40% bad inventions, and 50% drama. Please producers, dig up some old airings of Invent This! and recreate that.
  • This show would have been okay if they showed more of the inventions and less of the judges....

    ...we don\'t care what the judges backgrounds are. And if anyone is interested in that you can put up their information on a website for people to look for. But really they would show one invention and then commercial, one invention a commercial, and then the background on a judge.

    But for those of you saying all the inventions they are showing are stupid... well yeah... they are showing all the bad ideas now and saving the good inventions for the later rounds. If they showed all the good inventions now we wouldn\'t have any reason to watch later on.

    But I am really curious how they are going to keep the show interesting. I mean they can only show the same invention over and over so many times.
  • WAY too much drama. It had potential, but is another cheesy "American ___" drama.

    It had so much potential, I first watched it because I have ivnented many of my own things, but the show is ALL about the drama. I don't want to see 10 minutes of people crying with uber dramatic music playing.

    Had they not made it like american idol and focused more on the inventions themselves and NOT peopels feelings, I would have watched it again.
  • Great idea but poorly excuted.

    While I love the idea of the show, I really don't get some of the decisions that the judges are making. For example from last night's show, the lady with the bathroom door thing...what's left to develop? The little boy from 2 weeks ago with the air conditioner unit for the car...what a wonderful idea that could use support and refinement. Same goes for the solar cooler/generator from the same show. Very confusing. The name of the show is "AMERICAN INVENTOR" not "We'll just market your already working product"!
  • Great more reality dribble produced by Simon Cowell, well this is perhaps the most boring, un-entertaining and poorly produced reality show ever created. Please change the channel.

    When I saw American Inventor last year, there was nothing really that stuck out to me. The show was pretty much like American Idol, a nasty Brit and of course the fun judges. Making you almost think does Simon Cowell have any creativity in creating a show or does he just want to create the same, "Best of America" competition with the of course the same "Old Nasty British Judge." The cheeky music along with the poor hosts only add to making this show completely unfunny or even exciting. To make matters worse the inventions aren't exciting and the show tries to milk every single "family moment." For example last season they had an episode where a kid was told his inventions were bad and the kid broke down in tears to his mother and one of the judges tried to comfort him. Yeah really great. The show if anything like other Cowell shows pretty much certifies that if you aren't the best at what your doing that you shouldn't try it. That's not the only message the show gives off, the show says if you work your butt off that your wasting your time because if you don't have natural talent it doesn't matter. Way to shatter dreams Simon, this is dull, un-entertaining and just totally out of place as a Reality program. Poorly done and even though I'm sick of American Idol that show at least has some more pizazz then this quirky reality show wannabe.
  • i disagree with the judges on their decision concerning the kids in the "tizzy" things.

    i think the judges were way off and not willing to see the possibilities with the idea at the very least. i am a mom of 4, all between 21mo-2 1/2 yrs apart. my boys are very rough and when they get into a fight, it's no holds barred. they are close enough to my size now that when i step in between them to stop fist fights, i risk getting a "last hit" meant for one or the other, or them not being able to stop mid-swing.they are not adhd/add, they've been tested for it. something like those "tizzy bubbles" would be ideal for my kids. they could get their frustration out towards each other without hurting each other or my house!! you're not punishing the child, but giving him a safe way to vent. talking abt. feelings doesn't work for all kids, some need outside the box thinking to help them learn to express their feelings. i would add a chat session on top of tizzies so the kids would be able to calmy talk abt. what happened in a positive way. i see no abusive characteristics in those bubbles.its not a cage, like the judges think. even if people wont consider the tizzies for temper tantrums, think of what else they could be used for. how about the kids that have uncontrollable seizures and end up severly harming themselves or worse ? something like this could be used, if say, a parent knows a child has one at a certain time each day. well, 10 mintues or whatever before "seizure time" the child could be placed in there and while the seizure goes on, the child would be safe from braking something or worse. i think the idea, at least, should be looked into more and see what happens. give it a chance at least.
  • Edible snow globes were not snow globes, gym in bag is just a bunch of weights and rubber bands thrown into a gym bag, Easy branch cutter is already available at most hardware stores.

    -Edible snow globes: yes they are edible but where was the snow??? Snow globes are usually filled with water and \"snow\". They lady just simply put a plastic bowl over the candy and declared it a snow globe

    -kids in plastic air cushion: only in the San Francisco Bay Area one can come up with psycho junk like this.

    -Pit and shell hiding bowl: two guys that had a hit single once, never heard of them, do you know them? The idea is ok but why were they not able to produce a prototype? And one guy said \"We\'re gonna be famous again\".

    -Gym in a bag: WTF? You can see the rubber band exercise thingy every other night on informercials. The guy didn\'t invent anything and he claimed he spent already $100,000??? This man is BSing everyone.

    -Solar-powered cooler: one of those no-brainer ideas the cooler companies are probably working on it for the past 7 years.

