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  • Medical Device

    recently saw an invention that will be in every hospital. But she needs help. Works at john hopkins middle age black female from a poor background that was recently living in her car. How do I contact American Inventors?
  • Hello I'm A Artist/Inventor seeking help!

    I am living in a place that is a frade of change!,

    When I come up with ways to be of help I get it is not wanted!,

    So I keep trying!.

    Now I'm working out what I have been for years and seen a person become

    And over come!.

    Here lately I have been sending my Invention's to Co. and Ceo's who I thought may help!,

    get them off the grown!.

    Then I run into more brick walls and red tape!,

    Then there are some who just want me to just give it away!.


    Being that I'm on dissebletys It make's it harder to get the words out when trying to submet!

    What I need Is some one willing to take a chance and help me to over come!

    Cause I know just as they'll see some of the 60 or 70 Inventions I have will help a lot of people

    also take business to a new level!.

    Also will show people like myself that with time and work also the beliefe to go on some one dose ceir

    for willing!.

    See I have been told I will never get these off the grown and that has been my down fall I believe that with will there is away!

    I'm willing to give to get!,

    But what I have may not be anuff the shake a hand at!.

    I know know one works for free!,

    I just (need) a helping hand!.

    will to sell a 1/2 of 1 my invention's just get started!,

    I have sent 2 or 3 to funding programs but when i try to excplan I maybe say to much!,

    I'm barely living I get a small small gov check that soon as I pay the bills I have maybe 50 for the rest of the mounth!. some times when the bills are down 200 for the rest of the mounth!.

    I would love for some one in the Business to come out see what I have and see if I'm worth any investment!

    Please Any one willing E mail me @

    President Obama But try to believe that he just did not see my ideas!

    I'm trying just as other more werse off then me!.


    And with that

    I pray that one day I'll be able to put forth the happyness and joy I trying to become and helping others who feel there just a number and there life is worthless and who's out trying to do good things

    and getting lost in this system of whos the better I pray I pray That the lord heres my calling out to his glory and to his or her grace I pray he opens that some one who here's that feeling I pushing out

    I pray for that man who I tryed to give that 2 cent to and that last doller i had and went with out so they'll be able to pay that gas bill I pray for the needing and all the people who had to go with out I pray lord I pray Some one here's me Befor its to late!,

    Mae you all be blessed in God's name


    sinserly StChristopher E Chesley. may your show be a
  • American Inventors

    When will this show air on TV again?
  • Hey, I wish I thought of that

    Good show. What the hell happened to it?
  • medicine cabinet stop! On YouTube

    This show is great but for this old Army Vet. And my patent pending medicine cabinet stop it has been a long and costly road and even great ideas like mine will never make it unless someone out there believes it also it will only be in mine and a few home until the people go to YouTube and see how it belongs in your home also!
  • Neat inventions!

    I'm glad our world still appreciates inventors. They put their whole lifetime of work into creating something for the world to use. This show makes the difference for scientists and inventors and passionate dreamers out there. Good vibes come from this show as well as inventions!
  • please help me

    I have 3 great inventions but I do not have the money or resources to start them please help me simon
  • ....

    so basically this show is just like americas got talent and american idol. 3 judges judge someone whop comes up and tells them wat their in vention is. if it suks, they leave. if its good, u get money to make it even better for the next round. i think is funny what some of the people bring in expectin to go to the next round and the way some people reacty from gettin rejected can be hilarious at times too. its interesting to see objects that might be part of 2morrows technology and objects that are a joke to humanity.
  • I watched american inventor for the 1st time on 7/19. This is the stupidest show on tv now. How can intellegent?? people vote for a tea maker & foil wrapper rather than the wallbanger or the deaf kid??

