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  • Too little inventions shown

    For an hour, they show quite a small amount of inventions. They have about 2-3 inventions before another commercial break. Before every inventor shows what their invention is, they have to tell the audience the life story of that inventor. Every time they always say, " This woman/man is convinced that her/his invention will be the next big thing!" Well of course they do! That's why they're there! Because everyone of them believe their invention is the best! Otherwise they'd be at home! Don’t waste our time telling us that and the inventor’s life story. Show an invention, vote yes or no, then get the next one in PRONTO! The only time they show a decent amount of inventions is when they have a montage of inventions about half way through the show they didn’t have time to show otherwise, but then they don’t explain what they do so it’s pointless! Next problem is that some inventions are a bad idea as the inventor originally set it, but with the tiniest tweaking it could sell. For example, everybody remember the therapy buddy? That blue thing that said, “ Everything is going to beeeee alllriiiight” . The inventor set it so it would be made for adults. They all said no because they didn’t think it would sell FOR ADULTS! If they had asked him if it would be okay to aim It at children, and possibly put a recorder chip in it so their mother could record their own voice in it, then BOOM! $ale$! Yeah the bratty bro could record a vulgar or insulting message over it, but minor drawback. The judges need to be, one, rid of Doug Hall, and two, need to be able to see that a product could be much better with some minor tweaking and then tweak it! Nice show, but needs a but of fine tuning.