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  • OK, so there are a lot of clueless people out there whose inventions are totally dumb (like all the American Idol wanna-be's who think they can sing), but there are some interesting ones that didn't make it to the next round, but should still be developed

    Is anyone keeping track of all the inventions? I thought Google would have a list of everyone who appeared on the show, with a little info. about their invention (dumb, kooky, or neat) but I couldn't find anything. Just because someone's product won't be THE product of the century doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. Same with American Idol- just because you aren't the best doesn't mean you can't sing. A couple of the products on the show really caught my eye, even if they didn't make it to the next round, and I would like to know how to get one. I realize many were just prototypes, but some of them wouldn't take $50,000 to make (maybe to market they would, since marketing is so expensive, but not to actually make). And for those that don't end up being #1, what about those? For example, the restroom door clip- it probably won't be the #1 invention, but I still want one! Are the semi-finalists going to be able to get corporate sponsorship and move forward without the show after it's all over? They are getting great PR and marketing just by being on the show, so I would hope someone will help them get their product to the masses.

    I liked most of the ones that made it to the final round, but I'm sorry- I really don't like the Niya doll, and I didn't think it was good enough for the final 12. I liked the character building bear much better, because it didn't have a race or gender. MAYBE if the Niya doll can be customized to whatever 3 languages you want (who in America needs to speak Swahili????)and if you could get it in different races, and even a male doll...

    My personal top picks are the Sackmaster 2000 (although I don't live in an area that is prone to flooding and will probably never need one), the restroom door clip, the un-brella (provided it can be made a little smaller than the prototype), and the spherical safety seat IF it can be made large enough for an infant that isn't a newborn without taking up the whole back seat of your car, and IF it isn't possible for little fingers to get pinched in the different areas.

    I was a little turned off that what they were looking for, more than the merits of the invention, were the emotions of the inventor on the last episode. To me their struggle is beside the point. I think it should be all about the product. Why does the "how much you want it" need to figure in to whether you advanced or not? Lame, in my opinion. I have several ideas, but I'm not willing to put my family's future on the line to develop them (does that make the ideas or me less worthy, because I'm not willing to risk all?). Would I be any less an inventor if my ideas are great but I didn't want to sell everything and live on the street to make it happen? Seems so, at least according to the show. That aspect REALLY turned me off.

    Any clue as to when the next season will be? I didn't find out about the auditions until it was too late for the first season. Anyway, those are MY thoughts! Overall I am enjoying the show.
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