    American is lazy enough without making easy to do things even easier. For heavens sake, a tea pot & a leftover wrapper!!The door jammer can save lives & the deaf kids invention can help lots of deaf people. That British guy said it would cost to much money to mass produce. Well how much does he think one Cop's life is worth?? I thought even George would have enough sence to vote for things to help us & not make us lazier. I will never watch this stupid show again & hope it goes off the air soon. Maybe they will put something on to help the needy people!!
  • This show has some good potential for helping some lucky soul get their invention into the market.Although some of the ideas are way off the wall, it makes this show worth watching,LOVE TO SEE THE JUDGES TRY NOT TO LAUGH

    Some of the ideas are from less than gifted people, but this show is much better than most of the programs the networks force us to endure. I really enjoy watching the judges try not to laugh directly at some of the contestants. While some of the ideas are very good, More often than not these people have not had their ideas screened by a respectable party before making fools of themselves on national t.v.I like this show however I think George Foreman has as big a heart as his biceps, (never wanting to hurt anyones feelings) when some of the folks clearly should not have even tried out for the show.
  • Great more reality dribble produced by Simon Cowell, well this is perhaps the most boring, un-entertaining and poorly produced reality show ever created. Please change the channel.

    When I saw American Inventor last year, there was nothing really that stuck out to me. The show was pretty much like American Idol, a nasty Brit and of course the fun judges. Making you almost think does Simon Cowell have any creativity in creating a show or does he just want to create the same, "Best of America" competition with the of course the same "Old Nasty British Judge." The cheeky music along with the poor hosts only add to making this show completely unfunny or even exciting. To make matters worse the inventions aren't exciting and the show tries to milk every single "family moment." For example last season they had an episode where a kid was told his inventions were bad and the kid broke down in tears to his mother and one of the judges tried to comfort him. Yeah really great. The show if anything like other Cowell shows pretty much certifies that if you aren't the best at what your doing that you shouldn't try it. That's not the only message the show gives off, the show says if you work your butt off that your wasting your time because if you don't have natural talent it doesn't matter. Way to shatter dreams Simon, this is dull, un-entertaining and just totally out of place as a Reality program. Poorly done and even though I'm sick of American Idol that show at least has some more pizazz then this quirky reality show wannabe.
  • Not the best, but I guess it's interesting and will get me through the summer breaks.

    It's not like this is an amazing show. Some parts were funny and some parts were stupid. The one thing that I really hated about this show was that the scenes were so long and they didn't show enough inventions. And that annoying British guy ugh! The judges never seem to give the people chances to actually show their stuff and instead they let people that have horrible intentions that no one would buy into the next round...despicable. Not the best, but I guess it's interesting and will get me through the summer breaks.
  • The show is interesting, but it could be better.

    When the first season started I was very excited. I just loved seeing all those nuts contestants with their crazy inventions. It was so cool! But as the show went ahead, the show got worse. Then there were those specials. Annoying specials. All about the auditions. All the inventions showed in the specials had been aired in the first episodes. It was boring. The inventions weren't that good. Most of them were poor improvements of things that already exist. The contestants were desperate people. And the semi-finalists' inventions were far from great. They didn't know how to use the prize money right. Well, it was funny to see how they did it! Some of them didn't spend the money the way they should. I hope season 2 goes better than season 1.
  • Could be great but its not!!!

    This show has so much potential. I love the idea but the way they go about presenting everything is just horrible!!!

    Every single inventor has some tragic story and I'm supposed to root for them and feel sorry for them, well guess what I don't!!! If some idiot wastes all their money on some retarded invention they can starve the death for all I care. What makes this show extra lame is they said yes to the blue doll thing!!!! WHY GOD, WHY?!?! They just do that stuff for attention and George Forman needs to stop saying yes even Paula says no sometimes!!!

    O ya it also has the typical mean British judge, so it automatically gets a 2.
  • Tonight's premier episode of American Inventor certainly got us started out on two left feet.

    Tonight's premier episode of American Inventor certainly got us started out on two left feet. This certainly wasn't anything unexpected; as with any talent competition the bad far outweighs the bad. We saw a device that held your hat on, a doggy barf bag, urine activated color changing toilet training pictures, and much much more.