    -suits for cars: this man was clearly insane.

    -toilet paper holder with soap: not bad of an idea, would be great for the middle east where they don\'t use toilet paper and always wash their behinds with water.

    -Easy branch cutter: this was unbelievable! You can buy this at every hardware store. That just shows you that none of the judges ever did any yard work.

    -bed pouch: that was fun to see her face after she learned that someone invented it already. And she claimed that she spent $8000 on it already.

    -car window AC: well it was just a fan in a clear suitcase, but at least he had a prototype.
  • It has potential, but has a long way to go.

    The premise is definitely very interesting. It's a great idea to make it like american idol, since the formula is intriguing and effective, however, there is way too many flaws.
    First of all, the show doesnt seem to take the inventions seriously. We never get to see any insightful and constructive comments from any of the judges. As a viewer I just dont get the feeling that these people really do know what they are talking about, and it seems so random coincidental which inventions they choose to send through. (Just for the record, I don't doubt that these people are competent and actually DO know what they are talking about, it's just that it doesnt show on camera, probably the producers fault).
    It's also focusing waaaaaaaaaay too much on the human elements, trying SO hard to make it emotional and sappy that it seems forced and becomes awkward.
    I also can't stand all the clips they show of upcoming contestants. They're supposed to keep us interested, but it's really just annoying.

    Great premise, flawed, and I probably wont be watching anymore.
  • We are watching people show Inventions........

    Let me just say this [Caps Lock] You are watching people show inventions how [BLEEP] dumb are you [End Caps Lock]. The only saving grace is how stupid some of the inventors are which is funny as hell much like the bad singers on \"Idol\". This show will stay on due to idiots.
  • I just want to see some inventions...

    I grabbed this thinking i'd get to see tons of crazy inventions. Instead I was treated to an hour and a half of meeting 4 judges who have no relation to eachother and seem not to enjoy eachothers company at all. They show hardly any inventions and if you cut out all the bs you'd be left with a 30 minute show with I think they could have pulled off. For example, they show two seconds of "chess on steroids" which btw makes it through to the next round (whatever that is)and sounds incredible, but they show 10 minutes of some women with a DVD for retarded kids to which they denied. With every sob story the cut to the female judge all teary and with every rediculous invention they cut to the british judge with the stone face. With a panel of 4 judges and only one being an actual inventor how do they suppose they can fairly judge INVENTIONS. If I could get this hour and 30 minutes back I would. The topper to the nights events is the final inventor who happens to be a 14 year old kid who after being applauded multiple times for his invention by all the judges is, yes you guessed it, denied. They need to tweak the show in the weeks to come and If I don't see more inventions i'm going to have to create "Canadian Inventor" and we'll take them to school.
  • This show may not get three yesses....

    This 2 hour premiere started with really lame items (I suppose ala the bad singers on IDOL) but my reaction was that it was a waste of time. I wanted to see the real inventions. Perhaps if the show was filled with truely good products, I would not have been so angry when they threw off the woman with the kid's DVD and the young boy with the car cooler - both excellent products as far as I could see.

    I've never been a fan of Simon...I'm less now. And I REALLY wanted this show to be good. Like some of the products shown - it has potential but may not get 3 yesses....
  • Too little inventions shown

    For an hour, they show quite a small amount of inventions. They have about 2-3 inventions before another commercial break. Before every inventor shows what their invention is, they have to tell the audience the life story of that inventor. Every time they always say, " This woman/man is convinced that her/his invention will be the next big thing!" Well of course they do! That's why they're there! Because everyone of them believe their invention is the best! Otherwise they'd be at home! Don’t waste our time telling us that and the inventor’s life story. Show an invention, vote yes or no, then get the next one in PRONTO! The only time they show a decent amount of inventions is when they have a montage of inventions about half way through the show they didn’t have time to show otherwise, but then they don’t explain what they do so it’s pointless! Next problem is that some inventions are a bad idea as the inventor originally set it, but with the tiniest tweaking it could sell. For example, everybody remember the therapy buddy? That blue thing that said, “ Everything is going to beeeee alllriiiight” . The inventor set it so it would be made for adults. They all said no because they didn’t think it would sell FOR ADULTS! If they had asked him if it would be okay to aim It at children, and possibly put a recorder chip in it so their mother could record their own voice in it, then BOOM! $ale$! Yeah the bratty bro could record a vulgar or insulting message over it, but minor drawback. The judges need to be, one, rid of Doug Hall, and two, need to be able to see that a product could be much better with some minor tweaking and then tweak it! Nice show, but needs a but of fine tuning.
  • Where are the good inventions? All the finalist inventions are soo stupid.