    I can see why the show's first episode starts with the crazies: it grabs our attention. Of they maybe 15 contestants they previewed tonight only 3 made it through to Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean we weren't entertained as we watched someone self-proclaim he re-invented the wheel. You can real the live blog, full recap and viewer comments at
  • I love seeing new inventions

    Being a consumer who always loves to get the newest items on the market, I love this show. I love being able to see new items that can make our world even better! I wish they would spend more time showing some of them though, I have seen many products that they only gave a few seconds of air time to that I think would have went very far. I am getting excited for the second season of this and hope to not see stupid inventions such as a bow wrapped around a women, this is not an invention, it is just wrapping paper!
  • great

    this show is funny especially the bald panel guy. but the funniest part is the inventions like the top 10 dumbest inventions i laughed my butt of and i can\'t belive the approved the invention by the british person with the disposable sheets pass paper. that little boy with the dog air conditioner was cool and awesome the other inventions somethin somethin. I\'m not sure whowon this year but i remember seeing a guy with a big white mustache at the last minute. i didn\'t really understand the learing one thats a toy with colors a learning one. thank you for reading my review
  • needs more invention,To many commercials and trying to hard

    the show is a good idea but i think it needs fine tuning i want to see more invention. Good invention not just stuff they improved on but somthing they came up original.they could fit more invention in if they stop with all the commercials ever time the show starts back from commercials you get to see one inventor and his invention and then boom commercials i'm just glad i have DVR on my tv.oh the last show was to staged you could tell they were trying to copy another show (HMMMM) they were just trying to hard. they need to come up with there own thing
  • Don't get me wrong...

    I think that this is a great show. I think that it's heart warming and inspiring. I've actually cried watching the show before; imagine that. Because this really is a show about the people, for the people. But I don't think that it was thought out well enough when they got into it. For starters, the editing is screwed. The editing squad must have been faded while doing the editing because sometimes I'm just like cmon! This is ridiculous. The flow is just off. Also the host? The wanna be Ryan Seacrest? Obvously they couldn't get the real Seacrest but don't try to make a copycat either. Please, get a 300 lb overweight short fat red haired dude from East Russia...I don't care, just get someone different. It's definitely a good show overall and I hope it's back for another season; but hopefully they'll take the proper measures to edit it better. And hopefully have a bigger pool to pick from. I can definitely see this show being much better next season.
  • Don\'t worry, EVERYTHING is going to be alright.

    Reasons I watch this show.... 1. Its clever . 2. I love the inventions wacky, clever, good or bad. 3. I like he judges and I want to see the best invention. American Inventor is a show about judges finding the best new invention out of hundreds!!! Its intersting and I watch it every thursday. I love to see the stupid wacky inventions and the cool ones and the judge\'s reactions! I love this show!!! Its my new favorite and anyone would like it if they loved American Idol or Supernanny. Those or good shows to!
  • What makes American Inventor different from American Idol? Simply the word. The took out the singing and put in inventing. All the drama and stupid judges remain.

    I had hopes for American Inventor. I always enjoyed seeing crazy patent diagrams and the old TechTV program "Invent This!". But when American Inventor aired, it did not meet my expectations. I liked seeing the people's inventions, but all this stupid drama brought the whole show down. We get to hear the whole life story of these contestants. And then we get a long, drawn out, overdramatic judging section. Out of an hour of programing, we get about 10% good inventions, 40% bad inventions, and 50% drama. Please producers, dig up some old airings of Invent This! and recreate that.
  • I can not help but keep coming back to see the inventions - good or bad!

    The finale was great, the Word Ace commercial sold me on the product as fun and a game I might play. The Anecia Survival Capsule commercial touched my heart and had me almost in tears! I think the bike will be big with teens. I am having trouble making a final choice, too bad there can not be more than one winner! I loved how each judge mentored their contestants and visited them at their homes. I also thought it was great to see each inventor be able to help with the development of the invention, testing and the advertising. I can hardly wait to see the winner and future inventor shows.
  • Great show, provides a public service and bound to stir up the entrepreneurialship in anyone who watches it. Still needs a bit of work but heading in the right direction.

    Let there be no mistake, when it comes to money, making a lot of money, nothing will bring you more of it than the rights to intellectual property. The recent T.V. show “American Inventor” has quite possibly, unknowingly, tapped into a resource that may well accelerate discovery and the development of new technology. Some of the negative hype that I’ve read, regarding this show, comes from people that don’t have the vision to see beyond the ends of their own noses and quite possible belong to that unimaginative segment of society that truly believe that, “everything that is worth inventing has already been invented. To me this is with out a doubt quite possible the most valuable use of television since television was INVENTED that I could imagine. People take for granted all the labor saving life enhancing devices they can pick up at their local department stores, but many don’t stop for a moment to consider how it got there in the first place. There is no question about it that the show has room for improvement. First off would be the excessive focus on the sap that’s spewed out by tormenting us with every individual’s hard-luck story, not a positive thing to focus on. I as an inventor, along with my whole family, would like to see more of the ins and outs that inventors have to deal with when trying to bring a product successfully to market. Protecting patents is a key concern when exposing your ideas on T.V. What if anything are these producers doing to protect property rights of these eager would-be inventors? Great idea but needs polishing.
  • You won\'t find any breakthrough inventions or anything, what you will find are contestants with a lot of heart and belief in their dream. My only beef is the drama and how, in the first round, if you gave a good cry, you were automatically qualified.

    You won\'t find any breakthrough inventions or anything, what you will find are contestants with a lot of heart and belief in their dream. My only beef is the drama and how, in the first round, if you gave a good cry, you were automatically qualified.

    Ok, that last part isn\'t exactly true, but with a lot of contestants it felt like it. \"I\'m gonna vote yes because you remind me of my aunt\" for an old woman who showed up with paper? The business guy told her it was ridiculous but everyone else gave her a yes.

    Ok, this show is original and the contestants come up with some great ideas to help with everyday-life, sports, cooking and personal higiene.

    DON\'T WATCH IT if you\'re looking for technological breakthrougs.

    WATCH IT if you\'re a creative person and want to see ingenuity at work OR just want to get a good cry. :P

    I\'m giving it a not-so-good score, but I love this show. But can\'t help being honest, sorry. Doesn\'t deserve more than an 8 because a lot of the time you feel like the judges are crazy or the producers are more interested in the inventors than in the inventions. Sometimes the show feels a bit \"fake\" and the music is just TOO powerful. You can instantly tell when a \"cry moment\" is coming.
  • Kinda fun to look at all of the different ideas people come up with

    The show is okay, but really doesn't have a lot to stand on. The judges opinions are very subjective and I don't see how they qualify to decide what the world will like or what the world will buy. I think a lot people had some great ideas, and had things that I would actually buy...however, the judges felt differently about the ones that I liked. I don't know...they need to have some kind of fine tunning on this show if they desire to run a second season. It is not American Idol. I doubt they will have a call in vote from the public on what invention is considered the best.
  • OK, so there are a lot of clueless people out there whose inventions are totally dumb (like all the American Idol wanna-be's who think they can sing), but there are some interesting ones that didn't make it to the next round, but should still be developed

    Is anyone keeping track of all the inventions? I thought Google would have a list of everyone who appeared on the show, with a little info. about their invention (dumb, kooky, or neat) but I couldn't find anything. Just because someone's product won't be THE product of the century doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. Same with American Idol- just because you aren't the best doesn't mean you can't sing. A couple of the products on the show really caught my eye, even if they didn't make it to the next round, and I would like to know how to get one. I realize many were just prototypes, but some of them wouldn't take $50,000 to make (maybe to market they would, since marketing is so expensive, but not to actually make). And for those that don't end up being #1, what about those? For example, the restroom door clip- it probably won't be the #1 invention, but I still want one! Are the semi-finalists going to be able to get corporate sponsorship and move forward without the show after it's all over? They are getting great PR and marketing just by being on the show, so I would hope someone will help them get their product to the masses.

    I liked most of the ones that made it to the final round, but I'm sorry- I really don't like the Niya doll, and I didn't think it was good enough for the final 12. I liked the character building bear much better, because it didn't have a race or gender. MAYBE if the Niya doll can be customized to whatever 3 languages you want (who in America needs to speak Swahili????)and if you could get it in different races, and even a male doll...