    Where are the good inventions? All the finalist inventions are soo stupid. I cannot get over how the judges allowed that doll that speaks 3 languages to pass. A Dora explora doll speaks 2 and is a lot cuter. It's such a stupid invention. The rest of the invention will not help America at all. My two favorites, which actually had a chance, were the flossier and the teddy bear. The flossier is an amazing invention. It could make more Americans floss exceptionally kids. The teddy bear is just adorable. It's a home build-a-bear kit! Anyway, the judges are being soo stupid. Guess who is going to win? A rubber band weight set. American will use it for a week and throw it out. In my opinion the judges need to get into reality and see what Americans really want. Kids HATE educational games, but the judges think it will sell? They need to get their priorities straighten out.
  • your show will never be a success until you get that troll, Doug, off the show!!!!

    Get the troll with the flowered shirt off the show!!! He is so obnoxous and doesn't know a good invention when he sees it. The other judges at least have a little bit of class. Who in the blank is he anyway? Just some uneducated guy lucky enough to have someone give him a break which he can't seem to do to save his life!!!
  • It's decent, but are studio execs this desperate?

    Just like that 14-year-old boy seen at the very end wants his dog conditioner to hit it big time, American Inventor wants to be to inventions what American Idol is to up-and-coming pop stars. And just like that boy; whom was turned down to his massive disappointment, this show isn't wildly successful.

    It's nice to see a high-profile reality show that isn't the same smutty, artistically-challenged, Booze N' Broads© garbage. And having one about inventors would be really nifty... but a reality show about inventors using the American Idol formula? Is that even practical?

    And it doesn't help that I found most of the inventions displayed to be either confusing or so nonsensically worthless that I thought I was watching a satire. Throw in some rather disturbing moments like that psychiatrist woman and her punching bag thingy, and you have a prime example of how bankrupt studio executives have become these days.

    I'll continue watching since the concept intrigues me, but I will not be surprised if this bombs in the ratings and gets canned sooner than later.
  • Medical Device

    recently saw an invention that will be in every hospital. But she needs help. Works at john hopkins middle age black female from a poor background that was recently living in her car. How do I contact American Inventors?
  • needs more invention,To many commercials and trying to hard

    the show is a good idea but i think it needs fine tuning i want to see more invention. Good invention not just stuff they improved on but somthing they came up original.they could fit more invention in if they stop with all the commercials ever time the show starts back from commercials you get to see one inventor and his invention and then boom commercials i'm just glad i have DVR on my tv.oh the last show was to staged you could tell they were trying to copy another show (HMMMM) they were just trying to hard. they need to come up with there own thing
  • OK, so there are a lot of clueless people out there whose inventions are totally dumb (like all the American Idol wanna-be's who think they can sing), but there are some interesting ones that didn't make it to the next round, but should still be developed

    Is anyone keeping track of all the inventions? I thought Google would have a list of everyone who appeared on the show, with a little info. about their invention (dumb, kooky, or neat) but I couldn't find anything. Just because someone's product won't be THE product of the century doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. Same with American Idol- just because you aren't the best doesn't mean you can't sing. A couple of the products on the show really caught my eye, even if they didn't make it to the next round, and I would like to know how to get one. I realize many were just prototypes, but some of them wouldn't take $50,000 to make (maybe to market they would, since marketing is so expensive, but not to actually make). And for those that don't end up being #1, what about those? For example, the restroom door clip- it probably won't be the #1 invention, but I still want one! Are the semi-finalists going to be able to get corporate sponsorship and move forward without the show after it's all over? They are getting great PR and marketing just by being on the show, so I would hope someone will help them get their product to the masses.

    I liked most of the ones that made it to the final round, but I'm sorry- I really don't like the Niya doll, and I didn't think it was good enough for the final 12. I liked the character building bear much better, because it didn't have a race or gender. MAYBE if the Niya doll can be customized to whatever 3 languages you want (who in America needs to speak Swahili????)and if you could get it in different races, and even a male doll...

    My personal top picks are the Sackmaster 2000 (although I don't live in an area that is prone to flooding and will probably never need one), the restroom door clip, the un-brella (provided it can be made a little smaller than the prototype), and the spherical safety seat IF it can be made large enough for an infant that isn't a newborn without taking up the whole back seat of your car, and IF it isn't possible for little fingers to get pinched in the different areas.

    I was a little turned off that what they were looking for, more than the merits of the invention, were the emotions of the inventor on the last episode. To me their struggle is beside the point. I think it should be all about the product. Why does the "how much you want it" need to figure in to whether you advanced or not? Lame, in my opinion. I have several ideas, but I'm not willing to put my family's future on the line to develop them (does that make the ideas or me less worthy, because I'm not willing to risk all?). Would I be any less an inventor if my ideas are great but I didn't want to sell everything and live on the street to make it happen? Seems so, at least according to the show. That aspect REALLY turned me off.

    Any clue as to when the next season will be? I didn't find out about the auditions until it was too late for the first season. Anyway, those are MY thoughts! Overall I am enjoying the show.
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