    My personal top picks are the Sackmaster 2000 (although I don't live in an area that is prone to flooding and will probably never need one), the restroom door clip, the un-brella (provided it can be made a little smaller than the prototype), and the spherical safety seat IF it can be made large enough for an infant that isn't a newborn without taking up the whole back seat of your car, and IF it isn't possible for little fingers to get pinched in the different areas.

    I was a little turned off that what they were looking for, more than the merits of the invention, were the emotions of the inventor on the last episode. To me their struggle is beside the point. I think it should be all about the product. Why does the "how much you want it" need to figure in to whether you advanced or not? Lame, in my opinion. I have several ideas, but I'm not willing to put my family's future on the line to develop them (does that make the ideas or me less worthy, because I'm not willing to risk all?). Would I be any less an inventor if my ideas are great but I didn't want to sell everything and live on the street to make it happen? Seems so, at least according to the show. That aspect REALLY turned me off.

    Any clue as to when the next season will be? I didn't find out about the auditions until it was too late for the first season. Anyway, those are MY thoughts! Overall I am enjoying the show.
  • Where are the good inventions? All the finalist inventions are soo stupid.

    Where are the good inventions? All the finalist inventions are soo stupid. I cannot get over how the judges allowed that doll that speaks 3 languages to pass. A Dora explora doll speaks 2 and is a lot cuter. It's such a stupid invention. The rest of the invention will not help America at all. My two favorites, which actually had a chance, were the flossier and the teddy bear. The flossier is an amazing invention. It could make more Americans floss exceptionally kids. The teddy bear is just adorable. It's a home build-a-bear kit! Anyway, the judges are being soo stupid. Guess who is going to win? A rubber band weight set. American will use it for a week and throw it out. In my opinion the judges need to get into reality and see what Americans really want. Kids HATE educational games, but the judges think it will sell? They need to get their priorities straighten out.
  • I think this is show is very interesting I love it! Ingnor all the bad comments I think it will be a great success!!!

    My whole family loves this show! it should be on more often! Its much better the American Idol I hate that show!! It is a relly good show screw all the bad commets they dont know what they are talking about! They want to much from tv shows! You guys are cool!!
  • WAY too much drama. It had potential, but is another cheesy "American ___" drama.

    It had so much potential, I first watched it because I have ivnented many of my own things, but the show is ALL about the drama. I don't want to see 10 minutes of people crying with uber dramatic music playing.

    Had they not made it like american idol and focused more on the inventions themselves and NOT peopels feelings, I would have watched it again.
  • Too little inventions shown

    For an hour, they show quite a small amount of inventions. They have about 2-3 inventions before another commercial break. Before every inventor shows what their invention is, they have to tell the audience the life story of that inventor. Every time they always say, " This woman/man is convinced that her/his invention will be the next big thing!" Well of course they do! That's why they're there! Because everyone of them believe their invention is the best! Otherwise they'd be at home! Don’t waste our time telling us that and the inventor’s life story. Show an invention, vote yes or no, then get the next one in PRONTO! The only time they show a decent amount of inventions is when they have a montage of inventions about half way through the show they didn’t have time to show otherwise, but then they don’t explain what they do so it’s pointless! Next problem is that some inventions are a bad idea as the inventor originally set it, but with the tiniest tweaking it could sell. For example, everybody remember the therapy buddy? That blue thing that said, “ Everything is going to beeeee alllriiiight” . The inventor set it so it would be made for adults. They all said no because they didn’t think it would sell FOR ADULTS! If they had asked him if it would be okay to aim It at children, and possibly put a recorder chip in it so their mother could record their own voice in it, then BOOM! $ale$! Yeah the bratty bro could record a vulgar or insulting message over it, but minor drawback. The judges need to be, one, rid of Doug Hall, and two, need to be able to see that a product could be much better with some minor tweaking and then tweak it! Nice show, but needs a but of fine tuning.